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We provide translation service through globally with different languages like French , German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and all other foreign languages with professional translators and also Indian languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, Sanskrit etc. We translate documents like technical and knowledge documents, Legal documents and Lease documents, Medical and Pharmaceutical documents, I.T. documents, Business financial and Banking documents, Case studies, Scientific documents etc. Service Provided by us Translation and Localization, Subtitling, Voice Over, Interpretation, Transcription. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Translation company in Bangalore

Translation Company
  • Translation, Voice Over, Interpretation,
    Subtitling ,Transcription, Language Lessons.

About Us
  • Languages We Speak
  • Technology Tools
  • Industries Domains
  • Quality Assurance Products
  • Our Clients.

Welcome To Word Par International
Translation Localization
Language Lessons
Translation Localization
  • Word Par provides convenient solutions to your
    translation requirements. Be it simple documents
    such as bank statements and travel documents to
    more complex documents such as product manuals
    and legal agreements we have it all covered
    with teams of specialized and qualified
    translations, always native users of the target
  • Our network of project managers, translators,
    proof readers and editors ensure a fool proof
    process of translation and quality checks with
    close attention to correct usage of registers
    appropriate to the field of translation.
  • Our localization teams ensure cultural and
    linguistic sensitivity towards the target
    audience is maintained in all our clients
    translation projects.

  • Translate Technical and Knowledge Documents
  • Convert your technical manuals and knowledge
    process documents
  • Companies setting up shop in a new linguistic
    environment must translate their technical
    knowledge, process documents, procedures and
    manuals to the language of the target audience or
    for their own internal personnel in the new
    country. Multinational corporations must make
    their documentation ready for their new employees
    who speak, read and write a different language.
    Technical manuals for their customers and
    clients. Outreach to a different language
    community requires expert and qualified
    translation management companies like Word Par to
    make the documents available for the end-user,
    ensuring correct transfer of meaning, both
    content-wise as well as contextual, without
    compromising on correctness technical terminology
    and domain-specific language.
  • Translate Legal Documents, Lease Agreements etc.
  • Globalization and emergence of economic regions
    has increased international trade and real-estate
    agreements. These agreements are in various
    languages and required trans-national
    ratification and acceptance, increasing the need
    for translation. Consider a Japanese MNC setting
    up a branch office in the USA, and its back
    office in India required to maintain records. The
    Indian team will require translation of the
    documents in English to maintain records for the
    use of their principals in the USA and Japan. A
    bilingual record of such documents is not only a
    statutory necessity, but also an administrative
    imperative within the organization
  • Beside translation, legal documents can also be
    directly abstracted and summarized by language
    experts with legal expertise. Word Par
    International provides multilingual knowledge
    process expertise in legal and other fields to
    the advantage of back office businesses with
    multinational outreach.

  • Localize Websites
  • Website localization makes your accessible to an
    ever-expanding target audience with diminishing
    geographical boundaries. As markets spread across
    territorial and economic borders, the only
    barrier that remain are linguistic and cultural.
    Word Par, with their professional localization
    experts help translate and localize your websites
    and social media in the language of your readers!
  • Translate Small Documents
  • Travelling abroad, applying for a student loan
    abroad, processing a visa, have your documents in
    a foreign language? No problem. Our offices
    receive your order via email and deliver
    translations with quick turnaround. All
    translations are certified corroborated by
    notaries as per legal guidelines of Karnataka.
    Sworn translations are available upon request and
    each translation is accompanied by affidavits or
    undertakings under the company seal. Our
    translations are valid in all courts of law in
    India and elsewhere in the word.
  • Medical and Pharmaceuticals Documents
  • Medical documents, pharmaceutical research
    reports, specifications and procedures in
    different languages are translated into English
    or into other foreign and regional languages.
    Scientific, medical terminology and style are
    essential, for which the role of native
    translators specialising in medicine and medical
    translations is of paramount importance.

  • IT documents
  • Translate your user manuals, online help, labels
    and meta data while localizing your documents
    from one language to another. Our company has
    localized several million words of content and
    technology from English to various languages of
    the world.
  • Business, Financial and Banking Documents
  • Financial statements, audit reports and
    documentation relating to trade, banking and
    international regulations or customs description
    of goods and services for the purpose of
    international customs duty and excise
    regulations, all translated with deft human
    translators with keen understanding of the
    statutory requirements and with the right
    linguistic skills to correctly identify technical
    terms of the business world in their respective
    languages. Team Word Par has the necessary talent
    and manpower to do your work accurately and on
  • Scientific Documents
  • Patents, articles, theses, papers,
    presentations, study reports and so on.
  • Patents reveal solutions to technical problems
    and they represent an inexhaustible source of
    information. Most industrialized countries offer
    inventors protection in the form of a patent.
    Standards vary from country to country. We
    translate scientific papers and patents for
    research and development companies for further
    research and safeguarding your intellectual
    property across the globe.

