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2007 Management ScoreCard


Employing methods such as green building concepts, mass transit, recycling, ... Posts Notices of Business Opportunities on the eVA Web Site. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 2007 Management ScoreCard

2007 Management ScoreCard

ScoreCard Overview
  • Six Performance Categories
  • Multiple Category Components
  • Three Levels of Expectation
  • Meets Expectations
  • Progress Toward Expectation..
  • Below Expectation..
  • New Category..

  • The New Management Scorecard Include Emphasis On
  • Improving workforce diversity and EEO compliance
  • Training that leads to better skills for staff
    and formal succession planning
  • Increasing SWAM participation in agency
  • Increasing agency collaboration and adoption of
    enterprise IT solutions
  • Ensuring technology compliance with statute,
    policies and standards regarding data security,
    web development and IT accessibility for people
    with disabilities
  • Improving our transparency in communicating
    performance to the public
  • Systematic, collaborative performance reviews
    that lead to actions to correct sub-standard
  • Employing methods such as green building
    concepts, mass transit, recycling, energy
    reduction and telework to protect and conserve
    environmental historic resources.

ScoreCard Summary
Human Resource Management
Ownership Neila Gunter
HR1 Employee Attraction Retention
  • Attracts and Retains Qualified Workforce Using
    Existing Management Flexibilities, Pay Practices
  • To Meet Expectations Active Vacancies Are
    Filled On An Average Of 50 Days After Posting
    We Regularly Monitor, Analyze And Report
    Turnover, Conduct Exit Interviews Use
    Recruiting And Retention Tools.

HR2 Fairness Diversity
  • Applies Management Policies Practices Fairly
  • Monitors And Analyzes Data And Analytics Of The
    HuRMan System.
  • To Meet Expectations
  • Workforce Is Diverse, Policies Consistently
    Applied And EEO Issues Are Rare.
  • 90 Grievance Success For Management.
  • Monitor and Use HuRMan.

HR3 Employee Performance Management
  • Differentiates by Levels of Performance.
  • Excellence is Rewarded Mediocre Performance
    Carries Consequences.
  • To Meet Expectations
  • All Performance Evaluations are On-Time
  • Extraordinary Contributors are Recognized.

HR4 Training Development
  • Invest In Training Of The Workforce, Develops
    Employees To Meet Current And Future Needs Of The
  • Proactively Manages Succession Planning Through
    Agency Training Development Activities.
  • To Meet Expectations
  • All Employees Are Trained Have the Skills
    Required to do the Job.
  • Succession Plan in Place that is Monitored and
    Updated Regularly

HR 5 Health and Safety
  • Promotes a Healthy Workforce.
  • Provides a Safe Work Environment.
  • To Meet Expectations
  • Hazards Have Been Identified and Corrected
  • Loss Data is Analyzed Regularly.
  • Safety Training is Provided Regularly.
  • Safety Program is Up-to-Date.
  • 75 or More Participation in Healthy Virginians.

Government Procurement
Ownership Joy Lazarus
GP1 eVA Use
  • Procures Using Advance Technology
  • All Applicable Purchases Through eVA Portal.
  • Posts Notices of Business Opportunities on the
    eVA Web Site.
  • Makes Purchase from Vendors Suppliers
    Registered in eVA.
  • Meets Expectations by
  • 95 Procurement Through eVA.
  • 95 of Purchases from Registered Vendors/

GP2 VaPP in Procurement Contract Usage
  • Purchases are Made from VaPP Contracts When no
    Satisfactory SWAM Vendor/Supplier Exists.
  • Meets Expectations by
  • Using VaPP Contracts for at least 75 of Eligible
    VaPP Purchase Dollars.
  • Adjusted for Impact of SWAM Purchases.

Item of Discussion with the Governors Office.
GP 3 SWAM Vendor Participation
  • Exemplified Commitment to SWAM Vendors by
  • Achieve Purchasing Goals in SWAM Plan.
  • Implementing non-Goal Elements of SWAM Plan.
  • Compliance with Executive Order No. 33 (2006)
  • Submission of Annual SWAM Plan, Monthly Weekly
  • Meets Expectations by
  • Demonstrating Significant Progress Toward SWAM
    Business Participation.Within 5 of SWAM Goals.

Financial Management
Ownership Joy Yeh
FM 1 Budget Plan
  • Has Financial Plan to Monitor Expenditures with
  • Ensures Expenditures Comply with Appropriation
    Act and Governors Instructions.
  • Meets Expectations by
  • Have a Financial Plan for the Fiscal Year
  • Has a Formal Mechanism to Monitor Expenditures
    Versus Budget on a Monthly or Quarterly Basis.
  • Fully Meets Requirements Established in the
    Appropriation Act and Issued by the Governor.

