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Business Etiquette 101


A code that governs the expectations of social behavior. Why Do We Need Etiquette? ... Shorts and sandals B. A mini skirt and halter top. Ripped jeans C. Tight jeans ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Business Etiquette 101

Business Etiquette 101
  • Presented by Robert Hogeda Access Group

What is Etiquette?
  • A fancy word for getting along with others
  • Politeness
  • Poise
  • Confidence
  • A code that governs the expectations of social

Why Do We Need Etiquette?
  • Theres no such thing as a vacation from good
  • To be at ease by showing more confidence and
    poise in business social situations.
  • Increases the likelihood that your calls,
    appointments and emails will be received
  • To come across as the polished professional you
    really are!

Etiquette In the Office
Make a Good First Impression
  • You meet a colleague for the first time. How do
    you introduce yourself?
  • Give them a big hug
  • Say Whats up dudecool to meet you.
  • Say Im (name), nice to meet you.
  • Offer a firm handshake and make eye-contact
  • Both C and D

Make a Good First Impression
  • Avoid slang
  • Establish eye contact
  • Avoid the hug
  • Avoid a limp handshake
  • Always introduce yourself
  • Know who should be introduced first
  • Higher-ups first
  • Females before males
  • Present a business card
  • If a higher up, only do this if they do it first

Dress for Success
Dress for Success
  • Its Casual Fridaywhat would you wear to the
  • Guys Girls
  • A business suit A. A business suit
  • Shorts and sandals B. A mini skirt and halter
  • Ripped jeans C. Tight jeans
  • Khakis and a polo D. Nice slacks and a nice

Dress for Success
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Avoid over-accessorizing
  • Steer clear of anything too gaudy, too short, or
    too tight
  • Think of Casual Friday as if it were an
    ordinary day without a necktie or business suit
    and, you still have to look professional!

Cubicle Etiquette
  • Imagine an invisible door. Dont just enter
    someones cubicle.
  • If they look deep in thought, leave them alone.
  • If they are on the phone, dont try to get their
    attention with gestures.
  • Be aware how your voice projects.
  • Speaker phones and cubes dont mix.

Cubicle Etiquette
  • Others can hear what you say, and could judge you
    by your words.
  • Keep personal phone conversations to a minimum.
  • Dont be a cubicle lurker.
  • Keep your cubicle neat and uncluttered.

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Netiquette Internet Manners
  • I need this ASAP
  • Come see me now
  • Why did you tell them this?
  • Meet me in the braek room
  • To
  • Cc
  • Cc
  • Cc

Why are these rude/annoying??
Netiquette Internet Manners
  • Be concise, clear, and conversational in style
  • Your words are a forward or blind-copy away from
  • Dont abuse the Cc button
  • Spel check, spell chek, speill chick
  • Avoid the chain mail trap
  • Dont be too informal
  • In most instances, use lowercase
  • Uppercase implies shouting

The 5 Commandments
  • E-mail only those to whom the message pertains
  • M-ake a point to respond promptly
  • A-lways check spelling and grammar
  • I-nclude your telephone number in your
  • L-earn nettiquette

What you write can be forever stored!!
Etiquette outside of the office
Travel Dos and Donts
  • Flying is the most common mode of transportation.
    While flying, remember
  • Get to the airport early
  • Dont hold up the security line
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be considerate when walking down the aisles
  • Share the armrest
  • Dont recline your seat all the way back

More Dos and Donts
  • Drink water, not alcohol
  • Mind your business
  • Dont talk to your neighbor unless they want to
  • Avoid getting up and down
  • When exiting, let those in front of you exit

Tipping While Traveling
  • You are in a hurry at the airport, so you
    check your bags at the curb. You check 2 bags.
    What should you tip the skycap?
  • 1
  • Nothing hes just doing his job
  • 2
  • Tipping?? Whats tipping?

Tipping Cheat Sheet
  • Sky Cap
  • 1 per bag
  • If several bags, should tip more. (3 bags 5)
  • Hotel Bellhop (dependent on level of hotel)
  • Holding bags - 1 per bag or more if several bags
  • Bringing something to the room - 2
  • Something extra - 5
  • Maid If there for an extended period, tip 1-2
    per day
  • Shuttle bus driver
  • 1 for the ride, or 2 if they help with your
  • Waiter
  • 15 to 20 depending on level of service
  • Taxi Driver
  • 10 to 15 of the fare
  • 50 cents is a minimum

The Social Event
Social Situations How not to be a Social Outcast
  • At the company Holiday Party, John/Sarah drinks
    a little too much eggnog. He/she starts dancing
    provocatively, flirting with everyone (including
    the boss spouse), then trips and falls down in
    front of everyone there. What are the
  • Big promotion the next day.
  • Respect of all his colleagues.
  • Being talked and whispered about.
  • Word gets around the office/building/industry.
  • Both C and D

Social Situations How not to be a Social Outcast
  • View the event as an opportunity to network.
  • Prepare some small talk in advance.
  • Mingle and circulate. Dont be a clique!
  • Dress appropriately
  • Go easy on the food and drink.
  • Seek out the host to show appreciation for the
  • Dont overstay your welcome.
  • Remember, people are taking notes. Dont give
    them a performance they will remember forever.

