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WIOA Implementation: Employment First Planning Tool Jobs for People with Disabilities! Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, President, RespectAbilityUSA – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: WIOA Implementation: Employment First Planning Tool

  • WIOA Implementation Employment First Planning
    Tool Jobs for People with Disabilities!
  • Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, President,
  • Contact JenniferM_at_RespectAbilityUSA.org
  • Donna Meltzer, President, NACDD
  • Contact  dmeltzer_at_nacdd.org

Meet Todays Presenters
  • Donna Meltzer is CEO of the National Association
    of Councils on Developmental Disabilities
    (NACDD), a national nonprofit organization that
    supports the nations 56 governor-appointed DD
    Councils that work within state government to
    promote independence, productivity, and
    integration of people with disabilities through
    systems change activities. Previously she was the
    senior director of government relations for the
    Epilepsy Foundation, where she worked from
    1987-1993. She previously served a three-year
    term as chairwoman of the Consortium for Citizens
    with Disabilities (CCD) and is also a past
    chairwoman of the National Health Councils
    Government Relations Affinity Group. She is a
    member of the board of advisors of
  • Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi is President and CEO of
    RespectAbilty, a non-profit organization working
    to empower people with disabilities to achieve
    the American dream. She works regularly with
    national, state and local policy leaders,
    workforce development professionals, media and
    employers, as well as with disability and
    faith-based organizations in order to expand
    opportunities for people with disabilities. She
    has already met with teams from all 50 states,
    including 40 governors, on WIOA implementation.
    She has published dozens of op-eds on disability
    issues, including in USA Today, Huffington Post,
    The Hill and other publications. Dyslexic
    herself, she also knows what it means to parent a
    child with multiple disabilities.

Governors Leading The Way
Jennifer Mizrahi, Gov. Scott Walker (WI), Lisa
Derx and John Pare
Gov. Jack Markell (DE), Jennifer Mizrahi Doc
Gov. Phil Bryant (MS), Jennifer Mizrahi and other
disability leaders
Gov. Terry Branstad
Gov. Dennis Daugaard (SD), Jennifer Mizrahi and
other disability leaders
Challenges and Opportunities
  • 21 million working age Americans with
  • 70 dont have jobs, most want to work
  • WIOA EVERY STATE must produce a unified
    strategic plan for providing training, employment
    services and vocational education in a
    coordinated way.
  • Opportunity to break down silos and fund best
    practices. Need to leave failed practices in the
  • Governors prepared through NGA Better Bottom
    Line Employing People with Disabilities
  • RespectAbility, NACDD, PVA, Best Buddies, NCIL,
    NOD have prepared a tool to help by showing best
    practices. See http//respectabilityusa.com/resour
  • 503 Rules Create New Opportunities for Inclusive
    Federal Contractors (7 of workforce to be people
    with disabilities), 402 works for veterans.
  • ABLE Act

WIOA Breaking Down Silos
  • EVERY STATE must produce a unified plan for
    providing training, employment services and
    vocational education in a coordinated way!
  • Governors should bring together silos of
    government and workforce needs
  • Workforce development
  • Tax and other incentives
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Voc. Rehab.
  • Disability Advocates/Stakeholders
  • Employers (USBLN etc.)
  • State can be a model inclusive employer
  • Can encourage state contractors to be inclusive
  • Required From DOL-ETA Notice of Proposed Rule
    Making- Docket No. ETA-2015-0001
  • Membership of State Workforce Development Board
    as required by the regs
  • The Governor
  • Members from the State legislature
  • Majority of representatives of businesses
  • Business orgs and trade associations
  • Small Business representatives
  • Labor organization representatives
  • Community-based organizations

Young People with Disabilities
  • 1,200,000 Americans with disabilities between
    ages 16 and 20(1).
  • Every year, 300,000 will age into what should be
    the workforce.
  • Whether they will achieve competitive integrated
    employment, or collect and depend on government
    benefits, depends largely on your decisions.
  • High expectations, eliminating stigmas, and
    connecting them to effective programs and
    supports can enable positive outcomes.
  • (1) 2012 Disability Status Report United States,
    Cornell University. Pg. 16. Link

