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Letters from Soldiers


... sending you this letter because as you know ... Love, Alexandria A ... I wish I was home If this is my last letter, I love you all.. Your Loving Son, Nick A. ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Letters from Soldiers

Letters from Soldiers
  • Ms. Diaz
  • Ms. Moran
  • Ms. Loyd


July/14/2007 DearMom, I
am sending you this letter because as you know I
am in the war. When I hear the bell, DING DONG,
it is time to get up. We are awoken at 5 in the
morning. After I get up, I have to put on my
uniform. The military force is a very good one.
When we have to fire a bomb the impact is very
loud. When we fire our rifles we are aiming at
the confederate soldiers. If somebody dies, I
will have to still fight in the war.
Love You,
Abidam C
March 26, 1864 My Dearest Christian,
The thought of your smile gives me confidence
while Im fighting. Worry engulfs me at the
thought of the twins vaguely remembering me when
I return. We are moving in a few days soldiers
are falling to my left and to my right. Someday
soon may be me. Were hoping and praying that
this destruction ends soon. We are forced to hide
behind trees. This battle is quite
treacherous. I am expecting you to send me a
picture of you, the kids, Lily, and the puppy in
your next letter. Love, Alexan
dria A
December 20, 1863 Dear
Family, As you can well imagine, this war is a
trying one. The sound of a trumpet wakes us up
at five in the morning. We are about to go out
to the battle field. At the end of each day I
feel like I am deaf from the bams, booms, and
roars of the war. I miss our Saturday afternoon
picnics with moms homemade mashed potatoes. I
am going to try to be home for Christmas. I am
not sure that I will be able to thougt. I miss
you all very much and I hope to see you all
soon. Your Loving Soldier, Aly M
March 27, 1865 Dear Mom, How
are things going? Things over here are good
because nobody has been killed yet. I cant wait
to see you and Toni. Today was probably one of
the scariest days in my life. Whiz Bullets from
Rebels Rifles were zooming close by. I could
smell the gun smoke that filled the air. We were
forced to find cover within the safety of a dirt
hill. The slaves over here are treated
terribly. They are whipped for not doing what
masters tell them. It isnt right for men to
treat the slaves that way. We havent been able
to get lots of sleep lately. Im as tired as a
bear. I wish I could return home to you, I miss
you so much. It has been really hot over here for
a few days. Ive seen at least 10 people get
killed already. There is so much blood. It is
saddening to see your best friends die in by your
side. While Im covered in dirt, my feet are
aching. It has been raining off and on all week.
Regretfully, it is time for me to part. Remember,
mom that I love you dearly and you are always in
my heart. Love, Anastasia
December 6, 1864 Dear Mother, I have
been in the war for about four years now. It is
so cold outside, that even polar bears would
shiver! A few days ago, fifteen soldiers have
died because it was so cold! Yet I am fine, we
have what we call, The Toaster for a tent. Can
you tell why they named it that? Alas, this war
is significant to me because I believe that
slavery is wrong! A few days ago, President
Lincoln gave a wonderful speech called the
Gettysburg Address, Four score and seven years
agoI cannot remember how the rest goes, because
there are so many other things to think about
right now. More like the reason for it not how it
goes, slavery is wrong, which is exactly
right. Love, Benjamin M
July 14, 1863
Dear Chelsea,
The life here is very treacherous. All of you are
very close to despair and just want to give up.
We have to fight in the stifling heat, the
loudness of the guns firing, and the sounds of
the cannonballs being shot. We wake up in the
morning from the sounds of the trumpets. I
have been feeling that it would be a luxury if
the war is done. A humongous number of men have
died because of the war. I love you all so much.
I have to get back to the war. Best wishes to you
Your loving and caring sister,

March 18, 1862 Dear Aly, Im
writing this letter to tell you that were still
fighting in Shiloh. I got shot in the left arm
ticwe this last month. My shoulder hurt the most
but Im still alive. Its horrible here and we
are losing men by the dozens. The rebels have
lost many more men. Bomb! Theyre attacking
again. I need to get back out there. I love you
and our son Abidam very much. Please keep me in
your prayers.

