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Career in Civil Engineering


Career in Civil Engineering ... Geo-informatics/Surveying Environmental Engineering Earthquake Engineering Geology/Geoscience Engineering Project ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Career in Civil Engineering

Career in Civil Engineering
  • Informal presentation
  • By
  • Pravin Kolhe
  • Friday, July 17, 2020

What is Civil Engineering?
  • Civil Engineering is broad field of engineering,
    which deals with the planning, construction and
    maintenance of structures or public works as they
    are related earth, water or in space.

Why to become a Civil Engineer?
  • For money?
  • For comfort?
  • For satisfaction
  • To achieve something in life

  • Strong common sense
  • Positive attitude
  • Vision
  • Honesty and dedication
  • Ethics Chalata hain nahi chalega!
  • Management skills and teamwork
  • Courage to face challenges.
  • Good health Physical capabilities
  • Extraordinary Brilliant NOT necessary!

Specializations in CE
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Water Resource/Hydraulics/Irrigation Engineering
  • Remote Sensing/Geo-informatics/Surveying
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Geology/Geoscience Engineering
  • Project Management/Construction Management
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • And so on!

Formula for success
  • Success
  • (Intelligence)
  • (Hard work)
  • (Attitude)
  • (1 Smartness)

How to top with minimum study ?
How to top with optimum study ?
  • Ur major activities-
  • Take smart decisions and make sacrifices. It
    will pay U back.
  • Remember No Free Lunch Theorem.
  • Stair method
  • Always set a small goal
  • Get it done
  • This will give U lot of confidence.
  • Then set next higher goal
  • Never jump directly!
  • Remember Low Aim Is Crime

  • People spend their days in study, but achieve
    very little success, Bcoz they are not planning.
  • U must consider Ur abilities and limitations
    while planning.
  • Revision must be a part of planning.
  • Long term Prepare plan for the whole semester
    for complete syllabus.
  • Short term Plan for a week and for each topic.
  • Remember
  • People generally overestimate themselves.
    Initially you may fail, but after some time,
    planning will become Ur habit.
  • It is better to be a fool for some time,
    instead of remaining fool foreverso try to be in
    touch with Ur teachers to get Ur doubts cleared.

Organization of syllabus-
  • Concentrate on 1st quadrant ( 50 time)
  • 2nd quadrant (20 time)
  • 3rd quadrant (20 time)
  • Dont waste Ur time on 4th quadrant. (10 time)

When and What to study?
  • When U feel fresh energetic (morning) Start
    with theory and new topics
  • When Ur tired, (evening) Problems and revision.
  • Remember!
  • It is not necessary and possible also to command
    whole syllabus. Keep watch on previous years
    question papers, and choose the topics of Ur
  • Have a look on syllabus at the start of semester.
  • What is purpose of PL
  • Fresh study
  • Revision
  • Remember!
  • No. of hours of self study 2 Class hours.
  • Dont have a mentality that firstly I will
    complete theory and then problems. Both should be
    done simultaneously.

  • Use Ur own notes.
  • Make a habit to take notes in class.
  • 1st Revision notes 10 pages/chapter
  • 2nd revision notes 3 pages/chapter
  • 3rd revision notes ½ page/chapter
  • Zip and unzip procedure.
  • Keep Ur notes and books with Uforever.
  • Before going to exam, close all the books and
    have a look on final notes

Reference Books-
  • Selection of books should be done with proper
    care , since Ur success heavily depends on it.
  • Market is flooded with books. So follow only
    those books in which you are comfortable in
    understanding the fundamentals
  • Use Ur own books.
  • Never take a book without pen/pencil in other
  • Write what U understand/not understand on that
  • It will help U in next revision.
  • Dont write on Library books. Instead, first make
    a Xerox copy.
  • It is better to solve/read a book twice rather
    than two books once.
  • Clarify Ur doubts from Ur teachers/friends. Help
  • Remember, Having no concept is better than