FM 2 Internal Controls
  • Comply with All Laws and Regulations.
  • Ensure Internal Controls Safeguard Against Loss
    or Inefficiencies.
  • Record Financial Transactions in CARS.
  • Meets Expectations by Having No Control
    Deficiencies, Significant Deficiencies or
    Material Internal Control Weaknesses Reported in
    Most Recent APA Audit Report.

FM 3 APA Audits
  • Ensures the Material Weakness, Audit Points, and
    Management Letter Comments are Addressed and Not
  • Meets Expectations By
  • No Recurring Findings
  • Timely Corrective Action Plans
  • Exclusive of Recurring Findings in the Corrective
    Action Plan that Take More Than One Year to

FM 4 Prompt Pay
  • Ensures Compliance with the Prompt Pay Act.
  • Meets Expectations By 95 or Higher Compliance
    During Each Quarter.

FM 5 Disbursement Policies
  • Adheres to Policies Governing the Legal and
    Proper Disbursement of State Funds, Including
    Travel Policies.
  • Meets Expectations By
  • No APA management Letter Comments Regarding
    Compliance with Disbursement of State Funds.
  • Good or Exceptional Rating in Comptrollers
    Disbursement Review.

IT/Enterprise Architecture
Ownership Sanford Hostetter
T1 IT Planning
  • IT Strategic Plan Tied to the Business Issues of
    the Agency.
  • Plan Addresses Compliance With Laws, Policies And
    Standards For Data Security Accessibility
    Issues For The Disabled.
  • To Meet Expectations Plan Must Be In Place And
    Aligned As Indicated.

T2 Enterprise Collaboration
  • Promote Intra And Inter-agency Collaboration,
    Invest In Operational, Tactical And Strategic
    Enterprise Activities And Adopt Relevant
  • To Meet Expectations Lead Develop
    Collaboration, Routinely Invest In Enterprise
    Activities, Incorporate New Learning In The
    Planning Cycle, Adopt Relevant Solutions Track
    Their Impact On Agency Operations

Performance Management
Ownership Charline Davidson
PM 1 Strategic Planning
  • Priorities In Strategic Plan Align with the
  • Maintains Meaningful Indicators to Assess
  • Communicates Strategic Plan to Managers Staff.
  • Posts Strategic Plan on Agency Website.
  • Meets Expectations By
  • Reflecting Administration Priorities, Documenting
    Quantifiable Objectives Posting All On The
    Website And Communicated To Managers And Staff At
    Least Two Ways Within 30 Days Of Completion.
  • Performance Measures are Accurate, Appropriate

PM 2 Communicate Agency Management Performance
  • Publicly Communicate Performance to Employees and
  • Communicate Accurate and Timely Management
    Reports to the DPB, State Oversight Entities, the
    Secretary and the Governor.
  • Meets Expectations By
  • Complete and Timely Communications.
  • Communications Cover All Management Categories
    and Meet Established Due Dates.
  • Management Reports are Consistently Timely and

PM 3 Acts to Correct Enhance Agency
  • Documents Business Conditions, Analyses
    Performed, Dependencies on External Entities,
    Decisions made, Actions Taken and Specific
  • Meets Expectations By
  • Being a Competent Manager, Create a Holistic View
    of Performance and Consistently Collaborate to
    Solve Performance Problems.
  • Regularly Reviews Planning Objectives and
    Performance Measures.
  • Reports Accurately and Timely.

PM 4 Continuity of Operations
  • Maintain and Exercise Continuity of Operations
    Plans (COOP).
  • Annually Certify to the Governor that This is the
  • Meet Expectations By
  • Having a Formal COOP Planning Process with a
    Documented Annual Updating Cycle.
  • Tested and Certified COOP Plans In Place for
    Identified Contingencies.
  • An Annual COOP Training and Exercise Program.

Resource Stewardship
Ownership Joe Cronin
ES 1 Resource Stewardship
  • Lead By Example in Demonstrating Stewardship of
    Environmental and Historic Resources.
  • Meet Expectations by
  • Participating in DEQs Environmental Enterprise
    (E2) Program or,
  • Practice Waste Reduction, Recycling, Energy
    Water Conservation, Uses Green Building
  • Support the Use of Mass Transit, Carpooling and
    Telecommuting Where Possible.
  • Consistently Meet Environmental Compliance.
  • Insure Natural and Historic Issues are Fully
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