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social software for your business eric imbs


Business Social Software is about harvesting & harnessing the collective ... but their use is somewhat disjointed with respect to building and binding useful ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: social software for your business eric imbs

social software for your businesseric imbs
business social software
social software for your business
  • Your employees customers are exposed to
    valuable insights every minute of the day.
    Insights that
  • matter to your business.
  • Business Social Software is about harvesting
    harnessing the collective
  • intelligence of those insights to deliver a
    better understanding of the market, reduced
    resolution times for
  • issues, accelerated product to market and
    feedback times then making those insights
    instantly available to
  • all who need it (rather than waiting for
    marketing dept to gather, package and deliver it
    to the business).
  • Until now, the mechanisms for acquiring and
    sharing those insights have been limited, but
    through effective
  • application of Web2.0 technologies Business
    Social Software creates new and exciting

executive summary
executive summary
social software for your business
  • Collaboration is quickly becoming a strategic
    imperative for all businesses. By deploying
    social tools within
  • and externally, you create this new layer of
    capability to more effectively and efficiently
    handle exceptions
  • to business processes, which is where people
    spend the most time.
  • Additionally, these are the types of tools more
    and more people are demanding as the net
    generation moves
  • into its second sweep of our workforce and
    customer space.
  • Social software offers a simple path with
    lightweight tools that allow valuable formal and
  • conversations, views, sentiments and expertise to
    be captured, channelled and immediately put to
    use in
  • the business.
  • Business Social Software is THE key to delivering
    the collaboration imperative .

what are the current social software trends?
social software for your business
current social software trends
The most current trends in Business Social
Software are the use of blogs, wikis, tags and
conversational tools. Most businesses we speak
to, have heard of or are beginning to use these
tools in varying capacities, but their use is
somewhat disjointed with respect to building and
binding useful communities leverage collective
intelligence internally, and particularly in the
public domain. This often has businesses asking
themselves, if these tools are so valuable, why
isnt our business tapping into it how do we
get started? Change within large organisations
can be like steering a big ship, especially when
that change will move from formal, restricted
networks and constructs, into informal networks
and unlimited, open collaborative environments,
which is the new social software trend. There is
some hesitation by business to move into the
Business Social Web space.
social software for your business
why the hesitation?
For decision makers and influencers who have
limited exposure to social software in the public
space, the shift appears to be fraught with
danger employees loitering in blogs and wikis,
compliance issues, customers influencing other
customers, new support costs, intangible value
propositions etc. These issues are forming the
basis of many business conversations around the
value of social software, which is the perfect
segue into our next topic Identifying the value
of Business Social Software. This is where it
starts to get interesting.
its no passing fad...
social software for your business
value part 1 (internal)
  • There is a lot of activity in an organisation
    that happens informally an event in the
  • competitor changes pricing and you need to
    respond or theres a new project to deliver.
    There is no rule
  • book on how to manage these non-routine,
    non-transactional activities, but you still need
    to bring a lot of
  • people together to work on them, resolve them,
    respond, adjust and move the situation to the
    next level.
  • At the moment, businesses deal with informal
    activities using current informal technologies
    like email and
  • the phone. These are not adequate support tools
    to deal with these informal activities. The
    degree of
  • informal activity in an organisation, especially
    in relation to non-routine tasks is much larger
    than the kind
  • of activities that are workflow, formal, and that
    are supported by a more strict and inflexible
  • Now we begin to reveal a key value of Business
    Social Software.

value part 2...
social software for your business
value part 2 (internal)
  • The role of Business Social Software is to fill
    the gap between the inflexible tools we use to
    deal with
  • more formal tasks and defend ad-hoc, chaotic
    situations, where in many cases it is incumbent
    on a vital
  • few to deal with the activity so the resources
    they bring to bear remain hidden from everyone
  • Business Social Software helps identify and bring
    together numerous participants to review and deal
  • the situation and create a more effective
    response, which by its transparency becomes
    repeatable and can
  • be improved at a much faster rate.
  • The bottom line here is that social tools empower
    the user to reach well beyond the vital few when
  • situation arises, building on the collaborative
    environments they need, as a situation arises.
  • How does Business Social Software enable this?

value part 3...
implementing social software for your business
value part 3 (internal)
  • Collaboration is about finding the right people
    to participate in the situation. Business Social
    Software is
  • about making this process faster, more
    transparent, involving more participants while
    enabling the
  • business to further nurture those groups thereby
    continually increasing engagement and
    effectiveness of
  • these groups of interest or expertise.
  • This is because social software allows us to
    build and leverage rich, dynamic data about each
  • that becomes more detailed and relevant with each
    informal interaction they have with us through
  • comments they leave, the bookmarks they make, the
    tags they use, the ideas or solutions they
    provide on
  • their blogs, tags or wikis. So, because we have
    all these types of information associated with
    each individual,
  • we capture and build repositories of valuable
    information from all of these informal activities
    which in
  • turn can be used by others in need of information
    or expertise.