  • Close Ur eyes and try to recollect whatever U had
  • Do this very systematically, step-by-step and
  • When you stuck, open Ur notes and look.
  • NEVER try to remember a particular numerical
  • How many revisions?
  • First Revision Immediately after class. (5 min.)
  • Second revision Just before start of the class
    (5 min)
  • Third revision After a week.
  • Last revision Before exam

  • Exam ke kuch din pehale frustration ho jata hain
    Kya kare?
  • Dont worryIts natural! Remember A piece of
    coal perform well under temperature and pressure,
    known as Diamond.
  • U should be strong to handle these tension. CE is
    very challenging branch.
  • At the bottom of success ladder, there is only
    crowd at upper part there is a competition.
  • Always remain in upper part.

During Exam
  • Before going to exam, dont talk with negative
    minded persons.
  • You must be mentally tough. Be bold confident.
    U must concentrate on Ur task irrespective of
    what is going around.
  • Start with easy question, that will give U
  • At the end of each question, write summary.
  • Dont loose Ur confidence even if U have NOT
    performed well in one exam. Remember, if paper is
    tough, it is tough for everybody.
  • If possible, use two coloured pen- Blue and
    Black. But dont waste Ur time. Make balance
    between speed and accuracy.
  • Between two exams, dont discuss exam paper of
    previous exam.

Definitions of degree-
  • BE/BTech
  • I know everything
  • ME/MTech
  • I know something
  • PhD
  • I know NOTHING.
  • PDF
  • I want to learn.
  • Attitude I know NOTHING but I want to LEARN.

Career Options for Civil Engineer
Career Options Field Jobs
Career Options Government Jobs
Career Options Research
  • Why IITs and IISc
  • Total seats in IITs and IISc
  • Admission procedure GATE ScoreWritten
  • Min GATE Score 95 percentile
  • Avg. package 5 lacks pa
  • Max. package 45 lacks pa
  • Stipend Rs 5,000 pm Facilities
  • World class environment
  • Research jobs ISRO, BARC, DRDO etc.
  • to be revised as Rs. 8,000 pm

Career Option Management
Line of sight
Ur ultimate aim
  • Broad vision
  • Be inspired from others
  • Interact with others
  • Remember Excellence is a journey not
  • When U achieve success, U will face challenge and
    again U have to achieve success.

Line of sight
Ur initial aim
Confused..? Which field I should join?
  • Just ask one question to Ur mind-
  • What U want to be after 10 years from now?
  • Consider Ur capabilities and limitations!
  • Dont underestimate or Overestimate Ur self.
  • Ur answer will be Ur career
  • Remember GOD has created very honorable place
    for everybody. Your job is just to search it.
    Unfortunately most people dont approach in right

How to overcome failure
  • 'A life spent making mistakes is not only more
    honorable but more useful than a life spent in
    doing nothing
  • -George Bernard Shaw
  • We learn wisdom from failure much more than from
    success. We often discover what will do, by
    finding out what will not do and probably he who
    never made a mistake never made a discovery.
  • Remember Failure is first step of success.

My story
  • It is possible only because of positive attitude
    and self confidence.
  • Excellence is a journey not destination.
  • There are thousands way to achieve Ur goal but U
    have to choose optimum way.
  • Remember Everything is possible in life. U
    should have courage to do things.
  • Believe Urself and one day U will be at TOP.

Year (Re)mark
FE (1999-2000) Ex!
FE (2000-2001) All Clear
SE (2001-2002) Class Topper
TE (2002-2003) College Topper
BE (2003-2004) University Topper
GATE (2005) Top 5 in India
MTech _at_ IITK (2005-2007) Second Topper
MPSC Engineering Services (2005-2007) Topper in Maharashtra GEN
A motivating video for Civil Engineers
  • Do U want to see potential of CE?
  • Millau Viaduct World tallest bridge

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