Project Search intern Haley McCormick-Thompson
lends an attentive ear to a resident at United
Hebrew New Rochelle. Photo Cred POSITIVE
1. The majority of Americans with disabilities
who are working-age want to work. They represent
a talent pool of 20 million Americans who can
make companies and organizations stronger and
2. Hiring people with disabilities can make
companies more successful. Walgreens, EY, AMC,
IBM, PEPSI, Starbucks, UPS others have found
this to be true as employees with disabilities,
when aligned with their talents and interests,
are productive, loyal and have fewer work place
accidents than employees without disabilities.
3. Hiring Americans with disabilities can save
money for taxpayers. The U.S. spends billions
each year on benefits to people who, in most
cases, would rather have the respect, friendships
and income that jobs and careers brings.
Benefits for Companies
  • Benefits of Hiring PwDs (competitive advantage)
    (Kalargyrou, 2014 Kalargyrou and Volis, 2014)
  • PwD's turnover rates are lower than people
    without disabilities (Grant, 1991).
  • It increases psychological safety and
  • Improves innovation, problem solving abilities,
    ability to compete in all markets, react to
    expectations of diverse consumers.
  • Establishes positive company image and increasing
    customer satisfaction
  • Positive effects on workforce
  • Increases attendance of both people with and
    without disabilities (Grant, 1991).
  • Improves corporate reputation (Grant, 1991). 
  • Walgreens as a case study http//www.kter.org/con
  • 2010 Kessler-NOD Survey by Harris Interactive
  • Lowes example  http//nod.org/assets/downloads/N
  • Challenges
  • Stereotyping/skepticism
  • New studies (Kuo and Kalargyrou 2014)
  • Productivity issues when there is a mismatch
    between position and abilities

Jackie Robinson Strategy
  • First African American to play in Major League
    Baseball in the modern era, starting in 1947.
  • Brooklyn Dodgers ended racial segregation in the
    MLB with the full support of the team.
  • When they hired Jackie Robinson, the Dodgers
    enjoyed more athletic success, sold more tickets,
    and gained a larger fan base. WIN-WIN-WIN.
  • Jackies Athletic Awards
  • Selected for six consecutive All-Star Games (1949
  • Won the National League Most Valuable Player
    Award in 1949
  • Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1962

Superstars with Disabilities
Albert Einstein Autism Spectrum
Franklin D. Roosevelt Post-polio syndrome
Thomas Jefferson Dyslexia
Ludwig von Beethoven Deaf
Michael J. Fox Parkinsons Disease
Derrick Coleman Deaf
Amy Purdy Uses prosthetic legs
Lauren Potter Down syndrome
Stephen Hawking ALS
Marlee Matlin Deaf
Find Your Employer Heroes
  • Every state needs leadership employers. EY,
    Prudential Financial, Procter Gamble, IBM,
    KPMG, Merck Co., ATT, Sodexo, Kaiser
    Permanente, Comcast, Walgreens, AMC Theaters,
    hospitals, senior living among others have found
    they can do good and do well at the same time.
  • http//abcn.ws/1GCPssI
  • http//nbcnews.to/1D4l0c3
  • The Business Case of Employing People with
    Disabilities- Tourism Research Hospitality
    Journal- http//scitechnol.com/business-case-of-em
  • People with disabilities A new model of
    productive labor-Advances in Hospitality-

Section 503 and Fedspending.org
  • Example Contracts Performed in Wisconsin (FY
  • Top 5 Contractor Parent Companies
  • Oshkosh Corporation 4,720,688,212
  • Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance
    Corporation 148,403,532
  • General Electric Company 104,174,979
  • National Presto Industries Inc. 104,079,936
  • Kimberly-Clark Corporation 65,551,668
  • http//www.fedspending.org/fpds/fpds.php?fiscal_y

