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Customer Oriented Design


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Customer Oriented Design

Customer Oriented Design
  • Summarized and quoted from The Design of Sites
  • - Patterns for Creating Winning Web Sites
  • By Douglas K. Van Duyne
  • James A. Landay
  • Jason I. Hong
  • Published by Prentice Hall

Web Design
  • What to put in?

Four previous styles of web design
  • Company-Center Design
  • Technology-Centered Design
  • Designer-Centered Design
  • User-Centered Design
  • Now Customer-Oriented Design

Four previous styles of web design
  • Company-Center Design
  • Found in sites of large companies
  • Focus on the needs and interests of the company
  • Focus on internal organization
  • Little on products
  • Extensive use of jargons
  • Brochureware
  • Easy to lose customers

Four previous styles of web design
  • Technology-Centered Design
  • Overloaded with animation, audio, video,
    streaming banners
  • Little research about business needs and customer

Four previous styles of web design
  • Designer-Centered Design
  • What the client sometimes doesnt understand is
    the less they talk to us, the better it is. We
    know what is best.
  • May be cool, edgy, loaded with technologies
  • Slow to download, hard to use, may not work with
    all broswers!

Four previous styles of web design
  • User-Centered
  • 1980s
  • Engineering useful and usable designs
  • Not enough
  • It is easier to get an audience than traditional
    mean but
  • Goal should be to convert Web visitors to
    customers and keep coming them back

Customer-Oriented Design
  • Builds on user-centered design
  • Focus on fusion of marketing and usability issues
  • Principles
  • Processes
  • Patterns

  • High-level concepts that guide the entire design
    process and help you stay focused
  • Knowing your customers
  • Involving your customer in iterative design
  • More of this later

  • How you put the processes into practice
  • Web site development process
  • Major steps and milestones for developing a Web
  • How to conduct a focus group
  • How to run a survey
  • How to conduct a usability test
  • More of this later

  • Design patterns solve recurring design problems,
    so you can use pattern solutions to design your
    sites without reinventing the wheel.
  • Patterns communicate insights into design
    problems, capturing the essence of the problems
    and their solutions in a compact form
  • Example action button

A sample button
These are gray 3D action buttons
A 3D button and graphical action buttons for
deals and Cart
Personal E-Commerce Pattern
  • Problem People appreciate the convenience of
    ordering online, but if a site is cumbersome, is
    veiled about its pricing and policies, or does
    not seem to provide personal benefit, they leave.

Personal E-Commerce Pattern Issues and Guidelines
  • Make it clear why people should purchase from you
  • Low prices?
  • Fast shipment? Free shipment?
  • Unbiased, high-quality product reviews?
  • A wide selection of products?
  • Specialized set of products that are hard to
  • Ease of use?

Personal E-Commerce Pattern Issues and Guidelines
  • Provide many ways to find products
  • Know what they are looking for use search
  • Help to streamline product selection predictive
  • Vague notion? browse

Personal E-Commerce Pattern Issues and
  • Keep it Convenient
  • Thorough description?
  • Product comparison?
  • Keep customer focused quick-flow checkout
  • Help impulse buying provide multiple platforms
    mobile screen sizing, mobile input control,
    location-based services
  • Sign-in/New Account or guest account

Personal E-Commerce Pattern Issues and Guidelines
  • Some Advanced Features
  • Avoid surprises
  • Privacy and security
  • Additional charges high shipping and handling
    charges at the end?
  • Returns

Personal E-Commerce Pattern - Solution
  • Differentiate your site so that customers know
    why its compelling and valuable. Give shopper
    browsing and searching tools, and provide rich,
    detailed information about your products and
    services. Make your site accessible to everyone.
    On every page include clear links to your
    privacy and security policy, shipping and
    handling policies, return policy, and frequently
    asked questions. Let customers collect items in
    one place and check out quickly, with minimal

Pattern 2 News Mosaics
  • Problem Many readers come to web sites to learn
    about their world through news and history.
    These sites must deliver the news that their
    readers want, with the depth and breadth of
    coverage necessary to engage them, and make the
    historical record available online so that
    customers can search for older stories

News Mosaics Pattern Issues and Guidelines
  • Time and Access
  • TV, radio, print short life span
  • Web-based news can be accessed online
  • Up-to-the-second news
  • Week-old news
  • Five-year-old news
  • Time pressure
  • hard to re-create layout
  • Check sources

News Mosaics Pattern Issues and Guidelines
  • Form
  • TV has motion, sound but limited in duration and
    hence depth
  • Radio has storytelling, music advantages but
    limited in duration and depth travels better
    than TV but lacks vision
  • Print has more space, more depth, mobility
  • Web has some of the advantages of the other media
    but has other limitations.

News Mosaics Pattern Issues and Guidelines
  • Web limitations
  • How people read online skim (and may hit the
    back button)
  • Clear first read pattern
  • Use the Inverted-Pyramid writing style to give
    the most important information first.
  • Lacks Portability, large format, and legibility
  • Provide short and long forms of news using
  • Break the news up into manageable chunks

News Mosaics Pattern Issues and Guidelines
  • Audience
  • TV, radio, print are limited to targeted
    demographic groups.
  • Web-based news can be tailored to each person
  • Yes but balkanization of information?
  • Challenge give the customer the news they want
    and the news they dont know they want
  • Multiple ways to navigate by category, keywords,
    by historical reference, etc.
  • Search engines (,, and provide archives but only provide permanent addresses.

  • Critique a number of personal E-commerce sites
    and New Mosaic sites according to the two
    patterns discussed.

News Mosaics Pattern Solution
  • Build a mosaic of news by providing breadth and
    depth of coverage through a diversity of category
    and further refinement through subcategories.
    Within each category, highlight the most
    important articles and lead text, while also
    identifying articles that might otherwise be
    missed. Within each article, provide a
    high-level summary first, for people who are
    looking for a quick read, but include more
    in-depth information in the rest of the article.
    Link together related news items, whether they
    are articles, radio stories, or video clips.
    Archive this information in the same place on
    your servers for historical reference.