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Sanathana Dharma 101 (Decoding Hindu-ism)


(the compilation of 66 books [39 in the Old Testament & 27 in the New Testament] and 4 [out of 80] ... It will be a LIVING SCRIPTURE (and NOT a closed canon ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Sanathana Dharma 101 (Decoding Hindu-ism)

Dharmic Scriptures
Jews have the Torah (the 5 books of Moses the
Tanakh or written Torah) Christians have the
Bible (the compilation of 66 books 39 in the Old
Testament 27 in the New Testament and 4 out
of 80 Gospels) Muslims have the Quran (the
revealed word heard by Muhammad and redacted up
to at least a few decades after his death) what
do we have?
Dharmic Scriptures Overview (approx. 10,000
total 3,000 primary)
Upa-Vedas (6)
Upanishads (200)
Misc. Sampradayas Shastras (6000)
Parables (500)
Ancillary Vedic Lit. (300)
Vedas (Samhitas) (412)
Puranas (200)
Bhagavad Gita
Itihaasa (3)
Dharma Shastras (20)
Key Darshana Shastras (2,000)
Vedangas (500 in 6 classes)
Agamas (500)
Aranyakas (6)
Brahmanas (20)
Shruti (Saffron)
Smrti (Gold)
Revelation that which is heard.
Tradition that which is written.
Organization of these 10,000 Dharmic Scriptures?
This massive encyclopedia of spiritual
wisdom needs to be brought together into one
convenient User Manual ? ? ?
Dharma Veda Overview (new Holy Book)
  • The Dharma Veda will be an up-to-date, scientific
    and spiritual manual for Dharmins (Hindus).
  • It will contain chapters summarizing the best
    shlokas from
  • Vedas, Upavedas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas,
  • Itihaasa-Puranas, Agamas, Shastras, Sutras,
    Bhashyas, Gita,
  • valuable wisdom from numerous Sampradayas
    modern content

It will be updated every 12 years and presented
to the Dharmasya (global Dharmic Community) at
the Maha-Kumbha Mela (as per the suggestion of
Sankaracharya 1200 years ago). It will be a
LIVING SCRIPTURE (and NOT a closed canon - as
with the Christian Bible or the Muslim Quran).
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