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Title: Pop Culture in

Pop Culture in Britain
British popular music
  • The Beatles
  • led a British invasion into American (and
    global) popularity in music
  • led the creation of what are now music videos
  • reflected in interests Britains imperial
    heritage .

British Popular Music Today
  • Some British pop stars, like Robbie Williams and
    Kylie Minogue, are succeeding on world pop charts.

  • Indians and cornershops
  • Reflects British Imperial heritage and migrants
  • musical style mixes Indian and other Western
    popular music styles (rock, trip-hop, disco)

Techno and Ravers
  • As far as the English-speaking world is
    concerned, rave culture seems to have first
    flowered in London.

Other Stuff
  • The diversity that surrounds this allows other
    styles, including regional styles like the
    Bristol Sound, to receive attention worldwide

British Media - TV
  • BBC TV is publicly funded (by tax) in Britain
  • no adverts
  • world famous for news, sports, and original
    programs, including many re-adapted for American

Alternatives for The Telly
  • In the past few years, satellite and cable TV
    have grown in popularity.
  • Popular local programs of the past and present

Monty Pythons Flying Circus
Soap Dramas
  • East Enders and, before it, Carnation Street
    were widely popular soap dramas, mostly featuring
    characters that seem slightly mundane or tame
    compared to in American soap operas.

Imported Formats Programs
  • GAME SHOWS Weakest Link
  • REALITY TVUK Pop Idol/X-FactorBig Brother
  • FOREIGNPROGRAMSSex The City,Friends, The
    West Wing

UK Pop Idol / X-Factor
  • What is the real purpose of this show?
  • to discover new pop stars?
  • or to entertain us with the awfulness of people
    who think they are talented, but arent?Check
    this out...

Newspapers and Class
  • Tabloid sleazier, more gossip, sometimes include
    nude pictures or scandals
  • Broadsheet more news- and politics-oriented,
    less focused on stars and scandal

The Royal Family
  • Generally occupy a role in British culture
    similar to that occupied by Hollywood stars in
  • Not politically powerful anymore, although they
    are wealthy and often mentioned in the media.
  • While the UK is technically a monarchy, British
    persons are generally considered citizens, not
    subjects of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II
  • b.1926, took the crown 1952
  • technically head of British state, and head of
    the Church of England
  • delivers a speech annually at Christmas,
    participates in various public functions, etc.

Charles, Prince of Wales
  • son of Elizabeth, will be next King of England
  • married Diana, now Camilla Parker-Bowles
  • Father to Princes William and Harry

Changing AttitudesToward the Royals?
  • BBC Poll (2002)
  • Is the monarchy out of date?
  • Yes 32 (44)
  • No 63 (45)
  • Does the royal family cost too much money?
  • Yes 51 (62)
  • No 43 (30)

Why is Soccer so Popular?
  • Very little gear required, so kids develop an
    interest by playing
  • Local community spirit expressed in sides
  • Easy and popular topic of discussion in pubs
  • Because it's promoted

So, Soccer
  • Divisions
  • New local teams can, in theory, form, move up the
    ladder, and become top-division teams if they
    perform well
  • Part of a wider network of European competition
  • World Cup is VERY important.
  • And then theres rugby...

Racial/Cultural Diversity in Britain
  • The UK is, overall, 7.9 nonwhite
  • London itself is 28.9 nonwhite.
  • Many immigrants from Commonwealth countries --
    ex-colonies -- but also people from elsewhere.

Diversity and Pop Culture
  • This diversity has affected popular culture in
    many ways.
  • food culture
  • figures in entertainment
  • musical styles
  • social tensions problems

Is The United Kingdom Really United?
  • Most of this session has in fact focused on
    English popular culture.
  • Some other people in the UK reject the label
    British, because of colonial history.
  • Local popular culture in Scotland, Ireland, and
    Wales also differs in some ways.
  • RP
  • Trainspotting
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