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Intranet managers are the backbone of a firm, they manage the various departments and concepts altogether. Visit for advanced office intranet managed services in Odisha, keep the work under vigil and the employees driven & motivated. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Office Intranet Managed Services

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About Us
Desk Link Solutions has been a trusted Technology
Service Partner to clients for nearly two
decades. Offering a full range of technology
solutions, Desk Link serves the IT needs of
businesses across various Industries including
Manufacturing, Educational Institutions,
Corporate, Health Care and Logistics. Whether
clients require on-site or cloud-based solutions,
telephony or data systems, fully-managed IT or
project management, Desk Link has the expertise
to meet the industry-specific needs of our
clients. Desk Link is headquartered in
Bhubaneswar, India. Desk Link Solutions  was
founded and incorporated in 2017. Desk Link
Solutions was appointed as an Authorized Service
Provider for a leading computer manufacturer in
India . Today, Desk Link Solutions actively
involved in providing Application Services,
Information Security, IT Infrastructure Services,
Professional services, Resourcing Services and
Productivity Tools.
Desk Link Solutions explains Data Center
Management While human oversight in data
management has been reduced, some IT
professionals are still required to design,
operate and manage computing and housing
architecture. Data center management can also
come into play in the telecommunications arena.
Customer service representatives can work on-site
in various offices across the country, the world,
or from the employees own homes. Meanwhile,
consumer orders are processed and managed in one
large data center located elsewhere. The
advantages of data center management include cost
savings, especially when the data centers are
green. Within all data management centers, fewer
employees are needed as a result of automation,
allowing agencies and businesses to experience
growth without having to allocate space for their
servers or operating systems.
  • Address the Full Attack Continuum
  • Attackers today are more pervasive, persistent,
    and proficient than ever at evading and
    disrupting traditional security infrastructure.
    See how our advanced security solutions provide
    visibility and protection across your extended
    networkbefore, during, and after an attack.
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Analyze attacks and hidden exploits
    retrospectively and adapt automatically to
    emerging threats to boost protection before,
    respond effectively during, and remediate faster
    after an attack.
  • Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
  • AMP Threat Grid
  • Cognitive Threat Analytics
  • Cisco Ransom ware Defense

  • Network and Data Center Security
  • Protect high-value data and data center resources
    with threat defense, highly secure
    virtualization, segmentation, and policy control.
  • Next-Generation Firewalls
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention
  • Cisco Trust Sec Software-Defined Segmentation
  • Secure Access
  • Secure Data Center
  • Application Centric Infrastructure
  • Rapid Threat Containment

Desktop Management Services
  • Desktop Management is one of the neglected IT
    functions as the efforts required for Desktop
    management are often underestimated. Inadequate
    planning or resource allocation for Desktop
    management can result in delayed deadlines.
    Moreover the in-house IT resources may be
    over-burdened in attending to desktop-related
    issues along with other business priorities.
    Efficient planning and implementation of Desktop
    Management Solutions can avoid unnecessary
  • Highlights of our Desktop Management Solutions
  • Better reliability, and availability of systems
    (desktops, PCs and laptops)
  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • Improved data security
  • Quickly address system-related issues and risks
  • Free up your resources to focus on core
  • Single Point of Accountability

