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Title: New%20Hire%20Information%20for%20Canadian%20Employees

New Hire Informationfor Canadian Employees
  • Employee Success Shared Services

What we are going to cover
  • Access badges
  • Your new office
  • Logging tickets
  • Payroll and Time Off Information
  • Employee Benefits
  • Travel and Expense
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Common Terminology
  • Develop Your Career
  • The Foundation

Your Local Office Service (OS) Team
Who is my local contact?
  • You can find out who your local contact is
    along with other office information from our Real
    Estate and Workplace Services Google Page
  • https//

Access Badges and Monthly Parking
Access Badges
  • Inquire with your local Office Services team
    member/receptionist about how to obtain your SFDC
  • You can also inquire about whether your building
    requires an additional building badge for access.
  • If you lose your SFDC badge please log a ticket
    immediately. Log this ticket under the
    Security topic. Also please notify your local
    OS team member right away
  • If you lose your building badge please see your
    local OS team member so they can start the
    process to get you a new one
  • Please inquire with your local OS team member and
    they will provide you with the building parking
    information, if available at your location

Monthly Parking
Your New Office
Re-usables and recycling
  • We offer a recycling program in all kitchens.
  • Signs will help you sort trash and recyclables
  • If you havent received a reusable water bottle
    and mug, please log a ticket under Facilities gt
    Reusable Beverage Container Request.
  • Conference Room Bookings
  • You are responsible for booking conference rooms
    for your meetings
  • You can view all conference rooms on the Intranet
    under the Facilities tab. Choose your Office
  • When booking rooms in Outlook, you must put the
    underscore ( _ ) symbol in front of room name
    Ex _Hanohano
  • In Outlook, you must list the room as a resource,
    not an attendee or it will not book the room

Business Cards
  • You should wait until your phone and e-fax
    numbers have been finalized before requesting
    business cards.
  • Intranet gt Employee Resources Tab gt Business Card
  • Name Plate
  • Reception will provide you with your nameplate on
    your first day/week
  • If your order has not arrived before your first
    week, reception will contact you it has arrived

Mail and FedEx Packages
  • Mail
  • Mail distribution is handled differently in each
    office. Please see your local OS team member to
    see how you obtain your incoming mail.
  • SFDC will provide stamps for business related
  • FedEx
  • There is a daily pick-up for each location,
    Please see your local OS team member to find out
    when your pick up time is.
  • For those in the Marketing Cloud offices in
    Atlantic Canada, your Office Services contact can
    send FedEx packages for you
  • For all other locations To send FedEx
    packages, you need to obtain a FedEx username and
    password by logging a ticket on the Intranet
    under Facilities gt FedEx online Creation Request
  • For a Cube Number please type your local office
  • Your account will take less than 24 hours to
  • Envelopes and label sheets are located in the
    supply areas on each floor

Ergonomic Assessments
  • If you require a Ergonomic assessment please see
    your local OS team member. They will let you
    know how to sign up for a ergonomic assessment.

Office Supplies and Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Notebooks, post-its, pens, markers and paperclips
    are located in the kitchens/supple areas on your
  • For specific items not in the supply rooms,
    please contact your local OS team member.
  • Sending faxes
  • Fax machines are located in the kitchens on each
  • When dialing out, all faxes need to have 9 in
    front of the phone number
  • Check with your local OS team member for
    locations in other offices.
  • Printers
  • Printers are located in all kitchens on each
    floor including 1 colour printer per floor
  • Printers are all labeled in order for them to be
    added to your printer list
  • Check with your local OS team member for
    locations in other offices.
  • Shredders
  • Shredders are located on each floor
  • General Issues
  • Any issues regarding kitchens, washrooms and
    general areas, please contact your local Office
    Services team member
  • For those in Radian6 offices, please contact your
    local Office Services contact for assistance

First Aid and Emergencies
  • First Aid Kits
  • Each floor has one First Aid Kit and its
    location should be clearly marked
  • Advil, Tylenol and Band-Aids can be found at
  • Alarms (fires, threats, other emergencies)
  • If evacuating the building, please walk to the
    closest clearly marked EXIT.
  • Medical Emergency
  • In each SFDC office we have a team called the
    Emergency Response Team. You can find these team
    members by their ETR Red flag and vest at their
  • If an emergency does occur or an employees
    becomes ill, please call 911 right away as well
    as call 560 653 4600. This is our Global
    Security team who will notify the local ERT

IT Global End User Services
Logging an IT Ticket
  • To log a ticket, click on Log a Ticket in the
    left-hand corner of the Intranet home page.
  • Log in using your network user name and password.
  • Contact the IT Global Service Desk at
    415-901-7044 or 647-259-2400 if you have computer
    problems and are unable to log in.

