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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mock Analysis

Mock Analysis
  • You need to show that you can
  • Read with insight
  • Show that you understand what a writer is trying
    to do
  • Use quotations to support your ideas
  • Distinguish between facts and opinions
  • Follow an argument
  • Make cross references and compare
  • Understand how writers use language, structure,
    and presentational features to achieve effects

Paper 1 Section A
Gadgets for Girls
  • For too long men have had all the great gadgets
    to play with, while girls have been left out of
    the fun. Well, we say its got to stop. So heres
    the low down on one of the most girlie, but
    gadget-laden cars around the new Nissan Micra.
  • A run down of its features reads like a list of
    essential lifestyle tools. For those of us who
    tend to over do it with the shopping, the new
    Micras got a rear sliding seat, so you can
    enlarge the space in your boot. Or, if youre
    cruising around with a load of leggie mates in
    the back, you can slide the seat back and give
    them more room.

  • Then theres the Intelligent Key, that is also
    useful after a shopping spree. Say you get back
    to your car loaded down with bags, if youre a
    Micra driver theres no need to go rummaging
    around for your keys, the car will sense youre
    near and then all you need to do is press a
    button to unlock the door or boot. As long as you
    have the Intelligent Key in your pocket or bag
    you dont even need to fish it out to start the
    engine, the ignition can be started with the
    twist of a switch.
  • The new Micra will do wonders for your social
    life too. The rear parking sensor will help you
    squeeze into the tightest spaces so you wont
    find yourself parking half a mile away from
    wherever youre meeting your mates, and then
    having to tramp all that way in your dancing

  • If you need somewhere to leave your work things
    while youre out on the town, the front passenger
    seat lifts up to reveal a large, extra storage
    area. When you get home at the end of a night,
    the Micra will still be looking out for you the
    friendly headlamps will stay on for up to two
    minutes after you get out and lock the car, so
    you wont ever have to walk to your front door in
    the dark.
  • The drive computer will tell you bags of useful
    information, such as how many miles of fuel you
    have in your tank, but it will also remind you of
    anniversaries and birthdays, so theres no excuse
    for forgetting any crucial dates. You can control
    the drive computer and the stereo from buttons on
    the steering wheel, so you can flick between CDs
    and radio stations without taking your eyes off
    the road.

  • On top of all this, the new Micras got
    electric, speed-sensitive power steering, which
    makes city driving a breeze.
  • Its curvy in all the right places, retro in all
    the right ways, but cutting-edge and intelligent
    on the inside. In fact the new Micras such an
    individual it speaks its own language. The
    perfect balance between simplicity and
    technology? Thats simpology. Inventive but
    convenient technology were talking
    conventive. The largest luggage space in its
    class, with the option to slide the seat back to
    create more legroom that spells leggage.
    Modern yet retro? Modtro of course. Grab a
    brochure and become fluent today.

How effective
support the
6 MARKS!! We expect a Number of egs.
How effective
support the
6 MARKS!! We expect a Number of egs.
Marks 0 Skills Nothing written Content
1 Little evidence Little content General or descriptive comments Key fob has no actual key It looks good
2 Attempts to engage LARGELY DESCRIPTIVE Some identification of the more obvious presentational devices Handle shows nature of the sensor Might be dangers in the background
3-4 Clear attempt A clear attempt to engage with MEDIA CONCEPTS Comments on HOW different pictures / devices are used MEDIA TERMINOLOGY used Links owner with big smart house and attractive woman Smaller pictures make it look arty
5-6 Detailed Clear and DETAILED A full understanding of task Sophisticated use of media terms Lips are sexy, futuristic and talk Micra to you
Example Answer
  • Most of the images are very effective in helping
    to support the claims made for the car in the
    text. This is because most of them show exactly
    what each gadget is or does, but also they are
    modern or arty create the same impression as
    the text.
  • Two pictures show how the cars friendly
    headlamps will stay on for two minutes after the
    owner has got out of and locked the car. This
    feature dominates in the advert and have their
    own style they are a little blurred which makes
    the reader look harder at them.

  • The two pictures in the top left hand corner
    also support the claims made in the text. These
    are that the car does not need a key. The left
    hand picture shows the Intelligent key while
    the right picture shows the button which is
    pressed to open the door.
  • The only picture that I do not think is
    effective is the one in the top right corner as I
    do not see what it is meant to show.
  • Overall the pictures support the idea that this
    is an innovative key which attractive, trendy
    women would be interested in buying.