  • Case Studies
  • Banking SoftwareBanking software localization
    in Russian, Mandarin, Hebrew, Portuguese and
  • A leading information-technology company who
    provided banking software to leading banks in
    India and the English-speaking world decided to
    sell their product to Russia, China, Israel,
    Brazil and the rest of Latin America. We had the
    stupendous task of converting all banking
    interfaces of the software as well as the user
    manuals and online help guides. The project ran
    into hundreds of thousands of words of HTML, PDF,
    MSWord and excel documents containing technical
    content, meta data and labels.
  • The task involved a multi-pronged approach.
    Firstly, a terminology research team comprising
    banking experts from the translator fraternity
    was formed for each language. Secondly, team of
    expert translators was to be selected and hired
    while the core team studied the documents and
    created a glossary and style guide for their
    respective language. By the time the translation
    teams were formed, the project management team in
    consultation with the terminologists devised a
    process flow. Next, the teams of the various
    languages were introduced to each other and given
    a short orientation with regards to procedures,
    naming convention, document flow and version
    control. Tasks were assigned and translation
    production was undertaken in full speed reaching
    optimal production by week 2 of the project. The
    work of each translator was edited and sanitized
    by the terminologists who doubled as editors and
  • The entire project across 5 languages and
    several hundred-thousand words in each language
    pair was completed in a record 10 weeks, hiring
    10 translators and editors for each language. Not
    only were deadlines met, but also accolades were
    received from the client.

  • Operators Manuals
  •   Operators manuals and training material
    translated from Japanese to Kannada, Tamil,
    Telugu and Malayalam
  • An automobiles company from Japan required its
    training and maintenance manuals translated for
    their local staff in India. The local audience
    spoke various South Indian languages. A project
    was commissioned to convert training material
    from Japanese into colloquially intelligible and
    yet adequately academic Kannada, Telugu, Tamil
    and Malayalam. The job consisted of around 20
    text books, mainly technical maintenance
    documents, and a few other subjects such as
    safety, civics, geography and general science.
    The project spanned around 6-8 months and was
    completed with completely satisfaction of the
    client, albeit with occasional stumbling blocks
    because of lack of established terminology for
    scientific concepts in the regional languages.
    Terminological differences were negotiated
    resolved with the help of language advisors from
    the company as well as a pool of qualified
    linguists from our teams.
  • Today, the company boasts of a multilingual
    library and complete resources material in all
    south-Indian regional languages side by side with
    their Japanese resource books.
  • Abstraction Summarisation of Legal Agreements
  • Abstraction of lease agreements in Korean,
    Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, French,
    German, Hungarian, Czech, Greek, Italian,
    Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese

  • A global back office and outsourcing company
    outsourced the abstraction of lease agreements
    and related contracts. These contracts were
    available in various languages of Europe, Central
    Asia, East Asia and Latin America. Thousands of
    contracts for various economic regions needed to
    be summarised in English language and their data
    fed to a central database belonging to their
  • The projects were executed with 99 accuracy
    with the help of legal experts, lawyers or legal
    translators from the various countries and with
    efficient project management. Some of the
    languages became repeat and ongoing projects
    while others remained sporadic requests.
  • The central legal team in the project management
    team had the task of transferring knowledge
    procedures and the nuances of abstract templates
    to every new recruit for every language pair.
    Identification of the right linguist for the
    requirements was another decisive element for the
    success of the project. Projects in various
    languages continue to this day.
  • Patents and articles translation
  • Patents and articles translated from Chinese,
    Japanese, German, Korean and Russian to English.
  • A subsidiary manufacturing company wanted its
    patents and articles translated. Hundreds of
    scientific patents and articles for various
    economic regions needed to be translated in
    English language.
  • The projects are executed with 99 accuracy with
    the help of translators with legal and technical
    expertise and with efficient project management.
    Most language projects are a continue to be an
    ongoing project.