Select the appropriate Topic, Sub-Topic and
Connecting to the VPN
  • Salesforce uses Cisco AnyConnect
  • Setup Connection instructions located in the IT
    New Hire Guide
  • Log an IT Ticket for VPN access on your iPhone
    and/or iPad
  • If you have issues setting up your VPN token,
    please contact the Global Service Desk

Mobile Phones
  • You may log a mobile phone request if you are in
    an eligible department
  • On the Intranet search for mobile request and
    complete the Mobile Request Form

GoMobile Wireless
  • Allows access to external Internet sites, 62 Org,
    Supportforce, GUS, Chatter Desktop, Gapps, and
  • Windows 7 will connect to GoMobile automatically
  • OSX input network credentials once subsequent
    connections to GoMobile will be automatic
  • After establishing a connection, use Cisco
    AnyConnect to access E-mail, Intranet, Printers,
    internal resources

Payroll and Time Off Information
Payroll and Time Off Salaried Employees
  • Paid semi-monthly (15th and last day of the
  • Live paychecks may be mailed to your address for
    up to the first 2 pay periods
  • Use Time Off Manager (TOM) to
  • Request time off
  • View PTO balance
  • View list of regular holidays and floating
    holiday options
  • Log in to TOM via 62 Org
  • User name email address (e.g.,
  • Password Windows password

Payroll and Time Off Hourly Employees
  • Paid semi-monthly (15th and last day of the
  • Log hours and time off in iemployee
  • Login instructions sent via email approximately 2
    weeks after hire date. Track hours manually until
  • Refer to the Payroll Site for the iemployee user
  • Please also ensure to log your time off in TOM as
    well as on the timesheet
  • Live paychecks may be mailed to your home address
    for your first 2 pay periods.

Payroll Tips
  • Enroll in direct deposit through Workday
  • Refer to the Direct Deposit Set Up in the Workday
    Quick Reference Guide
  • Sign up for iPay
  • View paystubs and T4s
  • Instructions on how to register are on the
    Payroll Intranet Site gt ADP Canada iPay First
    Time Login instructions
  • Enroll after receiving your first paycheck

Benefits Enrollment
Benefits Enrolling
  • You will receive an email from the Employee
    Success Shared Service Center instructing you on
    how to elect your benefits.
  • Your benefits are effective on your start date as
    long as you elect them within your first 30 days
    with the company.
  • To elect your benefits, please enroll in Workday
    and fill out a Sun Life beneficiary form and
    return it to your local Employee Success
  • Once youve made your benefit elections, you
    cant make changes to them in Workday unless you
    experience a qualifying life event.
  • For questions about Canadian benefits, refer to
    the Canada Benefits Portal or log a ticket under
    HR gt Benefits.

Benefits Wellness Reimbursement
  • encourages all employees to
    participate in wellness activities.
  • Employees may be reimbursed up to 100 a month
    for eligible wellness expenses. This is a taxable
    benefit and you must be actively employed at time
    of reimbursement.
  • Please register for Wageworks to claim your
    reimbursement. There are instructions on the
    Canada Benefits Portal
  • For more information on the Wellness
    Reimbursement program, visit http//intranet.inte

Benefits Stock
  • If you were granted stock, your grant amount was
    included in your offer letter.
  • Options are granted on the 4th Tuesday of each
  • RSUs are granted on the 4th Tuesday of the first
    month in the quarter (February, May, August,
  • Youll receive an option agreement via ETrade,
    through which you can execute any sales
  • For more information on both programs, please
    visit the Global Equity Plan Services website or

Benefits ESPP
  • Enrollment open only during May and November
  • 12-month offering periods with two 6-month
    purchase periods
  • Purchase dates June 15th and December 15th
  • Check out the ESPP video here for more details
  • For more information join the ESPP Employee
    Stock Purchase Plan Chatter group, visit the
    Global Equity Plan Services website or email

Benefits Group RRSP
  • For more information about the Registered
    Retirement Savings Plan, please refer to the
    member booklet.
  • Please wait until you have received your first
    paycheck before enrolling in the RRSP
  • For RRSP questions, please contact or call 1-888-727-7766.