To remember
Read the questions and the texts very carefully
cover all parts of the questions
Learn the meaning of the type of words that will
appear form, presentation, layout, purpose,
You are asked to do different things. Write down
just list, Compare make sure you cover both
texts, Explain give your ideas using media
terms do not just describe.
  • You need to show that you can
  • Communicate clearly
  • Use the features of a format (e.g. speech,
    letter, advertisement)
  • Suit the purpose of the task
  • Craft effective sentences using effective
    language and punctuation
  • Use paragraphs to structure the writing
  • Use different types of sentence structures
  • Use a variety of punctuation
  • Spell and punctuate correctly

Paper 1 Section B
Writing to ARGUE
  • 3) Write an article for a magazine aimed at
    teenagers in which you ARGUE that students should
    be taught to drive in school. You might write
  • Why it would be good for them
  • The advantages of learning when you are young
  • Why teenagers would be keen to learn

In your plan craft different types of sentences
  • Some may feel that sixteen is too young, but that
    is ridiculous
  • If we learn to drive now, there are more
    opportunities available to us.
  • Why learn at school?
  • Over 90 of pupils surveyed

Rhetorical questions
Writing to PERSUADE
  • 4) Write the text for an advertisement for a car
    which aims to PERSUADE young men to buy the car.
    You might write about
  • The cars looks
  • Its performance
  • Its gadgets
  • What young men would feel like driving it

Try alliteration, pattern of three, embedded
clause, slogan
  • Speed, sound-system and sex-appeal
  • The new Corsa, winner of What Car Poll 2005, is
    the car of choice!
  • Want a driving deal of a lifetime?
  • Playtime is over? Its only just begun!

Writing to ADVISE
  • 5) Write an ADVICE sheet for young people who are
    newcomers to your area.
  • Places to go
  • Things to do
  • How to meet people

Try modal verbs, alternative suggestions, the
voice of the reader, varied sentences and
  • You could join one of the many sports clubs in
    the area
  • If drama is your thing there are amateur dramatic
    groups a great way to meet new friends.
  • How do I find out what is available?
  • Relax!

Extracts from example answer
Even though the initial cost of a car is high
compared to public transport, in the long-term it
is cheaper
Schools are meant to be places of knowledge, so
they should give us knowledge about driving!
To those who say that more people driving means
more people will be unhealthy, I say it is up to
the individual to take care of their health
Let students learn how to drive at school.
Since all of you readers are so bright and
intelligent, dont you think that youre more
likely to pass your driving test while you are
young and alert?
  • The assessment criteria is the same as Paper One
    but the tasks require different stylistic skills

Writing to INFORM
  • 3) Write a letter for the governors of your
    school INFORMING them of the changes you would
    like to be made in your school and the reasons
    for these changes. Remember to
  • Write a letter
  • Use language suitable for governors to read
  • Inform the governors

In your plan craft different types of sentences
  • As a governor of this school you will appreciate
    the views of the pupils
  • Additionally
  • Pupils, teachers and parents alike would benefit
  • In my experience, and it is an experience shared
    by hundreds of peers, the food

Present tense
Interesting detail
Formal language
Writing to EXPLAIN
  • 4) EXPLAIN what your dreams and ambitions for the
    future are. Explain also how you could achieve
    them. Remember to
  • Write about your dreams and ambitions
  • Explain how you could achieve your dreams and
  • Give a range of explanations

Give reasons why how they could be achieved
vivid language varied sentences (especially
paragraph starters)
  • Achieving this goal will make all of the hard
    work and sacrifices worthwhile
  • How would I feel? Incredibly proud!
  • Imagine the scene
  • I have believed in this dream for so long now it
    must be my destiny!

Writing to DESCRIBE
  • 5) DESCRIBE a nightmare world. Remember to
  • Write about a nightmare world
  • Use language which brings out the nightmare

Present tense appeal to the senses use imagery
avoid narrative adjectives and adverbs vary
sentence starters
  • Creeping through the darkness is
  • Echoes resonate around the walls.
  • The sharp blade of the wind pierce
  • Decayed flowers, once beautiful, now release a
    malevolent scent

Writing to INFORM and EXPLAIN
  • 6) Many young people have concerns about the
    world in which they live. Write INFORMATIVELY
    about one or more of your concerns and EXPLAIN
    the reasons for them. Remember to
  • Inform the reader about one or more of your
  • Explain the reasons for your concerns
  • Use language suitable for informing and explaining

