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Time to Take Charge for Electrical Safety (1)


To maintain the electrical safety at home or workplace is very important because large number of people loss their life every year due to electrical hazards. You must know the electrical safety tips to protect your home and workplace. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Time to Take Charge for Electrical Safety (1)

Time to Take Charge for Electrical Safety
Why Electrical Safety
Electricity has become such a necessary part of
our lives and sometimes we tend to take it for
granted, but using it safely is very important.
Lack of proper residential electrical maintenance
can cause serious electrical hazards.
Electrical Fatalities
  • 154 electrical fatalities occurred during 2016,
    representing a 15 increase over the 2015 total.
  • 53 of electrical fatalities occurred were in
    construction and 18 were in professional and
    business services.
  • Younger workers experience electrical fatalities
    2.3 times more than experienced workers.

Electrical Injuries
  • 98 of fatal electrical injuries occurred in the
    Private sector and 2 in the Government sector.
  • 420 electrical injuries occurred in construction
    industry in 2016.
  • The median number of days away from work for
    nonfatal electrical injuries was 5.

Common Types of Electrical Injuries
The most common types of electrical injuries are
  • Electrical shock
  • Electrocution (death due to electrical shock)
  • Burns
  • Falls

1. Electrical Shock
An electrical shock occurs when a person comes
into contact with any electrical energy source.
  • Some of the causes of electric shock include
  • Touching Faulty Appliances.
  • Touching damaged or frayed cords.
  • Touching damaged or naked wires with wet hands.

2. Electrocution
Electrocution is death or serious injury caused
by electric current passing through human body.
  • Some of the causes of Electrocution include
  • Lack of proper insulation.
  • Direct contact with energized equipment.
  • Lack of proper safety gears at workplace.

3. Burns
Electrical burns may be caused by a number of
sources of electricity, such as wires, cords,
stun guns or contact with household current. 
  • Some of the causes of Electrical Burns include
  • Direct touching electrically live objects.
  • Inserting fingers into electrical sockets.
  • Falling into electrified water.

4. Falls
Workers who experience an electric shock on
elevated surfaces such as ladders or scaffolds
can fall resulting in serious injury or death. 
  • Some of the causes of Falls on Workplaces
  • Muscle contractions, or a startle reaction that
    can cause a person to fall from a ladder.
  • Thermal burns from contact with
    the electrical source.
  • Falling or injury after contact with electricity.

Electrical Safety Tips
  • Here are some of the few electrical safety tips
    that everyone must follow
  • Replace or repair damaged power cords.
  • Avoid overloading your outlets.
  • Keeping electrical equipment or outlets away from
  • Always hire emergency electrical services of
    Central Coast in case of any emergency.
  • Protecting small children from touching damaged
    wires and sockets.

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