How Is IoT Technology Transforming The Agricultural Sector? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How Is IoT Technology Transforming The Agricultural Sector?


Basically, Smart Agricultural Technology enables farmers to have better control over the process of growing crops and rearing livestock. This way it brings massive efficiencies of scale, cuts costs, and helps in saving scarce resources, like water. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Is IoT Technology Transforming The Agricultural Sector?

  • Session 1

  • Technological growth has intervened in our life
    tremendously. You can find the use of IoT or
    Internet of Things in almost all the aspects of
    our life, whether it is healthcare or home
    automation, connected devices are transforming
    our loves like never before. While we talk about
    the intervention of technology in our lives, it
    becomes important to mention that it is not only
    technology companies that are reaping ist
    benefits, rather IoT finds a great applicant in
    agriculture. Nowadays, we are talking about smart
    agriculture, which majorly relies on the use of
    technology in the field of agriculture, and hence
    we have the term agritech buzzing around. A lot
    of companies are hiring IoT experts who can help
    in blending this technology with the different
    aspects of agriculture.

Some Major Statistics Worth Noticing
  • While we are talking about the widespread use of
    technology in the field of agriculture, it
    becomes important to mention that we will see the
    IoT installation in agriculture to rise to 75
    million in 2020. At the same time, the market
    size of agritech is expected to reach 15.3
    million, which was only 5 million by 2025.
  • Here it becomes important to mention that this
    market is growing, and new businesses and
    startups are coming in every day. With this
    growth, there is also a steady demand for IoT
    training which can use this technology to come up
    with innovative products that will help in
    boosting the agricultural growth. And hence,
    there is also a growing demand for IoT
    certifications, which will allow helo in raising
    the workforce who has proficient in this field.

Use of IoT in agriculture
  • Better data collection- One of the first uses of
    IoT is in collecting data that will be sent
    across to different farmers. With the help of
    this data, they can get to know about the quality
    of soil, what kind of fertilizers would be
    required, and how they can enhance the
    productivity of their land.
  • Enhance the production- Many smart devices help
    in foreseeing the productivity, which will help
    the farmers to adopt the right measure to work
    upon it.

  • Enhances efficiency- It is very important for
    farmers to work on enhancing the efficiency of
    their work this is directly proportional to the
    productivity of their land. With automated smart
    devices, farmers can automate various processes
    like irrigation, pets control, etc.
  • Tracking the animals- Managing large herds can be
    difficult, but with the sensor mounted on the
    animals, people can help in tracking the movement
    of animals. It will help in keeping a better
    track of the animals.

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