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Quarterly Meeting September 12, 2008


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Quarterly Meeting September 12, 2008

Quarterly MeetingSeptember 12, 2008
2008 Operating Plan Overview
  • Increase number of children served to 2,600 by
    year end
  • Increase School-based average length of match to
    11 months
  • Achieve six-month retention rates of
  • Community-based 81
  • School-based 81
  • Increase net annual revenues to 3.1 million

The Big Idea
  • Top Three Big Ideas
  • Referral and Participation Reward Program (Alumni
  • Internet/Technology funding and webfacing
  • Fundraising
  • Transforming the BBBS Experience!
  • Bigs Employees
  • Littles Board
  • Parents Donors
  • Big Ideas to be incorporated into 3Q and 4Q
    Operating Plan and 2009 Operating Plan

Quarterly MeetingSeptember 12, 2008
  • Development/Marketing

2008 Operating Plan Highlights
  • Fundraising Results
  • Cultivation of Prospects
  • Create and Implement a
  • Stewardship Plan
  • Increase public awareness
  • Develop new partnerships

2008 Operating Plan Overview
  • 2008 revenue goal 3,173,000
  • 2008 revenue raised to date 1,520,553
  • Percentage of goal
  • 50

Marketing Milestones and Deliverables
  • Increased visibility through print and TV
    advertisements editorials email blasts
  • New Partners
  • D-Mars
  • Comcast
  • 2010 Media

Milestones and Deliverables
  • Partnership Development
  • CHLF Big for a Day
  • Astros
  • Downtown District Initiative
  • Board participation/introductions

Milestones and Deliverables
  • 2008 Bowl for Kids Sake
  • Strong attendance
  • Great company coordinators
  • Great customer service during bowling events

Milestones and Deliverables
  • 2008 Bowl for Kids Sake
  • Goal 190,150
  • Raised 211,101
  • 15 corporate sponsors (6 new for 2008)
  • 87 bowlers on July 12th

Success to date
  • 2008 BFKS Big Winner
  • Bob Drew, Waste Management
  • Raised 7,185

Cultivation Activity
  • Board of Directors Social/Networking
  • Hosted by SJ Swanson and Donna Mittendorf
  • Great attendance
  • Great donor prospects generated now in the
    cultivation/solicitation process

  • Stewardship
  • Donor Newsletter
  • Passive touches Phone calls, thank you notes
  • Stewardship Plan and Calendar in place
  • Involves Board and staff reaching out to donors
    and prospects

  • Building Pipeline of Donor Prospects
  • Individual campaign happening at a slower pace
  • Volunteers reaching out to donors are only BOD
  • Challenging to coordinate, taking more time than
  • Donor referral form
  • Four events scheduled to cultivate major donors
  • Need for cross-functional volunteers at events

  • Extreme Engagement
  • How to actively engage donors and supporters?
  • The activity challenge
  • How to use office, branches, sites

Take Aways
  • Customer service Big BFKS success
  • Stewardship involves everyone
  • Cross-functional volunteers for donor cultivation
  • Extreme Engagement

Looking forwardBig Ideas
  • Alumni Campaign
  • Increasing public awareness
  • Library of testimonials
  • Technology/website/database
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Board development
  • Fundraising

Looking forwardBig Ideas
  • Planning for 2009
  • Partnership development strategic plan
  • Affinity groups
  • Faith-based incentives
  • Volunteer incentives
  • Big for a Day strategy

Looking forwardBig Ideas
  • Planning for 2009
  • Marketing
  • Alumni campaign
  • Ongoing media development
  • Fund Development
  • Capital campaign development
  • Kid Friendly fundraising opportunities
  • New Events

Quarterly MeetingSeptember 12, 2008
  • Mentoring

2008 Operating Plan Highlights
  • Increased Intentionality
  • Serve more children who are of high risk
  • Recruit and retain more mentors of minority races
    to mentor children of minority races (AA -39 or
    136 for 2008 His-21 or 127 for 2008)
  • Recruit and retain more male mentors (32 or 202
    for 2008)
  • Recruit and retain more female littles
  • Quality Growth
  • Serve more children who want and need a mentor
  • Increase children served in 2008 by 11
  • Make 1,345 new matches.
  • Match Retention
  • Increase the retention rate for Community and
    School Based matches (81)
  • Increase the average match length of Community
    and School Based matches (CBM 22.5 SBM 11)
  • Training and process improvement

