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Heartland Network Natural Resource Monitoring Program


... Expansion Natural Resource Management ... experiential activity in ... of human activities is essential for management ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Heartland Network Natural Resource Monitoring Program

Heartland Network Natural Resource Monitoring
Cultural and Natural Significance of Heartland
Network Parks
  • Protecting the Habitat of Our Heritage
  • Free Flowing Rivers and Streams
  • Presidents
  • Deciduous Forests
  • Civil War battlefields
  • Prairies and Savannas
  • Native Americans
  • Wetlands
  • Westward Expansion

Natural Resource Management History in NPS
  • 1930s, George Wright supports first faunal
  • 1940s, war reduces NPS natural resource staff
  • 1956 66. Mission 66 develops visitor services
    to accommodate record visitation
  • 1970s present, NPS takes responsibility for
    managing ecosystems
  • 1993, NPS science staff transferred to National
    Biological Survey
  • 1999, Natural Resource Challenge

Natural Resource Management History in NPS
State of the Parks Report (circa 2000)
  • 80 parks with no natural resource manager
  • 84 parks with 1 or 2 professionals
  • Crisis mode of operation
  • Science/data and management disconnect
  • Parks unable to state natural resource goals

Natural Resource Challenge
Revitalize and expand the natural resource
program within the park service and improve park
management through greater reliance on scientific
Natural Resource Challenge Components
  • Inventories
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Collaboration
  • Resource Planning
  • Parks for Science
  • Fully Professional Staff
  • Non-native species
  • Native and Endangered Species
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Air Quality
  • Water Resources
  • Research Learning Centers

Overview of Vital Signs Monitoring
Looking at systems on an ecological scale
Purpose of Monitoring
  • Determine the status/trends in the condition of
    park resources

IM Networks
Heartland Network
Vital Signs Monitoring
To track indicators of overall health of the parks
Vital Signs Monitoring 3 Characteristics
  • Long-term, ecological monitoring perspective
  • Integration and coordination among parks,
    programs and agencies
  • Emphasis on Information Management

Network Structure
  • Board of Directors
  • Superintendents assigned to the BOD on a rotating
  • Technical Committee
  • One representative from each member park

Monitoring for use by Park Managers
  • Inventory and monitoring are critical for
    cost effective, accountable resource management
    informed by scientific information.

Management Needs for Monitoring Information
Natural and Cultural Landscape Restoration
Management Needs for Monitoring Information
Recreation, Health and Safety
Effects of Prescribed Fire
Management Needs for Monitoring Information
Grazing and Bison Management
Invasive Exotic Plant Management
Connecting with Non-Scientists
Connecting through Communicating
Plan provides the importance and methods of
communication. Matrix A treasure trove of
product designs, costs, sources for materials and
services, and Interpretive Competency
information. DVDs Containing templates and one
with radio message and video clip.
  • People will only protect what they love, love
    what they understand, and understand what they
    are taught. (Senegalese saying)

Example of Matrix Entry
Interpretive Service or Product Bird Checklist Interpretive Service or Product Bird Checklist
Target Audience External Target Audience External
Purpose/Need Purpose/Need
Critical Natural Resource Issue Bird species especially those that are Threatened and Endangered and/or monitored by the HTLN
Human Dimension Component Birding is a popular, non-consumptive experiential activity in which people observe and study a number of species located in an area. Bird species are most often threatened by habitat loss caused by development. Birders could be engaged in the monitoring process by encouraging them to report observations of birds that HTLN is monitoring observation and study of species could be used to engage them in the monitoring process by encouraging them to report birds that the HTLN is monitoring to park staff or directly to HTLN via email.
Goals Objectives Goal Increase awareness of the bird species within the Heartland, those that are threatened and endangered, and how the HTLN conducts monitoring activities to understand changes in the bird populations. Disseminate checklists through visitor center displays and an online version. Recipients will develop an appreciation for the diversity of bird species within the HTLN. Recipients will be concerned about the wellbeing of native bird species.
Product Summary Information Product Summary Information
Description /Summary (including duration) A tri-fold brochure listing a variety of bird species found in the area. Birds monitored by the HTLN will be highlighted in some manner (e.g., italics, bolded). The brochure will provide an explanation of how these birds are monitored and contain a message about the purpose of monitoring these species. Contact information will be included to guide the reader to more information about the HTLN and its inventory and monitoring activities.
Message/Theme HTLN is inventorying and monitoring the health of the bird species throughout the network. Theme Protecting our feathered friends by teaming sound science and management.
Making Connections Bird species have been a subject of awe for many cultures throughout the world. Images of birds can be found on everything from stamps to wine labels to currency. The bird shows up in mythology and story telling in many religions and is often associated with mysticism and magic.
DVD with audio, video, and publications for all
HTLN parks
To familiarize stakeholders, partners and the
public with NPS monitoring activities
Examples Materials for staff communication
Examples Materials for visitor communication
Banners to Loan
  • Double banner is one-sided panels
  • Single banners are double-sided panels

Please Become Part of the Effort
  • Read The Weather Vane
  • Communication Plan and DVDs
  • Create new materials or project ideas
  • Borrow or request materials
  • Accompany Heartland staff into the field
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