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Final Exam Wednesday (6/8) - 8:00


As we investigated the plot of various novels, poems and short stories, ... Frankenstein s best friend; nurses him back to health; traveling companion; ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Final Exam Wednesday (6/8) - 8:00

  • Final Exam Wednesday (6/8) - 800 930
  • Period 2 Rm. 275
  • Period 3 Rm. 266
  • Period 7 Rm. 273
  • Period 9 Rm. 264

  • Review all notes
  • Be sure all novels have been turned back in
  • View outline of characters, plot, themes, vocab
    and figurative elements on study guide to help
    focus your review.
  • Define characters symbolism, actions
  • Define plot events what happens, why, what
    themes it conveys
  • Know all background information (authors lives,
    historical context, allusions, literary terms)
  • There will be a short section to read you must
    know your literary terms in order to decipher
    information and identify accurate answers this
    is a skill you should have developed through this
  • You will have an essay that deals with formalist
    criticism (explaining genre) this was the main
    focus of 11th CP you need to be able to explain
    what it is, how its written and how the story you
    read (on test) adheres to its characteristics

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  • Shelleys Life
  • Mother died as a result of childbirth
  • Isolated / difficult childhood distant
    relationship with father
  • Affair with Percy Shelley shocked
  • society scandal
  • Percy was older and already
  • married

  • Shelleys Influences
  • Galvanism
  • Industrial Revolution
  • Gothicism - genre of literature that combines
    elements of both horror and romance.
  • Suspense, horror, unreliable narrator, Creature
    of Nightmare, connection to nature, supernatural
  • Romantic Literature emphasis on individuals
    emotions and imagination, as well as connect to
    and an in-depth description of nature
  • Romantic hero, heightened emotion, rebellion,
    connection to nature, imagination, emphasis on

  • Shelleys Novel as Satire
  • Unethical and dangerous use of technology in the
    text highlight and warn against the abuses of the
    Industrial Revolution and unquestioned scientific
    advancements of Shelleys era.
  • The monster represents the dangers of technology
    and the industrial revolution.

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (The Letters)
  • Epistolary (structure of text)
  • Written by Walton to his sister Margaret Saville
  • Detail the events surrounding his quest (discover
    the properties of magnetism the Northwest
  • Initially filled with hubris longing for glory
  • Views Frankenstein as a peer friend
  • Learns from Frankensteins mistake
  • Shows compassion to The Monster
  • Abandons quest

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Frankensteins
  • Happy childhood
  • Rebelled studied Agrippa, Paracelsus, Magnus
  • Mother rescues Elizabeth from peasant family
  • Views power of lightening (idea for experiment)
  • Mothers scarlet fever
  • Ingolstadt (Waldman mentor)
  • Isolation constructs monster
  • Horrified disgusted (rejects creation denial)

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Frankensteins
  • Frankensteins fever and delirium
  • Nursed back to health by Henry
  • Letter from Elizabeth
  • Williams murder Justines confession /
  • Victor escapes into nature (avoids guilt)
  • Listens to the Monsters story
  • Promises to create female monster
  • (companion)

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (The Monsters
  • Longs for friendship love
  • Initially learns through senses (like an infant)
  • Rejected by villagers (develops fear of humans)
  • Resides in a lean-to attached to DeLaceys
  • Learns through observation books (Plutarchs
    Lives, Sorrows of Werter, Paradise Lost)
  • Attempts connection with old man DeLacey (blind)
  • Rejected by DeLaceys burns down cottage (vows
  • Seeks Victor (wants companion)
  • Betrayed by Victor (vows revenge)

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (The DeLaceys)
  • Felix helped Turk (political prisoner)
  • Gave the Turk and his daughter passports in his
    familys name
  • Sister and father imprisoned as a result
  • Upon release exiled live in poverty in cottage
  • Safie escapes from father reunited with Felix (
    in love)
  • Admired by the Monster
  • The Monster learns language as Felix teaches
  • Eventually reject the Monster out of fear