Milestones Deliverables
  • Increased Intentionality ( are cumulative YTD)
  • 85 new male youth served (97.9 of 188 annual
  • 75 new male mentors matched to male youth (55.3
    of 282 annual goal)
  • 22 new Hispanic youth served (47.7of 172 annual
  • 12 new Hispanic mentor to Hispanic youth matches
    (27 total YTD)
  • 31 new African-American mentor to
    African-American youth matches made (87 total
  • 30 new Amachi matches (114.6 of 171 goal)
  • 13 new MCOP matches(71 of 52 goal)
  • 6 new NCI matches (32 of 100 goal)
  • 30 new DFPS matches (21.7 of 138 goal)
  • - Grant year does not match calendar year

Milestones DeliverablesQuality GrowthTotal
Children Served Goal 2,595New Matches to
Reach Goal 1,3458 reduction of original goal
of 2,800 served
  • New Matches
  • CB Central office 69 matches (54.4)
  • CB Branches 46 matches (44.0)
  • SB Central office 27 matches (18.4)
  • SB Branches 13 matches (24.6)
  • Total New Matches YTD 440
  • This represents 32.7 of our 2008 goal

Milestones Deliverables
  • Match Retention
  • Six month retention rate
  • CB 76 vs. goal of 81
  • SB 82 vs. goal of 81
  • Average match length
  • CB 21.3 months vs. goal of 22.5 months
  • SB 7.5 months vs. goal of 11 months
  • Closure rate
  • CB 25 vs. goal of 38
  • SB 36 vs. goal of 38

Milestones Deliverables
  • Match Retention
  • Training and Process Improvement
  • (Second Quarter)
  • Volunteer Training
  • 6 Mentoring 101 sessions conducted, 103
  • 2 Amachi trainings conducted, 12 attendees
  • Training Institute under development for 2009
  • Staff Training and Process Improvement
  • Smart Tools development and implementation
  • Monthly review of agency scorecard
  • All staff collaboration
  • Development of Parent Training Pilot

Milestones Deliverables
  • Strategic Development/Recruitment
  • Continue to cultivate Alpha Phi Alpha partnership
  • Recruited 2 undergraduate Houston chapters for
    school base programs
  • Attended Southwest Regional Convention and
    strengthened partnership and recruitment for the
    Greater Houston area
  • Developed recruiting partners from Alpha Eta
    Lambda graduate chapter
  • Continue to cultivate HPD partnership
  • Made ongoing presentations to recruit HPD
    officers for school base programs
  • 8 new school based matches made
  • Continue to cultivate and recruit in target
    African American Markets
  • Hosted second BPMG mixer at Grooves
  • The evening yielded 20 inquiries, and 5 matches
    were made

Opportunities for Cross-Functional Support
  • Reduction of Waitlist Participants (BIG IDEA
    Zip Codes)
  • Target volunteer recruitment with partnership
    development in areas of high concentration (as
    made evident in AIM)
  • Target recruitment for littles with partnership
    development in areas of high concentration (as
    made evident in AIM)
  • Target Grant Recruitment
  • Amachi littles to ensure success for the 2009
    grant year and upcoming research study
  • MCOP littles to ensure success for the 2009 grant
  • NCI volunteers and littles for completion of 2008
    grant year
  • Mass Interviews and Matching Assistance (BIG IDEA
    - Matches)
  • Utilize all staff to assist program staff with
    high volume interview sessions
  • Aid in matching process as needed (i.e., match
    introductions, etc.)

