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Lessons in Faith Matthew 15:21-39


Lessons in Faith Matthew 15:21-39 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Lessons in Faith Matthew 15:21-39

Lessons in FaithMatthew 1521-39
Syrophoenician Woman (vs. 21-28)
  • When After feeding 5000, walking on water, and
    confronting the false tradition of the Pharisees
  • Where Tyre/Sidon, which was part Canaan (vs.
    22), the land promised to Israel.
  • Joshua didnt get rid of all
  • Canaanites in Tyre/Sidon
  • The wickedness of these
  • cities was frequently
  • denounced by the prophets
  • They didnt repent (Mt 1121)
  • Why I rather incline to
  • think that that this was a
  • kind of a praeludium to the
  • calling of the GentilesPoole

Syrophoenician Woman (vs. 21-28)
  • What
  • Mk 724, He entered into an house, and would
    have no man know it but he could not be hid.
  • A Syrophoenician also called Greek woman
    intercedes for her demon possessed daughter Mark
    calls it an unclean spirit .
  • Points of Interest
  • A Gentile calling Jesus Son of David (Jewish
    title, from prophecies of 2 Sam 712-17
    fulfilled in Mt 11, used 16 times)
  • Election of Israel (Mt 105-6, Rom 116)
  • Gospel for all Gentiles (ethnos) in Mt 2819
  • The childrens bread Covenant Rights
  • Covenant of Healing (Ex 2325, 1526, Lk 1316)
  • Why the term dog?
  • A term of reproach (2 Sam 98, Mt 76, Php 32,
    Rev 2215)
  • Perhaps Jesus was playing along with the mindset
    of His Jewish disciples, who had no compassion
    for her (vs. 23)?
  • Tested her faith AND demonstrated He is no
    respecter of men.

Syrophoenician Woman (vs. 21-28)
  • 2nd of 2 mentions of Great Faith (Also Mt
  • Both cases Intercessory remote from the sick
  • 9 characteristics of the prayer of great faith
  • Humble Truth, Lord, admitting she had no
    rights as a dog
  • Fervent Let it be to you as you desire (NKJV)
  • Desperate Lord Help me
  • Rational be it unto thee even as thou wilt,
    her willHis will
  • Reverent Called Him Lord multiple times
  • Worshipful Then came she and worshipped him
  • Persistent She begged Him (Mk 726, ESV)
  • Expectant the dogs eat of the crumbs which
  • Verbal For this saying the devil is gone
    out (Mk 729)

Feeding the 4000 (vs. 29-39)
  • When After healing the womans daughter and
    passing through the Decapolis
  • Where Back at the Sea of Galilee
  • Why Continued to minister
  • Healed the lame, blind,
  • dumb, maimed, and many
  • others (vs. 30)
  • They glorified God, for
  • Christ fulfilled Isaiahs
  • prophecies (Isa 355-6)
  • What Occurred Next
  • Jesus miraculously fed 4000
  • men women and children

Feeding the 4000 (vs. 29-39)
  • Points of Interest
  • Jesus motive (as in 5 other cases in Matthew)
    Compassion (vs 32)
  • Short-term memory of the disciples They doubted
    even though Jesus just fed 5000 (vs 33)
  • Application Dont Forget!
  • I remember I was delivered out of the mouth of
    the lion. (2 Tim 417)
  • Therefore the Lord shall deliver me from
    every evil work (2 Tim 418)
  • I remember Christ delivered us from so great
    a death (2 Cor 110a)
  • Therefore we trust that he will yet deliver us
    (2 Cor 110b)
  • What has God done for you? How can that build
    your trust in Him for the situation youre in?
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