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1. To grasp the key language points and grammatical structures in the text


Unit 6 1. To grasp the key language points and grammatical structures in the text 2. To understand the main idea ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 1. To grasp the key language points and grammatical structures in the text

Unit 6
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1. To grasp the key language points and
grammatical structures in the text     2. To
understand the main idea, structure of the text
and the authors writing style   3. To
conduct a series of reading, listening, speaking
and writing activities related to the theme
I. Time Allotment 8
II. Teaching Objectives Requirements
1. Key language points and grammatical
structures in the text   2. Authors writing
III. Key Points and Difficult Points in Teaching
1. Cultural background--- September 11 attacks
IV. Teaching Process
Warming upIt is impossible to choose. An
integrated analysis of text I Weve Been
The most destructive attack of terrorism
ever launched against the U.S. On Sep.11, 2001, a
group of Islamic terrorists, widely believed to
be part of the Al Qaeda network, hijacked three
commercial airliners in midair, took over the
controls and deliberately crashed them into the
pentagon and the twin towers of the World Trade
Center (WTC). The tower collapsed due to the fire
caused by the initial crash. The death toll at
the WTC ran to over three thousand people.
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The attack of World Trade Center
--- Tell what you know about the 9.11 attack.
--- Describe a disaster you have experienced or
have heard of and how people involved reacted to
it. --- How do you view some peoples great
courage to help others in the presence of
2. Pre-reading questions
The text describes a particular episode in the
disaster that occurred on September 11, 2001 in
New York in praise of the courage and compassion
of man. It begins with the common peoples
perception about the WTC.
3. The main idea of Text 1
The author also describes the initial
reaction of people inside the WTC when the
building was hit, and then a concrete example
about how three people endeavored to save a
heavyset man with their joint efforts. The text
ends with the gathering of some of the survivors
and the victims wives. It is a most touching
scene. And it seems to suggest that the author
has, from what is described above, reached the
conclusion about the ultimate moral dilemma
Save yourself, or save another.
   Part 1 (Para.1) In this paragraph two images
are used to emphasize the power (steadiness) of
the WTC. They are storms and drawstrings. Storms
were nothing compared with the giant building,
and even the swaying of the drawstrings was only
an illusion.
5. Structural analysis of the text 1.
The passage can be divided into four parts.
Questions ---What are the two images used
in p1 to emphasize the power of the WTC? ---
Why are the functions of the two images?Word
explanation --- Illusion opp- disillusion
--- Be under an illusion --- Cherish an
illusion --- Have no illusion about
Part 2 (Para.2-9) Paragraphs 2-5 present a
picture of what happened immediately after the
hit. Note the author uses the image of the
drawstrings again, instead of an explicit
description, to indicate the terrible force of
the strike. After a few second of initial
confusion, people began to try to find their way
out. Such attempts are epitomized by the effort
of the employees in May Davis.burning jet fuel
refers to the fuel from the airplane.
Questions --- What is the implication of the
parallel sentences For some a matter of and
For some as basic as?---  Is there any
evidence that showed peoples concern for others?
It is reported that the airplane struck into
the WTC only a few minutes after it took off with
its tanks full of fuel, which are said to have
been the cause of the explosion that led to the
collapse of the building.
Paraphrase ---P3 Mayblum would be purgatory
that morning.
Word explanation ---dilemma a situation in
which one has to make a difficult choice e.g.
This is the industrialists dilemma invest, and
going bankrupt, or not invest and risk losing
your share of the market.
Part 3 (Para.10-30) Paragraphs 10-14 depict the
scene of Mayblums encounter with the heavyset
man on the 53rd floor where Ramos and Hong
offered timely help. Notice that the author uses
various words to present the horrible situation
inside the WTC an extraordinary purgatory (
Paragraph 3 ), pandemonium ( Paragraph 9 ) .
Paragraphs 23-30 are the most moving part of
the story. It tells us how, in the most dangerous
moment when the heavyset man was completely
exhausted, Ramos and Hong still insisted on
helping him out of the building, no matter how
the fireman ordered Hong to leave, and how Ramos
decided to stay behind with the heavyset man.  
the collapsing tower next door refers to the
South Tower which collapsed thirty minutes
earlier than the North Tower.
Paragraph 10-14 It depicts the scene of
Mayblums encounter with the heavyset man on the
53rd floor where Ramos and Hong offered timely
help. Word explanation Descenddescent (n)
Calves---bull e.g. The male is called a
bull and a young cow is called a calf meat from
a cow is called beef and meat from a calf is
called veal.
They first got down to the 44th floor in the
elevator which, fortunately, was still working.
Then Ramos and Hong helped the man down to the
36th floor, which took them one hour and five
minutes ( one step at a time ). In paragraphs
15-22,students could get an idea how the three
persons ( Ramos, Hong and the heavyset man )
managed to get down to the 36th floor.
Paragraph 15-22 Question ---How did they
manage to get down from the 53rd floor to the
36th floor?
Paragraph 23-30 It tells us how Ramos and
Hong still insisted on helping the heavyset man
out of the building. Word explanation
Persuade ---persuasion---persuasive
Paraphrase P24 --- The rumbles of the
collapsing tower energy. The rolling of the
collapse of the south tower destroyed the mans
hope of climbing down the remaining stairs, and
thus took away his remaining energy. Read this
part with emotion
Part 4 (Para.31-34) These paragraphs make
up the last part of the text which relates the
gathering of some of the survivors and victims
family memory of the dead after the disaster.
The last paragraph is a condensed account of
Ramoss heroic deed. It echoes that sentence with
a very moving picture. Notice the word fade,
which literally means to become unclear ,
suggests that Harry Ramos probably died in his
attempt to save the heavy man.
to move or swing from side to side E.g. The
dancer swayed to the music.
6.Language points
    to hit violently or suddenly E.g. The waves
lashed (against) the rocks.
to laugh at E.g. I came to the meeting to
scoff but the speaker persuaded me.
completely destructiveE.g. The US then
launched its most devastating attack of the
entire war.
something that deceives a person by seeming
to be realE.g. The mirror all round the walls
give an illusion of greater space.
a place or condition of great suffering
E.g. Angela has a very thin sharp voice its
purgatory to have to listen to her sing.
Glance at
to look quickly or briefly at E.g. I saw
them glance at each other as if they knew
something I didnt. (fig.) In this book he only
glances at the difficulties of the new government
before passing on to the history of the country.
a situation in which one has to make a
difficult choice E.g. This is the
industrialists dilemma invest, and risk going
bankrupt, or not invest and risk losing your
share of the market.
E.g. Seeing Judiths worried face, Betty smiled
make someone feel less worried or frightened
E.g. Its reassuring to know that the children
are being looked after.
Reassuringly adv.
E.g. A few seconds after the explosion the
street was full of panic-stricken people, fleeing
in all directions.
to be suddenly frightened by something
E.g. When the plane gets into difficulty in the
sky, it is essential that the pilot should not
Panic-stricken a.
  • (break into pieces and ) to fall down suddenly
    E.g. The bridge collapsed under the weight of the
    train. E.g. There was a loud explosion and the
    whole apartment block simply collapsed.

7. Questions for consideration --- What do
you gain from the text?
  Text 2Topics for discussion about Text 2
---  What was special about the World Trade
Centre in New York? --- What makes Americans
feel uneasy about extremely tall buildings?
---What do some experts think of skyscrapers now?
whats your idea about skyscrapers?
VI. Assignment Exercises in Students book
Vocabulary exercises Grammar exercises
Translation exercises Exercises for integrated
skills spelling and passage dictation close
Oral activities Writing practice Listening
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