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Title: Real Estate Consultant

Why do you need a Real Estate Consultant
Some people are rather confused with the fact
what a real estate consultant actually does. The
first thing you need to know is nothing but the
age old realtor but with extended duties and
responsibilities and most importantly more
knowledge to make sure you make all the right
real estate decisions. A real estate consultant
or a real estate investment consultant is a new
genre in the real estate business whose job
description is far fiercer and extended that a
real estate broker or simply a property broker.
The major addition to the job of a real estate
consultant is objectivity. You dont have to pay
a real estate consultant a commission you will
pay him because of his consultancy services, you
will pay him because of his expertise, because of
expert advice in making the right choice in real
estate rent buy sale. They are not really
biased on making you buy a property because they
have a commission associated with it.
They work solely for you and try to give you the
best possible real estate advice for both
commercial projects and real estate projects.
They are not sales people who have their own
personal agenda and profit at stake and therefore
you can be assured that you will get god honest
real estate advice from them. These are only a
few benefits of hiring an investment consultant,
there are many more.
There are many real estate agencies who allow you
to hire their consultants and then use their
services for a reasonable amount of money. Real
estate consultancy can be divided into various
subgroups. What kind of a real estate
consultant you will require totally depends on
the type of services that you need. The skill
set and expertise of a real estate investment
consultant differs from field to field.
  • You will find consultants specializing in fields
    like -
  • legal advice
  • locating appropriate investment ventures,
  • market research
  • market analysis
  • market valuation of a particular property, etc.
  • They have no personal stakes and that is why they
    make it their topmost priority to give you the
    best possible advice.

  • If you are specifically looking for investment
    ventures then a good real estate investment
    consultant will give you fully fledged report and
    information about factors like-
  • Developer closeouts
  • Joint ventures
  • Equity partnerships
  • Bulk buying
  • Selling opportunities.

The consultant hired by you will work as a middle
level protect layer between you and the dealing
party. It will help you in making the right
decisions and also protect you from falling prey
to some scam and losing all your invested
money. Ikshu Construction Pvt. Ltd. is such a
real estate agency which is located in Gurgaon.
If you are looking real estate rent buy sale
option or flat rent buy sale options then you can
definitely seek their professional help. They
can provide you with some really good real estate
consultants to help you make the right decisions
in property dealing. They are also extensively
good in providing real estate property management
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