Top Federal Contract Awards Need STEM Core
Competencies Partner with Education
FY 2012 Rank Parent Company Name Dollars of total
2 THE BOEING COMPANY 17,657,963,624 6.32
4 RAYTHEON COMPANY 7,943,958,323 2.84
You Need Employers/Work Sites
  • Look for growing or high turnover employers/work
    sites that have at least 50 employees each. They
    can have an HR person centralize accommodations,
    onboard talent and have potential to hire
    numerous employees over time.
  • Look for employers with diverse jobs (e.g.,
    hospitals, senior living communities, big hotels)
    that are stable or expanding.
  • Must have market-driven needs for talent. No
    make-work or charity jobs.
  • USBLN and The National Employment Team (CSAVR)
    are great partners.
  • Federal contractors on public transportation

Employment-First Vision
  • Line up programs from pre-birth to transition to
    work to be Employment First
  • Prenatal counseling resources when a parent finds
    out they are having a child with Down syndrome
    etc. to let them know there is a job path
  • Infants and toddler programs Inspirational
    resources on career options for people with
  • Supports for community service work so that teens
    with disabilities can volunteer to help in the
    community they need to see and be seen for
    having the ability to contribute (Summers of
  • School IEPs that lead to independence and jobs
  • Early work opportunities, including supported
    summer internships for teens with disabilities.
  • Disability and job data by state
  • South Dakota-Governor Employing People with
    Disabilities in South Dakota https//dhs.sd.gov/Ne

New York State
  • 73.3 of persons without disabilities aged 18 to
    64 are employed.3
  • 32.2 of PwDs aged 18 to 64 are employed.3
  • 68,800 persons aged 16 to 20 have a disability.1
  • 997,500 persons aged 21 to 64 have a disability.1
  • 2,171,581 civilians with a disability live in the
    community in NY.3
  • The Employment Gap between PwDs and people
    without disabilities has decreased 0.7 pts
    between 2010 and 2011.3
  • 601,407 people ages 18-64 received SSDI or SSI
    benefits in the year 2012.3
  • In 2012, NYs total expenditure on SSDI benefits
    for PwDs was 8,018,808,000.3
  • Voc. Rehab. received 36,015 general applicants
    and 1,099 blind applicants in NY in 2012.3
  • Voc. Rehab. obtained 12,386 jobs for PwDs in NY
    in 2012.3

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D)
  1. 2012 Disability Status Report New York,
  2. State Data The National Report on Employment
    Services and Outcomes, 2013
  3. Annual Disability Statistics Compendium

Prevalence of Disability Among Non-Institutionaliz
ed People Ages 16 to 20 in New York in 2012
Total Numbers Reported
Source Cornell University
States Not Receiving Their Full Federal Match
State Agency Type Award Formula Award Amount Relinquised in Rellotment Received in Reallotment MOE Penalty for Prior Year Deficit
Georgia Combined H126A140089 103,487,366 (42,581,367) 0 0
Idaho General H126A140016 15,559,926 (736,206) 0 0
Indiana Combined H126A140019 74,235,848 (14,500,000) 0 0
Iowa General H126A140020 25,355,920 (2,314,114) 0 0
Iowa Blind H126A140021 5,947,685 (596,085) 0 0
Kansas Combined H126A140022 27,757,480 (7,500,000) 0 0
Kentucky General H126A140023 47,125,958 (6,078,400) 0 0
Kentucky Blind H126A140024 7,671,668 (1,071,668) 0 0
Louisiana Combined H126A140025 53,132,592 (17,583,295) 0 0
Michigan General H126A140090 93,023,198 (19,558,448) 0 0
Missouri General H126A140036 56,493,391 (2,000,000) 0 (341,192)
Nevada Combined H126A140041 23,842,499 (5,200,000) 0 (1,300,761)
Ohio Combined H126A140052 127,715,538 (18,215,538) 0 0
Pennsylvania Combined H126A140056 125,831,214 (4,086,378) 0 0
Washington General H126A140071 45,967,372 (250,000) 0 (473,251)
National Governors Association Jobs for People
with Disabilities
Governor Jack Markell of Delaware Past Chair,
National Governors Association