Your Husband,
Carlos S
March 17, 1863 Dear family,
I miss you so its time for me to return to the
fields now. If I die dont be sad be glad that I
took that chance just to serve my country. If you
get this I will probably be on my way. If I make
it, I will send you another letter. I must go
now, I must lave. Shawn, I love you so much,
I wish I was with you. I miss you. Mom, I
wish I was with you. I miss you more than dad,
Shawn and you, put together! Dad, I miss
you more than you miss me! I hope you keep
winning those races! Maybe just maybe they won
need me, and Ill be able to come home!
Love, Cassidy C
March 3, 1865 My dear darling
Spencer, Darling love, how I miss thou. Thy
writing this letter to thou because thy might not
see thou again. The sounds of thine cannons are
vicious. The deafening sounds as the cannons are
fires are earsplitting. We proceeding towards the
frontline Thy want to tell thou that thy has
been assigned a new post. As of tomorrow, thy
will have to provide water to the soldiers. Thy
will also be responsible to helping the injured.
The smoke is so thick that it blankets the
battlefield making it difficult to see. Thy
heart is breaking at the thought that thy might
never see thou again. There is no end to thy
love for thee. Your loving
wife, ChandlerR.
March 13, 1864 My loving father, It
is March13 1865and we are still at war .This
might be the last time I will be able to write to
you. There are a lot of men dying and it is
getting hard .So I want to let you know that I
love you a lot .We heard the firing of the
cannons at early dawn. The sound of the boom was
so loud. There was a lot of smoke that filled the
air we could not even see our hands in front of
us, and the heart of the fire was so hot it was
burning my face .Finally there was a lot of
people running and screaming, Oh no we are being
attacked, everyone yelled .Then someone came
running up to me and said your friend has just
been killed .I stood there for a while, but then
tears started rolling down my face .I could not
believe it, my heart was broken. Well I hope to
see you and give you a big hug and kiss and tell
you in person that I love you. I will see you

Love, Cheyenne
April 28, 1861 Dear April, The
war is quite troublesome President Lincoln is
making us fight to keep our slaves in the
Confederate states. I want to return home. The
last week was wearisome, a cannonball hit close
to out camp. Luckily, I am ok. General Lee
seems fatigued, he wants to proceed but he does
not know where to go. The only things I want
to talk about are the things that make me smile.
I understand that you want to know what is going
on. It is like nothing you have ever seen.
There are many things that frighten me. Every
once and awhile, the gun rifles are fired at
night. Big booming sounds fill the air at dusk.
I fear that I may not make it. It is time for
me to say good bye, I love you. Your
loving husband, Connor McPeak
March 18, 1865 Dear Wife Mary Lou, I
may be writing my last letter to you since I will
be moving into enemy territory. I will try to
send letters. If they dont get to you, just
remember, I will be trying. Today was a good war
day, although, the sky was hailing ice at us. We
are already freeing slaves. I hope that when I
get home, we can be a complete family
again. With love and hope, Cory M
July/23/1865 Dear Courtney, This war
is extremely chaotic and bloody. I broke my arm
yesterday and the medical people saved me! But I
am still badly injured We have taken out most of
there troops, but we are also very short on men.
I have at least taken out 5 people but this isnt
about that. Does anyone else in the south believe
slaves should be free? At least I think so and I
think other people do to. Anyway I think we
should just come up with some rule that makes
everyone in the south would have to free all the
slaves in the possession. Maybe our president
will come up with something. Best wishes to you.


Dylon N
April 6, 1861 My Dear Friend Erin,
The trumpets are as annoying as they
welcome the day. I fear I may die soon. I feel
the need to take that risk. I pray that if I do
die you will not forget me. Sincerely,

Hannah H
March 14, 1864 Dear Eden, Im very
worried about this war. It seems like years since
I last saw you. Giving up is not an option,
though, because I have a duty to my country. We
cannot allow the Confederacy to be
victorious. Here at the camp were all hungry.
Every morning the bells ring to awaken us. All we
have to eat is oatmeal and water. This has been
very heartbreaking war so far. Hopefully we will
find success and the Union will triumph over the
Confederacy. Im longing for the day I see you
July15, 1863 Dear Nickoolas, My love
is very strong for you. I miss you so much, and I
hope you miss me, too. I just wanted to warn you
that there is an 80 chance that I will not make
it back home. But if I dont make it home dont
cry. I love you so much. I love you, you love
me, were a happy family, with a great big hug
and a kiss from me to you, wont you say you love
me too. The shots are wizzing by my head. People
are dieing for our country. I cant believe what
is going on.
Lots of

