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Making Use of a Knowledgeable Design by Design for Manufacturing


Design for manufacturing, making use of a knowledgeable design staff, improves return on general venture investment by developing efficient, repeatable, trusted items and preventing expensive item problems. Design for manufacturing will improve the high quality of an item from the starting of investment. Vayo provide the best DFM Software, check out design for manufacturing at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Making Use of a Knowledgeable Design by Design for Manufacturing

DFM Expert
Intelligent DFx analysis
It happens around us whatever you notice or not
On year 2013, Hitachi elevator free fall due to
defected board in China, a lady was injured in
this event.
On year 2013, GM recall 380,000 vehicles due to
defected engine control board.
Due to abnormal behavior of PCBA, Taiwan high
speed train lost power on year 2013.
Major reason of AirAsia QZ8501 crash on year 2014
is a cracked solder joint on PCBA.
On year 2013, Chrysler recalled gt470,000 vehicles
due to defected board.
On year 2014, Mitsubishi recall 115,000 cars due
to defect board of light switch.
Are you always willing to stay with those issues?
  • Quality/reliability defects

No thermal consideration, leads to cold solder,
impact solder strength
Silkscreen cross brings build and rework risk
Stage Defects Remark
Design No thermal consideration Annual ring small Silkscreen error Silkscreen incomplete gt30 PCB design comes with problem.
Manufacturing Short Open Tombstone Cold solder Void gt60 defects could be found prior to build
Post-sales Solder joint crack Solder joint peeloff Repair rate for consumer product 537 in initial 3 years
Via is too close to parts, it leads to poor
solder joint, impact solder joint strength
Crack risk
IPC research 80 defects could be found and
resolved at NPI stage.
Change from DFx
Vayo customer solved this issue. Ex.
They may still happen at your side.
Above issues puzzles most of us.
Vayo DFx software help you detect defects from
the initial beginning.
Company introduction
  • Founded on Jan of 2005, headquarter in
  • Dedicates to intelligent NPI software to
    accelerate design to manufacturing
  • Fully in-house development, owns copyrights and
  • Product installed gt20 countries and regions
  • Strategy partnership with equipment and EDA
    provider Keysight/ViTrox/TRI/Fuji/Panasonic/Altiu

gt10 years dedication on NPI technology brings up
the world-class product.
Customer reference
  • Vayo software products installed in gt20
    countries and regions world wide
  • (China/USA/Mexico/Japan/Singapore/Malaysia/Thailan

Telecom network Computer Consumer Automotive/ parts Energy/ Security/Medical Contract manufacturer Others Partner

Customer Testimonials
We have been impressed with the product
capabilities, their communication and commitment
to supporting their products is truly world
Vayo tool is a very intuitive and user-friendly.
You can match parts and pds visually and new pd
can be created easily. Part Data Editor and
Parts Verification ensure every location has
correct part, size and orientation.
Vayo tool has been extremely useful for us in
identifying assembly issues much ahead of the
actual assembly process. This has drastically
reduced holdups in the production line,
increasing our productivity.
From years of experience with DFT and CAD SW's,
VayoPro-Test Expert is the best. It is fast,
accurate and easy to use. Its DFT report is very
comprehensible for our customers.
We started with Vayo at year 2009 and has not
been turning back since then. What differentiate
Vayo from the rest is their willingness to listen
to customers needs with fast respond.
I was impressed by Vayo NPI tool, it is really
world class solution in the industry!
Murad Kurwa Senior Vice President
Kent Kim Vice President
David Kim Test Development Manager
Atar Mittal General manager
Eddie Chang SMT engineer
CHIA Kar Lin Head of Innovation Centre
Accelerator allowed us to reduce a lot the
quantity of mistakes in the projects and the time
required for their preparation.
by introducing Vayos intelligent software tool
it is now possible for operators to perform data
conversion requiring little skill, while reducing
the work time required to a fifth of what it was.
From the selection of Vayo solution on the year
of 2007, we are able to support these data source
whatever we receives what kind of data from new
customer, and then quickly complete placement
With VayoPro-Test Expert solution and great
support of Vayo team, we could accelerate our
product review for DFT (ICT/Boundary).
Communication is important for every filed, good
conversation shall bring joyful experience, Vayo
is such company we worked with!
The accelerator function could help us a lot on
component placement orientation, we don't need to
do mapping Gerber file and check placement
orientation one by one any more.
Tony Zhou CEO, IPC board director
Sergei Fedorov Product Director
Tong Chang Production Associate Manager
Mohamad Azlan Ahmad, GPEO-M PE,
CC Cho Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Mitsuo Imai General manager
Core product Intelligent NPI software for PCBA
  • Reduce design mfg cycle 30-70
  • Reduce quality defects 30
  • Increase reliability 30
  • Increase design and mfg efficiency 40
  • Reduce design and mfg cost 20

Intelligent DFx analysis
PCB layout Eng., process Eng. NPI Eng.
NPINew Product Introduction
DFx is must capability for every electronics
Why DFx predict/solve process issue
IPC research 80 defects could be found and
resolved at NPI stage.
  • Predict defect opportunity, increase
    manufacturing quality and reduce cost

With DFx consideration Increase process
difficulty steps rapid solder/assembly
defects increase rework rate and work loading
lower work efficiency and increase manufacturing
Why DFx Improve product reliability
Medical/automotive/military/aerospace/ product
require high reliability
  • Improve reliability, reduce repair rate, protect
    brand reputation.