Disability Employment First Planning Tool
Disability Employment First Planning
Tool Download the PDF
Non-profits committed to jobs for PwDs will stand
at your side and help!
Disability Employment First Planning Tool
  1. Making The Best Of Limited Resources
  2. Find And Support Businesses In Their Effect To
    Employ People With Disabilities
  3. Make Disability Employment Part Of The State
    Workforce Strategy
  4. Preparing Youth With Disabilities For Careers
    That Use Their Full Potential, And Providing
    Employers With A Pipeline Of Skilled Work
  5. Being a Model Employer By Increasing The Number
    Of PWDs Working In State Government

I. Making The Best Of Limited Resources
  • Gathering data regarding your leadership and
    efforts to address and reduce stigmas and other
    barriers to employment in your state and make
    disability employment a part of the state
    workforce strategy.
  • Internal Issue Awareness and Commitment
  • The Governor and key state leaders have taken
    the time to understand the issues surrounding the
    expansion of competitive integrated employment
    for PwDs
  • The Governor has openly pledged their support to
    the NGAs Disability Employment initiative.
  • The State and Governor celebrate and recognize
    National Disability employment Awareness Month
  • The State is reaching out to make the most of
    opportunities coming from the Federal government
    and other partners, and is blending those
    opportunities for maximum results
  • B. Raising Public Awareness and Decreasing
  • The Governor uses their own time, name and office
    to reduce stigmas and prejudice against hiring
    people with disabilities. This can be done
    through media opportunities such as personal
    statements, appearances, etc. (ex Conference on
    inclusive employment of PwDs with Gov. Jack
    Markell of DE http//www.inclusiveworkforcesummit

I. Making The Best Of Limited Resources
  • During speeches to business leaders the governor
    regularly speaks about the positive business
    cases of being an inclusive employer.
  • The Governor uses their own time, name and office
    to reduce stigmas and prejudice against hiring
    PwDs by demonstrating the positive business case
    aspects of employing PwDs at least once a month
    through personal statements, appearances, media
    events etc.
  • The Governor visits a successful job site in
    their state quarterly that employs PwDs. Media is
    invited to report about the experience. (ex
    Nebraska Governor Site Visit http//bit.ly/1pIolUm
  • The Governor is working with public
    figures/celebrities to do public service
    announcements or events throughout the year to
    convince companies to see the advantage of hiring
  • The state promotes awareness and inclusive hiring
    by identifying and publicly praising businesses
    within the state that are leaders in the
    inclusion through awards, visibility, or other
  • The Governor hosts disability employment summits,
    which include businesses that are making the
    business-to-business case for inclusive
    employment to other employers. (ex

II. Find And Support Businesses In Their Efforts
To Employ People With Disabilities
  • A. Communications, Staffing, and Support
  • There is a state-supported centralized agency
    that distributes information, resources,
    integrated employment support and training for
    businesses that hire PwDs, and this agency makes
    itself known to employers.
  • The state has enables mechanisms and services
    which enable businesses to effectively include
  • The state is working to build and sustain the
    capacity of front-line staff across systems.
  • There are expectations on provider organizations
    to assure that they are transitioning to
    market-driven service models focused on the
    provision of integrated employment supports and
    other home community based services.
  • The state has created mechanism to enable people
    with disabilities, including veterans with
    disabilities, to navigate multiple service
    programs. (Ex  Press release for State of Iowa
    hiring for veterans with disabilities on a
    non-competitive basis http//bit.ly/1ENUrc3)
  • The state has a special focus on supporting
    Federal contractors under the mandate from
    section 503, including working closely with the
    United States Business Leadership Council.

Won Shin, senior manager in transaction advisory
services at EY speaks with coworker Alejandra
Preciat and Francis Smith. Photo Cred POSITIVE
Ernst Young / RespectAbility Webinar-
Disabilities to Diverse Abilities Changing the
Workplace Paradigm- http//bit.ly/1c3GMnH
Consumers Addressing the importance of work
III. Make Disability Employment Part Of The
Government Workforce Strategy
  • A. Policy and Legislation
  • The Governor/state has signed Employment First
    legislation and/or issued an Executive Order on
    Employment First. (Iowas Employment First
    Information http//bit.ly/1GXX2Uf
  • The state is actively working to align policy,
    practice, and funding across systems to promote
    integrated employment as preferred outcome.
  • B. Communication and Representation
  • There is a statewide workforce development board
    that reports directly to the Governor
  • At least one representative of the disability
    advocacy community is specifically included in
    that workforce development taskforce which
    reports to the Governor http//msrc.maryland.gov/
  • There are online ad, which are 508 compliant to
    find PwDs find services to get jobs before people
    start receiving benefits. They should also help
    employers source talented PwDs