value part 4...
implementing social software for your business
value part 4 (the customer space)
  • Extending social tools into the customer space is
    a simple amplification of the internal
    application of those
  • tools, and moves you squarely into true community
  • With the right communication pieces supporting
    the social tools, ad-hoc informal yet critical
  • like competitor pricing, transactional issues,
    marketing insights and opportunities, positive
    and negative
  • feedback will reach you faster so you can respond
    quickly to capture the opportunity (or limit any
  • Some of those issues will be addressed and
    resolved within the communities you host, others
    will be
  • quickly picked up by others in the business where
    the internal benefits of social software will
  • speedier response and resolutions times.

value part 5...
implementing social software for your business
value part 5 (the customer space)
  • As your online community grows, customers will
    become less reliant on the resources you have to
  • the informal, ad-hoc situations, and seek
    guidance from other community members. This is
    not only a key
  • customer benefit it brings significant cost
    saving benefits to the business, where more time
    can be
  • dedicated to improved customer service and
    dealing with formal, more complex situations.
  • The way customers interact with your themes,
    other people, documents etc through tagging,
  • comments and bookmarking provides immediate and
    rich data that enables quick and highly targeted
  • responses and action.
  • Another less tangible, but extremely desirable
    benefit to customers is the value of being able
    to have ones
  • voice heard and sentiment insights shared and
    promoted with the community and with the business
  • influencers and decision makers.

justifying your investment...
implementing social software for your business
building a case part 1
  • Investments in social software are increasing as
    does the need to justify those investments with
  • business cases. While it is important to
    understand the general benefits of more effective
    collaboration, the
  • business case needs to be grounded with something
    more specific to ensure buy-in from those signing
  • cheques.
  • We have to identify business processes that are
    broken or that can be improved or enhanced
  • more effective collaboration, and then tie the
    business case to each specific business process
  • Whats a good example?

justifying your investment...
social software for your business
building a case part 2
  • In the example of collaboration and issue
    resolution in the customer space, how long does
    it take today for
  • specific issues to be captured, reviewed and
    processed by your people and what types of issues
    could be
  • managed within the community site without the
    need for direct involvement by your people?
  • These are the metrics you need to understand and
    then tie back to the benefits of a shared
    environment in
  • which best practices are captured and shared and
    there is self-help peer support in the groups
  • community platform has brought together.
  • Whats the best approach for novices?

social software for your business
making the move part 1
  • We know that while Business Social Software as
    described is relatively new in the Australian
  • landscape, we also know that it has become a
    business imperative that will only grow in
  • There are many tools out there to ignite the
    power of social software, but where does one
    start, particularly
  • if it represents a new direction for the
    business? Well the great thing about social
    software is that it allows
  • you to toe-dip firstly in those areas that you
    instinctively know will deliver benefits.
  • We, of course need to consult with each client to
    understand specific areas of focus or need at any
    point in
  • time, but there are some general guidelines to
    follow to enable a rapid rate of business and
  • uptake and to increase the business appetite for
    social tools as opportunities and benefits begin
    to reveal
  • themselves.
  • Basic requirements to get you started?

making the move part 2...
social software for your business
making the move part 2
  • An internal set of tools to capture Voice Of the
    Business (VOB)
  • innovation platform using tags, blogs and
    conversational software
  • workflow tool to manage the output and provide
  • admin tools to allow the business to
    add/customise themes as required to provide focus
    and drive interest
  • rating tools to allow employees to give feedback
    about specific matters
  • An external set of more basic tools to capture
    Voice Of the Customer(VOC)
  • ability to rate aspects of the business or themed
  • ability to complain, compliment or provide
    general feedback
  • workflow tools to manage the output and provide
    reporting on community activities

making the move part 3...
social software for your business
making the move part 3
  • This early, phased deployment will provide you
    very realistic insights as to the business
    benefits. You can
  • then use these numbers about the impact on the
    business metrics that got you here, to justify
    the next
  • round of investment for a broader and more
    sophisticated deployment. This approach requires
  • resourcing and moderation. The customer approach
    is somewhat scaled back initially, so that
  • customers can begin to embrace the new channel at
    a gentle pace (through simple rating and feedback
  • no comments are published publicly until the
    business understands how best to manage the
    community and response mechanisms when it is
    ready to capture the richer data that comes from
    the tools that will enable the community to talk
    to each other and the business
  • the business can determine customer appetite to
    justify how and when the next steps are taken

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social software for your business
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