Take Aways
  • Make more matches while focusing on quality,
    safety, and intentionality goals
  • Increased teamwork to optimize efficiency and
    effectiveness with all clients (Bigs, Littles and
  • BBBSGH will change how our children grow up in

Quarterly MeetingSeptember 12, 2008
  • Office of the CEO

2008 Operating Plan Highlights
  • Board Development
  • All Board Members received Mid-Year Performance
  • Individual Gifts total 36,400 (91 of 40,000
  • Aggregate Give Get total 392,500 (44 of
    900,000 goal)
  • Mary Murray, Treasury Manager of Amegy Bank and
    Daryl Irby, Engineer at Lubrizol joined Board
  • Organizational Structure
  • (Big Idea Quality Growth Premier Mentoring
    Experts Matching)
  • Feedback from National assessment Focus on
    completing AIM Implementation and culture
  • Evaluating proposals from consultants to lead
    Process and Organizational Structure Review
  • SLT Identifying near-term process and structure

2008 Operating Plan Highlights
  • State-wide Collaborations
  • (Big Idea Quality Growth Increasing Exposure)
  • Marian elected president of Texas Association of
  • Association evaluating collaboration
    opportunities including hiring staff

Milestones Deliverables
  • Office of the CEO
  • Board Development - Continue to identify,
    cultivate and recruit additional 4 members to
    reach 2008 goal of 27 members
  • Retain consultant and begin evaluation and
    process improvement by 4Q
  • Include Big Idea in October Board Retreat
  • State Collaboration Task Force Meeting in Dallas
    September 19th

Opportunities for Cross-Functional Support
  • Office of the CEO
  • Continue to identify and refer potential Board
  • Participate in Organizational Review process

Take Aways
  • Office of the CEO
  • Organizational Transformation Opportunity!!!

Quarterly MeetingSeptember 12, 2008
  • Supporting Services

2008 Operating Plan Highlights
  • Facilities, Finance and IT
  • 2007 Financial Audit
  • 2007 IRS Form 990
  • 2007-2008 Amachi Audit
  • Development of Cross Functional Scholarship
  • Implement Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solution
  • Human Resources, Training and Development
  • Initiate job analysis and workforce analysis
  • Revamp the Quarterly Meeting process and
    reporting template
  • Provide a facilitated session on Diversity and
  • Explore consultant resources to assist with
    organizational and cultural transformation
  • Participate as a presenter at BBBSA national

Milestones Deliverables
  • Supporting Services
  • Audit Successfully completed
  • -Unqualified opinion and no management comments
    issued by auditors
  • Form 990 completed and filed with IRS
  • 2007-2008 Amachi Audit successfully completed
  • In compliance with grant guidelines
  • Amachi Auditors requested permission to use our
    audit documentation process as a best practice
    guide for other Agencies.

Milestones Deliverables
  • Facilities, Finance and IT
  • Development of Cross Functional Scholarship Award
  • (Development Team - Judy, Laura, Trisha/Tiffany)
  • In Progress 75 complete
  • Developed Scholarship Pre and Post Application
    Procedures and Associated Materials.
  • Developed Scholarship Payment Procedures and
    Associated Materials.
  • Next Step
  • Development of Pre and Post Scholarship Award
    Process and Associated Materials

Milestones Deliverables
  • Facilities, Finance and IT
  • Implement Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solution
  • In Progress - 75 complete
  • Successfully implemented and rolled out to
  • Home Based Staff
  • Branch Managers
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Next Step
  • Roll out to remaining staff by end of year

Milestones Deliverables
  • Human Resources, Training and Development
  • Initiate Job Analysis and Workforce Analysis
  • May Conducted first training workshop for
    managers - The Role of Leadership in Workforce
    Readiness -
  • Engaged our managers in shared dialogue about how
    we will need to transform ourselves as an
    organization in order to serve more children
  • Provided an opportunity for leadership to gain a
    larger perspective about the possibilities and
    what actions may be necessary to embrace a Big
  • Provided job analysis training to the SLT (June)
  • Revamp the Quarterly Meeting process and
    reporting template
  • April reworked the entire process and
    incorporated interactive activities and smart
    goals updates resulting in gt95 employee

