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Civil Engineering Scholarships in China


Bachelor-Civil Engineering in Zhuzhou Program ID : B4JP33191 Teaching Language : English City : Zhuzhou Intake : Autumn 2018 Degree : Bachelor Duration : 4 Year Scholarship Duration: 4 Year Original tuition fee: 12000RMB/Year Accommodation fee: 3000RMB/Year (Double room) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Civil Engineering Scholarships in China

Civil Engineering Scholarships in China
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Bachelor-Civil Engineering in Zhuzhou
Details Program ID B4JP33191 Teaching Language
English City Zhuzhou Intake Autumn
2018 Degree Bachelor Duration 4
Year Scholarship Duration 4 Year Original
tuition fee 12000RMB/Year Accommodation fee
3000RMB/Year (Double room) Scholarship
Policy (After scholarship you need to
pay) Tuition fee 7000RMB/Year Accommodation fee
3000RMB/Year (Double room) Important
Notice Maximum age limit 30 Nationality
restriction Afghanistan, Palestinian National
authority, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Iran School
deposit fee 300rmb is needed to pay to school
when digital admission come out and it will be
used as part of your school fees when
Tuition Fee 7000RMB/Year Accommodation Fee 3000RMB/Year (Double room)
Registration Fee 300 Medical Test Fee 500
Visa Fee 800 Books Fee Unknown
Insurance Fee 800 Others 1000(accomodation deposit)
Procedure with scholarship to china
  • Register your account at
  • Search, choose and "Apply"
  • Complete application information and submit
    application documents
  • Pay for the application fee
  • University assessment (If you succeed, the
    digital admission notice will come out around
    5-10 working days. If you failed, we will help
    you apply another university instead)
  • Pay for the school deposit fee to school account
  • Pay for the project fee and it is charged when
    JW202 come out
  • Get your original admission notice and jw202 and
    delivery fee is on ScholarshipChina
  • Apply for a visa in the Chinese embassy
  • Book flight ticket and study in China

Welcome to study civil engineering in china
Application Documents
  • Documents Required for LanguageBachelor
  • University application form
  • Photocopy of valid passport
  • Passport-sized photo
  • Highest degree certificate transcripts
  • Physical examination form
  • Non-crinimal record (police clearance)

