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8th Grade Physical Science


*Please note that since I teach both courses, because both take FCAT, ... and my email Testing ALL 8th grade students will be taking the FCAT Science 2.0 this year. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 8th Grade Physical Science

8th Grade Physical Science
  • Sarah Twedt
  • Sarah.Twedt_at_ocps.net
  • www.Mrs-Twedt.com

Please be sure to sign in! This is the ONLY
class for 8th grade sign in documentation.
Technology Consent
Looks like this.
Must complete for EVERY child in OCPS. There
are drop downs you need to select on pages 3, 4,
and 5 in addition to filling out this 1st page.
Family Guide for Middle School
  • Blue form
  • PLEASE be sure to take one.
  • Selikoff is going over this for the ENTIRE MS at
    645 700 tonight. Please attend if you can.

  • IF I get cut off and do not finish my
    presentation, please go to www.mrs-twedt.com to
    view the entire slide show. I will post it on my
    HOME page.
  • Feel free to email with questions!

Sign in sheet and weekly email?
  • Please be sure to sign in. We just need
    parent/student name.
  • BUT,
  • IF you are not receiving my weekly email and you
    would like to be, please provide me with your
    current email address....

Curriculum Philosophy
  • My philosophy that every curriculum be
    supplemented, complemented, and extended. The
    textbook is only a resource in the Windy Ridge
    Science Department!

Please see www.mrs-twedt.com Course Info tab
for the scope and sequence (suggested order of
instruction) for the MS credit course and the
Honors course. Please note that since I
teach both courses, because both take FSSA (old
FCAT), and due to our unique setting I combine
topics, focus where I see it is needed, and
strive to make my students as successful as
Since I have you here. ?
  • HELP!
  • Seeing HUGE deficits in measurement. Anything
    you can have your kids measure so that they have
    a greater number sense would be SO helpful.
  • Cooking (recipes measurement)
  • Finding lengthsgive them a ruler and say go!
  • Calculate volume (how much space does something
    take up).
  • Examples for you of what I am seeing are.

  • cK12GREAT informational online textbook for FL
    standards. Downloadable lab sheets (and answers),
    notes, powerpoints, etc.
  • Study guides and study games
  • Master Table of Contents (for organization, lost
    pages, answers)
  • Classwork links, webquests, videos
  • FSSA (old FCAT) and EOC/CFE study tools
  • Pertinent information and resources
  • Links to ProgressBook, OCPS, Windy Ridge, and my

  • ALL 8th grade students will be taking the FSSA
    (Florida SCIENCE Standards Assessment- Old FCAT
    2.0) this year. This is a comprehensive exam
    covering 6th-8th grade material.
  • This means, HONORS students will be responsible
    for all middle school benchmarks 6-8 AND the high
    school physical science benchmarks.
  • The benchmarks implemented in the Honors class
    come from the High School curriculum.

Honors Course
  • High School Credit
  • Final Grade for YEAR determines HS credit.
  • Will affect your high school G.P.A.
  • If after the first grading period, you have not
    maintained an 80, you will be reassigned as a
    Middle School Credit Physical Science Student,
    and no High School credits will be earned.
  • End of year exam covers 34 benchmarks for this
    particular honors course!!!! This is a HUGE
    difference between this course and 7th Grade E/S
    Honors. ..and it is IN ADDITION to FCAT.
  • Minimum of 20 minutes per night of review (in
    addition to other assignments) is REQUIRED.

  • Composition Notebook Kept organized JUST like
    our current unit section.
  • Review plan (starting after the holidays) will
    consist of
  • Vocabulary (5th Grade and 8th Grade lists)
  • Benchmark tutorials
  • Mini-Assessments, and Weekly quizzes
  • FCAT Stations
  • 3-4 days reviewing with Mrs. Fidelo (Life Sci),
    Mrs. Bermudez (Earth/Space Sci), and me ?
    (Physical Sci).
  • See homepage of www.mrs-twedt.com for tips,
    tools, and resources

Science Grade
Middle School Credit High School Credit Honors
Interactive Science Notebook (Journal) 10 Interactive Science Notebook (Journal) 5
Homework 10 Homework 10
Classwork Includes Participation, Effort, Labs, Activities, and Projects 30 Classwork Includes Participation, Effort, Labs, Activities, and Projects 25
Quizzes and Tests 50 Quizzes and Tests 60
Total 100 Total 100
Science Journal
  • Single most important grade determinant.
    Everything hinges on this!
  • Contains all assignments, quizzes and tests,
    labs, and accomplishments
  • IT IS YOUR Textbook as well as your study guides
    for tests Study Guide is designed based on
  • MUST stay up to date and organized
  • Journal quizzes No Notice!!!
  • Master TOC on www.mrs-twedt.com as well as in the
  • Downloadable pages on www.mrs-twedt.com

Classwork/Homework/ Teamwork/Participation
  • Hands-on activities throughout the year
  • Labs and activities sometimes collected as
    homework and graded for accuracy sometimes as
    classwork for completion
  • Group labs/activities will sometimes include a
    group evaluation and a self evaluation
    (Teamwork/Participation grade).

Tests and Quizzes
  • Each test is worth more than a quiz
  • Added to journal (or CFE/EOC section) after they
    are handed back
  • True understanding is what I am aiming for, not
    memorization. You cannot memorize your way to an

  • To those who donated to our classroom!!
  • As a science teacher, my wish list is ongoing!
    ) If you happen to see any of the following on
    sale and can donate, I am in need of
  • Paper towels
  • Ziplock quart sized and sandwich baggies
  • Copy Paper
  • AA, AAA, and D batteries (for circuits)

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