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Agricultural Careers


Agricultural Careers Presented by: Marie O. Bolt Anderson V Career Campus Agricultural Instructor – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Agricultural Careers

Agricultural Careers
  • Presented by
  • Marie O. Bolt
  • Anderson V Career Campus
  • Agricultural Instructor

Agricultural Workforce
  • Approximately 22 Million People are Employed in
    an Agricultural Career
  • 20 Of Agricultural Careers Require a College
  • 400Thousand people are needed each year to fill
    positions in the Agriculture Industry
  • Only 100 Thousand jobs are being filled each
    year by trained people

Yearly Employment Opportunities for College
Graduates in Agriscience
34 - Marketing, Merchandising, Sales
Representatives 29 - Scientists, Engineers,
Related Professionals 13 - Managers Financial
Specialists 7 - Agricultural Production
Specialists 9 - Social Services Professionals 7
- Education Communication Specialists
Production Agriculture
  • 1/5 of All Agricultural Careers
  • Production Agriculture is defined as Farming and
  • It involves the growing and marketing of field
    crops and livestock
  • U.S. Farmers produce enough food and fiber to
    feed 155 people

Types of Agricultural Production Jobs
  • Cattle Rancher
  • Diversified Crop Farmer
  • Diversified Livestock Producer
  • Farm Manager

Cattle Rancher
  • Selects, purchases, and raises cattle on leased
    or owned land for purpose of selling offspring
  • Knowledge Requirements
  • Cattle industry including cattle prices, quality
    and markets. Nutrition, reproduction, and animal
    health are also important areas
  • Salary
  • 0 - unlimited (income varies greatly upon
    quantity of cattle and extent of operation

Diversified Crop Farmer
  • Crop Farming- workers plant, cultivate and
    harvest crops of fruits, fiber, grains, or
  • May raise one specialty crop or diversified
    crops, they often produce several different types
    of crops simultaneously
  • Salary
  • 0 - depends on crop

Diversified Livestock Producer
  • Diversified livestock producers breed and raise
    livestock of various types.
  • Salary 0 - Unlimited

Necessary Skills
  • Skills Necessary
  • Organized
  • Computer skills and basic business knowledge
  • Willing to work independently
  • Enjoy working outside in all kinds of weather

Farm Manager
  • Organize and Analyze farm resources, finances,
    and problems
  • Develop solutions and plans for future farm
  • Make daily farming decisions related to crops,
    machinery and labor
  • Perform any necessary farm task (work)
  • Salary
  • 15,000 Unlimited, depends on size and varies
    greatly from year to year

Communication and Education Specialist Careers
  • Agriculture Teacher
  • Agricultural Extension Specialist
  • Agricultural Journalist
  • Agricultural Lawyer

Agriculture Teacher
  • Develop program, curriculum and activities
    related to agriculture for youth adults and
  • Job Availability Steady
  • Working Conditions Indoors in classroom,
    outdoors with experiments and hands-on activities
  • Salary 20,000 - 65,000

Agricultural Extension Specialist
  • Organize and conduct cooperative extension
    program to advise and instruct farmers and
    individuals engaged in agribusiness applications
    of agricultural research findings.
  • Salary 22,000 - 60,000
  • Skill Necessary
  • Strong interest in helping others
  • Excellent communication skills

Agricultural Lawyer
  • Focus on the law as it applies to the
    Agricultural Industry
  • Necessary Skills
  • Proficiency in writing, speaking, reading,
    researching, and analyzing
  • Able to think on your feet
  • Good reasoning ability
  • Salary
  • 40,000 - Unlimited

Managers and Financial Specialist
  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Agricultural Economist

Agricultural Consultant
  • Audits and appraises agricultural business and
    makes suggestions on improvements
  • Salary 26,000 - Unlimited
  • Education Requirements
  • Bachelors degree in agricultural business or
    agricultural education

Agricultural Economist
  • Studies data and statistics in order to spot
    trends in economic activity, economic confidence
    levels and consumer attitudes
  • Salary 40,000 - 100,000
  • Skills Necessary
  • Accuracy
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Ability to Work Independently

Marketing, Merchandising, Sales Representatives
  • Agricultural Chemical Dealer
  • Animal Health Products Representatives
  • Agricultural Equipment Dealer

Agricultural Chemical Dealer
  • Serves the farming community by providing
    chemicals used in farm situations.
  • Knowledge of chemical uses warning and disposal
    methods is necessary
  • Salary 21,000 - 75,000
  • Education Requirements
  • College degree helpful but not required
  • Sales experience needed
  • Knowledge of Chemical regulations
  • Pesticide License