July 14, 1862 My Sweet and
Loving Grandparents, Its been hard
on the battlefield watching the Northern soldiers
being beat by the South in my battalion. Ive
been hurt a lot of times. I broke my leg
yesterday fighting on the battlefield. It hurts,
but Im doing much better. It makes me feel like
Im right there with you. Its really hot,
smoky, dusty, and most of all really bloody. I
miss the whole family very much. I didnt tell
you this at first because it was hard to say it,
but my best friend in the whole world was shot at
the same time that I broke my leg.
It was hard not being able to say goodbye
because I had broken my leg. I couldnt go see
her. Please tell everyone Im moving tomorrow and
that if I fall on the battlefield I love them.
Your Granddaughter, Marlaina

May 16, 1864 Dear Poppell
family, Do not worry about me. This is a
horrible war, though. I feel that we will win. I
am in Gettysburg now, and I hear guns and bombs
ringing in my ears all the time. I see people
falling to the ground. But most of them are
running to the medics. The smell of smoke is
causing people difficulty breathing. Some of the
medics are making us drink gross medicine! I
dont care if I fall on the battlefield, it will
be for my country! However, we will win because
we are strong!
With all my heart,
July 14, 1863 Dear Nicholas,

My love is very strong for you but I
must leave. I will miss you a lot. I give you
your last letter and picture that you will
receive from me. If I die would like you to know
I love you and I always will. At the
moment Im experiencing sadness, and loneliness.
The air is so cold my finger tips are num .My
fellow solders are having a hard time fighting
the war. They have brave hearts. Sometimes I fell
that my bravery does not compare to everyone
elses. When I go to Ft. Sumter, I want be able
to contact you again. I f Im hurt the commanders
will let you know. If Im olive I will write you
a letter.
Sincerely your love, Miranda B
March 27th, 1863 Dear Mike, As you
experienced, this war is very harsh. I know you
have left early due to sickness. Your sickness
has made it more of a reason for me to stay and
continue to fight. I am fighting for all our
lost, injured, or sick soldiers. I may get
injured or sick as time progresses, but I will
not quit until I am unable to move. We are not
sure when this war will end, being that tomorrow
is my birthday, I am hoping that luck will be on
our side. Well my dear friend, I pray that you
are quickly recovering. Feel better soon.

