Read Zia Mody Biography in "She Walks, She Leads" by Gunjan Jain

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Read Zia Mody Biography in "She Walks, She Leads" by Gunjan Jain


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Title: Read Zia Mody Biography in "She Walks, She Leads" by Gunjan Jain

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Presents.. The Story
of a Powerful Woman in India
Zia Mody
From Dreams to Reality
  • Zia Mody Biography speaks a lot about her
    personality and the influence she has made in the
    Indian Judiciary system and the other lives of
    the people. She is a living example of women
    empowerment and thus breaking many myths and
    rumors and downgrading systems against women
    attorneys in the field of law.
  • She was born to a Parsi family and just like her
    father Mr. Soli Sorabjee, she also wanted to
    become someone like him and bring a change to the
    society at large. Did she make it large? Yes, she
  • As per Zia Mody biography, she became one of the
    most influential women on the list of top 25
    businesswomen of India and made her father proud.
  • At some point when she was known as the daughter
    of Soli Sorabjee, later the norm reversed and her
    father came to be known as the father of Zia

What is her book all about?
  • In her career, she had served for many years
    until she came up with her own consultancy firm,
    AZB and Partners.
  • She also has written and published a book. The
    Zia Mody book is known as the 10 Judgments that
    Changed India. It is a compilation of the most
    famous law cases in India that had remarkable
    judgment and that had an effect on the overall
    population of the country. Anyone with an
    interest in the legal system of the Indian
    Judiciary is bound to find the book intriguing
    and will love to read the same.
  • The Zia Mody Book covers the most difficult
    judgments in the history of the Indian judiciary
    and we think that is the reason why the book is
    one of the bestsellers in the market. It is due
    to the selection of the topics of the cases that
    makes the book so gripping until its end. The
    content of chapters in the book has been
    individually named after the case situation.

Interviewing Zia Mody, a remarkable experience
  • From a Zia Mody interview, the author of the book
    10 judgments that changed India states what the
    book is all about and also shares some of her
    personal experiences and also about her life
  • She was schooled at the Elphinstone College which
    is situated in Mumbai and later on she went on to
    study law at Selwyn College, Cambridge.
  • She also completed her masters degree from the
    Harvard school of law.

Positions she holds
  • Zia Mody biography also states how many reputed
    positions she holds in the world and also in
  • Business Today has enlisted her as one of the top
    25 powerful Indian businesswomen.
  • She has also received an award for the Knowledge
    profession of the year from Financial Express.
  • She has been coined as one of the most powerful
    CEOs among other 100 women in the same line of
    business both in 2004 and also in the year of

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