Electronic Signatures: Digital Ink For eGovernment

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Electronic Signatures: Digital Ink For eGovernment


... J. Dennis Hastert and Sen. Strom Thurmond electronically sign in their own ... New York Governor George Pataki electronically signs the E-Commerce Initiative ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Electronic Signatures: Digital Ink For eGovernment

Electronic SignaturesDigital Ink For eGovernment
June 28, 2000
Why are we still designing Paper into the Process?
Print, Fill-In, Sign and mail
Why are they so happy?
New York Governor George Pataki electronically
signs the E-Commerce Initiative with the support
of Jim Natoli, Director of State Operations.
Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert and Sen.
Strom Thurmond electronically sign in their own
handwriting Bill H.R. 775.
E-Transactions Waiting for E-Signatures
Serving Citizens
Serving Consumers
Tax Filings Title Documents Permits Welfare to
Work Court Proceedings Arrest Warrants Govt
Buy Insurance Secure Loans Apply for
Mortgage Open Brokerage Acct Electronic
Contracts Leasing Agreements Buying Product and
The JudiciaryCase Study Arrest Warrants
  • Gwinnett County, GA
  • Electronic Forms
  • Allows officer to review facts with judge
  • Video conferencing
  • Satisfies need to appear before the judge
  • Electronic Signature
  • Lets all parties witness execution of warrant

Officers spend less time generating paperwork
and more time policing the streets
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
Unlocking the Benefits of Electronic Signatures
  • A Secure electronic signature Process that
    captures Intent and delivers Digital Evidence
    of an eTransaction is the key to
  • Streamlining Business Processes
  • Reducing Risk
  • Reducing Operating Costs
  • Deterring Fraud

Security is Just One Part of an Electronic
  • A legal eSignature
  • serves as a Symbol of Intent
  • not ambiguous as to purpose
  • is affixed as part of a Ceremony
  • contains contextual evidence of transaction
  • provides Security
  • unique to the signer
  • under the signers sole control
  • verifiable
  • capable of showing document integrityafter the
    signing event

Electronic Signatures are built on secure
  • Electronic Signature is the auditable result of
    an electronic process used to accept or approve
    an agreement or a transaction.
  • Security is the means to protect information and
    is a feature of a proper eSignature.

Example PKI digital signatures alone offer
automatic security in the form of a sealed
envelope. Whereas PenOp electronic signatures
adds the evidence such as intent that is required
to replace a physical handwritten signature on
the documents in the envelope.
PenOp Pioneered Electronic Signature Process
Review Content
Access Transcript
Activate Signature Block
Bind Irrefutably to Content
Digital Evidencefor Non-Repudiation
Confirm what signing and why
Place Intended Symbol
Sign (pen, certificate, stamp)
Authenticate (biometric, PKI, pin)
E-Transaction ProcessStep 1 Access Web Site
Step 2 Review and Fill in the Form
Step 3 Ready to SignTM
Step 4 Confirm Reason for Signing and Sign
Digital ID
Handwritten Digital Signature
Step 5 Authenticate
  • Biometric Authentication

Verification Template
Biometric Input
Hardware Device
Digital ID Authentication
Password Check
Validate Stamp
Digital ID
Stamp Database
Step 6 - Set Document Integrity
  • The signature is glued to the form
  • Signature cannot be re-used, copied, or pasted
  • Document cannot be altered, tamper-proof
  • Unique document checksum (digital signature) is
    stored in signature object

Step 7 Render Signature and Submit Form
Every eSignature contains Digital
EvidenceTMTranscript of an eSignature
  • Who Signatorys Identity (Name, Verifiable
  • What Tamper-proof Document (integrity
    checksum of content)
  • When Date Time (Certified Timestamp - GMT)
  • Where Machine Serial Number
  • Why Intent of Signing (information displayed
    or recorded at capture time)
  • How Process Utilized
  • (technology used to sign and authenticate)

