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Title: M/J Comprehensive Physical Education Favorite Sports

Favorite Sports M/J Physical Education
Cheerleading By Haydin Blackburn
Why I love Cheering
I absolutely adore cheerleading! I cheered a
whole lot when I was younger, and loved every
minute of it. I think I love it so much because I
can express my girly side, which I absolutely
love! It's so much fun doing different cheers,
and having fun having a ton of spirit!
Brief Description
Cheerleading is pretty much, all about having a
bunch of spirit, and happiness. There is usually
a group of girls, (or sometimes, there can be
boys that cheer, but usually it's girls) and a
coach. The coach comes up with the moves, and
teaches the group of girls (the group of girls
can be of any amount of girls) the cheers. Then,
they practice those cheers at their practices,
and then they do those cheers at special
occasions, like football games, basketball, or
cheer competitions/ tournaments.
Rules of Cheerleading
In cheerleading there aren't really rules, you
just need to have a lot of fun energy while doing
your cheers, or else people/ judges (if in a
cheering tournament) they will be bored by your
cheers. So you want to make sure that you have a
lot of energy! Also, make sure you have your
cheers down. It is very helpful to practice them
at your house and try to go to every single
practice you have with your team, and coach.
Cheerleading isn't really a safe sport because
you are basically doing a bunch of stunts and
girls are thrown up in the air, but they are
caught by the back up cheerleaders. The back up
cheerleaders are in charge of keeping the flyer
(the cheerleader thrown up in the air) safe when
she comes down. They make sure she gets up in the
air and down from the air in total safety. So to
be safe in cheerleading, you have to have very
strong big girls to be back up, and keep those
fliers safe!
Skill Related Components
Some skill related components in cheerleading are
jumping, handsprings, motions, stunting/
tumbling, cartwheels, and a lot of balance.
  • Jacob Perry

Reasons For My Affection
  • I have been playing un organized football for
    more than 5 years. I started in 3rd grade with my
    friends in school. We all discovered we liked it
    and for the remainder of my time in elementary
    school it would be our favorite recess pastime. I
    knew a number of people who played football on a
    real team, and while they tried to encourage me
    to try and join a team I decided it wasnt for
    me. I enjoyed it just playing in someones back
    yard. I love this sport because it involves
    strategy and skill, also it takes determination
    and at least some natural ability to be good at
    it. Its a demanding game in that you are
    directly matching wit and power with others.

Playing The Game
  • Football is played on a 100 yard field with two
    end zones at, guess where, the ends of the field.
    The object of the players is to move the ball
    into the opposing teams end zone and score
    points. When a player brings the ball into the
    other teams end zone it is called a touchdown,
    worth 6 points. The scoring team then has an
    opportunity to either get another point by
    kicking the ball through the goal posts or they
    can go for a two point conversion. In a two point
    conversion the team just tries to get the ball
    into the end zone again. On each side 11 players
    are allowed on the field at one time, having too
    many can result in a penalty. Typically 45
    players are allowed from each side to play in a
    game and teams can have up to 53 people on their
    roster. Players are given 4 downs (tries) to move
    the ball at least 10 yards, if they move the ball
    10 yards or more it is called a first down. The
    number of downs they have left then resets to 1
    of 4. If on the 4th down the team with the ball
    (offense) has not made it across the first down
    line they either have a choice to kick the ball
    to the defense or they can try to make the first
    down. If they try and fail it is called a
    turnover and the opposing team gets the ball
    where it was down.

