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Zoom Inc. Travel Attache Executive summary Mission: To be the number one provider of the best quality products for the holiday traveler in Germany. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Zoom Inc. Travel Attache

Zoom Inc. Travel Attache

Executive summary
  • Mission To be the number one provider of the
    best quality products for the holiday traveler in
  • Vision To be a company that sells products that
    our customers are proud to own.
  • Business Description Operating in the German
    market, Zoom Inc. specializes in providing the
    necessary products to fulfill personal hygiene
    necessities of the traveling public.
  • Company Background Zoom Inc was created in 2011,
    due to a school project required during the fall
    semester at Elmhurst College.

Executive summary
  • Products/Services With three different lines of
    travel attaché (Eco-friendly, Hygienic,
    Personalized), Zoom Inc. offers the German
    traveler high quality hygienic products for
    wherever their travels takes them.
  • Technologies Selling through the internet will
    be our main contributor to revenue for Zoom Inc.
    Staying on the leading edge with new products and
    excellent customer service will provide our
    clients a enjoyable experience
  • Markets Zoom Inc. plans to target the German
    traveler, both business and holiday. Providing
    them a all inclusive travel attaché they can be
    assured that they have everything they to support
    their hygienic needs while traveling. Even
    through the tough economic times we are currently
    in, the German holiday traveler is increasing.

Executive summary
  • Distribution Channels Our Product will go from
    the Wholesaler to an agent in Germany. This agent
    will be responsible for receiving the product
    from the wholesaler and assembling the product
    (i.e. placing products in their appropriate
    attaché) the Agent will then ship the product to
    retailers around Germany that wish to sell the
    Attache. The Agent will also be responsible for
    receiving the orders from our website and
    shipping them direct to the customer.
  • Competition Grass Gmbh Co., Benedikt
    Duttlinger, Gebrueder Lippert Lederwaren, are
    some of the German luggage companies that we will
    need to compete with when operating in the German
    Market. There will also be competition from
    international companies such as Samsonite. Our
    product will be able to compete with these large
    companies because of our attention to detail and
    the uniqueness of our product
  • Industry Travel Industry
  • Number of Employees 3

  • We will get our brand name out to our clients
  • Networking Events
  • Travel Magazines (Skymall)
  • Printed ads
  • Commercials

What needs to be on the label of a product sold
in Germany?
  • Label must solely be in German as of 1/1/2010
  • Must be in metric measurement.
  • With only metric measurements and German print
    allowed this can add cost to producers selling
    products in the German and US markets as
    packaging will need to be made separately for
    each market.

products requiring a label
  • Textiles
  • Cosmetics
  • Dangerous substances
  • Explosive atmosphere
  • Electronics
  • Household appliances
  • Pricing
  • Recycling
  • Footwear
  • Units of Measurement
  • Automotive
  • Maritime
  • Food related material
  • Noise Emission

Voluntary labels
  • Cup/Fork Symbol (materials in contact with food)
  • Eco-label
  • Green dot
  • Energy star
  • e mark
  • Recycling marks

Typical German Labels
  • SAFETY LABLE CE The most important and widely
    used marking required on a label is the CE
    marking. This marking shows that the product
    being sold meets all essential requirements
    related to safety, health and/or environmental

Typical German Labels
  • TEXTILE LABEL Textile products must be labeled
    whenever they are being sold. The names
    descriptions and details of a textiles fiber must
    be indicated on the products available to
  • BARCODES Barcodes are not legislated and are not
    required on products sold in Germany.

Typical German Labels
  • COSMETIC PRODUCTS Containers must contain in
    easily legible and visible characters the
  • The name, trade name and address, or registered
    office of the manufacturer or person responsible
    for marketing the cosmetic product within the
  • The nominal contents at the time of packaging
    (by weight or volume).
  • The minimum date of durability indicated by
    best before end, for products with a minimum
    durability of less than 30 months.
  • The period after opening which the product must
    be used without harm to the consumer, for
    products with a minimum durability of less than
    30 months (indicated by a symbol representing an
    open cream jar.

Typical German Labels
  • PRICE DISPLAY The price and price per unit of
    measurement must be indicated on all products
    offered to consumers. The information must be
    unambiguous, clearly legible and identifiable. If
    advertising mentions the items selling price it
    must also mention its unit price.
  • RECYCLING The mobius loop is found on
    products that are recyclable is an optional label
    used on products sold in Germany.

Barriers of Entry
  • Distribution Channels according to German Law
  • No restrictions on the means used to distribute
    imported goods in the country.
  • Foreign businesses can select the distribution
    channel or channels best suited to their product
    and preferred degree of involvement in the German
  • Most distribution channels consist of wholesale
    and retail enterprises, trading houses,
    merchants, commercial agents, distributors and,
    finally, subsidiaries in Germany
  • For long-term market penetration, many businesses
    choose to set up a subsidiary in Germany.
    Subsidiaries have the advantage of being located
    in Germany making them easily accessible to
    wholesale and retail customers in the country and
    the Single European Market. This accessibility
    and the opportunity to conduct business in
    German, increases the company's attractiveness
    for potential customers. Establishing a
    subsidiary in Germany is more complex than
    setting up any of the other distribution
    channels, however, Germany Trade and free
    investor consulting services can greatly simplify
    the process.

