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Title: oh ????????

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oh ???????? ??????????oh Oh Oh
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Unit 6 Food
Food is the first necessity. You are what you
eat. Well fed, well bred
Riddles about Food Directions Read the
following riddles about food, work in groups and
guess what they are.
What country is popular on Thanksgiving? What
room can never enter? What do English-speaking
people often say when they are being
photographed? What fruit is never found
singly? What flower can you eat? What kind of
vegetables gets into a lot of fights?
a black-eyed pea
(No Transcript)
How Much Do You Know About Food
  • Which food gives us a lot of energy the most
  • A) cereal(????) B)
  • C) fruit and vegetables
  • 2. Which of the following helps to build our
  • A) cereal(????) B)
  • C) fruit and vegetable
  • 3. Which of the following is most fattening?
  • A) brown bread
    B) boiled potato
  • C) salted peanuts

4. Which of the following do we get a lot of
vitamins from? A) cereal(????) B)
meat C) fruit and vegetable 5.
People often damage their health by eating too
much _____? A) breakfast cereal
B ) fatty food C)
frozen vegetables 6. Which of the following can
also be the most dangerous to our health?
A) salt B) tea C) milk
7. Oranges are good for you because they contain
a lot of _________? A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B C) Vitamin C
8. Vitamin C is good for you because it
_________. A) makes your hair grow
B) helps to fight colds C) helps you
to see in the dark 9. Green vegetables like
cabbage need to be cooked ______. A)
thoroughly B) with lots of water
C) lightly 10. If you live in a cold
climate you need a lot of ________. A) fat
B) bread C) coffee
The number of your right answers may mean
0-3 You have little idea about what to eat to
keep healthy. You need to find out
quickly. 4-7 You have some idea about what to
eat to keep healthy, but need to know
more about food. 8-10 You have a good knowledge
of what you should eat or Should not
eat. But what do you eat?
How Much Do You Know about Food?
Make a survey on peoples knowledge about food
and diet. The questionnaire is ready on page 2,
and you are required to do it in pairs. Make up
a dialogue, with one acting as the interviewer
and the other as the interviewee. Do it with a
reference to the example in your material.
Make a survey on peoples knowledge about food
and diet. (The questionnaire is ready on page 2,
and do it in pairs. Make up a dialogue, with one
acting as the interviewer and the other as the
interviewee. You may begin like
this) Interviewer Good morning,
Sir(Madam/Miss). I am a student from the
University of Petroleum. I am now conducting a
survey on peoples knowledge about food and diet.
Would you like to do me a favor and answer some
questions? (I wonder if I can ask you several
questions.) Interviewee My pleasure/Of
course/Ok/Sorry, I.
Interviewer My question is very easy. As we all
know, the food we eat can offer us a lot of
energy. Which food do you know gives us the
energy the most rapidly, cereal, meat, or fruit
and vegetable? Cereal refers to grain, such as
wheat, corn, rice and so on. Interviewee As far
as I am concerned, I think meat gives us the
energy the most rapidly, because usually people
who like to eat meat appear to be
strong. Interviewer Meat. Thank you. And my
second question is
(After your interview, organize a brief report
like this) Interviewer I interviewed five
people, and among them, one got 8 correct
answers, two got 6, one got 5 and still one got
only 3. From these we can see that most people
just have some idea about what to eat to keep
healthy, and they need to enlarge their minds.
Talking about Chinese food, it is
popularly recognized that Chinese cuisine is
world-famous for its perfect combination of
color, aroma, taste and appearance. Chinas
unique culinary art owes itself to the countrys
long history, vast territory and hospitable
tradition. Chinese cuisine gives emphasis to the
selection of raw materials, the texture of food,
the blending of seasonings, slicing techniques,
the perfect timing of cooking and the art of
laying out the food on the plate.
Among the best-known schools of Chinese culinary
tradition are the Cantonese cuisine of the south,
the Shandong cuisine of the north, the Huai-Yang
cuisine of the east and the Sichuan cuisine of
the west. These four major varieties of Chinese
food have been traditionally noted as the light
flavor of the south, the salty flavor of the
north, the sweet flavor of the east and the
spicy-hot flavor of the west.

