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Mark Twain Project How to Succeed


Mark Twain Project How to Succeed – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Mark Twain Project How to Succeed

Mark Twain Project How to Succeed
Most Important
  • Be well prepared. Read your novel!
  • Generate enthusiasm and sound like you care about
    what you are saying.
  • Do not bore your audience!

What makes a book good?
  • Should be well written (style, narration,
    figurative language etc.
  • Tells a good story / is interesting and enjoyable
    to read
  • Gives insight into human behaviour,
  • Gives the reader something important to think
  • Provides real-life lessons that can be applied to
    real life.
  • Causes you to question yourself and your own
  • You can relate in some way to the novel/its
    characters (emotional/personal attachment).

Your True Purpose
  • Prove that you have done a close reading of your
  • Prove that you have understood important thematic
    aspects of your novel.
  • Prove that you have actually thought about things
    in your novel and have made connections to real
    life. (your personal advantage will be the
    important things your novel made you think about)

  • The people who actually think about their novel
    tend to do better presentations.
  • They connect their thoughts to being a literate
    grade 12 reader
  • If you personalize your reading and response, it
    will be more ineteresting for your audience.
  • No summaries or internet crap

Twain Project Presentations
  • There is no part of the instructions for this
    project that ask for a plot summary or character
    explanation. Do not spend much of your time on
  • TIME It is a 7 to 10 minute presentation. It
    is your job to stay within the time limit. This
    means you must be well rehearsed and cut the

  • The directions state, You must explain the
    personal advantage you gained from reading it.
    This is an important part of the presentation
    (the controlling idea) and should make up a
    significant portion of your 7-10 minutes. AGT
    This personal advantage is really just you
    explaining what you gained/thought about from
    reading the novel. For the most part you will
    talk about what the novel made you think about
    and how you personally related to the novel.
  • You must utter the words, personal
  • Then, you had to say something relevant and
  • If you do a good job here, you will prove that
    you have done a close reading of your novel.

Your Passages/Quotations
  • Be sure to provide context for your quotation
    before you read it (enough info so that what you
    read will make sense to your audience)
  • After you read the quotation be sure to
    explain how the quotation is supporting the
    purpose of your presentation PERSONAL ADVANTAGE

General Comments
  • Learn to follow directions with precision. Your
    responses should help to prove that you read and
    understood your novel.
  • Use all directions, rubrics, samples, etc to help
    create your final product.
  • If you like, you can use PowerPoint to guide your
    presentation. limit the amount of text you use
    on you slides.

Outside Sources
  • I am always looking to see if what I am reading
    is material from outside sources. (internet,
    movies etc)
  • Cite any outside source you use for any idea in
    this project. Simply tell the audience where you
    got the idea/information.
  • Only you know for sure! I am always watching for
    this and will be trying to protect the innocent!

  1. Establish context for your novel (not a plot
    summary)one or two minutes
  2. Explain the personal advantages you gained from
    reading the novel. Use at least one quotation to
    support your assertions.
  3. Vow to try to read good books!

Letter Format
  • Business letters are not essays (purpose and
  • You have to follow the business letter format
    that I gave you.

  • AGTconvince your English teacher that the novel
    you read should be used as a class novel in
    English 12.
  • You must connect each main body paragraph to this
    AGT so that your controlling idea is strongly

General Comments
  • Wording and word choice must be both precise and
    accurate. This is an editing/revising task
  • Theme and wording
  • Novel vs book
  • You must always use the three steps for inserting
    quotations! (MLA citations)
  • It is your job to choose the BEST QUOTATIONS and
    text support to support your argument (agt)

Twain Project Letters
  • a. g. t actual given topic (?)
  • c.t.t. connect to topic or connection to topic?
  • CheckmarkI am happy about something I see
    (insert your own positive comment1)

Writing Scoring Guide
  • See your writing guide rubric. It explains four
    important categories to consider every time you
    write. I grade your written work using this
  • Thought and Detail
  • Organization
  • Matter of Choice
  • Matters of Correctness.