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The French Business Register : from a quality approach


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The French Business Register : from a quality approach

The French Business Register from a quality
approach a statistical register

Description of SIRENE
  • a national business register in which all
    businesses and their local units are registered
  • since 1994 a unique identification number, at
    the core of the inter-administrative system
  • Content of SIRENE
  • identification data civil status of businesses,
    legal form, the date it was set up and when it
    ceased trading
  • address of local units
  • a code identifying the principal business
    activity carried out, number of employees
  • as SIRENE is used in the areas of statistics and
    trade economic classification variables (list
    drawn up after consulting statisticians using the

Inventory of users and requirements
Users Some requirements
Inter-administrative use (administrative partners involved in managing the register and businesses) Unique identification Exhaustiveness (even units which are registered only for the needs of a partner) Legal termination
Dissemination of information Address, Activity code
Statistical use business demography basis for sampling survey managers Exhaustiveness but reference groups Identification Stratification data Economic termination
An administrative approach of the quality
  • Quality is taken into account in day-to-day
  • a workstation with automated processing
    capabilities (receiving standardized
    administrative information via EDI) which
    guarantees uniform processing
  • checks into the data-processing flow
  • Quality is taken into account as an independent
    component (quality operations)
  • at the initiative of register managers
  • at the request of those in charge of surveys
  • The register managers bring into play quality
    with the limitations of an interadministrative
  • ? Quite administrative approach of the quality

Volumes of quality operations
  • Updates
  • each year 100,000 legal units with their activity
    code updated-validated
  • 3.5 million units (legal units or local units)
    with employee statistics
  • 2 million businesses with turnover statistics
  • Checks
  • 15,000 units checked at the request of
    statisticians (wrong address for example)
  • 15,000 possible duplicate entries examined
  • 50,000 units possibly misidentified as
    operational examined
  • Surveys
  • in 2007, 200,000 surveys-questionnaires sent for
    the introduction of the NACE

Links between  quality operations  and Eurostat
quality report ? 1/2
  • Relevant component
  • the identification of statistical users and of
    their expectations taken into account
  • some quality operations based on the request of
  • Accuracy component
  • meaningless
  • but the quality operations improve the
    accuracy of the sampling plans.
  • Timeliness and punctuality
  • register daily updated by administrative partners
    (sometimes insufficient ?)
  • mass updates data are included as soon as
  • discrepancies examined as quick as possible.

Links between  quality operations  and Eurostat
quality report ? 2/2
  • Accessibility and clarity of the information
  • frozen versions of the business register (for all
    users or for specific needs) produced quarterly
    and yearly
  • each month an extract of the register for the
    staff responsible of the dissemination of
  • for all statisticians a specific tool, to get
    all the data of a list of units, at a given date
  • Comparability of statistics
  • few statistics spring from the register except
    business demography.
  • the day-to-day management of the register and the
    advanced level of automation provide
    comparability of statistics (in the time)
  • Coherence
  • maybe a lack of the register ?

Towards a new statistical registerProspective
  • Review the use of SIRENE as a central tool for
    business statistics comes up against its twofold
  • legal vs economic cessation
  • exhaustiveness vs reference groups
  • Recent overhaul of the annual business
    statistics one of its outputs to come is a
    statistical register
  • Aims of the statistical register
  • based on the inter-administrative register
  • and/but closer to the requirements of the

Towards a new statistical registerProspective
  • New concepts
  • the definition of statistical units
  • the addition of specific data
  • the definition of reference populations
  • A new quality management
  • statisticians will manage quality
  • a quality operation checking all mistakes in
    a population
  • more statistical updates
  • more automatized updates
  • gt classification of sources (to solve
    inconsistencies between several sources)
  • Maybe the definition of indicators to measure
    quality of this statistical register
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