Barriers of Entry
  • Goods moving into and out of the German market
    must be filed electronically allowing the
    authorities to complete inspections when deemed
  • Entry summary declarations must be lodged in
    principle by the forwarder or the person
    importing the goods into the Community customs
    territory or taking responsibility for the
    transfer of the goods into the Community customs
    territory. As a rule, this is the shipping
    company, the forwarding agency, the airline or
    the railway company.
  • The entry summary declaration may be lodged by
  • the person in whose name the forwarder is
    acting upon
  • any person that is able to present the
    respective goods to the competent customs office
    or have them presented there
  • a representative of the forwarder

Barriers of Entry
  • Non-EU goods must be presented to customs and
    must be assigned a customs-approved treatment
  •  45 days from the date on which the summary
    declaration is lodged in the case of goods
    carried by sea
  •  20 days from the date on which the summary
    declaration is lodged in the case of goods
    carried other than by sea.Where circumstances so
    warrant, the customs authorities may set a
    shorter period of authorization or an extension
    of the period of time allowed.

  • What type of warranty must a product carry?
  • Contractual Warranty
  • Civil code recognizes the right to cure law.
  • Defaulting party must now be given an adequate
    period of time to cure a warranty default.
  • Only if the default is not cured in a timely
    manner is the injured party entitled to exercise
    other warranty rights (e.g., seeking damages, a
    reduction of the price or rescission of the
  • Extension of warranty periods
  • The statutory warranty period, which applies
    when the contract itself does not specify a
    different warranty period, was extended to two
    years, compared to six months under the former
  • There are certain legal restrictions with regard
    to shortening this period by mutual agreement and
    by means of General Terms and Conditions.

Advertising laws
  • There is no specific regulation for advertising
    communicated through the internet, but there is
    apart from the broadcasting regulation - special
    regulation for media services
  • advertising, addressed to children or young
    people, shall not harm their interests and shall
    not take advantage of their inexperience
  • advertising must be clearly recognizable as
    such and must be clearly separated from the rest
    of the content. The use of subliminal techniques
    is forbidden
  • for sponsoring in media services apply the same
    rules than for sponsoring in television

Advertising Laws
  • The law specifically rules that the following
    information have to be given to the consumer
  • the identity of the supplier and the suppliers
  • a reservation made that different goods and/or
    services of equal quality and price may be
    provided and a reservation made that the promised
    goods and/ or services will not be provided in
    case of non-availability
  • the price of the goods or services including
    all taxes or other price elements
  • delivery costs where appropriate
  • the arrangements for payment, delivery or
  • basic tariffs which the consumer should be aware

Economic Indicators of German Market
  • Economic indicators for German market as
    researched by GFK Group and presented February
  • Unemployment is down 5.2 from the prior year
  • Income expectations rose 40 points and nearly
    reached the record levels seen in 2000 and 2001
    leading German consumers expecting to see a
    positive effect on their salaries. This will
    increase consumer confidence. This will have a
    positive effect on consumers propensity to buy.

Economic Indicators of German Market
  • Economic indicators for German market as
    researched by GFK Group and presented February
  • The non-food segment which includes our market
    has seen a strong increase reaching near record
    highs by 2.7 total sales of EUR 148 billion.
  • Among consumers there has been a strong trend
    towards quality and away from low prices.

  • 5th Largest economy in the world
  • GDP-purchasing power parity(2010 est.) 2.94
  • GDP-per capita (ppp)(2010 est.) 35,700
  • unemployment rate 15-24 year olds10.99
  • Euro per US dollar (2010) 0.755

  • German citizens are usually paid once per month
  • Most jobs for college graduates starts at
  • German Income (Avg.)

    Gross 36,444

    Disposable 25,146

  • Urban Population 74 of total population
  • Second Most populous country in Europe after

  • 91.5 of population in Germany is comprised of
    german nationals
  • Focus on high quality products - can be seen in
    their automotive industry

  • Age Structure
  • 0-14 years 13.3
  • 15-64 years 66.1
  • 65 years and over 20.6

  • Median Age
  • Total 44.9
  • Male 43.7
  • Female 46 years (2011 est.)

Three differentiated products lines Targeted to
three different consumers High-Quality
  • Basic Product
  • Targeted to the minimalist
  • Basic Faux Leather bag
  • Fulfills basic hygienic
  • needs on a short trip

  • Targeted to the
  • Environmentally
  • conscious consumer
  • Biodegradable products
  • Biodegradable Attache
  • made from recycled materials

  • Includes everything one would need for hygienic
    and travel needs
  • Product can be personalized with a monogram
  • Hanging bag with multiple pockets
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