  • 1. Players cannot hold another player, for
    instance by the shirt and stop them from getting
  • 2. A player cannot directly interfere with a
    receiver about to catch a pass. The player can
    swat the ball away but he cannot pull or push the
    receiver out of the way.
  • 3. One cannot hold a player by the face
    protective part of their helmet, this is called a
    face mask.
  • 4. The offense must hike the ball before the play
    clock reaches zero.
  • 5. Players must not display un sportsman like
    conduct i.e. excessive celebration, taunting,

Safety First!
  • Football may be fun but it is very dangerous
    (even in the backyard), especially if you dont
    have the right gear. This is a list of some of
    the safety gear needed to play football-
  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Gloves And Cleats
  • Knee Pads And Elbow Pads
  • Mouth Guards

Got Skill?
  • Strategy and planning have a big roll in good
    football but so does skill. You need all seven
    skill related components of fitness to be a good
    football player. You must be able to move quickly
    and precisely, this is agility. You need to be
    able to stay on your feet while running, jumping
    and dodging, this is balance. You must be
    coordinated and make full and effective use of
    your body. Your muscles have to be able to exert
    a lot of power. Your reaction time must be good
    or you might be tackled or not be able to get to
    the ball. Finally you need speed to be able to
    get to the ball, carry the ball and or stop
    another who has the ball.

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  • The Gentle Way

Ryan Lakea Vargas
About Me
  • Aloha, my name is Ryan! I do Judo and Brazilian
    Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). I am a 4x national champion
    this year in Judo. I traveled across the country
    to compete against the best in my age and weight
    category. This year I went to Hawaii, Ohio, Rhode
    Island, Michigan, Dallas, Georgia, Pennsylvania,
    and California. I have been doing Judo for about
    3 years. I train at a national training center in
    Coral Springs, Florida. My main sensei (teacher)
    is a 6th place Peruvian Olympic champion in Judo!
    One of my goals in life is to be the first
    Olympic gold medalist from America. No American
    has ever won an Olympic gold medal in Judo yet. I
    am a state champion in both Judo and BJJ, and a
    Pan-American champion in BJJ. Right now Im
    trying to accomplish being a Judo Pan American
    in Argentina and am set to compete on
    Thanksgiving day! One day you will see me on T.V.
    and magazines showing my lifes accomplishments
    and inspiring kids my age to do the same thing
    to be the best you can be! Judo keeps me active,
    fit, and healthy. When I do Judo I leave
    everything on the mat, including my troubles and
    my hopes and dreams. Judo is fun and its almost
    like dancing. Judo also is a great way to test
    both your mind and physical strength to get the
    person off balanced and thrown on their

What is Judo?
Judo, the gentle way is a Martial Art from
Japan. Judo consists of throwing, pinning,
choking, and armlocks. The main source to win is
to throw the person straight on their back. In a
Judo tournament the judges say ippon which
means you win by a perfect throw or pin. There
are 2 competitors in each match that fight for
Ippon or points. There are also 3 judges that
gives you points and penalties during the fight.
Judo was invented by Jigoro Kano. Kano got the
idea from Jiu Jitsu but refined the techniques
and rules that make up Judo. Its purpose was
made to defeat bigger and stronger opponents by
using techniques to get the other person off
balance. Back then, Samurai fought to the death.
Today it is an Olympic sport that is widely known
throughout the world. Judo is extremely popular
in European and Latin American countries, but
sadly only mildly popular in the United States
Judo Rules
Judo Seminar
  1. You need a federation approved gi to do Judo.
    Without an appropriate gi you cannot compete. A
    white and blue gi are required for competition.
  2. Hitting is prohibited in Judo. Judo requires
    throws, pins, armbars, and chokes. Armbars and
    chokes are only allowed for certain age
  3. A formal bow to your opponent before and after a
    match is required for good sportsmanship.
  4. The judge will give you 1 penalty if you dont
    attack or if you run out of bounds on purpose.
    (there are 3 penalties in all.)
  5. Each competitor must weigh in on an official
    scale before competition. Each bracket is made
    based on age and kilograms.
  6. Olympic hopefuls are blood tested monthly for
    banned substances like steroids or other
    enhancement drugs.

Safety gear
  • In Judo you need
  • A mat to get thrown on so you dont get hurt.
  • A mouth piece to protect your teeth.
  • A cup to protect your groin area.
  • No metal on rubber bands, bracelets, earrings,
    glasses, and necklaces.
  • No rips or tears on your gi.
  • A clean gi to prevent staph and impetigo.
  • You need short fingernails for your safety and
    your opponents safety.