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Engineering in Zhuzhou https//www.scholarshipchi
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Civil Engineering Scholarships in China
Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is a professional engineering
discipline that deals with the design,
construction, and maintenance of the physical and
naturally built environment, including works such
as roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports,
sewerage systems, pipelines, and railways. Civil
engineering is traditionally broken into a number
of sub-disciplines. It is considered the
second-oldest engineering discipline after
military engineering, and it is defined to
distinguish non-military engineering from
military engineering. Civil engineering takes
place in the public sector from municipal through
to national governments, and in the private
sector from individual homeowners through to
international companies. There are a number of
sub-disciplines within the broad field of civil
engineering. General civil engineers work closely
with surveyors and specialized civil engineers to
design grading, drainage, pavement, water supply,
sewer service, dams, electric and communications
supply. General civil engineering is also
referred to as site engineering, a branch of
civil engineering that primarily focuses on
converting a tract of land from one usage to
another. Site engineers spend time visiting
project sites, meeting with stakeholders, and
preparing construction plans. Civil engineers
apply the principles of geotechnical engineering,
structural engineering, environmental
engineering, transportation engineering and
construction engineering to residential,
commercial, industrial and public works projects
of all sizes and levels of construction. Civil
engineering majors are developing rapidly in
China, more and more international students
choosing to study this major in China. Through
systematic and comprehensive study, most
international students can master the knowledge
of the civil engineering syllabus. Most
importantly, it is easy for international
students to enter the civil engineering top
university in China. The data shows that
international students who stay in China, or
those return to their country both have good jobs.
What Can I do with a Civil Engineering Degree?
1. Civil Engineer Civil engineers require a
bachelor degree in civil engineering. Courses
include traditional classroom learning,laboratory
work and field trips. Civil engineering courses
also include mathematics, statistics, engineering
mechanics and systems, and fluid dynamics
courses, depending on the profession. Courses may
include collaborative programs, also known as
collaborative projects, where civil engineering
students gain work experience while pursuing a
degree. With the phase-out of infrastructure in
various countries, civil engineers will need to
manage reconstruction, repair and upgrade of
bridges, roads, dams, dams, airports, buildings
and other structural projects. Renewable energy
projects will require the work of civil
engineers. Therefore, as these new projects are
approved, civil engineers will be further
involved in supervising the construction of
structures such as wind farms and solar
arrays. Population growth may mean the need for
new water systems and the need to maintain
existing water systems in order to reduce or
eliminate leakage. In addition, more waste
treatment plants are needed to help clean the
country's waterways. Civil engineers will
continue to play a key role in all of this
work. Local governments need to continue to
build some infrastructure projects and maintain
critical infrastructure,as well as protect the
public and the environment. The employment rate
of civil engineers is expected to increase in the
next decade, which is higher than the average of
all occupations.
2. Architects Civil engineering students can be
an architect. Architects are responsible for
designing places to live, work, play, study, shop
and eat. They work on public or private projects
and design indoor and outdoor spaces. Architects
can be commissioned to design any facility from a
single room to the entire complex. The architect
discusses the project's goals, requirements and
budget with the client. In some cases, architects
offer a variety of pre-design services such as
feasibility and environmental impact, site
selection, cost analysis and design
requirements. The architect develops the final
construction plan after discussing with the
client and agreeing with the initial
recommendations. The architect's plan shows the
exterior and architectural details of the
building. These plans include drawings of
structural systems,air conditioning, heating,
ventilation systems, electrical systems,
communication systems and piping. Sometimes
landscape plans are included.
4. Construction Managers The construction
manager oversees professional contractors and
other personnel. They arrange and coordinate all
construction processes so that the project meets
the design specifications. They ensure that the
project is completed on time and within budget.
Some construction managers may be responsible for
several projects at the same time - for example,
building multiple apartment buildings. The
construction manager works with other
construction experts such as architects, civil
engineers and various trade workers, including
stonemasons, electricians and carpenters.
Projects may require specialists, from structural
steel and painting to landscaping, paving and
digging. According to the project, the
construction manager can interact with lawyers
and local government officials. For example, when
working on urban real estate or municipal
buildings, the construction manager sometimes
consults with city inspectors to ensure that all
regulations are met.
3. Civil Engineering Technicians Civil
engineering technicians often work with civil
engineers, surveyors and survey technicians,
construction workers, and other people involved
in the project. But civil engineering
technicians don't necessarily work outdoors.
Civil engineering technicians can work in the
office to help civil engineers plan and design
projects. Civil engineering technicians also
visit the workplace under construction,
collecting or testing materials or observing
projects and serving as project inspectors. When
civil engineering technicians visit a
construction site where a construction project is
being carried out, they can test the materials,
assist with measurements or conduct on-site
observations to ensure that the design civil
engineers approved is being built. Civil
engineering technicians can work in multiple
locations using a car or truck as a mobile office.
5. Mechanical Engineers Mechanical engineers can
work in many industries and many types of
projects. Therefore, a person with a degree in
civil engineering can choose this occupation.
Mechanical engineers are constantly engaged in
the latest industrial research, especially in the
fields of automation and robotics. Mechanical
engineers design production projects to take
advantage of the development of nanotechnology,
which involves manipulating substances at the
smallest level. Nanotechnology will lead to
technological advances in the medical field and
in the field of more powerful computer chip
design. Alternative energy and nanotechnology
areas will also provide new opportunities for
career development. As the company continues to
contract with these companies, it is expected
that the engineering services of mechanical
engineers will grow at a higher than average
rate. Mechanical engineers will also continue to
participate in a variety of manufacturing
industries, particularly in the automotive
industry. Mechanical engineers will play a key
role in improving the mileage and performance of
hybrid and electric vehicles.
Scholarships in China