The Missing Piece for end-to-end digital
Document Management
Electronic Signatures
Electronic Forms
E-Business is about Serving Customers at every
Windows Desktops Servers
Web Enabled (Java, XML, ActiveX)
Signatures in the right place at the right time
Palm Computing (Handheld PDA)
Windows CE (mobilecomputing)
Signatures must be easily added to any
PenOp Signature Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat adds
toolbar icons and menu bar entries
PenOp Signature ActiveX placed onto PureEdge
Sign All Record Types
  • Documents Forms
  • multiple format types Word, PDF, TIF, Excel,
    HTML, XML, Lotus Notes, etc.
  • allow conversion to common format for signing
    such as Word Perfect ---gt PDF
  • signatures stored inside file or externally
  • Data
  • multiple data sources Oracle, SQL Server,
    Access, ODBC, etc.
  • multiple records
  • Files and Folders
  • signatures stored externally as as a file or data

Storing the eSignature
  • Unstructured information (eDocs)
  • Signature stored as object within signed eContent

Structured information (Form Data) Signature
stored as separate object in a database, signed
eContent (or pointer to it) also stored in
eSignature Flexibility
  • multiple signatures per record
  • adding a signature doesnt break integrity of
    previous signatures
  • content changes only affect corresponding
  • simple docs
  • including integrity of embedded objects
  • compound docs
  • sections with independent and overlapping
  • virtual documents with specific component

More eSignature Flexibility
  • ad-hoc signing
  • allow user to indicate place and reason to sign
  • pre-configured signing
  • allow forms administrator to configure/restrict
    use of signature within production systems
  • Example Design document templates with embedded
    signature blocks locked to signatory or logged in
  • batch signing
  • allow one signature to apply to all documents
    currently under review with option to render on
    each document
  • real-time layout
  • use toolkit to automate form creation, signature
    placement and signature block assignment

eSigning Tools
  • feature of document editor and filler
  • uses toolbar icon, menu choice, or pre-set
    signature block (e.g. Acrobat, Word, Excel,
    Imaging, etc.)
  • feature of form editor and filler
  • forms designer drags a signature block onto a
    form and places a button on form to initiate
    signature capture(e.g. Oracle eForms, MS Access,
    Internet Explorer, JetForm, PureEdge, etc.)
  • feature of mark-up editor
  • uses signature tool similar to document editor
  • mark-up hundred of file formats using annotation
    tools and annotation layer files (e.g. Cimmetry

More eSigning Tools
  • external utility
  • such as administration utility to bind to file or
    dataset including DOS files(e.g. PenOp Btoken
    Information utility)
  • turnkey solution
  • integrated vertical application (e.g. Siebel
  • custom application (e.g. Visual Basic,
    PowerBuilder, C, etc.)
  • workflow application
  • such as setting up routing rules that require
    signature(e.g. Documentum, Easy DMS, Staffware,

Turnkey SolutionSiebel ePharma
Biometric Signature Setup
  • User enters signature three times
  • stored as part of user profile

WorkFlow Example
  • User selects distribution for business case
  • Authorizations when required
  • Method can be sequential(in order)or
    parallel(out of order)

WorkFlow Integration
Choice of Signature Methods
  • User can enter live signature or apply signature
  • Status is easily tracked

Repository Awareness
  • Example Documentum EDMS 98 and 4i
  • Force Signatory Name to be logged-in user
  • Saves Signatures as annotations (dm_note)within
    Doc Repository, using standard DMS security
  • Burn signatures into document release
  • Store signature cards in enterprise repository

Audit Trail
  • PenOp software records all Digital EvidenceTM of
    signature capture event in Token
  • who, what, when, where, why, how, etc.
  • Signature events can be trapped by application
    and fed to audit mechanism of choice
  • such as attempts to access a signature stamp,
    authenticate a user, check content integrity,
    clear or redo a signature...
  • trigger alert engines that support e-mail,
    highlighted entries and workflow task initiation
  • feed security log of workflow of document mgmt
    system with its built-in reporting capabilities

Applying Public Key Security Infrastructure to
  • PKI products offer security mechanisms that
  • document integrity
  • user identity
  • content confidentiality
  • Standard PKI products must be extended with
    eSignature software to
  • capture intent and event context in audit trail
  • provide visible mark on documents
  • control approval process