Desktop Management Services
Desk link Solutions is a leading IT outsourcing
company with experience in delivering bespoke,
flexible and innovative outsourcing solutions and
providing functional, technical and consultative
services to a diverse range of industries across
the UK, Europe, USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle
East. Our proactive and efficient Desktop
Management Services have delivered substantial
cost savings to a host of Fortune 500 clients
over the years, by delivering expert
cost-effective and flexible services to manage
desktop environments.
Keeping your business running smoothly requires
building and maintaining a robust, highly
available network. Desk Link Solutions offers
proven network design and implementation services
that drive results for your business. From
wireless networking with VoIP, to multi-location
WAN intranets with mobile-ready remote access, to
cloud-based storage and retrieval systems, Desk
Link Solutions has the experience and capacity to
deliver reliable, single vendor solutions. Desk
Link Solutions network design and implementation
services begin with a comprehensive needs
analysis. Our team evaluates your current
business and assesses your future needs. They
consider your budget parameters and design a
network to meet the challenges of your business
today and tomorrow. Once designed, our engineers
and project managers install the network and
document a set of standards and procedures with
suggested security policies to assure network
integrity post installation.
With Desk link Solution, you can rely on our
people, processes, and technology to provide
networking services that drive results for your
business. Contact Desklink Solutions to ask about
our network design and implementation services
today. Desk Link Solutions offers the following
computer networking Industry Leading Technology
Partners With increased IT challenges resulting
from the explosion of devices and user
requirements, Desk Link Solutions has leveraged
virtual desktop and cloud technologies providing
secure and compliant access from anywhere to
corporate applications and e-mail with a familiar
user interface. Network Services and Unified
Communication Desk Link solutions transform
business effectiveness with network-based
infrastructure services. With SE, your network
becomes a platform for innovative services that
improve both user and customer experiences with
innovative integrated security, wireless, voice,
video, and data networks.
Server Virtualization Make the most of your
server investment dollars with server
consolidation and containment solutions to lower
cost, improve server utilization and increase
operational efficiency. Data Storage Desk Link
Solutions delivers innovative storage systems to
meet your growing data storage and data
management needs. These technologies can provide
everything from simple file services to advanced
snapshot capabilities and replication
services. Data Protection Data protection allows
you to do everything from restore a lost file,
recover from a virus infection or the complete
loss of your facilities. Desk Link
Solutions recognizes that different organizations
and different data sets have varying protection
requirements and therefore supports the leading
technologies to meet any of these needs.
  • The fundamental component of any IT
    Infrastructure is the Medium Medium for
    Communication. Desk Link Solutions, one of the
    top structured cabling company, besides offering
    on Wireless Infrastructure, helps clients to
    build Infrastructure using copper and fiber as
    well. Our company has gained Vast Experience in
    Structured Cabling over the years. We have
    designed, planned, executed and sustained very
    large Campus Wide Networks and Data Centers.
    Layer-1 or the media is the most crucial element
    in the Wired Network. If adequate care is not
    provided, this shall remain as a major cause of
    dissatisfaction of the Users of IT Infrastructure
    and will add cost to the Organisation in terms of
    down time and slower networks.
  • Design and Deployment of Network Infrastructure
  • Wired Wireless Networks
  • System and high performance Cables, Structured
    Network Cabling Solutions
  • Green field/ Brown Field/ Redesign
  • Infrastructure Documentations and feasibility

  • Network Cabling Installation Services in
    cabling company India
  • Structured cabling service for building back-bone
  • Moves, adds and changes to your existing cabling
  • Site Infrastructure audit/recommendation reports
  • VOIP Cabling Installation Services in India
  • Cable patching and patch panel installations.
  • Design, Plan and Project Management
  • AV Installation and Configuration
  • Structured Cabling Company
  • CAT 6 Cabling
  • Voice Data Cabling
  • Fiber optic Cabling
  • Value Engineering
  • Telephone cabling.

  • Different Facilities need different building
    blocks of enterprise Wireless LAN. For example
    the User and Device density in an office
    environment is higher compared to a Factory or
    any Manufacturing unit. The Wireless LAN planning
    in an Enterprise is a tradeoff between Coverage
    and Speed. Optimally using the scarce resource of
    Frequency channels, Power Radiation and Antenna
    Gain, one can get the desired results.
  • You ought to analyze and plan before you
    implement, that means do a RF Survey before
    you introduce wireless access in an enterprise.
  • Building new unified wireless solutions facility
    for an office, campus and factories is not an
    easy job. It always requires best practices you
    must assess your infrastructure, RF environment
    and map out your access points placement and
    alignment to ensure your WLAN performs well. The
    WLAN design consists of systems and solutions
    tested and documented to facilitate faster, more
    reliable and more predictable user deployments.
    It all starts with a proper wireless site survey
    to get the optimal locations for WAPs to minimize
    channel interference, maximize the range and