Former Project SEARCH intern Dalila Ochoa works
in government. Photo credit POSITIVE EXPOSURE.
State Policy Options for Employing People With
Disabilities http//bit.ly/1DkuuNa National
Funders Collaborate to Support Groundbreaking
Work in Disability and Employment
llaborate-to-support-groundbreaking-work Kessler
Foundation Grants 450,000 to Ability Beyond for
PepsiCo Disability Employment Initiative
III. Make Disability Employment Part Of The
Government Workforce Strategy
  1. The local regional, and statewide workforce
    development boards fully support integrated
    employment as a winning strategy for workforce
    development. (ex Iowa job honor awards
  2. The state has taken steps to market options like
    vocational rehab to persons who are contemplating
    or who have applied for SSI/DI in an effort to
    assist these individuals (Delaware transition
    assistance http//www.deldhub.com/index.shtml)

EY Employees Mark Richardson, Won Shin and Lori
Golden discuss business in the Time Square
State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
http//bit.ly/1AzPlw6 Employment of PwDs Summit
with Gov. Terry Branstad of Iowa
IV. Preparing Youth With Disabilities For Careers
That Use Their Full Potential, And Providing
Employers With A Pipeline Of Skilled Work
  • Ensuring that employment of people with PwDs is
    win- win- win for individuals, businesses, and
    the state takes persistence, talent, training,
    and devoted resources. (portal for employers to
    enable business to include PWD's
    ault.aspx Illinois supports integrated
    employment as a winning strategy http//www2.illi
  • There must be an expectation of work first rather
    than an outdated system of benefit reliance.
  • Is your state systematically and proactively
    using best practices to change that outcome and
    help youth with disabilities transition into work
    and meaningful careers. (Delaware DisABILITY Hub
    provides transition assistance, including in the
    area of employment http//www.deldhub.com/index.s
  • Parents And Early Education
  • The state provides accurate and useful tools and
    resources for expectant mothers. For example see
  • The state provides an early infant and toddler
    program to all who need it within a reasonable
    time with an educational component promoting
    school readiness.
  • The state offers readily available free wrap
    around services and tools to help parents prepare
    their children with disabilities for work.

IV. Preparing Youth With Disabilities For Careers
That Use Their Full Potential, And Providing
Employers With A Pipeline Of Skilled Work
  • B. School To Work Transitions
  • IEPs and ILPs have an expectation of integrated
    competitive work as a first choice option.
  • The state provides high school degree bound,
    college, and university students with
    disabilities with transition services and access
    to internships, mentorships and work
  • The state facilitates and supports
    performance-based transition apprenticeships for
    non-degree bound students and young adults that
    offer hands-on career exploration, worksite-based
    training and support and placement for people
    with disabilities coming from school to work.
  • If schools have a gradation requirement of
    community service hours for students, supports
    are offered and provided to students with
    disabilities so they have equal access to
    integrated community service opportunities.
  • Young people with PwDs are made aware that
    employment is the first option and made aware of
    the possibilities that would allow them to avoid
    long-term dependence.
  • State agencies blend and braid funding with
    agreements for performance based programs such as
    Project SEARCH, or PROMISE as a method of
    achieving Employment First Objectives.
  • The state is confident that it has partnerships
    and relationships in place to meet the employment
    needs of all young PwDs transitioning from school
    to work in any given year. (For assistance in
    determining the number of student with
    disabilities in your state who are transitioning
    from school to work, go to http//www.respectabili

Project SEARCH Program Description
  • One school year or 9 months.
  • 10 12 young adults with a variety of
    intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Instructor and job coaches.
  • Immersed in host business culture.
  • Rotations through unpaid internships with
    continual feedback.
  • Outcome of employment in the community.