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Eating in Public
  • You sit at the table and want to take a drink
    of water. There is a glass on your left and
    right. Which one do you drink from?
  • Right
  • Left
  • Grab one from another table
  • Forget it, I will go thirsty!!

A Typical Place Setting
You Might See This Too
Eating in Public
  • You excuse yourself to use the restroom.
    Where do you place your napkin?
  • On the floor
  • Folded on the table
  • On your chair
  • Take it with you

Napkin Etiquette
  • The napkin will be placed either to the left of
    the forks, beneath the forks, or on the plate. In
    a fancy restaurant, it may be in the water glass.
  • Wait for the host or guest of honor to pick up
    his/her napkin first.
  • After the hosts or guest of honors napkin is in
    place, gently place your napkin in your lap.
  • In more upscale restaurants, the waiter places
    your napkin on your lap for you.

Napkin Etiquette Continued
  • It is not necessary to fully open a large napkin
    just fold it in half.
  • You can completely open a smaller luncheon
  • Use your napkin to dab the corners of your mouth
  • Never blow your nose or wipe off lipstick with
    your napkin.

Napkin Etiquette Continued
  • When you excuse yourself from the table, place
    you napkin neatly on your chair.
  • Dont be surprised if there is new napkin in its
    place. The waiter will sometimes replace it.
  • When you have finished your meal and you are
    leaving the table, place the napkin to the left
    of your plate.
  • Do not put it back in the napkin ring.

Eating in Public
  • You have finished eating your meal. How do
    you let the waiter know?
  • Yell at him.
  • Mash your napkin on your plate so you wont eat
  • Push your plate(s) away from you.
  • Place your utensils at 1020 (10 and 4).

  • Eat from the outside in
  • Liquids to the right, solids to the left
  • 5 letters D-R-I-N-K / R-I-G-H-T
  • 4 letters F-O-O-D / L-E-F-T
  • No elbows on the table
  • Dont talk with your mouth full
  • Use your napkin properly
  • Have good posture
  • Pace yourself Dont eat too fast or slow
  • No makeup at the table
  • Dont use your cell phone
  • Pass correctly Dont reach over people.
  • Pass salt and pepper together

Cell Phones Necessity or Burden?
(No Transcript)
Cell Phone Quiz
  • I keep my cell phone on during meetings so
    everyone can reach me.
  • I answer the phone in a restaurant.
  • I tend to talk louder on my cell phone than I do
    using a landline.
  • I instantly answer my phone when it rings no
    matter how many people are close around me.

How Did You Fare?
  • Yes to 4 statements You are reachable but others
    probably think you are rude.
  • Yes to 3 statements Now youre maybe a little
    lower on the rude scale.
  • Yes to 1 or 2 statements You are more civil than
    most cell users.
  • No to all statements You are the master of cell
    phone etiquette.

Cell Dos and Cell Donts
  • Use your inside voice or even quieter.
  • Walk away from others when talking.
  • Turn your phone off or on vibrate during events.
  • Never answer your phone during an event.
  • Be careful when driving.

Common Etiquette Mistakes
  • Making introductions in the wrong order.
  • Showing up late for an important appointment.
  • Talking on your cell at the table or during
  • Improper napkin use.
  • Drinking too much at functions.
  • Improper uses of email.
  • Walking into a persons cubicle without asking

Yeah, great stuff, but when will I use it?
  • Work
  • Conferences
  • On the phone
  • Traveling
  • Dining
  • Social events
  • In line at store
  • Online
  • Entertaining
  • Driving

Etiquette is the key to surviving all human
contact with your self-esteem, sense of humor,
and self-confidence intact!!
In Conclusion
Your manners are always under examination, and
by committees little suspected, awarding or
denying you very high prizes when you least
expect it -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Questions or Stories?
Thank you very much for your participation. Now
go out and wow em with your manners!
Sources Etiquette for Dummies by Sue Fox
Business Etiquette by Ann Marie Sabath