  • What We Offer
  • Enterprise class Wireless LAN solution and
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN) Plan (RF Survey, BOQ,
    Documentation, Etc.)
  • Delivering the solution based on customer needs.
  • Comprehensive solutions that build a strong WLAN
  • Well being examination and fitting, altering of
    issues on the WLAN environment.
  • Delivering single point service facilities for
    multi vendor configuration
  • Consultative approach for translation of services
    into higher customer satisfaction
  • Customers need it whatever it is quick. So
    our attention is on Quick reaction time.
  • Providing additional add-ons, peripherals,
    installation and upgrades, etc
  • Helping Customers on the IT procurement based on
    the best practices
  • Lower maintenance budget.
  • Managed WLAN Infrastructure.
  • High Availability of WLAN Infrastructure

You must use the Server Management page to
optimize your database and manage all server
settings before you run the Emptoris Spend
Analysis application. In the current version you
must run database scripts to analyze and index
the database. This improves the performance of
your servers significantly. Consult your Emptoris
representative for further information. Configuri
ng Application Properties The Application
Properties file contains an extensive list of
properties that are used throughout the
application. To view the contents of the
Application Properties file, click Administration
gt Server Management gt Application Properties
option. Configuring Build Properties The Build
Properties file contains information such as
build name, build date, and the version number of
the application. Values of the properties on this
page are read-only. The following table details
all the properties in this file. When you select
the Build Properties option on the Server
Configuration page, the system displays the
contents of the Build Properties file.
  • Computer Repair
  • Benefits and key features
  • Warranty and out-of-warranty hardware repairs on
    Apple, Dell, and Lenovo Think-branded computers.
  • Services include
  • Full hardware diagnostics
  • Parts ordering and installation
  • Memory and hard drive upgrades
  • Out-of-warranty hardware repairs on other model
    computers may include
  • Memory and hard drive replacement
  • Software repair services include
  • Operating system and software installation
  • Data recovery and disaster assessment
  • Network and wireless troubleshooting
  • Virus, spyware, and adware removal

  • Laptop Repair
  • Dead Systems
  • No display
  • Dim display
  • Freezing System
  • System getting hung
  • Keyboard control section problem
  • Memory control section problem
  • Audio not working
  • USB port not working
  • Serial port not working
  • Ps2 port not working
  • CD Drive control section problem
  • Hard disk control section problem
  • Battery not charging
  • D C pin problem

  • Software Installation Solutions
  • Before you install, configure, or upgrade your
    system, see the following information
  • AcronymsInstallation-Related Documents
  • For information about installing, configuring,
    and upgrading ftServer SystemSoftware (ftSSS),
    see the following
  • Configuring ftServer System Software
  • Reinstalling ftSSS
  • Updating Firmware
  • Connecting a UPS to an ft Server System
  • Installing Remote Management Software for
    ftServer Systems
  • Installing Windows Server 2003 and ftSSS or
    Installing Windows Server 2008 and ftSSS

What is Fiber Cabling? Fiber cabling refers to
cables that house one or more optical fibers
specifically, tiny strands of optically pure
glass. Although the fibers are only the thickness
of a human hair, they can carry information over
long distances with very little signal
degradation. Generally, these cables consist of
a protective tube appropriate for the conditions
of the location in which the cable is installed.
Inside the outer casing, fiber elements coated
individually with layers of plastic are
contained. Polyimide or acrylate polymer is
commonly used for this coating, preventing damage
to the fibers without affecting the optical
waveguide structure.
  • Applications of Fiber Optic Cabling include
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Medical Imaging
  • Mechanical Engineering Inspection
  • How Fiber Cabling Helps Your Business
  • Numerous benefits are introduced by the
    utilization of fiber cabling. Los Angeles
    businesses often make use of the technology for
    optical communication, which is any type of
    telecommunication whose transmission medium is
  • High bandwidth requirements can be easily
    accommodated via fiber optic cabling. LA
    companies are discovering that fiber cabling is
    far superior to copper cabling for several