Secured and Legal Transactions with PKI
Intent Evidence (what, when, where, why)
A signature Type (who)
Digital Certificate
Certificate Authority
Validation Authority
(No Transcript)
Combine TechnologiesAccording To Business
Policy/ Knowledge Control
Document Interface
Transcript of Digital Evidence
Person Interface
Signature Capture
Iris Scan
Digital Certificate
Password PIN
Voice Recording
Credit Card
Finger Print
Smart Card
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Where do we need signatures?
  • Finance Insurance
  • Letters of Credit
  • Mortgage Title
  • Retail Banking
  • Loan Syndication
  • On-line Brokerage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Clinical Trials
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Electronic Lab Notebooks
  • Healthcare
  • Patient Registration
  • Doctor Prescriptions
  • Medical Transcripts
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Life Insurance
  • Variable Annuities
  • Drug Sample Delivery
  • Legal/Justice Systems
  • Court Proceedings
  • Arrest Warrants
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • IRS Tax Filings
  • Government Filings
  • Electronic Contracts
  • Construction Bidding
  • Non-Disclosures

GovernmentSample Customer Applications
  • US Navy
  • electronic bids signed and sent electronically
  • eBids signed and returned by contractors who use
  • over 30,000 contractors can submit eBids
  • City of San Antonio
  • Correspondence Management for Mayor
  • City of San Francisco
  • Building Permits

Sales Force AutomationCase Study
  • American General Life Assurance
  • 10,000 sales agents in the field
  • Equipped with pen computer - Fujitsu Stylistic
  • Customers sign life insurance policy online
  • signed policy is sent electronically to head
    office, where one printed copy is mailed to the
  • AGLA does not keep a paper copy, just the signed
    electronic original

Mobile Computing Award Winner
What to look for
What to look for in a Signature Solution
  • legal effectiveness and regulatory compliance
  • example biometric data transcript
  • simplicity with real world flexibility
  • examples signing subsections of forms, deferred
    verification, mobile solutions
  • e-process capabilities
  • example collect multiple signatures on a
    document over time and in parallel
  • policy control
  • example accommodate rules for how each formis
    signed in an organization

Your OrganizationsRequirements
  • Provide users with out-of-the-box functionality
    for desiging forms and signing
  • Example Click and Sign/Stamp documents using
    the tool-bar icon in Word
  • Ability to configure/restrict use of signature
    within production systems
  • Example Design document templates with embedded
    signature blocks locked to signatory

Your OrganizationsRequirements
  • Allow customization to enhance or integrate with
    3rd party systems
  • Support for industry standard development
  • Proven integration with eContent engines and PKI
  • Proven integration with PKI, Biometric and
    PIN-based security products

Your OrganizationsRequirements
  • Observe best practice for producing legally
    effective documents
  • Clear Reason for Signing
  • Display and print of signature on document
    coupled with automatic integrity check
  • Automatic fill-in of Word/Acrobat form fields
    with audit trail of signing event (e.g. name,
  • Immediate or deferred verification
  • biometric signature card
  • digital certificate validation (CRL, OCSP)

Your OrganizationsRequirements
  • Seamless with Enterprise Mgmt System
  • Forces Signatory Name to be logged-in user
  • Saves Signatures as annotations (dm_note)within
    Doc Repository, using standard DMS security
  • Server allows you to burn signatures into
    document release procedure
  • Store signature cards in enterprise repository

Understanding the Technology
Electronic Signature Solution
  • A complete solution must handle
  • Interaction with User (Ceremony)
  • Collection of Signing Event Data
  • User Authentication (Identity)
  • Document Hashing (Integrity)
  • Archiving of Transcript
  • Presentation of Signature and Transcript
  • all within the security infrastructure of choice

Signature Choices
  • Live Handwritten Signature
  • Individual picks up a pen and signs their name on
    an electronic pad embedded in or attached to
  • PenOp software picks up enough information to
    verify identity of person and sign the document
  • Signature Stamp
  • Individual creates a secure signature stamp
  • Individual provides a password or digital
    certificate or fingerprint scan which authorizes
    stamping of a document.
  • The signature stamp appears on the document with
    link to evidence trail for the signing event

Access to Signature Stamps and Cards
  • User application security, ACLs and/or database
    row and field locking

WorkFlow Forms
Requirements for an Electronic Signature
Digital EvidenceIdentity - Who are you?
  • No authentication
  • what is at risk?
  • Passwords PIN codes (Infometrics)
  • what do you know?
  • Smart Cards Public/Private Keys (PKI)
  • what do you have?
  • Human Touch (Biometrics)
  • who are you?

