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Lean Health Application for Small Rural Facilities


Lean Health Application for Small Rural Facilities – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Lean Health Application for Small Rural Facilities

Lean Health Application for Small Rural
Based on the
Experience of First Care Medical
ServicesFosston, Minnesota
byPatricia WanglerChief Executive Officer
Produced by Joey Johnson, Administrative
We Are Small Demographics
  • 206 Employees
  • 168 FTEs
  • 15,000,000 Annual Expenses
  • 640 Admissions
  • 600 Surgical Procedures
  • 45 Births
  • 17,000 Nursing Home Days
  • 590 Home Health/Hospice Admissions
  • 9000 Service Area Population

So Why Did We Invest?
  • Building project and new services were putting a
    lot of pressure on staff work volumes
  • Processes seemed to be getting more complex
  • We were not achieving goals for customer
  • Patients
  • Staff
  • A great opportunity presented itself that
    provided the education through Northland
    Community and Technical College
  • We made a commitment of staff time to the value
    of 50,000 which turned into higher real numbers
    due to overtime and replacement of staff

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Where Are We -
  • The first cohort of 24 management staff have
    completed 96 hours of
  • TPS (A-3s)
  • Kaizen (5-S)
  • PI (Performance Improvement Methodology)
  • Six Sigma One staff member has Greenbelt
  • The second cohort of staff training is nearly
  • We are in the second year of LEAN

What Have We Accomplished
  • 37 A-3 projects completed
  • Potential savings of
  • Both soft and hard savings are included
  • Soft saving of time and supply reduction
  • Hard savings are actual recoupment of revenue /
    loss charges / lost visits
  • Time reduced from projects 5,798 hours

Strategic Goal
First Care Medical Services leadership and staff
work together to become a premier employer
achieving staff turnover below
17. Strategy Simplify work processes through
LEAN to achieve 10 more staff time with
patients as measured by
time saved
total hours
How Will Staff Be Rewarded For Commitment
  • Work processes will flow smoother
  • Process points bridging two departments will
    unite staff rather than divide.

1. Performance Bonus
Award Winning Projects
Processing of Bills Business Office 13,081.00
hard savings.
Processing of BillsBusiness Office
Situation Current processes were not changed
with the implementation of new electronic billing
systems. We continued to do manual process steps
that were required under previous system.
Processing of Bills (continued)
  • What we did
  • Mapped out the current flow of work.
  • Mapped flow as it should go with the new
  • Identified several routine, manual processes
    that added no value.
  • Eliminated
  • 1. Bills being printed and filed by patient name
    for every date of service. 2. Bills being pulled
    from patient files each time a payment is made on
    that bill. (This happened each month until the
    bill was paid in full. 3. Bills being pulled
    from patient files each time an insurance company
    is called.

Processing of Bills (continued)
Initiated 1. Communications on patient accounts
being completed on the information system, which
enables individuals to search account information
from their desk.
Processing of Bills (continued)
  • What we achieved
  • 13,081.00 of hard savings in time.
  • Enabled reallocating saved time to the upfront
    collections process being implemented

Elimination of Manual Duplication in Radiology
19,000.00 combination of soft and hard savings.
Elimination of Manual Duplication in Radiology
  • History
  • Development and Implementation of Digital
    Radiology, PACS and Teleradiology Network.
  • Became filmless with exception of Mammography
    Voice Recognition Software enabled interpretation
    to be joined to the image and stored in PACS.

Elimination of Manual Duplication in Radiology
Situation Manual processes of printing
interpretations and placing in a film jacket
continued as in the past.
Elimination of Manual Duplication in Radiology
  • What we did
  • Completed Value Stream Mapping
  • Value of manual steps timed, cost and questioned
  • Process revised to use digital report as the
    only archive Takes trust in automation!!!

Elimination of Manual Duplication in Radiology
  • What we achieved
  • 19,000.00 soft saving of time.
  • 700.00 hard savings of jackets and paper.
  • Value of space saved Not quantified.

Pharmacy Inventory Management
  • 17,300 Reduced in Soft Costs of Time and
  • Reduced Inventory on Hand by 16,000.
  • Total Impact of Over 33,000.

Pharmacy Inventory Management (continued)
History1. Pharmacy Inventory creep
evident.(Benchmark for facilities our size
50,000)2. All Pharmacy processes manual and
time consuming.
Pharmacy Inventory Management (continued)
  • What we did
  • Mapped out current flow of work.
  • Value of manual steps timed, cost and
  • Process re-mapped with expiration date coding
    done at time of entering drug into inventory.

Pharmacy Inventory Management (continued)
What we achieved
  • Reduced the number of steps in the process from
    seven to two and reduced time spent by 145
    minutes per month. Value of time saved is 1,400
    per year.
  • Implemented system of flagging outdates on entry
    to inventory at a cost of 100.00 for stickers.
    Stickers are coded by month allowing visual
    inspection for outdates versus reading every
    container for expiration.
  • Net savings of 1,300.

Pharmacy Inventory Management (continued)
What we achieved
  • Reduced outdates from 19,000 annually to 3,000
    in one year for immediate soft cost savings of
  • Implemented tracking system to develop database
    of drugs that expired.
  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics committee reviewed
    list of drugs and removed from inventory.
  • Reduced inventory on hand from 72,000 to
    56,000. For a total hard cash savings of 16,000.

Pharmacy Inventory Management (continued)
Sustain Improvements In Inventory Management
  • Installed Pharmacy software package to further
    automate and improve inventory management. The
    value of the software package is too new to be
    measured, however, continued improvement are
  • Goal Having the right drugs on hand in the
    right amounts to ensure quality care of patients
    while continuing to eliminate and/or reduce
    supply of drugs that outdate. Continue to work
    toward 50,000 inventory benchmark.

Misrouted Phone Calls
  • Current Situation
  • Phone calls enter through the switchboard/recepti
    on area.
  • Departments reporting receiving calls for other
  • Hospital patient services decided to track the
    calls and the amount of interference into their
    patient care delivery.
  • Study showed a projected 207 hours spent on
    misrouted phone calls annually.
  • Switchboard receiving so many calls that they
    were answering and transferring hurriedly.

Misrouted Phone Calls (continued)
  • What we did
  • Worked with switchboard staff on phone answering
  • In process of installing more DID lines with the
    expectations that staff will share their number
    with persons who call them.

Misrouted Phone Calls (continued)
  • What we accomplished
  • Reduce up to 207 hours worth of nursing
    interruption annually.
  • Soft value is over 5000.00.
  • Reduce number of calls going through switchboard
    by DID lines.
  • Soft costs of DID lines not known as been
    measured at this time.

First Care and Lean Are we best buds yet?
  • Were just starting.
  • Staff are seeing the potential.
  • Peers nominated two of the project champions for
    Excellence Awards in Innovation.
  • Discussion at Department, leadership and All
    Staff Meetings is increasingly Performance
    Improvement focused.

Where Are We Going With Lean?
  • Were going to harness the processes and use
    them to help make work life easier.
  • Were in it for the long haul.
  • Staff are beginning to get excited.
  • Excited staff are great!!!
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