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Integrated Knowledge System on Climate Change Adaptation Conceptual


Climate justice is an integral human development challenge, given that it is the ... adaptation strategies at the localised level facilitated and strengthened by ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Integrated Knowledge System on Climate Change Adaptation Conceptual

Integrated Knowledge System on Climate Change
AdaptationConceptual Technological Framework
  • OneWorld South Asia
  • December 2008

Rational Context
  • Climate justice is an integral human development
    challenge, given that it is the poor and the
    marginalised who are the most affected
  • Climate change is real and there is an urgent
    need for adapting to current and projected
    consequences of climate change
  • This urgency is magnified in the context of
    vulnerable communities, who have lesser abilities
    to cope with the consequence of climate change
  • New technologies and a collective pool of ICT
    facilitated knowledge can support adaptation and
    mitigation efforts that address both development
    and climate change challenges
  • Integrated Knowledge System on Climate Change
    Adaptation (IKS-CCA) seeks to address this by
    enabling knowledge support services
  • To collate and/or refer to the wealth of
    community level knowledge resources in terms of
    climate change adaptation experiences and
    potentially replicable good practices
  • In Text, Images, Audio and Video
  • Supplement these with available knowledge on
    adaptation strategies and new technologies
  • Enable their easy and open access across multiple
    delivery mechanisms web, fixed line telephony,
    mobile, SMS, radio or an innovative mix of
    these channels
  • Being developed for South Asian context, but can
    be replicated/scaled up for Global South

Goals Deliverables
  • The IKS-CCA is to serve as a knowledge resource
    base and knowledge service on climate change
    issues with special attention to the adaptive
    needs of grassroots communities.
  • IKS-CCA would
  • provide contextual knowledge on the basis of
    geography, language and local concerns for local
    and grassroots needs
  • drawn from community sources and adapted from
    existing knowledge resources
  • enable a platform for stakeholder engagement,
    knowledge-based advocacy and campaigns to further
    climate justice efforts and initiatives from the

Salient Features
  • The proposed System
  • focuses on the adaptive needs of the developing
    world, of poor and marginalised groups and
    grassroots communities
  • includes information and knowledge from a range
    of sources in a variety of formats
  • uses a combination of technological tools and
    media to facilitate collation and dissemination
  • IKS-CCA can be unpacked in terms of 3 (three)
    interlinked aspects
  • Digital content of contextual knowledge on
    climate change adaptation
  • Multi-stakeholder and multi-dimensional knowledge
    partnerships and
  • Technology solutions and services for knowledge
    acquisition and delivery

IKS-CCA Content
  • Locally usable content derived from the growing
    body of knowledge on climate change and related
  • emanating from the global initiatives on climate
    change research, collaboration and dialogue and
  • debates, discussions and advocacy on issues of
    climate change adaptation at the regional and
    national levels
  • Documentation of experiential learning in terms
    of adaptation strategies at the localised level
    facilitated and strengthened by knowledge
    partners of IKS-CCA
  • Appropriation of emerging media tools and Web 2.0
    technologies to facilitate content acquisition
    and delivery in the form of text, audio, image
    and video

IKS-CCA Knowledge Partnership
  • Knowledge partnerships with agencies and
    organisations that are leaders in their
    geographical or thematic areas
  • Community-oriented or community-based
    organisations and networks for collation of
    grassroots content and solutions
  • Linking with the growing global community and
  • to draw upon the available body of knowledge on
    climate change and on adaptation and
  • in turn share knowledge in terms of people's
    perspectives and grassroots solutions
  • Appropriation of technologies to support
    collaborative knowledge partnerships

Integrated Web2.0 Approach
Audio as Key Knowledge Exchange Medium
  • Voice is an easier mode of commutation and
    information sharing for grassroots communities
  • Access deficit of mobile phone and community
    radio are much less than that of computers with

Experts/ Knowledge Contributer
IKS-CCA Taxonomy
  • Core of the IKS-CCA deployment
  • Carries a humane rather than an environment
    oriented vocabulary

Mobile Integration to Web
Content Acquisition/ delivery through SMS / MMS
Knowledge Contributor
Capability Attribution Issues
  • Capacity of grassroots communities to leverage
    the New Media and Web 2.0 tools innovatively
  • Space for Civil Society action?
  • Capacity to create/aggregate/share locally
    relevant digital content in local language
  • Ensuring community owned decision on locally
    relevant knowledge
  • Who decides how?
  • Is there adequate capacity within community to
    make judicious decisions?
  • Capacity to appropriate traditional and emerging
    technologies with the Web
  • Not enough capacity within the next billion
  • How to develop that capacity longitudinal vs
    one-off approach

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