No Jewelry!
Skill related components
  • In Judo all of the skill related components are
    utilized during a single match. The three main
    skills in Judo are agility, balance, and power.
    Agility in judo requires me to move quick with
    sharp angles and able to defend and attack my
    opponent quickly. Balance helps me not to fall
    while I attack or defend. If I fall on my back
    then it is a good chance that I lost the match by
    Ippon. The third skill related component for judo
    is to have power. Power strength and speed
    combined. Without power I will not be able to
    attack fast and fully throw my opponent.

My Pics
Junior Olympic Gold medal
My main BJJ sensei (left) UFC champion Rodrigo
Nogueria (right) and my siblings.
Me throwing my opponent for IPPON!
Judo Olympian, Sensei Takata
USA Olympic silver medalist Sensei Kevin Asano
Judo is played by all sorts of people, age and
  • I love lacrosse and I play it 2 days a week. When
    I play it I usually have 15 people that want to
    play with me including my cousins.
  • When we are done playing and whoever wins or
    loses it doesn't matter but we all still shake
    hands for defeat or win.
  • Mostly I win but I still lose once in a while.
  • The reason I like the sport is because you have
    to have the skill to play it or you are never
    going to win or at least make a shot in the net.

  • You would need to know how to shoot a ball in a
    net and pass it to team members without your
    enemies trying to steal the ball. In this game
    you have to have ten players.

  • I am going to now list 5 rules of lacrosse and
    they will be personal and technical rules.
  • 1. Slashing When a person's crosse hit's the
    other person besides the crosse or glove.
  • 2. Tripping When a player tries to make his
    opponent trip with the crosse, hands, arms, feet,
    or legs.
  • 3. Holding When a player intercepts his
    opponents path with his/her crosse.
  • 4. Offsides When there isn't 4 people on the
    defensive side and 3 people on the offensive
  • 5. Pushing When a player shoves or pushes the
    other player from behind.

  • The lacrosse protective gear is ankle guard,
    elbow support, mouth guards, wrist support,
    chest protecters, googles, rib pads, cups- adult,
    headbands, supporters- adult, cups- youth, knee
    protectors and supporters- youth.

  • One skill related component is to handle the ball
    so you don't drop it.
  • You have to handle the ball with the crosse but
    not with your hands.

Rock Climbing
  • By Alexander Harmon

Personal Experience
  • I have been rock climbing several times before
    with my brother or dad. Ive gotten pretty well
    coordinated and speedy and would make a good
    opponent. I love rock climbing because it give
    you that rush to be careful and it feels great
    when you get to the top or to your goal.

Rock Climbing Info
  • The main goal of rock climbing is to reach a
    certain point on a cliff, mountain, or rock
    climbing wall.
  • There are usually no contest but there could be a
    race or to see who could reach the highest.
  • If you have a fear of heights, this might not be
    your sport.
  • ALWAYS bring a friend or two to be there in case
    you get hurt. Its a fun sport, but it is very

Rock Climbing RulesThere are no technical rules
to rock climbing, so Ill put some types of game
rules for rock climbing
  • Race
  • Each player can go at the same time or separately
    for the same time limit.
  • The first player to reach the top wins.
  • No hitting, blocking, or kicking will be
  • Highest Point
  • Each player is competing to get as high as they
    can to beat their opponents.
  • The player that gets to the highest point is the
  • No hitting, blocking, or kicking will be

  • Indoor
  • Harness
  • Chalk Bag w/ Chalk
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Helmet
  • Latches
  • Appropriate Cables
  • Outdoor
  • All items used in Indoor Climbing
  • Catching Locks
  • Rope w/ Rope Bag
  • Various sizes of Nylon Cords

Skills Required
  • Excellent Upper and Lower Body Strength
  • Quick Reaction Time
  • Good Judging Skills
  • Great Coordination

  • By Brian Press

Soccer and Me
  • I think soccer is the best sport ever.
  • I play for a travel team and my school team.
  • I am the captain of my travel team.
  • I play defense for both of the teams.
  • I have played soccer since I was a baby and
    joined my first team when I was 4 years old.
    Ever since then I have loved soccer.