Animal Healths Products Representatives
  • Develops sales and marketing strategies for
    selling animal health products
  • Salary 22,000 100,000
  • Necessary Skills
  • Communicating effectively
  • Enjoy Traveling
  • Goal Oriented
  • Problem Solving

Scientists, Engineers and Related Specialists
  • Animal Scientist
  • Agricultural Construction Engineer
  • Animal Breeder
  • Artificial Breeding Technician

Animal Scientist
  • Research and Development
  • Medicine
  • Animal Medicine, Dewormers, etc
  • Human replacement parts (heart valve, etc)
  • Uses of animal by-products
  • Salary 25,000 to Unlimited
  • Education Required Bachelor of Science

Agricultural Construction Engineer
  • Designs and contracts agricultural structures
    such as mills, fertilizer plants, barns, etc.
  • Salary 26,000 - Unlimited
  • Education Required
  • Masters degree preferred in agriculture

Animal Breeder
  • Breed and raise animals to improve traits, to
    develop new breeds, or to maintain standards of
    existing breeds
  • Salary 18,000 - Unlimited
  • Necessary Skills
  • Organized
  • Reliable and be able to follow detailed

Artificial Breeding Technician
  • Assists in collecting and maintaining semen,
    identifying appropriate times to inseminate
    (deposits sperm) female and the actual
    insemination process
  • Salary 23,000 - 36,000
  • Education Requirements
  • Technical school or a college degree
  • Specialized training in artificial insemination

Social Service Professionals
  • Foreign Affairs Officials
  • Food and Drug Inspector
  • Foreign Food/Farming Training

Foreign Affairs Officials
  • Foreign affairs officials assist in planning and
    implementing foreign affairs program which secure
    the interests of the country while promoting
  • Salary 28,000 - 75,000
  • Working Conditions
  • Travel frequently and work out of an office

Food and Drug Inspector
  • Food and Drug inspector impose federal and state
    grading standards on food and drug products for
    the purpose of ensuring consumer safety and fair
  • Salary 25,000 - 65,000
  • Necessary Skills
  • Like detailed work
  • Responsible
  • Good oral and written communication

Agricultural Equipment Dealer
  • Farm equipment dealer sell and service farm
    machinery and equipment
  • Salary 28,000 - 75,000
  • Education Requirements
  • Bachelors degree with emphasis on agriculture
    and business.
  • High School courses in agriculture, business and

Agricultural Journalist
  • Gather, write, edit and report news articles that
    are published in agricultural magazines,
    newspapers, journals or broadcast on radio or
  • Salary 20,000 - 55,000
  • Education Required
  • Bachelors Degree in journalism, communications,
    English or political science. High School
    classes in agriculture, journalism, media,
    computers, and business

How to Start Planning for an Agricultural Career?
  • Develop an Agricultural Career Portfolio
  • A collection of your best work on agricultural
    projects and other career-related materials
  • The portfolio is used to sell your skills to a
    prospective employers

What to include in your Portfolio?
  • Resume
  • Photographs and written reports of projects that
    you have complete
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal and Career Goals
  • Action Plan for accomplishing your goals

How you can start planning at different levels?
  • Middle School Career Plan
  • Develop science projects with plants, animals,
    soil, water, energy, ecology, conservation, and
  • Join 4-H and choose agricultural projects
  • Volunteer to work on lawn, garden, greenhouses,
    farm or conservation projects
  • Enroll in agriculture or other career education
    projects at school

  • High School
  • Enroll in agriculture classes including plant
    science, animal science, agricultural mechanics,
    agribusiness and farm management
  • Enroll in college preparatory courses in
    English, math and science
  • Join 4-H and FFA organization and participate in
    leadership and citizenship activities
  • Develop a broad, supervised agricultural
    experience project
  • Acquire hands-on, skill-development experience
  • Conduct agricultural research project

  • Career Plan After High School
  • Obtain an agricultural job and plan ways to get
    additional training while on the job
  • Enter a community college and take courses that
    will transfer to the college of agriculture or
    life science of your choice
  • Enter a two-year program in technical agriculture
  • Enter a college of agriculture or life science
    and obtain a bachelor degree (B.S.), master
    degree (M.S.), and/ or doctorate (Ph.D)

Where to Obtain Agriculture Career Information?
  • Look for the Career Center under the Site Index.

  • If agriculture is in your future
  • It is never to early to plan for your
    personal career success.
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