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Vietnam Conflict


Vietnam Conflict 1964-1973 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Vietnam Conflict

Vietnam Conflict
  • 1964-1973

  • 1884-1948 French Colonial Domination
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Democratic Republic of Vietnam Declared
  • Minh and followers - Vietminh

Following WWII
  • 1945-1950 France tries to reclaim lost territory
  • Vietnam divided
  • North- Follow Ho Chi Minh
  • South- fertile south French take over
  • 1946 given free state on French terms emplace Bao

Advisory Period
  • 1950-1963 Beginning US intervention
  • Truman
  • Military Assistance Advisory Group- MAAG
  • Funding War
  • SU and China- Vietminh

  • Eisenhower
  • Containment
  • Brinkmanship
  • Trade agreements and alliances
  • Covert operations
  • New Look
  • Eisenhower Doctrine- power of pre-emptive war
    without congressional approval.
  • Confrontational
  • containment

Battle of Dien Bien Phu
  • 1954- French attack Vietminh
  • US aid- money and supplies
  • French surrender 1954

Geneva Accords
  • Meet in Geneva, Switzerland to decide French
    Indo-China war.
  • Vietnam divided at 17th Parallel- DMZ
  • Democratic Republic of Vietnam takes north
  • Elected government takes South
  • Elections in two years to determine who would
    rule united country.
  • SEATO- prevent the spread of Communism in that

Problems after Geneva- End of Advisory Period
  • Problems
  • Vietcong
  • Guerilla tactics
  • Relocating to Hamlets
  • Strategic Hamlet Program- attempted to separate
    rural peasants from communist insurgents by
    creating fortified villages and forcing the
    peasants to take an active role in the civil war.

Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • North Vietnamese were being supplied by the
    Soviets and the Chinese
  • Vietcong(Charlie) were being supplied by the
    North Vietnamese via the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Vietnam Phase II Escalation Period
  • 1963-1974

Lyndons War
  • 1963-1969
  • Lyndon Johnson inherits Vietnam
  • His view he hated the war
  • no way out. He inherited the imperial
  • With that kind of power and the world looking up
    to you would you have followed your instinct and
    pulled the US out?
  • weak president

Gulf Tonkin Incident
  • secret naval missions into North Vietnam via the
    Gulf Tonkin
  • USS Maddox
  • No hard evidence has ever been produced to
    confirm that Joy was being torpedoed at.
  • Johnson had found his way to escalate the war.
  • Golf Tonkin Resolution
  • Johnson requested a blank Check (power, money,
    and personnel) to repel any armed attack on
    American Forces and to prevent future
    aggression. Resolution passed

Bombing North Vietnam
  • Operation Rolling Thunder Jan. 1965 systematic
    bombing of North Vietnam and other targets.
  • Chemical and biological warfare used chemicals
    to destroy the foliage and dense cover that the
    NVA used for the their guerilla tactics.
  • Napalm jellied gasoline
  • Agent orange code name for a herbicide developed
    for the military, primarily for use in tropical

The Draft
  • Use the Draft- calling all 18-26 yr olds.
  • medical and college deferments or joined the
    Coast Guard.
  • Many found a legal way out by declaring
    themselves conscientious objectors
  • Grunts vs. Officers
  • -Fragging

Vietnam war protestors burn draft cards at the
1968 Democratic Party Convention on August 1,
1968, in Chicago, Illinois.
Covert Operations
  • Phoenix program CIA wanted to locate,
    interrogate and assassinate Vietcong leaders.
  • Meo Allies CIA recruited Meo tribes of Laos
  • Meo were actually Hmong
  • Attacked NVA on trail
  • Directed US bombing missions
  • Flew combat missions
  • Rescued downed pilots
  • Gathered intelligence on NVA.
  • Hmong fled to Thailand from Laos to avoid
    extermination by the communist and are now being
    brought to the US.

Vietnam and US in 1968
  • Tet offensive

Tet offensive
  • Tet, Vietnams new year holiday North Vietnam and
    Vietcong launch surprise attack.
  • The Vietcong were defeated
  • the psychological and political standpoint the
    Vietcong were successful.
  • The Tet offensive changed Americans opinions that
    the war
  • Walter Cronkite

  • Johnson addressed the nation
  • Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.
  • In June Robert Kennedy was fatally shot
  • Protests- College
  • In Chicago, thousands of antiwar demonstrators
    came to the city to protest the Democratic
    National Convention in August.
  • http//
  • Hubert Humphrey was meant to be named the
    Democratic party candidate
  • Nixon Presidency in 1968
  • He campaigned to restore law and order and to end
    the war in Vietnam.
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