Increase PCBA lifecycle
Stability of consumer electronics products
impacts brand loyalty and service cost.
DFM Expert performs comprehensive checks on
solder joints to ensure high reliability.
Why DFx reduce design cycle
Product design challenge Fast product
replacement High density, smaller Difficult to
transfer knowledge training new people
  • Concurrent engineering, reduce prototyping
    times, shorten time-to-market

Concurrent design process
DFM Automation Software
  • Traditional manual method
  • Check one by one manual
  • Cant do comprehensive check
  • Low work efficiency, long cycle
  • Invisible report for communication
  • Long cycle (time to market)

No DFM software (Manual check gt 2 weeks)
  • DFM automation software theory
  • Based on design data, interacts with entity parts
    library, respects to rich industry standard to
    design manufacturing, intelligent
    simulate/analysis prior to manufacturing, find
    out defects risk of design at the first time
  • DFM Expert software
  • Comprehensive check of PCB
  • Quick to final result
  • Cover design, fabrication, assembly
  • Improve DFM capability quickly

With Vayo Professional DFM analysis software
Practical Rules
PCB Fabrication Check
PCB Assembly Check
Component Library
  • Validate Signal
  • Validate Drill
  • Validate Solder
  • mask/Silkscreen...
  • Standard IPC rules
  • Industry Experience
  • Configurable
  • Validate footprint/pad
  • Validate spacing/distance
  • Validate soldering

BOM Analysis
  • Comprehensive library
  • Quick manual create
  • Detailed parts info.

Result Query reports
  • Internal validation
  • BOMCAD Validation
  • Support alternative part

CAD/Gerber Source
  • Interactive check
  • Easy to share
  • Powerful/Configurable

DFM Expert Design for Manufacturing Analysis
  • Support all CAD
  • Gerber/Drill import

Comprehensive, Automatic, Easy
DFM Expert Scope PCB Fabrication
  • Check rules 300 items
  • Check content
  • Signal layer
  • Silkscreen layer
  • Solder mask layer
  • Solder paste layer
  • Drill

DFM Expert Scope PCB Assembly
  • Checking rules 900 items
  • Check content
  • Screen printing process
  • Placement process
  • Reflow process
  • Manual insert process
  • Wave soldering process
  • Test inspection
  • Rework

DFM Expert Workflow
3. Link part library, virtual assembled boards
5. Interactive results query
1. Import PCB data (CAD/Gerber)
6. Select critical issues for report output
2. Import material info. (BOM/AVL)
4. Perform analysis with thousands rule
Support CAD data source
  • Support all existing PCB CAD, intelligent detect
    file type

No CAD (File name) No CAD (File name)
1 Accel (.pcb) 14 Mentor (Neutral)
2 Cadence Allegro (.val, .cad) 15 DB (.tgz)
3 Cadence Allegro (.brd) 16 ODBxml (.xml)
4 Cadence Allegro (.fil,.fim) 17 OrCAD (.min
5 CR3000 (.BSF, .CCF, ) 18 ODBGateway (.odb)
6 CR5000 (.ftf, .pcf) 19 PCAD (.pdf)
7 Docica (.docica) 20 PowerPCB/PADS (.asc)
8 Fatf (.asc) 21 Protel (.pcb)
9 Gencad (.cad, .gen) 22 Protel3/Altium (.pcbdoc)
10 Gencam (.gcm) 23 TopCAD (.txf)
11 HPLink (.plk) 24 Unidat(.uni)
12 HP_EGS (.df) 25 Viscadif (.paf)
13 IPC356 (.ipc)
  • Support XY data Gerber source

Automatic BOM Import Validation
  • Support multiple BOM Formats
  • Excel, Text
  • BOM .Vs. CAD Validation
  • Mismatch parts quantity
  • Duplicate part number
  • In BOM not in CAD
  • Minimize human interfere errors
  • BOM Comparison

Save gt70 manipulation cycle
Rich Component Entity Library
  • Under SQL Database
  • Actual geometry/dimension data of part body
    enables the possible for virtual PCBA
  • Based on datasheet
  • Support multiple shape
  • (Rectangle/Circle)
  • Multi-layers body
  • Detailed pin info.
  • (Shape, size, direction, location, )
  • 2D 3D View
  • Fastest part creation approach among the
  • Intelligent capture info. from CAD