Project SEARCH intern Anthony Telesford is all
smiles while working in the kitchen at Mountfiore
New Rochelle. Photo credit POSITIVE EXPOSURE
  • .
  • 273 programs in 44 states.
  • 2500 young people per year.
  • 60 healthcare, 40 broad mix of business types.
  • 68 employment.
  • 88 employee benefit eligible.
  • 35 take employee benefits, usually at 5 years.
  • Benefits alone save roughly 1 million dollars
    over a lifetime.
  • Family involvement curriculum to drive familial
    change in attitude.
  • The Project SEARCH Definition of a Successful
  • Competitive employment in an integrated setting.
  • Year-round work.
  • 16 hours per week or more.
  • Minimum wage or higher
  • Project SEARCH www.projectsearch.us
  • Contact Erin Riehle at Erin.Riehle_at_cchmc.org
  • Upcoming RespectAbility Webinar on Project
    SEARCH-May 21st, 2015
  • Register at http//respectabilityusa.com/events
  • RSVP here https//secure.confertel.net/tsregister

IV. Preparing Youth With Disabilities For Careers
That Use Their Full Potential, And Providing
Employers With A Pipeline Of Skilled Work
  • C. State Commitment To Accommodations,
    Accessibility, And Training
  • Successful employees may have been born with a
    disability or have acquired disabilities through
    age, accident, or disease. With reasonable
    accommodations many can enter and/or remain
    highly productive in the workforce.
  • Is your state doing what is needed to keep
    workers with newly acquired or increasing
    disabilities in the workforce?
  • Assistive Technology training and support.
    Resource https//askjan.org/
  • Universal Accessibility at all of the states
    American Job Centers http//www.washington.edu/do
  • Staff that has been fully trained to work with
    clients with disabilities. (Person First
  • The state VR program is fully matched so that
    wait lists are reduced or the order of selection
    does not exist.
  • State vocational rehabilitation quickly and
    appropriately matches consumers with counselors.
  • State vocational rehabilitation offers technical
    assistance to the employers about PWDs.
  • The State has created a Ticket to Work Employment
    Network .
  • All individuals who are eligible for Home and
    Community Based Services (HBCS) waivers are
    automatically eligible for employment supports

Digital accessibility in the workplace
IV. Preparing Youth With Disabilities For Careers
That Use Their Full Potential, And Providing
Employers With A Pipeline Of Skilled Work
  • D. Self Employment, Small Business Ownership, And
  • The state ensures that Small Business Centers are
    accessible and staff are trained to include and
    service small business owners and self-employed
  • The state encourages micro-lending and other
    lending to PwD owned small businesses and
  • The state offers readily available and free
    services and tools for PwDs who are entrepreneurs
    of self-employed. (ex Delaware integrates
    resources for job-seekers with disabilitieshttps

Tim Harris , a small business owner. He opened
his restaurant Tims Place in 2010
Addressing Labor Market Needs and building
productive careers for people with disabilities
through collaborative approaches
http//bit.ly/1dI7ymc Employer
Guide https//www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/fi
V. Being A Model Employer By Increasing The
Number Of People With Disabilities In Government
  • In many states the public sector is the largest
    employer. However, no matter its size, state
    government has an important role to play as a
    successful leader as an inclusive employer and
    through the states contracted employers.
  • This serves to address both the practical concern
    of employing more PwDs and the perception
    problem, by demonstrating best practices and
    value added to the employer by fostering an
    inclusive work environment.
  • State Employment Of People With Disabilities
  • There is a Governors initiative and identified
    statewide hiring goal in place for PwDs
  • There are people who self-identify as PwDs, or
    who have visible disabilities, in senior
    leadership roles in administration.
  • Inclusion of employees with disabilities is a
    part of the human resources evaluation of
    managers in state government.
  • The administration/state uses the contracting
    system to promote the hiring, retention and
    promotion of PwDs by state contractors. This
    includes having a state version of Federal
    Section 503. FAQs on Section 503 http//www.dol.