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (The Monsters Goal)
  • Primary Goal Friendship and Understanding
  • Reaches out to Victor (rejected)
  • Entered village (attacked and driven out)
  • Approaches DeLacey (rejected and attacked)
  • Asks for female to be created (destroyed before
    his eyes)
  • Mourns Victor (his only companion)

  • Frankenstein Review (Archetypes)
  • Romantic Hero social rebel, uninhibited,
  • Transgressor crosses a natural boundary or law
  • Outsider isolated journey seeks acceptance
  • Satanic Hero villain whose evil deeds are
    justifiable within the novels context
  • Promethean-Hero a rebel against a larger order,
    one who defies traditional moral categories
  • Warrior-Hero strong actions determine a
    nations fate

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Allusions)
  • Prometheus God, gave man fire, punished for
  • Luigi Galvani - discovered animal electricity
    basis for plot
  • Cornelius Agrippa occultist / alchemist
    conjured spirits
  • Paracelsus occultist / alchemist
  • Albertus Magnus - advocated coexistence of
    science and religion
  • Epistolary novel told through a series of
    letters and journal entries
  • Gothic novel - genre with horror, supernatural,
    remote settings, mystery

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Allusions)
  • Paradise Lost novel monster reads (Genesis
    original sin)
  • Plutarchs Lives - novel monster reads
    (biographies of great Romans)
  • The Sorrows of Werter -novel monster reads
    (unrequited love)
  • Romantic Quest journey into nature for
  • Romanticism genre focused on the individual,
    emotional, imaginative
  • Shelley author, wrote due to challenge, many
    deaths around her

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Characters)
  • William youngest Frankenstein murdered by the
  • Earnest middle Frankenstein
  • Elizabeth adopted Frankenstein (from peasants)
    fears Victor doesnt love her weds Victor
    murdered by the Monster
  • Justine Frankensteins servant arrested /
    confesses to/ murdered for Williams murder
  • Henry Frankensteins best friend nurses him
    back to health traveling companion murdered by
    the Monster Victor arrested for and found
    innocent of Henrys murder

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Characters)
  • Beaufort Carolines father Alphonses friend
    (Alphonse marries Caroline to protect her)
  • Alphonse Frankensteins father tells him not
    to study the occult sciences
  • Kirwin sheriff that arrests Victor for Henrys
    murder, writes Victors father / gets Victor the
    best room / nurse helps Victor plan his defense
  • Walton writes letters on quest learns from
    Victors story
  • Felix involvement in a crime cost his family
    their house and fortune.

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Characters)
  • Waldman encourages Victor to study all branches
    of science
  • Krempe warns Victor not to study occult
  • Caroline Victors mother dies from scarlet
  • Margaret Waltons sister receives the letters
  • Victor transgressor downfall is hubris
    protagonist dies before he catches / stops the
  • Monster primary quest for friendship /
    understanding turns to revenge against
    Frankenstein persuades Walton to let him go

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Important Details)
  • Waltons Quest magnetic poles, knowledge,
    passageway, unknown
  • Frankensteins Quest - eternal life / scientific
  • Monsters Quest - friendship
  • Novels Structure epistolary letters,
    flashbacks, concluding action
  • Role of Friendship drives Walton and the
  • Victors Motives power and ambition / pride
  • Monsters Motives love, friendship, acceptance
    then revenge

  • Frankenstein Plot Review (Important Details)
  • Justines Execution framed, confesses
  • The De Laceys History Felix committed crime /
    family pays
  • Felixs Actions freed Safies father made fake
  • Monsters Education spied on DeLaceys (Safie
    being taught) reads
  • Frankensteins Promise create a female
    companion for the monster

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  • 74. At the ambush, the two murderers are joined
    by a third murderer because.
  • 75. What is symbolic concerning Macbeths vision
    of Banquos ghost?
  • 76. Why is Macbeths plan to seek clarification
    from the Weird Sisters a flawed idea?
  • 77. How is the second apparition fulfilled?
  • 78. How is the third apparition fulfilled?