Practical Checking Rule
  • Support IPC standard
  • IPC-7351
  • IPC-A-600
  • IPC-A-610
  • IPC-TM-650
  • IPC-2221
  • IPC 7095
  • Vayo experience rules
  • Thousands checking rules
  • Configurable parameter
  • Rule customization service
  • Customer internal guideline conversion service

Interactive Result Query
  • Interactive query
  • Snapshot defects
  • Add remark/comments
  • Colorful warning level

Result Report Export
  • Comprehensive Content
  • Defect Level
  • Defect Name
  • Rule Info.
  • Actual Value
  • Picture
  • Locations
  • Layer/Side Info.
  • Export Report
  • Excel, PDF,
  • Customization service

Sample DFx issue material not match PAD design
  • Impact
  • Stop production, waste product line resource
  • Delay shipment go-to-market

Package not match
Package not match
Package not match
Missing via, small copper size
Sample DFx issue components too close
  • Impact
  • Require high precise equipment
  • Risk of assembly conflict
  • Difficult to rework

Sample DFx issue Via distance to pad
Impact More via on boards, it shall be more easy
to bring short, bridge, and insufficient solder
Good design
Sample DFx issue annual ring design
Annual ring too small, even missing
Via offset to pad
Impact Easy to cause weak structure lead to
crack/ broke malfunction in severe usage
Sample DFx issue risk for via under component
Impact May cause bridge/short when PCBA goes
through wave process.
Sample DFx issue Via under BGA pad
Impact via in BGA pad, it might lead to weak
solder joint strength because of void. It shall
impact product reliability.
Sample DFx issue BGA pad design
Solder mask defined pad, it shall easily cause
the root of solder joint crack especially in
frequently shock environment.
Sample DFx issue no thermal consideration
Good design
Poor design
Poor design
Impact It might cause tombstone if there is no
thermal consideration. Or it might cause
insufficient solder for PTH parts, and then
impact solder joint strength and product
Sample DFx issue PTH part to mask strip
Poor design
Impact PTH part approach mask strip too near,
easily cause solder issue like short.
Sample DFx issue poor test point design
TP size impact contact of probe, then impact
faults reject rate of test.
Sample DFx issue poor silkscreen design
No polarity mark
Cross of part reference name
  • Impact
  • Wrong polarity during assembly
  • Replace with wrong material during rework

Sample DFx issue no local fiducial for
fine-pitch parts
Impact Brings offset risk during assembly
Good design
Sample DFx issue Orientation of part pass
through oven
Poor design
Good design
Impact Part placement orientation shall be
consistent with wave process, otherwise it may
casue bridge.
Sample DFx issue BOM content error
DFM Expert perform intelligent check of BOM
content, report any quantity mismatch error.
Impact Component mismatch may leads material
shortage for the work order, which leads to
production stop, waste equipment resource Or
cause excessive material purchasing and extra
Sample DFx issue Alternative part analysis
DFM Expert compare dimension between alternative
part with primary part, and alter upon big size
Impact Big size difference between alternative
part with primary part may cause assembly
problem, solder joint defect or poor reliability.
DFM Expert
Function feature
DFM Analysis Fabrication 300 check items, cover potential risk in those layers (signal, silk screen, solder mask, ) drill
DFM Analysis Assembly 900 check items, cover the process of screen printer, pickplace, reflow, manual insert, wave, testing, repair etc
Data source CAD Cadence Allegro/OrCAD, Mentor/PowerPCB/Pads, Altium/Protel, Zuken CR3000/CR5000, ODB, GenCAD,
Data source Gerber RS-274-D, RS-274-X
Data source BOM Powerful parser, support varies dynamic content
Data source Rev. comparison CAD rev. difference check, BOM difference check
Parts library Build-in library 200K parts and typical package free of charge, detail and actual component dimension
Parts library Creation tool Easy for parts/package creation
Check rules Build-in rules Support IPC standard ( IPC-7351, IPC-A-610, IPC-2221, ), Vayo industry experience
Check rules Management Flexible, configurable, support multiple library, access rights control
Results query, reports output Query Interactive query, link to PCB location
Results query, reports output Reports Export critical issue to Excel/PDF/Html formats
Results query, reports output 3D view output 3D PCBA view, output DXF 3D data
Results query, reports output Part list Output material/parts data
Affordable DFM/DFA solution!
Business benefit
  • Reduce trial-run times 2 3 times
  • Reduce quality defects 5 10
  • Reduce manufacturing cost 2 5
  • Reduce design cycle, time to market 5 10
  • Save labor cost (DFM analysis) 50 80
  • Improve product stability
  • Leverage Design Manufacturing capability

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