Soccer Info
  • The point of soccer is to out score the other
  • To do this your team needs to score goals and not
    let the other team score goals.
  • There are 11 players on the field for each team.
  • Soccer has four basic positions that are broken
    into more positions . They are goalkeeper,
    defense, midfield and strikers or forwards.

Soccer Safety Gear
  • Cleats that fit good.
  • Shin guards.
  • Non metal cleats.

Soccer Rules
  • A yellow card is a caution. Two yellow cards
    equal a red card. A red card ejects you from
    that game and the next game. Yellow/red cards
    are given for fouls.
  • Each team may only have 11 players on the field.
    If a player gets ejected because of a red card he
    cannot be replaced,
  • Only the goalkeeper may use his hands in the goal

Soccer Rules
  • To score a goal the ball must be 100 over the
    goal line.
  • You must wear shin guards to play.

Skills for Soccer
  • To play soccer you will want to have good
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Reaction time

Synchronized Swimming
  • By Michelle Grunder

Bragging rights
I actually do not have any bragging rights
considering I dont play this sport. I do though,
love to swim.
I love this sport because it is interesting. It
is artwork! I avidly look at articles, videos,
and pictures of this sport online.
What is Synchronized swimming?
Synchronized swimming is a sport that allows a
player to express artwork through physical
activity. It requires be able to swim and work
with others really well. It is one of the most
popular amateur sporting events.
Five rules of the sport (for team event)
  1. Eight swimmers on a team
  2. 250 is the time limit
  3. One alternate swimmer
  4. Perform a specific routine in order
  5. Technical routine

Safety gear
Safety gear for this sport includes swim suit and
a nose plug.
Skill Related Components
Skills you will need for this sport include being
able to swim, flexibility, strength and
endurance. Without these skills you may get hurt
or may hurt someone else. It takes lots of
training for this sport.
Marwan Abaza
Table Tennis
  • Table Tennis takes a lot of hand eye
  • Only a select amount of people can excel at the
  • I think that I could be the best player in the
    sport of table tennis.

Table Tennis Rules
  • In table tennis there can be either two players
    against each other or four against each other.
  • The points go by very fast so you have to have
  • When you serve the ball must hit your side first
    then bounce on your opponents side.
  • You can use the two point ball once every game.
  • Every game is played up to 11.
  • You must serve when the other player is ready.
  • If the serve touches the net and goes in it is a
    let and the point will not be counted.

To play Table Tennis effectively you must have
hand-eye coordination and good reflexes.
By Briana Tagdharie
My Achievements in Volleyball and Why I like it.
  • When I used to play at my school my team won a
    lot of the games, but now I just play for fun
    with my friends. Volleyball is a really fun and
    exciting sport because you dont need a lot of
    people or equipment, and the rules are fairly

What is Volleyball?
  • Volleyball is a team sport with two teams of
    four to six players divided by a net. The main
    objective of the game is to score points by
    grounding the ball on the other teams court.

  • Like I said before the rules are reasonably
    simple, these are the main ones
  • - Server must serve from behind the
    restraining line, and they can either do an
    overhand or an underhand serve.
  • - The ball can only be hit 3 times on your
  • - The same person can not hit it twice in a
  • - Once you get 25 points you switch courts
  • - Team who wins the best out of 3 matches
    wins the game
  • - Captains come from each team. With the ref,
    they flip a coin. Whoever calls it gets to choose
    for either the side of the net they want or if
    they want the serve.
  • - It is legal to contact the ball with any
    part of a players body
  • - It is illegal to catch, hold, or throw the

Equipment/Safety Gear
  • All you need to play Volleyball is
  • - A volleyball
  • - A net
  • - 4- 6 players
  • - An area to play
  • - knee pads, elbow pads,
  • - Comfortable clothes Shoes

Skill Related Components that are used in
  • In Volleyball there are 6 skill related
    components of fitness that are used.
  • - Power
  • - Speed
  • - Balance
  • - Agility
  • - Coordination
  • - Reaction Time

The End Favorite Sports M/J Physical Education
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