  • 79. Why is Hecate angry?
  • 80. Why can Macduff never have true vengeance?
  • 81. What is Macbeths reaction to his wifes
  • 82. Who is crowned king at the end of the play?
  • 83. How many men serve as king of Scotland
    throughout the play?

  • 84. Which of the following is NOT part of the
    plays rising action?
  • 85. Which of the following is the plays inciting
  • 86. Lady Macbeths death is part of the plays.
  • 87. The climax or turning point of the play is.

  • 88. Macbeths inability to kill Macduff is
    contained in the plays.
  • 89. The only exposition is contained in
  • 90. The celebration of Macbeths death and
    decapitation is contained in the plays

  • 91. wayward sonloves for his own ends
  • 92. Men must not walk too late.
  • 93. When our actions do not, our fears do make
    us traitors.
  • 94. Dispute it like a man
  • 95. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound
    and fury, Signifying nothing.

  • 96. Figuratively, the statement, out damned
    spot suggests the speaker is
  • 97. The statement, who knew the old man had so
    much blood in him refers to all of the following
  • 98. The statement, Unnatural deeds do breed
    unnatural troublesInfected minds will discharge
    their secrets. suggests
  • 99. Duncans statement suggesting there is no art
    to find the minds eye (intention) in a mans
    smile suggests that he is
  • 100. Macbeths statement, Let this be the be all
    and end all suggests

  • 101. hiatus is to gap as
  • 102. millennium is to century as
  • 103. expostulate is to reason as
  • 104. nominal is to exorbitant as
  • 105. callow is to experience as
  • 106. rant is to bombastic as
  • 107. hackneyed is to originality as

  • 108. lassitude is to fatigue as
  • 109. unwieldy is to handle as
  • 110. ennui is to bored as
  • 111. scurrilous is to unfavorable as
  • 112. erudite is to knowledge as
  • 113. caveat is to warn as
  • 114. merriment is to festive as
  • 115. produce is to farming as

  • Essential Questions How do I apply may
    understanding of literary criticism to prove the
    genre of a given text?
  • Directions
  • This year, we studied several genres and their
    key characteristics. As we investigated the plot
    of various novels, poems and short stories, we
    remained mindful of the authors tone, purpose
    and genre. Attached is a short story by Robert
    Louis Stevenson. The text, The House of Eld is
    primarily denoted as a fable. However, many
    literary critics debate the accuracy of the
    storys genre classification. First, read the
    provided short story. Then, apply your
    understanding of genre to complete a five
    paragraph genre analysis of the The House of
    Eld that is specific, developed and focused on
    answering the provided prompt.

  • Choose a genre we investigated in class
    allegory, dystopian satire, epic or Gothicism
  • Explain why The House of Eld is characteristic
    of your chosen genre.

  • REMEMBER Provide a specific guiding thesis that
    connects at least three characteristics of your
    selected genre to The House of Eld. Note all
    genres could apply the accuracy of your
    response is based upon your ability to provide
    specific analysis with connective and accurate
    examples.. Be sure to use specific examples to
    support your answer (specific events and
    characters). Your response must be at least 5
    well-constructed paragraphs in length. You must
    have a topic sentence for each body paragraph
    that clearly outlines the main point and connects
    it to your thesis. Remember, spelling and
    mechanics do count - - - be sure to proofread!
  • Your essay will be graded on
  • Format (Persuasive Style, 5 developed
    paragraphs Intro / Body / Conclusion)
  • Mechanics (spelling, punctuation, etc)
  • Thesis (3-tier format specific thesis directly
    answers the prompt)
  • Transitions (topic sentences / connect all ideas
    to thesis / maintain focus)
  • Identification of Genre (define, outline its
    characteristics directly)
  • Supporting Evidence (list, summarize and explain
    text that is representative of your genre)

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