Your Friend, Ncholas M
July 29, 1864 Dear Breanna, I sit
here in the midst of this war thinking of you.
Thoughts of your smile give me the confidence I
need to get through these battles. We move
tomorrow and everyone is saying it is quite
treacherous. I worry that may not make it through
this upcoming battle. Send my best to the kids
and family . I long to hear from you, please send
me a letter back with pictures of you and the
children. All my love, Sara
October 22, 1863 Dear Mom and
Dad, The days have been very hot while we
have been fighting the Yankees. Last night the
rain soaked our blankets and made it difficult to
sleep. Our food supplies are running out and we
are starving. I dont know how much longer we
can fight. Love, T.J.
April 7, 1861 Dear Mother and
Father, I have been in the war for days now,
and almost 1,000 men have already been killed.
Every day I think to myself that it might be my
last day alive. Soon I will start fighting with
the south again. The sounds of guns and
rifles shooting and bombs firing fill my days.
This war has already killed many of out men. I
worry that I am not going to make it home. I
pray that I will come home soon to see all of
you. I miss you dearly. Your Loving
Daughter, Cassidy
March 23, 1864 Dear
Allie, Its been almost four years since I have
been involved in this war. I long to return home
soon. The smoky smell in the air is so thick
that I feel like I cannot breathe. The cannons
firing constantly are not helping. I worry
that this may be the last letter that I can write
to you. Soon I may be the one laying on the
ground lifeless. I am fighting to stop
slavery. Tell Mom and Dad that I am working hard
to get them out of slavery. Hopefully you will
be free soon. Love, Gracie
April 1, 1864 Dear Abby,
I am near death from the wounds that I have
suffered. I can smell the smoke form the cannons
firing around me. The scent of death is all
around us. There are so many men laying dead on
the battlefield. Our tents have been ripped
apart and my clothes are nearly gone. I though
this war would be over fast. Ice is now in my
wound. If I dont get better I want to say
goodbye. Sincerely, James
November 20, 1863 Dear Amber, Amber I miss
you dearly. I shall let you know what I go
through everyday. Always waking up to gunshots
and cannons, the gunpowder always filling the
air. I will now fill you in on the events that
have happened. September 19, 1863 (yesterday)
Lincoln gave the two minute Gettysburg
Address Four Score and Seven years ago our
fathers brought forth on this continent, a new
nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to
the proposition that all men are created
equal. Thats about it. Your
brother, Andrew
November 21, 1863 My Dearest Brother John,
The war is getting pretty
tough and I feel that my life could come to an
end at any time. President Lincoln once said A
house divided against itself cannot stand. What
he meant by that was that the United States
cannot stand if it is split up between the North
and South. Three days ago, President Lincoln
read aloud a speech called the Gettysburg
Address, part of which goes like this, Four
score and seven years ago, our fathers brought
forth on this continent a new nation conceived
in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that
all men are created equal!! Now we are engaged in
this great Civil Wartesting weather that nation
or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can
long endure. We are met on a great battlefield
of that war. It was a very inspiring to hear
that speech. Slavery is no good and no matter
how dangerous it is, I need to keep fighting for
my country until the North wins. I miss you
terribly. I can not wait to see you face on
Christmas. Your Loving Sister, Megan
December 18, 1863 Dear My Beloved
Sister, The coldness grabs me most have colds
some are dying. I wish you were here. So many
soldiers have gone. We need your skills. We
should be on the move soon. I can not tell you
where in case this falls under the wrong eyes. I
do know the confederacy is on the move straight
for you. Mary you need to move, get out of
town. I hear that the men are drunk. They
should reach you by January 1st. Speaking of
which, I have been unable to get you a gift for
Christmas. I send you greetings. We are
stationed at the Fort now. Plenty of supplies,
good food, plenty of water, and horses! I
finally got one. He is a gorgeous boy his coat
is a fire color. I call him Firebolt. When the
war is over, I will give him to you. Soon the
Union will win! I must go now, General Grant
needs us. Your Beloved Sister,,
April 25, 1861 Dear James,
Its a bloody
battle out here and I am close to dying. If I do
die, I am ready for it. So I wanted to tell you
to take care of my family. I want you to take
all of my processions and split it between all
the family members. Let my wife know that I love
her and tell her to take care of the kids. If
we win, be sure to look for me in that victory
parade If we lose, you know that I will be in a
better place Sorry that I have to rush, I have
just heard that a parade of Yankees is coming our
Your Friend, Vincent
November 27, 1862 Dear Mother, My darling
mother, I wish I could spend my 26th birthday
with you and father. In the days to come we
will be marching further into our journey. The
winter air is coming in on us. It is so cold
that is chills down to the bone. Every morning
the sound of trumpets humming awaken me. Mother
and Father, I wanted to assure you that if I
should happen to fall to my death on the
battlefield, my love for you will live on.
Please do not wallow in sorrow, know that I died
for my country. I have to get going. The
Union needs me. I love you both
dearly. Best Wishes, Dustin
July 25, 1861 Dearest Love,
The end of my time here is
uncertain. I long for the day I see you again. 25
lay dead today, there are 5 men slowly fading.
I feel as if Im not going to be coming home as
soon as I planed. We had a battle at Bull Run
every thing got destroyed. I know this is hard
on you I am truly sorry.

