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User Focused Intranet Design


User Focused Intranet Design – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: User Focused Intranet Design

User Focused Intranet Design
  • Kim Nguyen
  • Pariveda Solutions

  • Agenda
  • Why do Intranets fail?
  • User-Focused Design Framework
  • High-Touch Implementation Methodology
  • Measuring Maintaining Success

Why do Intranets fail?
Goal Help employees be more effective!
Cant find what Im looking for
Its too slow
I just use email or my shared folder b/c its
not working how Id like it to
Cant get access
Focusing on Technology over Users
  • SharePoint (and other not to be mentioned
    platforms) provides many great tools to enhance
    an intranet
  • But without considering how the user will
    interact with the system and how to engage users
    to keep make the Intranet come alive, the system
    will struggle to succeed

Users are the key to making an Intranet successful
  • SP Model Year 2013 Feature List
  • Document Management!
  • Search!
  • Collaboration!
  • Publishing!
  • Social!

A User-focused design framework implementation
  • A user focused design framework centers on how
    users work on a daily basis
  • Once the design has been completed, continued
    involvement from key user stakeholders is
    paramount to ensure a successful delivery

  • Agenda
  • Why do Intranets fail?
  • User-Focused Design Framework
  • High-Touch Implementation Methodology
  • Measuring Maintaining Success

First, Set User-Centric Goals
  • Finding the right people
  • Ability to more easily collaborate
  • Freedom from IT dependency
  • Ability to self-start
  • Can I find useful information to do my job?
  • Fresh content to bring users to the portal
  • Ability to search find valid information
  • Is there consistency and patterns across sites
    and teams?

Map platform features to goals
  • User Profile search
  • Wikis, discussion boards
  • Favorites, ranking
  • Self-service tools
  • Controlled permissions
  • Defined information taxonomy
  • Configured search
  • Site Templates
  • Driving relevant content to users
  • Facilitating easier publishing ofnew content

Consider usage patterns for intranet content
  • Generally, Intranet sites support three main
  • The longevity of sites is also an important
    factor to consider short term project work or
    long-standing collaboration in departments?

1. A small group of people publishing content to
a large group of people
2. Teams sharing and collaborating on content
within their team
3. Access to application functionality for
executing work
These usage patterns drive site architecture
SharePoint Applications
Intranet Publishing Sites
Collaboration Sites
  • Insert slide here
  • Directory-based navigation
  • Almost all users are consumers and publishers
  • Serves ad-hoc needs and organizations
  • Site based retention and disposition
  • Distributed content and security management
  • Hierarchical navigation
  • Many consumers fewer publishers
  • Usually mirrors how users view the company
  • Tighter content controls
  • Isolated site collections
  • Dedicated content databases
  • Can consume specified external connections w/out
    affecting the rest of the intranet

User experience design is critical in branding
the site for the user
  • The look and feel of the site should reflect the
    company culture
  • Branding options range from OOTB themes to a
    fully customized effort
  • A personalized brand provides connection to and
    excitement about the site

Home Page Design
  • The home page of the site should be designed in
    detail as the main entry into the Intranet
  • Who owns the content?
  • What is the process for getting content from
    across the company onto the home page?
  • What type of content is most important for users
    when entering the Intranet?
  • What is the global navigation that will provide
    access of the Intranet?

The result A design built with user-centric
goals in mind
  • Agenda
  • Why do Intranets fail?
  • User-Focused Design Framework
  • High-Touch Implementation Methodology
  • Measuring Maintaining Success

Identifying Champions
  • A team of key user stakeholders will become the
    champions of the system to help spread
    enthusiastic system adoption
  • Champions should be end users of the system
    representing a diverse set of usage scenarios
  • Should include power users/content creators for
    key areas of the site
  • Because champions are involved throughout the
    design and implementation of the Intranet, it
    becomes THEIR system instead of something handed
    down to be used by management

Champions are involved throughout the Intranet
  • Set Business Goals
  • User Interviews
  • UX Design reviews
  • Proof of Concept reviews
  • Communicate schedule
  • Initial training
  • Identify/ cleanup content
  • Iteration Demos
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Training

Champion Involvement
  • Requires up-front time commitment from champions
  • Heavy user involvement during Define Design
  • Iterative demos provide opportunities to view
    progress validate design
  • Continued user involvement provides smoother
    rollout as users are building ownership and
    getting initial system training during

  • Agenda
  • Why do Intranets fail?
  • User-Focused Design Framework
  • High-Touch Implementation Methodology
  • Measuring Maintaining Success

How do we know if weve been successful?
  • Have our user-centric goals been addressed?
  • Some are easier to measure than others

  • Governance is critical in maintaining the system
    and ensuring future success to support a growing
  • The Governance Committee in charge of making key
    decisions should include IT business
    stakeholders, with involvement from the team of
  • Clear processes for change management set
    expectations for IT responsiveness and allow IT
    to systematically resolve issues and plan for
    future functionality releases

Increasing Control
Larger Audience
Key Takeaways
  • They key to Intranet success is focus on the end
  • Consider user behavior in designing the Intranet
  • Identify Intranet Champions and involve them
    throughout the design and implementation process
  • Implement a governance plan to maintain a
    successfully growing system

  • Kim Nguyen - Pariveda Solutions
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