Signature Dynamics(biometric)
  • record measurements of handwritten signature
  • Example stroke order, pen up/down,
    acceleration, deceleration, etc.
  • cannot be replicated by tracing a signature
  • measurements allow handwriting expert or software
    to render judgment
  • Example Forensic Document Examiner has a
    significant data set (equivalent or better than
    data set from ink bleeding into paper) to render
    an opinion on authenticity of signature

BiometricsLink to Signer
  • A behavioral secret that a signer
  • already possesses so no certificate necessary
  • doesnt know how to divulge to others so cant
    be stolen
  • can reproduce easily, instinctively while a
    forger cannot
  • can be verified against a known reference
    set from a document, database, or smartcard

The Human Interface to the PC
Digital Evidence Integrity - Is this the
  • Each signature is glued to a document
  • Signature cannot be re-used, copied, or pasted
  • Document cannot be altered, tamper-proof
  • Unique document checksum (digital signature) is
    stored in signature object

Cryptography Link to Document
  • Each signature is glued to a single document
    to reduce risk of fraud
  • Signature cannot be re-used, copied, or pasted
  • Document cannot be altered, tamper-proof
  • Document checksum is stored in signature object

Securing theElectronic Signature
determines identity of the signer using
signature dynamics or other method
User Authentication
Hash Document and store message digest
protects against document alteration or
fraudulent copy and paste
Encrypt Signature
keeps your signature data private
Lock Signature with Digital Key
makes your signature tamper-proof
Storing the Electronic Signature
  • Unstructured information (File)
  • Signature stored within document file

Structured information (XML Data) Database
used to relate signature to document
Extending Trusted PKI Solutions Solutions are
complementary not competitive
  • PKI extended with handwritten signature software
  • natural, human interface
  • visible and printable representation of signature
  • biometric link to the individual stronger than
  • cultural acceptance worldwide
  • PKI and PenOp Digital EvidenceTM
  • Intent and Evidence become part of audit trail
  • Approval process and policy can be controlled
  • legal, regulatory and consumer acceptance

Who is PenOp
Who is PenOp?
  • eSignature Market Leader
  • Shipping release 3.2 of proven product
  • 60,000 seats deployed globally
  • 700 customers in 30 countries
  • Significant, defensible patents
  • widespread strategic relationships
  • private company

Selected PenOp Customers
Pharmaceutical Industry Allergan Bayer Boehringer
Glaxo Kendle Pfizer Zeneca Financial
Services American General Life Arvest Citibank Fid
elity First American Principle Financial Prudentia
l Valic
Government City of San Francisco City of San
Antonio EPA FDA Gwinnett County, GA IRS US
Navy Sarasota County, FL Other ATT Bechtel Safewa
y Saudi Aramco In Development several ePortals
Key ePartners
  • eContent
  • Documentum, Optika, Easy, FileNet, OpenText,
    Harbinger (PC DOCS)
  • eForms
  • JetForm, PureEdge (UWI.com), ELF, Adobe, Cardiff
  • eProcess
  • JetForm, Staffware
  • eProductivity
  • Lotus, Microsoft, Adobe, Cimmetry
  • eBusiness
  • Siebel, IBM, Xcert, Entrust, Valicert

PenOp Signature Series The Basics
  • Signature
  • Foundation for users to view, capture, and stamp
    handwritten digital signatures
  • Signature Plug-ins
  • Installable solution for desktop applications
  • Word, Acrobat, TIFF
  • Partner Plugins
  • PocketSign
  • Palm organizer as a signing device

PenOp Signature Series Verification Services
  • Signature Verification
  • provides the facilities to create and file
    signature cards to support the verification of
    handwritten signatures
  • Signature Central
  • Integrates signature enrollment and verification
    services with ODBC-compliant databases, and other
    data repositories

PenOp Signature Series Getting Started
  • Signature Toolkit
  • developers programming interface and
    documentation (Windows 9x/NT/2000 and CE)
  • provides ActiveX, C, VBX OCX interfaces
  • Integration source code and development guidance
    for JetForm, Lotus Notes, and MS Internet
    Information Server.
  • Signature Pilot Pack
  • Discounted starter package for 10 or 25 users
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