Yours truly, Haley
July 7, 1863 My Very Caring Dad,,
We will be moving in a few days. We
are freezing and starving to death. I have heard
that my friend has been shot. I hope that he
will be ok. I feel that I will be killed in a
few days. Something is pulling at me, telling me
that I will die soon. I still believe that our
Confederate troops will pull this off and win
this battle. Robert E. Lee has strong
commanded us to shoot and not back down no matter
what. Stonewall Jackson has died what a great
loss. If I fall on the battlefield, I shall be
proud of my country. I have fought for good and
not evil. Your Very Dear
Son, Jake
November 18, 1864 Dear Mom and Dad, I
have been using my training to be a nurse in the
Civil War. How are things back home? I really,
really miss you a lot. The battle is going well
and I am doing fine. Well, Id better go.
Sincerely, Jose P.S. We
might return home between January and February
May 9, 1864 Dear Dad,
It seems as though we are winning this battle,
although. we are losing thousands of troops a day
Tomorrow we are moving on to Bull Run. . All I
can hear are the cannons firing and rifles being
shot in the distance. Robert E. Lee is a great
general. So far I have been shot in the arm and
in the leg. Luckily it is healing
though. Love, Kace
December 10, 1862 Dearest Beloved, I feel
as though we may not be seeing each other as soon
as I had planned. I cannot bear seeing the look
on my dear Emmas face when I do not show up for
Christmas. Her reaction frightens me. Although
I have been fighting for quite a while, the
feeling gets worse that the end of my life is
coming. Everyday more people are dying. Sixty
people have been killed since I wrote you last.
Though I may be next to fall on this death bed, I
will not stop fighting for what I believe in. I
believe in a free country like President Lincoln
is trying to secure. Sincerely Your
Wife, Madison
May 9, 1864 Dear Dad,
I have just returned from Fort Sumter. The
Confederates took it over. 5,000 Union troops
died during that battle. Our new General is
Ulysses S. Grant. I feel we are on our way to
victory. We were heading towards Bull Run. We
won the battle and captured many Confederate
soldiers. I was shot in the leg, but am slowly
Sincerely, Nicholas
April 16, 1864 Dearest Grandma, We have
been at the war for 10 days now. I am a nurse
and very scared about the war. I have nurse many
soldiers. Many soldiers have died and I am
hoping that it will be over in a few weeks but it
probably wont. So you can write me back. I
love you. Sincerely Your Wife,
April 16, 1863 Dearest
Nick, The reason we are in this war is because
of slavery. It is 1863 and we are still at war.
Soon after Lincolns election, southerners
decided that secession from the Union was the
only solution. South Carolina seceded in
December of 1860. By March of 1861, six other
states formed the Confederacy. When Fort Sumter
was attacked, four other states including
Virginia joined the Confederacy. There were
eleven states that seceded from the
Union. Your Friend, Joshua M.
November 19, 1863 Dearest Mother, I am
well and safe. My regiment is camped by a river,
I cannot disclose where. Life is very hard here.
I joined the army thinking it would be a great
adventure. How sadly mistaken I was! Food is
extremely limited, and my small rations are not
nearly enough to keep me comfortable. Sleeping
on the cold, hard ground every night makes me
think only of my warm, soft bed back home. Then,
of course, I think of you, and your wonderful
home cooked meals. I miss you terribly, mother I
hope to be home soon. Love Your
Son, Joshua N.
April 8, 1965 Dear Patrick, If I were
you I wouldnt want to be here fighting this war.
We are in this treacherous war because slaves
are fighting for their freedom. Many people have
been destroyed in this battle. Thanks to
President Lincoln slavery has come to an
end. Guess what happened? Abraham Lincoln was at
the theater with his wife when he was shot by
John Wilkes Booth. Can you believe it? Our
President was assassinated. This is a very sad
time. We are packing up to return home in the
days to come. I cant wait to go home and see
you I will tell you all about my experiences
here. Your Friend, Kyle
May 23,1862 My Dearest Family, Its been
hard living down here helping all these men. I
would love to take a long break for awhile. Its
not like I dont like these men, but its just
sad to see all the men that have died. A lot
have survived too. Sometimes I go sit on the
hill where people watch the war to see whats
going on, then I go back up to the work health
house to help out men that have been injured. I
do get a break but it is a very short one. I get
a thirty minute break that is it. I hope that
everyone is doing very well.
Your Loving Daughter, Lauren
April 26, 1863 Dear Mom, The war has been
a brutal one. I have seen many people die on the
ballet field. All I can see is bundles of smoke,
but I still hear the constant shots in the
distance. I am fearless and I simply put my
faith in God. I am hungry and cold. I wish I
was home If this is my last letter, I love you
all.. Your Loving Son, Nick A.
January 18, 1863 My Dearest Family, I wish
I was at home. Right now Im a nurse, and I have
to hear all the guns firing, and I have to see
people dead. Its so sad. There is so much
blood. No wonder they call it The Bleeding
Kansas. I met a sweet woman yesterday and we
became good friends. Then today somebody thought
she was a man and shot her right in the head.
Today I had to help this man with a cut open leg
wound. I guess he got stabbed in the leg with a
knife. Everybody here is freezing to death, and
we are all so hungry. We are about to move.
If I dont see you ever again, I am probably
dead. I will always remember you no matter
what. Best Wishes, Peyton
September 2, 1862 Dear Mother, Being a
nurse in the war is harsh. Soldiers come in
every day with horrible wounds. Some people live
and some people die, but the ones that lice wish
they had died because of their pain. It sounds
very treacherous out on the battle grounds. One
guy came to me today and asked about how many
people made it s \far. I had to tell him only
about 200. One guy got shoe in the head and
never woke up. It is so sad that the cause of
this war is slavery. I miss you so, I cant
wait until this horrible war is over and I can
come home. It doesnt look like it will be soon
though. I have to get back, but I will write
again soon. Sincerely, Sierra
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  • All the students completed their letters,
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