Benefits Interns
  • Interns are not eligible for benefits with the
    exception of the Fitness Reimbursement.
  • Please log a ticket under HRgtBenefits with

Benefits Workday
  • Workday is the Cloud based Human Capital
    Management application used to manage employee
  • Login information
  • User name network username (without
  • Password network password
  • You must be logged into
  • What you can do in Workday
  • Change your contact information
  • Manage your emergency contact information
  • Manage your direct deposit banking accounts
  • Enroll and change your Benefits
  • Workday Employee Guide
  • Refer to the employee guide for instructions and

Travel and Expense
Travel and Expense
  • Summary of TE guidelines
  • http//
  • New hires may request a corporate issued iphone
    with VP approval by completing the Mobile Device
    Request Wizard
  • Additional information can be found in the Global
    Mobile Communications Policy.
  • Concur
  • To request access or for expense questions
    IntranetgtLog a ticketgt Travel and ExpensegtExpense
  • An Amex corporate card is SFDCs preferred card
    provider and should be used for all business
  • Application
  • Allow 7-10 days for cards to arrive in the mail

Corporate Citizenship
Corporate Citizenship
  • Part of salesforce.coms success is founded on
    providing a safe and productive environment for
    all employees.
  • As an employee, you will be required to complete
    various training
  • Code of Conduct
  • Information Security
  • Quarterly Certification
  • Other function-specific courses
  • You will be notified via email when you need to
    complete these actions.

From Code of Conduct
  • Reporting Violations
  • You are the Companys first line of defence
    against civil or criminal liability and unethical
    business practices.
  • You must report any violation or suspected
    violation of this Code of Conduct, applicable
    laws and/or governmental regulations.
  • Retaliation is Prohibited (whistleblower)
  • The Company prohibits retaliation against any
    person who provides information in good faith to
    the Company.
  • Persons who retaliate may be subject to
    termination, in addition to civil and criminal
  • You can report a violation the following ways
    Using EthicsPoint on the Intranet, calling

Common Terminology
Common Terminology
  • V2MOM Our business alignment tool demonstrating
    our vision, values, methods, obstacles and
  • Foundation Helps nonprofits
    worldwide accomplish their missions through a
    bold and innovative social enterprise model.
  • Chatter A brand-new way to collaborate with
    people at work automatically pushes the status
    of important projects and deals, so youre always
    in the loop.
  • ECOMM The Executive Committee.
  • PCOMM The President's Committee which is
    comprised of select Company Executives from each
    area of the business.
  • 62 Org Our internal version of,
    aka The App (62 are the last digits of our org
  • Dreamforce The annual global user conference
    where leaders in cloud computing come together to
    collaborate, connect and inspire.
  • The Customer Company Tour Events held around the
    globe providing prospects and customers the
    opportunity to meet executives and
    learn how industry leaders are using cloud
    computing to deliver breakthrough results.

  • Chatter is Salesforces internal means of
  • Used to post questions, build a community and
    communicate with others.
  • Suggested Chatter Groups to Join
  • Toronto Hub/ Fredericton Hub/ Halifax Hub/ Saint
    John Hub/ Vancouver Hub
  • All Canadian Employees
  • CraigsForce
  • FemmeForce
  • Employee Success
  • Snack it Right
  • Airing of Grievances
  • Manager Success
  • ESPP
  • Business Travel for Canadians
  • Toronto Parentforce

V2MOM Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and
  • Annual company-wide goals
  • Covers fiscal year (February January)
  • Built collaboratively
  • Available to all employees
  • Articulates department/team goals
  • Built collaboratively by team members
  • Aligns to corporate V2MOM
  • Aligns to departmental V2MOM
  • Articulates individual goals
  • Used in annual performance reviews
  • New hires should complete their V2MOMs with their
    manager within their first 90 days

Learn more about the V2MOM under the Talent
Management Tools and Resources page on the
Develop Your Career
Develop Your Career
  • Talent Development (TD)
  • The Talent team is your partner for career and
    personal development at
  • View and register for courses, find recommended
    books and take self-paced training
  • Detailed workshops tailored for New Hires, Career
    Growth and Leadership Skills are available on the
  • Note The TD website is a Google site use your
    Windows login to access it

The Foundation
Questions or feedback? -Email esservicecenter_at_sal -Log a ticket -Post it on Chatter
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