  • Benefits of Fiber Optic Cabling versus Copper
  • Higher Bandwidth Capability
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Reduced Cost
  • No Grounding Needed
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Lighter and Thinner
  • Resistant to Atmospheric Conditions
  • Unaffected by Chemical and Water Exposure
  • Impervious to Corrosion
  • No Risk of Fire
  • Increased Data Security (More Difficult to Tap)
  • No Interference (Non-Conductive)
  • No Dangers Even when Cable is Broken (Uses Light,
    Not Electricity)
  • Can Be Installed in Close Proximity to Electrical


The demand for constant connectivity to the
internet has seen a significant rise in the
demand for business wifi solutions. HCS
specialise in business wifi solutions Fortinet,
Ruckus and Ubiquiti range of wireless Equipment
and we have extensive experience in delivering
wireless solutions to hotels, warehouses, large
office complexs and schools. If you are
interested in talking to us about our business
Wifi soutions and services, then please get in
touch and discuss your requirements for
FREE. Call Us Today!!!
A Dedicated Internet Access (Internet Leased
Line) is a premium internet connectivity product
which is dedicated, fully duplex nature of
Bandwidth and provides symmetrical speed
Internet. Dedicated Internet Access (Internet
Leased Line) is more about the business terms of
the Internet connection and not the technology or
delivery method (Fiber optic, Copper Cable,
Wireless, etc.). Dedicated Internet Access means
that the specified amount of bandwidth sold has
been carved out and dedicated for your use and it
is always active connection which can be used to
transfer voice or data or both. DIA service is
sold as a rated speed, not an up to speed or is
not shared among users. Dedicated internet access
is like having your own personal lane on the
Information Superhighwayas opposed to sharing the
same traffic lanes as everyone else. All the time
(24x7x365) you will be traveling at exactly the
speed you have subscribed and you were
guaranteed. And, equally important aspect of
Dedicated Internet Access is guaranteed service
uptime of 99 and above along with options
available for static Public IP addresses which
enables customers to host servers/contents on
web. A Dedicated Internet Access (Internet Leased
Line) is overall designed to delivery its user,
assured bandwidth with high accessibility along
with scalability thus known as most reliable
connectivity options for Business or users
running mission critical applications on web.
  • Key features and benefits of Dedicated Internet
    Access (Internet Leased Line)
  • Dedicated symmetric internet connectivity for
    committed upload/download speed
  • Business continuity through committed performance
    and service uptime
  • High availability of Internet access through
    network redundancies at various levels
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) based service
    provisioning and delivery
  • Bundled static IP addresses
  • 247 Technical Support Desk
  • Improved productivity Faster Reliable Internet
    access helps improves the overall productivity
    of an organization.


Some intranet managers spend all their time
managing content. But your social intranet will
be far more successful if you spend that time
managing people specifically, managing content
owners and community managers. Successfully
managing a social intranet is all about people
and social capital about relationships and
mutual accountability. To properly manage the
intranet on an ongoing basis, you need to build a
close-knit gang of intranet contributors who feel
a sense of commitment. Once youve engaged your
content contributors and established a rhythm of
involvement, your intranet can cruise along
successfully. Who are your intranet content
owners? An intranet content owner is someone
whos explicitly responsible for oversight and
upkeep of centralized reference content. For
example, you likely have a point person
responsible for managing the intranet content
related to HR, such as My Benefits, Time and
Leave, Ethics Violation Reporting, etc.