Webinar Disability and Employment Research,
Policy, Practice http//bit.ly/1ES6iqL
V. Being A Model Employer By Increasing The
Number Of People With Disabilities In State
  • B. Performance Goals And Metrics
  • The state has specific measurable annual
    performance goals for inclusive employment,
    similar to Executive Order 13548
    10-18988.pdf), which requires federal agencies to
    have performance targets and numerical goals for
    employment of individuals with disabilities and
    sub-goals for employment of individuals with
    targeted disabilities including veterans with
  • An official team is responsible for measuring
    performance metrics against annual benchmarks,
    has the budget to do so, and reports their
    results directly to the Governor, key
    stakeholders, and the public.
  • The state uses an anonymous employee engagement
    survey to determine if employees with
    disabilities feel discriminated against, are
    self-identifying, and are getting the
    accommodations that they need to succeed in their

Delaware supports job applicants who need
accommodations http//www.delawarestatejobs.com/d
V. Being A Model Employer By Increasing The
Number Of People With Disabilities In State
  • C. Accessibility And Accommodation
  • The state provides early tailored supports for
    Administration/State employees experiencing the
    onset of worsening or challenging conditions to
    enable them to continue in the workforce.
    Resource http//askjan.org (Delaware supports
    job applicants who need accommodationshttp//bit
  • The states internal and external website is fully
    accessible ( 508 compliant http//1.usa.gov/1dKlE
  • The state has an accessible document explaining
    accommodation procedures for applicants,
    employees and supervisors.
  • The state utilizes accessible electronic record
    keeping software, databases, communication, and
    professional development tools.
  • The has a centralized fund or other resources for
    accommodations and assistive technology for its
    employees with disabilities.
  • The state has a process for employees to
    confidentially self-identify as having a
  • The state has an accessible emergency policy or
    procedure in place, inclusive of persons with
  • The state has and disseminates Self-Identification
    of Disability forms
  • The state reviews proposed termination to ensure
    reasonable accommodations were properly

Examples of Web Accessibility http//bit.ly/1naem
V. Being A Model Employer By Increasing The
Number Of People With Disabilities In Government
  • D. Marketing Of Employment, Efforts, And Services
  • There is a statewide written statement of
    diversity and inclusion, which directly refers to
    disability that is not an anti-discrimination
  • The states disability policy, including
    reasonable accommodation policy, is posted on the
    states website and is easy for employees and the
    public to find.
  • The states has an officially recognized
    disability employee resource group (ERG) or
    affinity group. (Ex http//bit.ly/1FMRRVJ)
  • The state distributes diversity awareness
    information, which includes disability, as part
    of new hire training.
  • The state annually distributes a memorandum to
    human resource directors providing guidance on
    effective use of the Self-Identification of
    Disability Forms during the on-boarding process.
  • The state has developed and implemented an
    external communication and marketing plans,
    including social media, career fairs, and job
    announcements that the state is encouraging
    qualified applicants with disabilities to apply.

Federal Sector ERG http//bit.ly/1R6fi0x Webinar
on creating linkages for effective recruitment
of candidates with disabilities
  • State Data The National Report on Employment
    Services and Outcomes, 2013
  • 2012 Disability Status Report United States,
    Cornell University, 2012 www.disabilitystatistics
  • Federal Contract Lists for Every
    State-Fedspending www.fedspending.org
  • Successful School to Work Transitions-Project
    SEARCH www.projectsearch.us
  • US Business Leadership Network http//usbln.org/
  • Job Accommodation Network https//askjan.org/
  • Talent Acquisition Portal-Access to Qualified
    PWDs https//tapability.org/
  • State VR Agencies http//wdcrobcolp01.ed.gov/Prog
  • Data on Employment PWDs http//respectabilityus
  • 2012-2016 State Workforce Investment Act
  • State Workforce Investment Board, Key Workforce
    Priorities and Fast Facts http//workforceinvestm

Upcoming Webinar Introduction to Web
Accessibility Tips and Tricks
  • May 21th, 2015, 130pm Eastern Time / 1230pm
    Central Time / 1130am Mountain Time / 1030am
    Pacific Time
  • Register at http//respectabilityusa.com/events
  • RSVP here https//secure.confertel.net/tsregister

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