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Child Soldiers


Child Soldiers By: Samantha and Jo Thousands of children in more than 40 countries across the globe are being forced or tricked into becoming ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers
  •           By Samantha and Jo 

  •     Thousands of children in more than 40
    countries across the globe are being forced or
    tricked into becoming soldiers. 

The Problem US
  • A child goes missing or is abducted
  • Broadcasting descriptions
  • Flash pictures
  • Post information regarding the abduction
  • Police move out in force with helicopters and
  • Bring a child home to its family
  • Go after the abductor to put him behind bars,

The Problem AFRICA
  • Northern districts of Uganda, 300,000 children
    abducted in 20 years nobody does a thing.
  • Almost every family has been affected. 
  • Many families lost a child through abduction, or
    their village was attacked and destroyed by an
    army of abducted children known as The Lords
    Resistance Army.
  • Countryside virtually empty
  • People move to "safe villages" protected by the
  • Said not done. 
  • At night the children of the north flee into
    towns to sleep, fearing that they might be

The Main Info
  • Children around 10 years old are taught to kill
  • Child is commanded to kill others in order to
    stay alive 
  • The number of children under the age of 18 who
    have been coerced or induced to become child
    soldiers is thought to be in the range of 300,000 

Joseph Kony
  • Claims to make Uganda better place based on the
    Ten Commandments, but he has broken every one of
  • Control of children and the doing of a crazy
  • Known nothing else but death and destruction. 

The Time/place
  • 18 years, no resolve in sight. 
  • Recruits soldiers from villages and schools of
    Uganda through abductions.
  • Children have been robbed of life itself
  • Ruthless killers who no longer feel

A Story in Pictures
  •  Drawings by former child soldiers as young as 5
    years old
  • http//
    tml - A story in pictures.
  • This is what the LRA has been doing to our
    children for over 18 years now, and it's time for
    it to stop. Kids as young as 5 years old, are
    drawing these images after being a child soldier.
    No hearts, no pictures for mommy. just cold-
    blooded murder scenes.

  • FORMER GIRL SOLDIER in hiding in Colombia -
  • They told me I had to cut a man's throat. I was
    frightened. But I had to do it to survive."

  • FORMER CHILD SOLDIER - "I killed innocent people
    in terrorist attacks with bombs. I haven't given
    it much thought. I know there was one town where
    I planted dynamite - I used about 25kg of
    explosives. I am really not sure."

  • "I've seen people get their hands cut off, a
    ten-year old girl get assaulted and then died,
    and so many men and women burned and buried
    alive so many times I just cried inside my
    heart because I didn't dare cry out loud," said a
    14 year-old girl, abducted in January 2000 by the
    Revolutionary United Front, an armed group in
    Sierra Leone. 

  • CHILD SOLDIER, Myanmar - "I feel sorry. Why do I
    feel sorry? Because by the time I could go to
    school, I am already too old for the beginner's
    class. I can't dream of going to school any more
    because it is too late. I will stay in the
    army until I die. I lost all my dreams, all my
    hopes for the future, I feel like a dead person."

  • LRA ESCAPEE - "The LRA were looting the village.
    I tried to run away but it was too late. They
    forced me to carry two 50kg bags of sugar. I
    couldn't carry them on my own, so they captured 2
    more kids to help."

Video Link
  • http// -
    Who We Are video

How We Can Help
  • Donate. Go to www., to
    donate your money, and help the invisible
    children of Uganda, become visible. 
  • Support. Invisible Children co. has recently
    started their bracelet campaign. They have
    started selling bracelets handmade by the Ugandan
    people, that will benefit the people of Africa.
    By purchasing one of these bracelets you will
    help support the Invisible Children, and child
    soldiers of Uganda
  • Spread the word. By spreading the word about
    child soldiers, we will help educate ourselves
    and others about the problem in not only Africa,
    but also the rest of the world.

  • http//
  • http//
  •  http//
  • http//
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