Milestones Deliverables
  • Human Resources, Training and Development
  • Provide a facilitated session on Diversity and
  • July 3 10 Workshops presented to all
    employees. Feedback to be reported for 3rd
  • Explore consultant resources to assist with
    organizational and cultural transformation
  • April-May initial scope of Request for Proposal
  • May Programs reps from BBBSA visited Houston
    and performed present state assessment
  • June RFP on hold pending input from BBBSA after
    national conference visitation summary notes due
    in early July
  • Participate as a presenter at BBBSA national
    conference (June)
  • Facilitated an interactive session about Employee
    Relations and received high satisfaction ratings
    from participants

Take Aways
  • Facilities, Finance and IT
  • 2007 Audits Successfully Completed and
    Compliments Received from Auditors.
  • Implementation of VPN a success and will be
    rolled out Agency wide by year end.
  • Development of Scholarship Award Process

Take Aways
  • Human Resources, Training and Development
  • Continuing Education and Training are intended to
    encourage professionals to expand their knowledge
    base and stay up-to-date on new developments in
    their field.
  • The following are some personal perspectives
    expressed by your co-workers about the training
    and development opportunities theyve
    participated in this last quarter.
  • The Role of Leadership in Workforce Readiness -
    May 30 Rae Taylor
  • What I learned about our agency is that we need
    to embrace a new way of thinking versus this is
    how weve always done it.  I learned that we
    need to train ourselves to be more open to all
    possibilities to create better opportunities to
    serve our children.  It was fun to also learn
    that several of us were involved in dance and the
    arts as children and as adults!

Take Aways
  • Human Resources, Training and Development
  • SuperPerformance April 2008 -- LaTonya Boothe
  • It was refreshing to listen as Dave Guerra
    clearly described the misconception most
    businesses share regarding the importance of
    individuals who work with them. The demonstration
    also illustrated the significance for leaders to
    understand that in order for a company to be
    successful, it is important to value the team
    within, and how successes within a business
    arent solely produced by the lead but by the
    team in which he/she leads. Personally, this
    helped put things into perspective and it
    motivated me to step outside of the traditional
    view of leadership and utilize more super view
    formulas like leveraging unlimited potential
    which Ive already incorporated in everyday life
    and in how I execute my responsibilities here to
    achieve our mission.

Take Aways
  • Leadership for Non-Profit Excellence Fall
    2007 April 2008 -- Avice Chambers
  • I walked away from the class with a better
    understanding of best practices in nonprofit
    management, strategic planning and governance.  I
    also learned about how to build an organizational
    infrastructure that takes into consideration the
    unique characteristics of nonprofits (i.e.
    limited resources, personnel changes, etc.).   I
    have been able to translate lessons learned into
    my everyday work by using strategic planning
    tools to prepare for the future growth in the
    Fort Bend branch as well as making sure I adhere
    to my fiduciary duty to always act in the best
    interest of Big Brothers Big Sisters and our
    various stakeholders.
  • Planning Giving, Digital Giving  April May 2008
    -- Tiffany Dorsey
  • I have met professionals whose knowledge I
    consider a valuable source of information.  Ive
    acquired additional knowledge on trends in my
    field and Ive gained skills that will enable me
    to work smarter to accomplish the goals of our

Take Aways
  • Advanced Excel June 2008 -- Michael Dragoni
  • The biggest takeaway was realizing how little
    of the softwares capacity I was actually using. 
    Excel contains a lot of features that can help
    simplify seemingly complicated spreadsheets. 
    There were a lot of Well, I wish I would have
    known how to do THAT for my last report kind of
  • Conversations on Leadership June 2008 --
    Nancy Giles
  • I walked away from this leadership conversation
    with the belief that there are abundant resources
    to be successful in fundraising despite the
    competition.  The glass is half full, not half
    empty.  Its all about my owning the right
    perspective and then projecting this out to
  • Strategic Briefing for Non-Profits June 2008
    -- Laura Kocian
  • Based on what I retained from the seminar at
    ESCH, the entire accounting department will have
    to be more vigilant and detail oriented to comply
    with the new audit and tax guidelines that have
    recently been enacted. I will have to prepare
    more detailed schedules going forward for our
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