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Fisheries and the EDF 11 Regional Programme


A presentation to the SciCOFish Steering Committee meeting Noumea 12th March 2015 Draft Regional Indicative Programme has three sectors: Regional Economic ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fisheries and the EDF 11 Regional Programme

Fisheries and the EDF 11 Regional Programme
  • A presentation to the SciCOFish Steering
    Committee meeting
  • Noumea 12th March 2015

Key features of the EDF11
  • Draft Regional Indicative Programme has three
  • Regional Economic Integration aid for trade and
    private sector involvement - 78m
  • Sustainable management of natural resources
    (specifically oceanic and coastal) and waste -
  • Inclusive and accountable governance - 22m
  • Note that values include 46 m blending finance
    which will probably not be available for typical
    grant aid projects

Guidelines for Programmes
  • The preference is for a small number of
    relatively large programmes 3-10 programmes
  • A fisheries programme is a given from the
    perspective of the EU
  • Multi-agency programmes are preferred
  • Involvement of non- state actors (NGOs) is a
  • Cross-cutting programmes are also favoured and
    will be able to draw funds from more than one RIP
  • While building on past success, the EU, in
    particular, are looking for innovative
    initiatives and features (not business as
  • Support from national governments (steering
    committee) will be the main determinant of
  • Implementing agencies that have passed the
    7-pillar assessment will be strongly preferred.

Latest timelines
  • Draft RIP submitted to Brussels
  • Approval possible by March 2015
  • This will trigger invitation for proposals or
    expressions of interest
  • Steering committee will review proposals and
    either approve, reject, or recommend merging with
    other projects
  • Realistically, it is unlikely that any new
    projects will commence before early 2016 and
    must be finished by 2023
  • Our proposal needs to be ready after
    discussion/endorsement at this meeting.

EDF10 fisheries projects
  • SciCOFish
  • 9 million
  • SPC implements
  • Project ends Mar. 2015
  • Focus on fisheries science for management
  • tuna (2/3) coastal (1/3)
  • DevFish 2
  • 8.2 million
  • FFA lead agency
  • Project end Feb. 2016
  • Tuna fishery development and combatting IUU
  • Artisanal tuna fishing

Also ACP Fish 2 (EDF9) all ACP project with
Pacific Hub ended late 2013
Some EU supported achievements
  • Observer coverage
  • Regional surveillance
  • Market access
  • Initial bio-economic assessments
  • CC impacts on tuna
  • Stronger industry associations
  • New coastal management plans
  • New resources and skills

Emerging needs and opportunities
  • New requirements IUU regulation
  • New technology e-reporting and e-monitoring
    integrated information systems
  • New approaches regional competent authority
  • New partners supporting NGOs in community based
    fisheries management
  • New emphasis on capacity building and career
    development with USP
  • New component to address ecosystem impacts with
    SPREP (biodiversity/iconic species)

Objective and Results
  • Overall Objective Sustainable management and
    development of fisheries resources
  • Project Purpose Provide technical support and
    training to address constraints to improved
    management of fisheries and economic growth based
    on their sustainable exploitation.
  • 7 Result areas.

1. Scientific advice for management of the
oceanic fishery
  • Tuna biology
  • Ecosystem analysis
  • Targetted small scale tagging
  • Bio-economic analysis
  • Analytical work on the purse-seine fishery and
    effort creep
  • Consultation with industry on bigeye bycatch.

2. Economic development of national tuna
  • Investment facilitation
  • Development policy support
  • Support to domestic industry
  • Regional competent authority support unit
  • Assistance to comply with the EU IUU regulation
    and any new market requirements.

Funded under Aid for Trade focal sector
3. Coastal fisheries management
  • Training in coastal resource assessment
  • Wide roll-out of community based management
  • Materials and training for community support
  • Support for coastal fisheries legal reforms.

4. Enhanced MCS to control IUU fishing
  • Implementation of national plans of action for
    IUU fishing
  • Sustainable observer training mechanisms
  • Roll-out of electronic reporting and electronic
  • Analysis of reporting and observer data
  • Training of coastal MCS officers
  • Maritime boundary delimitation and negotiations.

5. Bio-diversity/iconic species
  • Analysis of observer data for impact of fishing
    on marine megafauna
  • Identification of interaction hotspots
  • Targetted mitigation measures (e.g. circle hook
    exchange) and training in release techniques
  • Work with coastal communities on conservation

6. Relevant tertiary training
  • Development of accredited course at USP
  • Sustainable observer training
  • Young professional appointments/ secondments
  • Collaborative research projects (MSc, PhD)

7. Project management and communication
  • EU project management and reporting requirements
  • Communication of project findings and results
  • Improved transparency in decision making
  • Visibility of EU assistance.

Measuring Results - SMART Indicators
  • Jobs
  • exports

Result specific indicators
  • Other indicators
  • Market access
  • Increased financial returns (measured by value of
  • Status of tuna species against regionally-agreed
    reference points
  • Area under Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs)
  • Reduction in IUU in oceanic and coastal fishery
  • Number of maritime boundary treaties signed
  • Turtle populations assessed and impact of
    fisheries on them quantified and reduced
  • Number of male and female students graduating
    from tertiary and technical/vocational courses
  • Number and uptake of media releases casting the
    EU and project activities in a positive light.

What will it cost?
  • Very tentative budget at this stage more
    detailed design required
  • At this stage no certainty of any funding
  • Indicative figure for the project is 40 million
  • Cost of each component 5-8 million
  • At this stage coastal component is the largest.

Thank you
  • and remember the best EDF regional projects all
    end in fish
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