  • How to keep content owners community managers
  • Workshops to craft the vision and goals of the
    new intranet
  • Requirements workshops
  • Vendor reviews
  • Software demos
  • Design reviews
  • Card sorting
  • Task testing
  • Information architecture application
  • Writing for the web workshops
  • Piloting the new intranet
  • Intranet training

  • A firewall or UTMs key objective is to stop
    rogue or unauthorized access by hackers and
    costly business disturbances.The firewall, UTM or
    such devices for any specialized managed firewall
    services must be provided, distributed, updated
    and patched as a process and on regular basis.
    Security standards must be retained current to
    make sure that access controls are in pace with
    progress business needs. Desk Link
    Solutions managed firewall Services offer
    complete management for third-party firewall
  • Managed Firewall services from Desk Link
    Solutions offer the following
  • Device delivery and deployment
  • Certainty event and components health monitoring
  • Managed components backup and restore
  • Mobile-based service reporting
  • Unlimited assistance
  • Device up- gradations and configuration,
    including standards and patch management

Benefits With Desk Link Solutions Managed
Firewall or UTM services, you can expect Cost
Mitigation  Zero capital investment with Fixed
Term rentals or Equipment Leasing, the cost
allows you to subscribe savings and grant
resources to strategic business
initiatives. Proactive Threat Management 
Experience-on monitoring, configuration
management and components health and status
checks outcome in proactive response, identifying
and mitigating any problems before they impact
network availability and business
operation Assuring Assistance  As a key
perimeter safeguard technology, Desk Link
Solutions Managed Firewall service can be
distributed much more rapidly versus if it were
managed in-house, assisting you to match
compliance requirements for a number of policies
and procedures, including SOX, HIPAA, FFIEC/GLBA,
PCI DSS, and other. Elasticity  with a wide
agenda of basic-to-advanced management and
monitoring services that expand beyond our
Managed Firewall offering, Desk Link Solutions
 helps you grow as your business needs evolve.
Desk Link Solutions Managed Security Services
Get the most out of your firewall
Components Firewall or UTM management is
resource-comprehensive and needs a high level of
expertise to prevent unauthorized access and cost
minimization. Devices must be provisioned,
deployed, upgraded and patched to be up against
the latest threats. Security standards and
configurations must be updated to ensure that the
controls are consistent with changing business
platforms.   Network traffic must be monitored
consistently to detect and respond to threats
before damage is done. Desk Link Solutions
 Firewall Installation and product services
offer 247 firewall monitoring, log
administration, and response to security and
device health events. Organizations that depend
on Cyberoam Firewall Management service reduce
the cost of managing and monitoring firewalls
in-house while alternating their security efforts
with Desk Link Solutions  Firewall management
proven expertise.
  • Full lifecycle management by our experts
  • Backup and recovery
  • Intelligence-expand threat security
  • Appliance provisioning and deployment
  • Performance and accessibility management
  • Appliance upgrades and patch management
  • Real-time safeguard and health monitoring
  • ProUnlimited and unmetered expert assistance
  • Unlimited and unmetered expert assistance
  • On-demand protection and compliance reporting

  • Supported Firewalls
  • Vays Infotech supports the following Firewall or
    UTMS and we have 18 years of experience managing
    market-leading firewalls including
  • Check Point
  • Cisco
  • Fortinet
  • Juniper
  • Dell SonicWALL
  • Cyberoam

  • Firewall or UTM Solutions
  • Prevent against unauthorized access to privacy
    business resources and help to make sure network
    security and availability with Desk Link
    Solutions Powered managed firewall services.
    These services also include the latest monitoring
    and reporting to assist you to confirm with
    security and regulatory needs.
  • Personalize Your Managed Firewall Deployment
  • Managed firewall or UTM Security can be delivered
    as an infrastructures, networks, or cloud-based
    service, or probable hybrid service that gathers
    deployment options
  • Integrate Network Protection
  • Desk Link  Solutions Powered managed firewall
    services integrate firewall security across the
    network. These solutions embed security services
    into all products instead of provisioning only
    point products that set a base level of security.
    As an accurate result, network firewall security
    becomes a noticeable, measurable, and manageable
    point of the network infrastructure.


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