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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Agenda

  • 630-800 Curriculum Fair and Extra- Curricular
    Fair at CFC
  • CMS 630-715 Large Auditorium
  • MCMS 730-815 Large Auditorium
  • Informational meetings for students in special
    education who are involved in the Resource
    Program RM A13/A14 at CFC
  • MCMS 630-650
  • CMS 730-750

Guidance Staff
  • Director of Guidance Brandon Bitting
  • Freshman Counselors Emily Kennerk (A-K)
  • Sally Gerber
  • Class of 2017 Counselor Rachel Fox
  • Class of 2016 Counselor Janet Crawford
  • Class of 2015 Counselor Tracy Cross (A-K)
  • Lauren Kimes (L-Z)
  • Guidance Secretary/Registrar Sherry Baker

Course Description Guide
  • Please read Introduction, pages 3-5
  • Look through 10-12 courses (BLACK TEXT) for
    future classes/programs
  • Choose classes from Freshman Center section (BLUE
    TEXT) on page 58CFC
  • Prerequisite MUST complete previous course(s)
  • Recommendation Guide for decision making
  • Refer to Appendix (pg. 74) for additional
    information about Career Pathways/AP

Diploma Types
Diploma Types
Core 40 -44 total credits Core 40 with
Academic Honors -47 total credits Core 40 with
Technical Honors -47 total credits
Earning a CORE 40 Diploma
Earning a Core 40 Diploma
Complete the required courses to earn a total
of 44 credits Meet the Indiana curriculum
requirements -English, Math, PE, Science,
Social Studies Electives Pass both End of
Course Assessments (ECA) -Algebra 1 -English
10 Complete Financial Literacy Requirement
Achieving Academic Honors (47 credits)
Earning an Academic Honors Diploma
  • Complete the required courses to earn a total of
    47 credits
  • Complete all Core 40 requirements
  • 2 additional Core 40 math credits, 6-8 World
    Language credits, 2 Core 40 Fine Arts credits
  • Semester grades of C- or better, Cumulative GPA
    of 7.0 (B-) or better

Academic Honors (Cont.)
Academic Honors Diploma (Cont.)
  • Students must also complete one of the following
  • 1) Earn 4 credits in 2 or more AP courses and
    take the corresponding exams
  • 2) Earn 6 verifiable college credits in dual
    credit courses
  • 3) Combination of AP and Dual Credit
  • 4) Earn a combined score of 1750 or higher with
    a minimum score of 530 in critical reading, math
    and writing section.
  • 5) Earn a composite score of 26 or higher on the
    ACT and complete the written section.

Earning a Technical Honors Diploma
  • Complete the required courses to earn a total of
    47 credits
  • Complete all Core 40 requirements
  • Earn 6 credits in the college and career
    preparation courses in a state approved College
    Career Pathway
  • Semester grades of C- or better, Cumulative GPA
    of 7.0 (B-) or better

Core 40 w/ Technical Honors(Cont.)
Technical Honors Diploma (Cont.)
  • Students must complete one of the following
  • 1) Pathway designed industry-based certification
    or credential
  • 2) Pathway dual credits (6 college credits)
  • Students must complete one of the following
  • 1) Any one of the additional requirements for
    the Core 40 w/ AHD
  • 2) Earn specific scores on the WorkKeys

Four Year Plan
Course Selection Sheet
Course Selection Sheets
  • Mint Green Hand-out

Submit Selections Online
Submit Selections Online
  • click Students
  • click POWER SCHOOL
  • Sign in
  • click Class Registration
  • -click the pencil icon to see class
  • OR go to
  • -same process as above

ENGLISH pg 63 CFC English
9 3101__X__ 3102__X__ Rec._DMK English 9
Honors 3701_____ 3702_____ Rec._____ English
9/H-World Studies 3801_____ 3802_____
Rec._____ Language Lab 3051_____
3052_____ Rec._____
English 9 both semesters 2
credits English 10 both semesters 2 credits
English 11 both semesters 2 credits
English 12 both semesters 2 credits
Total 8 Credits
pg 68-69 CFC
Algebra I 6111_X__ 6112 __X__
Rec._DMK Algebra Enrichment
6101____ 6102_____ Rec._____
6201____ 6202 _____ Rec.____
Geometry Honors RIT Score_______ 6711_____
6712 _____ Rec._____ Algebra II Honors
6721_____ 6722
_____ Rec.____
Algebra I both semesters 2 creditsGeometry
both semesters 2 creditsAlgebra II both
semesters 2 credits
Totals 6 credits Students MUST take an
additional math or quantitative reasoning course
all 4 years of high school. AHD math
Physical Education
pg 69 CFC Physical Education I II
9021__X__ 9022__X__
Physical Education both semesters 2 credits
Health one semester 1 credit
Total 3
SCIENCE pg 69,70 CFC
Life/Physical Science 7016_____ 7006_____
Rec._____ Biology I 7101_X___ 7102_X___
Rec._DMK Biology I/H 7711_____
7712______ Rec._____

Biology I both semesters 2
credits Advance Science both semesters
2 creditsChemistry/Physics/ICP both semesters 2
Total 6 credits
Social Studies
SOCIAL STUDIES (unless enrolled in Math or
Language Labs) pg 71 CFC World History
Civilization 8101__X__
8102__X__ Geography History of the World
8111_____ 8112_____ World
HistoryCiv/H-World Studies
8751_____ 8752_____ Rec.__ World History
Honors 8741_____ 8742_____ Rec.__
Wrld. Hist./Geog. Of the Wrld both semesters 2
credits U.S. History both
semester 2 credits U.S.
Government one semester 1 credit
Economics on semester 1 credit

Total 6 credits
LABS (mandatory if failed 8th grade ISTEP)
pg 64,68 CFC Language Arts Lab

3051_____ 3052_____ Algebra
6101_____ 6102_____
Algebra Enrichment and Language Lab
  • Mandatory for students who did not pass 8th grade
  • Proactive
  • Help pass End of Course Assessment (ECA) in
    Algebra I and English 10
  • Practice needed skills

Elective Courses
Elective Courses
  • Additional course offerings other than core
    subject requirements.
  • Consider a Study Hall (no credit)
  • Pay attention to courses that are audition
  • One credit/One semester vs. Two Semester/Year

Alternate Courses
Did you check?
  • Before turning in your selection sheet, make sure
    you have completed all of the following
  • Do you have teacher initials in all of the
    required spots
  • English, math (RIT score for geometry), science,
    (foreign language if applicable)?
  • Did you choose a lab class if you did not pass
    8th grade ISTEP?
  • Did you list alternate courses?
  • Did you sign?
  • Did your parents sign?
  • Did you make selections online?
  • Do you have 14 boxes checked?

Due Friday, February 21st
To Do
  • Review Course Description Handbook
  • Discuss Appropriate diploma track/courses
  • Get teacher initials
  • Enter selections online
  • Turn in green sheets to middle schools

Classroom Visits
Carroll Middle School Tues. Feb 11th -3rd,
5th-8th periods
Maple Creek Middle School Wed. Feb. 12th
-1st-8th periods
  • This PowerPoint presentation will be available
    online at under guidance -
    class of 2018, along with all the materials.
  • On the main Guidance web page a link is
    available for a digital version of the course
    description guide.
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