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The Academy of African American Fathers is about strengthening ... African American men, in particular, are more likely to be ... AFRICAN AMERICAN ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


  • Program Presentation
  • 2007-2008

About the Academy
  • The Academy of African American Fathers is about
    strengthening fathers through the introduction of
    new skills, thoughts and possibilities, that will
    allow a significant change to take place in their
    lives and in the lifestyle choices of the

Mission of the Academy
  • Our mission is like every other mission of those
    practitioners around the country who operate
    fatherhood programs and initiatives.
  • We want to change the negative consequences of
    the participants that directly affects their
    abilities to be a responsible parent and a
    meaningful father figure.

Our Mission Points
  • To create a new opportunity for practitioners,
    agencies and organizations to develop a more
    meaningful program that will allow a better
    understanding of parenting responsibility from a
    cultural perspective.
  • To foster positive changes in the attitudes
    towards parental responsibility and

Our mission points cont.
  • To foster change in the negative consequences of
    families by assisting and introducing new
    commitments and alliances with programs and
    agencies that service fathers and their families
    for a more friendly experience.
  • To Foster change in the mind set and thinking of
    participates and those that suffer negative
    consequences through their lifestyle choices.

The Academy is Unique and Why
  • We are unique because
  • We approach parenthood from a cultural
    perspective, therefore, we believe that parenting
    programs should reflect the cultural aspect of
    the participants in the program.
  • We focus on the mind set of the individual and
    not just the social aspect of parenting, which
    could bring a positive change in the way a
    participants view their responsibilities in

We are unique and why
  • We are a program that is culturally grounded in
    our instructor trainings ,instructors skills and
    lesson plans to fortify our participants in the
    Academy programs and to give them a better
    knowledge of self and to build upon their
    motivation and desire to change.
  • We help develop the skills of participants in
    order that they may gain a better understanding
    of the true meaning of fatherhood and reap the
    benefits of becoming a responsible parent.

We are unique and why
  • We are an African American cultural based program
    with culturally based lesson plans and skills,
    coming from the African American experience of
  • Our instructors and trainers are African American
    men and women with the knowledge of the African
    American family life experience.

Lets Chat and Learn a Lesson!
  • Lesson 1
  • Programs Fail when they refuse to recognize that
    parenting is cultural in nature.

Compare cultural programs to non-cultural programs
  • Cultural Based programs
  • Non-Cultural Based programs
  • Participants have like kind experiences and can
    relate to each others issues and ethnical
  • Trainer and instructors are fathers and sons and
    have had the same and or like kind experience as
    a parent faced with the same challenges as their
  • Participants vary in background and their
    parenting style varies from culture to culture
    making it complicated for everyone to participate
    or relate to challenges.
  • Trainers vary and therefore relating to each
    participants experience and challenges are
    limited and therefore ineffective to assisting

  • Cultural based programs
  • Non-Cultural based programs
  • Unique problems can a have main focus because
    there are issues common to all participants.
  • Each participate can address concerns that all
    can relate to and focus on the challenges of
    those issue in a more meaningful way that allows
    each one to teach one and give credence to
    possibilities and solutions.
  • There is no affective unique focus, other than
    the responsibility and accountability aspect of
    parenting, therefore participants are unable to
    relate to each other.
  • Is a disservice to the participants because it
    disregards the essence of family life through the
    eyes of the participants family legacy and denies
    the opportunity to allow the participants to get
    back to themselves.

  • The Academy of African American Fathers has
    opportunity for all to grow and prosper! The
    benefits are endless and the possibilities are
  • Yes, everyone benefits from change and as the
    saying goes people make communities..communities
    dont make people(unknown author).
  • Lets now explorer the benefits for those who are
    affected the most by fatherhood inability and/or
    neglect of duty

The African American Male
  • The 1 person who suffers negative consequences
    that affects his whole family lifestyle

Historically Speaking
  • African American men
  • took care of their children with little or
    nothing going as far back as slavery days.
    However, when certain systems were put in place,
    coupled with certain other factors, the African
    American fathers became disconnected from family
    values that depended on their support and was, in
    a sense, replaced by a more seemingly reliable
    source of support for families in needthe state
    sponsored welfare system!

The economic factor
  • Most of the African American Fathers in need of
    services are low income, unemployed, unemployable
    and without the skills that would allow them to
    feed a family.
  • With the cost of living going up everyday the
    challenge to keep at a trailing pace seems
    insurmountable and therefore motivation is
    lacking. Nobody is planning or thinking about
    buying a home or going to college, or sending
    their children to college, if that person dont
    have the skills to command a salary that supports
    their theory.
  • What other economic factors are there? The list
    is very long, however, criminal background, lack
    of knowledge and the lack of earning living wages
    are major!

The Social Factor
  • When a father is unable to provide for his
    children, for whatever the reason may be, his
    attitude towards that responsibility is not
    positive. He do not feel sufficient and, in most
    cases, his attitude towards any kind of
    responsibility, whatever or wherever it may be,
    is affected.
  • He removes himself from that situation to relieve
    himself from the pressures that follow from the
    mother of those children , from his children, and
    the agencies that enforce child support, the
    financial obligation of the his responsibility.
  • He is then labeled ,misunderstood, incarcerated
    and in some cases loses his parental rights over
    his children, furthering his disconnectedness.
    Even those who are supportive feels the affects
    of unsupportive fathers when they face legal
    agencies ,due in part to misinformation about
    African American men and their children.