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  • Interpretation services for your meetings,
    trainings and conferences are supported by highly
    trained bilingual and multilingual interpreters.
    Services are available for
  • Consecutive Interpretation at business meetings
    and visits.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation at conferences or
  • Interpretation assistance during formal
    trainings, presentations and semi-conference
  • Remote long distance interpretation via
    teleconferencing, net-meetings and telephone
  • State of the art equipment for simultaneous
    interpretation and teleconferencing are available
    upon request.
  • Language Interpretation Explained
  • Interpretation (or language interpretation), in
    the translation business, refers to the act of
    orally translating spoken text from one language
    to another. Unlike translation, which is written
    or typed, interpretation involves oral or spoken
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation refers to oral
    translation by a linguist where the speaker and
    the interpreter take turns in speaking. The
    speaker or presenter speaks in her or his own
    language for few moments, say a few sentences,
    and then pauses for the interpreter. In this
    time, the interpreter translates the speakers
    words into the language understood by the
    audience. Then the presenter speaks again. In
    this way, the spoken content is translated
    consecutively in turns.

  • Word Par provides qualified consecutive
    interpreters for conferences, business meetings,
    discussions, court proceedings and depositions in
    most parts of the world and for a variety of
    language combinations. Multiple locations and
    multiple language combinations are serviced. In
    cases where distance or accessibility is a
    barrier, we use video conferencing, telephones
    and all possible communication modes to
    facilitate inter-lingual communication.
  • Interpretation services are provided for a wide
    variety of purposes
  • Legal Interpretation
  • Government Proceedings
  • Finances
  • Medical Consultations or Interpretation of
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Meetings and Negotiations
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation refers to the
    simultaneous (real-time) translation of spoken
    texts by an interpreter, while the presenter is
    speaking. This requires a highly advanced level
    of expertise and training, and is a very
    demanding and mentally draining job. Interpreters
    are required to listen and speak at the same
    time, and there is a lapse of only a few seconds
    between listening, understanding, translating and
    speaking in the target language, while still
    listening to the subsequent content being spoken
    by the presenter.

This kind of interpretation requires
sophisticated acoustics and electronic equipment.
It requires that the speaker and interpreter are
in separate cabins so that their voices do not
clash. The interpreter receives the audio signal
of the speaker via an audio channel to her or his
headphones. Another channel carries the
interpreters voice via a separate circuit to
listeners who will each have an individual
headphone where they can listen to the
interpreters voice. In many settings, there are
multi-language interpretation and the audience
have the option of plugging in to several
language options. This kind of setting is found
in the United Nations and several parliaments,
especially a multicultural and multilingual
country like India. All speeches of several
languages are simultaneously interpreted into
several other world languages and all
participants are able to listen to the
translations in the language of their preference
real time! Word Par offers to provide
simultaneous interpretation in over 80 languages
and several language combinations for conferences
and formal meetings in most large cities.
Physical proximity plays an important role as
interpreters need to present on location. Word
Par can fly in interpreters to these events with
sufficient advance notice and preparation time.
Equipment and event management and operational
support can be provided upon request.  Since
simultaneous interpretation requires a high level
of preparedness, clients are requested to
provided adequate literature pertaining to the
topic and comprehensive research and
terminological preparation is undertaken by the
interpreters ahead of the actual event. Every
simultaneous interpretation even requires
multidimensional preparation and event
management, which Word Par is equipped to
undertake either in full or for a part thereof.
Trainings, Presentations and Semi-Conference
Environments Either consecutive or simultaneous
language interpretation is required for trainings
and presentations in multilingual situations
where presenters and audiences speak different
languages. Word Par can provide interpreters to
assist trainings and presentations for corporate,
individual and government clients in most cities
of the world. Remote Long-Distance
Interpretation Multi lingual environments and
barriers are not easily surmountable at all times
and at all locations. Small requirements for
language interpretation for discussions, business
meetings etc. can be organised via Skype, phone
and other modes of communication with the support
of a large team of linguists spread across the
globe, overcoming the geographical barrier.
  • Subtitling Closed Captioning Services
  • Subtitling
  • Closed Caption and Open Caption in Multiple
  • All Video Formats Handled
  • Supported Languages

  • Subtitling Closed Captioning Services
  • With the growth of the entertainment industry
    and the globalization of world economies, there
    is greater interaction and exchange between
    cultures. Word Par International provides
    subtitling services to film and television and
    broadcasting companies across the globe.
    Subtitling from and to various languages, we have
    a large team of translators and technical support
    for accurate translation and timing.
  • Subtitling
  • (translated on-screen caption of audio
    content in different language)
  • Video content in one language can be made
    accessible to audience speaking different
    languages with on screen translated caption or
    subtitles of the dialogues and narrations. Films,
    television programs, documentaries, educational
    videos and several other kinds of videos can now
    overcome the language barrier and reach a larger
    audience. Word Par has professional translators
    and linguists who subtitle films with utmost
    care, paying attention to contextual
    understanding and subject matter expertise.