Create a clear introduction and conclusion if
there is one point, develop carefully two or
more points should be structured carefully with
linking points
  • A significant concern shared by many people my
    age is
  • There are a number of reasons why this is
    extremely worrying
  • Additionally
  • Furthermore

Poems from Other Cultures
  • COMPARE the ways an EVENT is DESCRIBED
  • In BLESSING with the ways an event
  • Is described in ONE other poem. Compare
  • What the events are
  • The methods used to compare them

Mark Scheme
Marks Skills
o Nothing Written
1-3 Some awareness of one or more texts
4-6 Simple comments reference to some detail about how an event is described
7-9 Simple comments supported by references to the text some comments about presentation
10-12 Appropriate use of quotations, accurate account of poems
13-15 Beginning to compare more clearly with a range of comments supported by quotes. Focus upon description
Mark Scheme
Marks Skills
16-18 Understanding of feelings, attitudes and ideas awareness of writers purpose and techniques
19-21 Appreciation of feelings, attitudes and ideas understanding of a wide variety of techniques
22-24 Analysis of writers techniques exploration of and empathy with writers feelings, attitudes and ideas
25-27 Consistent insight convincing interpretation, close textual analysis
What did you do well?
Expressed a good understanding of what the poems
were about
Chose a poem which suited the task many of you
chose Night of the Scorpion
You compared the poems using compare / contrast
What is described? How? Why?
Refer to your background knowledge- setting,
culture, poets intentions
Say a lot about a little and in your comments
upon key words use Impressive terms e.g.
alliteration, similes
Say a lot about a little? How?
Dharker invites the reader to Imagine the drip
of it / The small splash, echo /In a tin mug,
The alliteration of s and the onomatopoeic
effect of splash does help the reader to
imagine the scene. However, it is more difficult
for a reader outside of the poverty in India to
truly appreciate how this burst water pipe can
create such joy and to associate the noises with
a blessing bestowed by a kindly god.
Section A Comparing Short Stories
Section B Comparing 4 Poems
You need to show that you can
Make comparisons within and between texts
Explore how language, structure and form
contribute to a text
Respond to texts critically and sensitively
Foundation 1) Compare how parents feel
about Children in Growing Up and Your
Shoes Higher 1) Compare your responses to
Superman and Your Shoes
Foundation 2) Compare how problems between
Characters are shown in Chemistry and One other
story Higher 2) Compare the openings of
Snowdrops and one other story
Foundation 3) Compare how children are shown to
be unhappy in Flight and another story Higher 3)
Compare your people are shown Growing up in
Growing Up and another story
You need to show that you can
Make comparisons within and between texts and
refer to poetic techiques
Comment on ideas, Structure, language, Poets
intentions Your response
Analyse 4 poems 2 of which are pre- 1914
Compare how attitudes towards children are
shown In any 2 of these poems Mid-Term Break /
Baby sitting /Catrin
Then compare how attitudes towards children Are
shown in any 2 of these poems On My First Sonne
/ Song of the Old Mother / Little Boy Lost and
Compare how poets use the first person I in 4
of the Poems you have read. Choose 2 from list
A And 2 from list B
Mid-term Break Digging Catrin Babysitting
Song of the Old Mother On My First Sonne Sonnet
Compare how the experience of being a parent Is
shown in Song of the Old Mother and Catrin
Then compare how the relationship between parent
And child is shown in On My First Sonne and
any One poemby Seamus Heaney
Compare how the poets use and present places
in Sonnet and one poem by Heaney
Then compare how the poets use and present places
in Cold Knap Lake and one more poem from the Pre
1914 bank
Compare how the poets have used structure to
Contribute to the meanings of At a
Potato Digging by Heaney ONE poem by Clarke And
TWO poems from the 1914 bank
Compare how weather is presented in Patrolling
Barnegat and Storm on the Island
Then compare the presentation of summer in The
Field Mouse and Sonnet
General Advice for Literature Paper
  • Know the texts well! Revise from your anthologies
    and exam notes carefully.
  • Take time to think about what the question is
    asking the best answers use a plan
  • Use quotations to support your answers and do try
    to use technical language in your comments
  • Consider the structure of the texts stories
    where is the climax? Is there any symbolism? Do
    the endings provide a significant resolution?
  • For poetry consider the structure of the stanzas.
    Is there any change in the mood? Is the
    punctuation significant? Is there alliteration,
    imagery, or interesting phrases that are used for
    effect? What effects do the poets want to
    achieve? Are they successful?

USE your mock analysis sheet to guide you in your
Keep it safe. Use it. And you will not be