The Legal factor
  • To the pointfamily courts, Congress, states and
    local towns and the laws that govern family life
    has failed! Most dont have a clue as to the
    real issues and they only seek to compensate
    and satisfy through a monetary means. There are
    those who believe that parenthood can be forced
    upon an individual.
  • Incarcerating a father who fails to provide is
    nonsense! These agencies, because they lack a
    sufficient plan that is viable and available to
    their disposal, try to force fathers to do
    something lots of them have never experienced.
  • Some even have been abandoned themselves by
    their own father. They are simply a product of
    their own lack of direction and role model of
    being and having a supportive male parent or male
    figure in their life.

The Consequences
  • As a consequence the government, federal, state
    and locals are upset and unfriendly with those
    who they feel are not producing. The laws main
    function and concern is financial in nature and
    in the best interest of the child, therefore
    everything else has less importance.
  • The court is bogged down with litigation and
    enforcement, sending those to jail, who do not
    comply, even if they are unable, and setting bad
    law that works against change.
  • The negative are highlighted and any positive
    goes unmentioned because it is about money and
    not all the nonmonetary efforts one may have made
    to support his children.
  • The court needs some new direction and an
    opportunity to get it right for the best interest
    of the children and the best interest of families
    and the communities at large.

consequence cont.
  • African American men, in particular, are more
    likely to be incarcerated for something other
    than trying to support their children. They are
    frustrated by the systems that they dont
  • They are unable to understand why they dont
    understand and they act according to how
    frustrated they are about themselves and the
    plight of most men in their peer groups.
  • They continue to face incarceration, violence
    committed against each other, lack of motivation
    and self-esteem, lack of confidence, domestic
    violence, gang warfare, police misconduct, family
    disconnect, drug and alcohol abuse, health
    issues, misinformation and finally a program do
    not have the ability to address their real be themselves again!
  • All related to their lifestyle choices.

The Change of Course
  • In order to change we must first accept.
  • Acceptance comes after understanding.
  • Understanding comes from being properly informed
    about the facts of the matter and the truth of
    the matter.
  • Truth comes about by way of being just and fair
    about what is and what is not.
  • Fairness comes from those who see things for what
    they are and act accordingly.

Academy of African American Fathers
  • The opportunity to bring positive change in the
    fatherhood experience
  • Through meaningful training and enlightenments

Our Seven Core Concepts
  • The seven core concepts that is the basis of our
    Academy makes up the one main concept of the
  • Self actualizations are designed to be a road
    map toward the main goal and the main objective
    of the individual on an individual basis. Each
    segment is approximately two course hours each to
    be performed in a 12 week period. This is
    accompanied by lectures, audio and video
  • presentations and group activity and group

What do Self Actualizations Do
  • They are designed specifically to address the
    personal issues of African American males, in
    particular, as individuals and as people,
  • hence the name self-actualization.
  • The seven Self actualization are

Recognize Self
  • To develop a greater understanding of the plight
    of African American men and to examine the
    educational, economical, health and medicine,
    religious ,political, family and community aspect
    of himself and others like him

Realize Self
  • To identify the problems or potential problems as
    individuals and as a group

Evaluate Self
  • To have individuals examine themselves, their own
    thoughts and their own feelings

Disclose Self
  • To give an opportunity for individuals a chance
    to challenge their own thoughts and feelings and
    compare both old and new philosophies

Plan Self
  • To teach problem solving skills and other life
    skills necessary to evaluate situation for more
    positive consequence

Commit Self
  • To introduce the acceptance of responsibilities
    and the importance of being responsible and
    feeling confident about commitment

Build Self
  • To learn to maintain and participate in civic
    duties to self, family and positive community
    lifestyle choices

What you can do as a provider or agency wanting
to explore further for opportunities with the
Academy of African American Fathers
  • Engage your program administrators, schools,
    churches, prisons, courts, social service
    agencies and fellow fatherhood programs and
    initiatives to consider an Academy to address the
    needs of a large population of African American
    that you serve. Most of all, talk to your African
    American clientele, they truly know what they

Contact UsWe provide consultation services
  • Antonio Celester
  • Founder/Director of Programs
  • 617-825-4113

Academy of African American Fathers
  • Fatherhood Training Pilot Program
  • Antonio Celester,
  • Founder/Director of Programs Development

Project Goals
  • To establish a pilot program in fatherhood
    training and development to be a model for
    future programs and their implementation.
  • To train Instructors and fathers in the said
    program to further their understanding of their
    responsibility and assist in their individual
  • To maintain and keep records of the overall

  • To set up training classes for fathers to be
    conducted with a maximum of 15 participants per
  • To establish a training class for staff members
    and those, who will continue to run the program
    operations on a continued and on going basis.

The Training and Course Synopsis
  • The course and training will consist of a series
    of lesson plans, lectures and exercises, each
    having a specific objective.
  • Participants of the instructors training will
    participant in a more detailed lesson plan
    training in order to be more familiarized with
    the theoretic understanding of the program
    philosophy of the Academys mission.
  • The instructor training is approximately 100
    class hours,60 in class and 40 in the field as a
    assistant and upon a satisfactory completion
    would be certified by the Academy as a program
    instructor and trainer.

Training course synopsis cont.
  • Father participants will under go a complete
    training course of 150 class room hours and 50
    non class room hours to successfully complete the
    core skills and lesson plans.
  • Participants will be awarded a certificate of
    completion at graduation ceremonial event to
    recognize their achievement.
  • All course and presentations will be conducted by
    one or more qualified persons of the Academy of
    African American Fathers.
  • In addition, quest and other presentations will
    be announced by the program director.

  • If you would like to get more information on how
    you can start a pilot program in your area
    contact Antonio at 617-825-4113.
  • Antonio Celester
  • Director of Programs