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Transcendentalism 18281865


This time was also known as the transcendentalism time period which ... gray trousers over black boots lingerie cravatchamois gloves black silk top hat-1831 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Transcendentalism 18281865

The Romantic Period
Just so you know
  • The Romantic Period and Romantic literature has
    nothing to do with love or romance, it was
    actually a movement that stressed intuition and
    feelings, acts of heroism.
  • This time was also known as the transcendentalism
    time period which means to go beyond common
    thought or experience

Major Characteristics of this time period
  • The Romantic time period, better known as
    transcendentalism, was a movement in the 1800s
    that consisted of men and women who questioned
    the ways of everyday lifepeople started to think
    outside the box, if you will. It was a highly
    individualistic time period, with a focus on
    striving for discovering ones inner self.
    Utopian societies were somewhat popular and
    literature, architecture and painting became a
    popular way for people to express themselves

Major historical events
  • America was going through all types of changes in
    this time period. Our country was still fairly
    new and there were many significant conflicts,
    experiments and events that took place
  • Anti-slavery movements began to occur and
    abolitionists like Frederick Douglas, William
    Lloyd Garrison and Harriet Tubman were in their
  • In 1848 a group of leading feminists met in
    Seneca Falls New York, holding the first womens
    rights convention in American history- a.k.a the
    Seneca Falls Convention.
  • Famous Utopian Societies were created-
    societies such as Brook Farm(1841), New Harmony
    and the Oneida Community(1848).

.more events!
  • Our country more than doubled its size in these
    years, with the annexation of New Mexico,
    Arizona, California, Oregon and Texas.
  • The famous Uncle Toms Cabin was written in 1852
    by Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  • 1860- one of the most famous presidents in U.S
    history- was voted into office. (Abraham Lincoln)
  • The south secedes from the rest of the Union in
  • 1861-1865 the five long years of Civil War
  • 1865- the thirteenth Amendment established full
    emancipation to all slaves

and stillmore events
  • 1865- The Union is shocked and saddened by the
    assassination of Abe Lincoln
  • Reform movements also took places in the 1820s
    and 1830s- calling attention to the horrible
    conditions of mental hospitals, schools for blind
    and deaf and prisons. Education was also
    reformed, with free public schooling established
    and moral/higher education emphasized.

Prominent People!
  • There were many reformers, transcendentalists and
    prominent people from the Romantic Period. Some
  • Horace Mann, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David
    Thoreau, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Frederick
    Douglas, Honest Abe, Harriet Tubman, Ulysses S.
    Grant, and many more
  • There was also great revolution and change
    disrupting Europe, with famous men like
  • Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, Czar Alexander II,
    Claude Monet, Otta von Bismarck and Charles

Literary works and prominent authors
  • The Romantic Period was full of famous authors
    and literary works that helped create a
    literature that was distinctive to America.
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson- His essays and writings
    inspired many others
  • Margaret Fuller- wrote Women in the Nineteenth
    Century and was a correspondent for the New York
    Times. Fuller wrote much about gender issues and
    was embraced by female activists and suffragists.
  • Henry David Thoreau- Thoreau was a follower of
    Emerson and wrote the book Walden. Thoreaus
    writings seem to have directly influence both
    Martin Luther King Jr. and Mohandas Gandhi.

..still going
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe- Stowes highly
    controversial novel, Uncle Toms Cabin is
    credited to have started the Civil War.
  • James Fenimore Cooper- The Last of the Mohicans,
    The Pathfinder and The Deerslayer
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne- The Scarlet Letter
  • Herman Melville- Moby Dick
  • Mary Shelly- Frankenstein
  • Charles Dickens- A Christmas Carol, A Childs
    Dream of a Star, A Dinner at Poplar Walk
  • Washintong Irving- Although his mot famous
    works, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van
    Winkle were written prior to 1828, he was still
    quite prominent in the Romantic Period

  • A style reflecting that of ancients Athens,
    American architects were very big on creating a
    classical Greek appearance meant to glorify the
    democratic spirit of the society

Handsome mansions also were popular- sort a
return to the style of the middle ages. Some
famous architects were James Renwick Jr., and
Richard Upjohn.
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Fine Art
  • A famous artist in the time period was, Thomas
    Gainsborough. His work shown above is an example
    of how art from this time lacked emotion and
    action. What these portraits didnt lack were
    symmetry and proportion. Both pictures share the
    same pose and expression to the extent that you
    could probably switch the heads on these two
    portraits with very little effect to the painting

  • Famous composers and songs
  • -Francis Hopkinson
  • His versatility
  • His First song
  • The temple of minerva
  • Songs dedicated to Washington
  • Music for the church
  • His importance historically
  • -James Lyon
  • Commencement odes
  • Urania
  • Plan for Capturing Nora Scotia
  • Life as Minister and composer

  • Women
  • Gown of plum-colored taffeta white organdie
    collar and cuffs-1830
  • Day costume for calling and walking Russian green
    velvet coat taffeta bowknots embroidered white
    linen collar-fawn colored silk bonnet-pink
    roses-yellow kid gloves boots of gray cloth and
    black patent leather 1835
  • Bloomer frock embroidered organdie and black
    velvetine bodice-short skirt with crinoline full
    Turkish pantaloons neck ruche-straw hat with
    ribbon black slippers 1851

MorE fAsHioN
  • Men
  • Frock coat of tobacco brown broadcloth with black
    velvet shawl collar-fawn colored waistcoat and
    trousers over fine black boots blacksilt top
  • Redingote of bottle green clothe-black velvet
    collar-light gray trousers over black boots
    lingerie cravatchamois gloves black silk top
  • Brown cloth, onebotton sack coat-gray cloth
    trousers with brown line plaid-turned down collar
    black silk cravet black hard felt derby red
    velvet waistcoat blackshoes-1861

Technological Advances!
  • Textile Mills and factories that were rapidly
    producing shoes, sewing machines, ready to wear
    clothes, firearms, tools, and iron products for
    the rail road industry
  • Railroads- never before had the country been able
    to travel so quickly from one place to another
  • Steamships began to replace smaller, slower
    clipper ships that had been used in the past
  • An electric telegraph connected the country in

Lets Wrap it Up
The Romantic Period was a time of great change
and growth in not only America, but in the rest
world as well. As seen by the impressive list of
prominent people, literature and historic events,
the Romantic Era was highly influential due to
the fact that people just bored with the everyday
way of doing things, and because of that new
ideas, styles and ways of life were invented.
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