  • Closed Caption and Open Caption in Multiple
  • (text caption of audio content in same language
    as the spoken dialogue or narration)
  • Captioning of audio content in readable text is
    aimed at assisting people with hearing
    disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities
    Act, Section 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation
    Act, the FCCs CVAA, and the international Web
    Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) have
    made captions for multimedia mandatory.
    Entertainment and educational content streamed
    over various media now need and choose to have
    text content displayed on screen, so that the
    audience is able to read the dialogues and
    background information about the ambience and
    off-screen sounds. Word Par offers professional
    captioning services in most languages of the
  • All Video Formats Handled
  • (text caption of audio content in films and
    multimedia content)
  • Our team of linguists and production experts can
    handle virtually any kind of video and audio
    files to produce transcripts that are
    linguistically accurate and technically
    appropriate. Clients receive both text files with
    time stamps as well as final video with captions
    upon demand.
  • Supported Languages
  • Word Par offers subtitling for a wide array of
    language combinations and captioning services for
    all mainstream languages of the world. Or clients
    include film and television companies as also
    training and content development firms from
    various parts of the world. Our most popular
    languages for subtitling and caption services are
    English, Hindi, French, German, Spanish, Russian,
    Hebrew and Arabic, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu,
    Marathi, Japanese and Korean among many other.

Voiceovers for commercials, training materials,
audio books and so on are provided by artistes
with professional voices and studio equipment.
Files are prepared and delivered with meticulous
care to quality and punctuality. State of the art
technology is used for the recording and a varied
choice of voice talents are available to the
client to choose from. Voice artistes are
available for various requirements such as
audiobooks, commercials, documentaries, podcasts,
training and business presentations, voicemails,
phone systems, movie and game trailers,
infomercials, television and radio programs and
so on. Voiceover and voice recording artistes
are available all mainstream languages of the
world. Voice actors are available in German,
French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish,
Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Afrikaans,
Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew,
Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Albanian, Romanian,
Ukrainian, Russian, .. the list is
Our pool of voice talents can record in many
styles baby voices childrens voices
teenaged boys and girls young male and female
adults senior male and female adults cartoon
characters and caricatures Voiceover Project
ProcessAfter a client posts a project with us,
the requirement is analysed and suitable voice
actors are invited to audition. Voice samples are
sent to the client, who then listen to these
auditions and select and hire their preferred
voice actor(s)
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  • Have audio files that need to be converted to
  • Our transcription team is equipped to convert
    your files to text with ease and speed. Audio
    files in any language and on any subject matter,
    from law to medicine, speeches or lecture
    recordings! Quick, reliable and accurate
    transcription services are provided to the best
    of your satisfaction.
  • Transcribers are available for most mainstream
    languages of the world and are well versed in and
    familiar with different dialects, accents and
    subject matters such as medicine, law, business
    and finance, science and technology, art, media,
    hospitality and so on.
  • Legal Transcription
  • Legal transcription services help to provide
    verbatim records with high level of accuracy. All
    audio recordings of various formats are
    supported. All transcriptionists have adequate
    knowledge of legal terms and processes to provide
    accurate transcriptions of your information.
  • Depositions
  • Trials
  • Hearings
  • Correspondence
  • Legal Records

  • Legal Summarisation and Abstraction
  • Legal documents require systematic summarisation
    for quick reference and action. Word Par provides
    summarization and abstraction services to
    compile, summarise and systematise client data in
    templates either developed by the client or by
    our team of legal consultants. The abstraction is
    undertaken by linguists with legal education and
    experience along with linguistic credentials.
    Abstraction can be done in the same language or
    translated directly in another language. French,
    Japanese or Mandarin lease documents can be
    summarised and abstracted in English, for
    example. Or vice versa!
  • Medical Transcription
  • Audio recordings with doctors instructions,
    diagnoses and dictations are converted into
    simple word, pages and PDF documents, turned
    around quickly for your records. All transcribers
    are trained and well versed with medical
  • Lectures and Discourses
  • Lectures and discourses for universities,
    educational, religious and spiritual institutions
    who wish to have a written record of their
    lectures may avail our transcription services.
    Audio recordings of these lectures are accurately
    and quickly converted to text format and turned
    around in the clients desired formats.
  • Process and Quality Assurance
  • All transcripts undergo two-level checks. The
    first level is a thorough word-for-word check by
    the same or different transcriber, followed by a
    proofreading of the final document.

Language Lessons
  • Word Par International partners with Vidushi
    Academy to offer a wide range of foreign language
    courses in
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • and for levels ranging from elementary and
    intermediate to advanced. Visit the website of
    our official language school, Vidushi

Language Lessons
  • indigene
  • Mahindra
  • Patanjali
  • Accenture

Thank You
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