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Question Tags


Question Tags Question Tags eller fr gep h ng anv nds i engelskan f r att uttrycka t.ex. ju, v l, visst, inte sant, eller hur? Om p st endesatsen r ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Question Tags

Question Tags
  • Question Tags eller frågepåhäng används i
    engelskan för att uttrycka t.ex.
  • ju, väl, visst, inte sant, eller hur?
  • Om påståendesatsen är jakande blir frågepåhänget
  • She is your best friend, isnt she?
  • They can read, cant they?
  • OBS! I am right, arent I?

  • Om påståendesatsen är nekande eller har nekande
    innebörd, blir frågepåhänget jakande
  • We dont like it, do we?
  • He has no friends, has he?
  • He never drinks, does he?

  • Om predikatet har ett hjälpverb, upprepas det i
  • They have seen it, havent they?
  • He will come tomorrow, wont he?

  • Om huvudverbet står ensamt bildas frågepåhänget
    med olika former av DO
  • Geoffrey likes Shakespeare, doesnt he?
  • He told us about his life, didnt he?
  • We didnt want to take the test, did we?

Se upp med sammandragna former!
  • Hes (is) nice, isnt he?
  • Id (had) better do it at once, hadnt I?
  • Youd (would) like me to do it, wouldnt you?
  • Bad (it is bad) weather, isnt it?
  • Shes (has) been here before, hasnt she?

Några specialfall
  • Imperativformer följs oftast av
  • will/would you, wont you, eller
  • can/ could you, cant you
  • Give me a hand, will you?
  • Wait a minute, wont you?
  • Lets följs oftast av shall we
  • Lets dance shall we?

  • Om satsen inleds med there is/there are
    upprepas detta i frågepåhänget
  • There is no point in worrying, is there?
  • Somebody, everybody, nobody, no one upprepas
    med they
  • Everybody liked it, didnt they?

  • Something, anything, everything, nothing
    upprepas med it
  • Anything is better than nothing, isnt it?
  • Amerikansk engelska använder ofta right eller
  • We have to leave now, right?
  • Lets do it this way, OK?

Tvärtemot huvudregeln
  • För att uttrycka förvåning, irritation, ironi,
    intresse etc. kan jakande påståendesats följas av
    jakande frågepåhäng
  • So you have married him again, have you?
  • This is the last train, is it?

Övning, fyll i frågepåhänget!
  • You didnt see him,
  • Nobody saw him,
  • She speaks French,
  • Wed better go,
  • Lets start,
  • I am wrong,
  • did you?
  • did they?
  • doesnt she?
  • hadnt we?
  • shall we?
  • arent I?

  • There is hope,
  • Lend me 5,
  • You wont do it,
  • You hate me,
  • He should be here,
  • You never know,
  • isnt there?
  • will you?
  • will you?
  • dont you?
  • shouldnt he?
  • do you?

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