Make an introduction of the typical food of your
Ex.1 Cooking Style in China
Directions China is famous for various food.
Work in groups to discuss what kind of cooking
styles we have in China and their characteristics.
Words and Expressions cuisine (n.??,???)
light  ( a.???,????) heavy  (a.????)
spicy (a.??,????) Cantonese  (a.???)
speciality (n.???,??) roast suckling pig (???)
roast Beijing duck (????) hot  (a.???,??)
chilli (n???) feature (n.??,??)
oily ( a.????,???) greasy (a.???)
Cooking has occupied a lofty position in
Chinese culture throughout history. The great
Chinese philosopher Lao Zi once said of the
art Governing a great nation is much like
cooking a small fish. Its divided into eight
big cuisines, or say, eight styles, such as
Cantonese food, Beijing food, Sichuan food, etc.
Cantonese food is lighter while Beijing food
is heavy and spicy. Most Sichuan dishes are spicy
and hot. Guangdong food is a bit light, while
Sichuan food has a strong and hot taste, and
Shanghai food is oily.
Chinese food can be roughly divided into
the Northern and Southern styles of cooking. In
general, Northern dishes are relatively oily,
and the use of vinegar and garlic tends to be
quite popular. Wheat, processed into pasta, also
plays an important role in Northern cooking
noodles, ravioli-like dumplings, steamed,
stuffed buns, fried mea dumplings, and steamed
bread are just a few of the many flour- based
treats enjoyed in the North of China. The best
known Regional variations of Northern Chinese
cuisine include those of Beijing, Tianjin, and
Representative of the Southern cooking
styles are Szechwan and Hunan cuisine, famous
for their liberal use of chili peppers. Within
the whole of Southern cooking, the Jiangsu and
Zhejiang regions emphasize freshness and
tenderness, while Guangdong cuisine tends to be
somewhat sweet and always full of variety. Rice
and its bi-products, including noodles, cakes,
and congee form the typical foundation for
Southern dishes.
Ex.2 Role-play
Directions Work in groups and one of you will
take the part of the waiter/waitress. The rest
of you will look at the following menu and
discuss what you are going to have. If you have
time, reverse roles.
MENU (ENTREES) New York Sirloin Steak Broiled to
sizzling perfection Salmon Teriyaki Fresh
Atlantic salmon with a taste of the
orient Lobster Tails Served with melted butter
lemon wedges and a bib Barbecued Chicken Tender
breast of chick with our spice barbecue
sauce Spaghetti Cooked in a zesty sauce of
tomatoes, onions, and green peppers All of the
above entrees are served with your choice
of Potato ( mashed, boiled or baked) Vegetable (
cauliflower, peas carrots and spinach) Soup
(clam chowder and cream of mushroom) Salad
(French, blue cheese or oil vinegar
dressing) Beverage ( coffee, iced tea, ginger
ale, apple juice) Dessert ( ice cream, French
pastry or fresh fruit)
M Everything looks good. What are you going to
have Julie? W I think Ill have the spaghetti
and a salad. How about you? What are you
having? M Spaghetti sounds good, but I feel like
a steak. I guess were ready to order.
Excuse me. Waiter Good evening. Have you decided
yet? W Yes. Ill have the spaghetti and a
salad. Waiter And what kind of dressing would
you like on your salad? W Id like
oil and vinegar. Waiter Ok. And what would you
like,sir? M Id like a steak, medium-rare,
please. Waiter Would you like soup or salad with
that. M What kind of soup do you have
tonight? Waiter Cream of mushroom and clam
chowder. M Clam chowder, please. And Ill have a
baked potato and carrots. Waiter Ill be
right back with your soup and salad. W Thank you.
Customs on Invitations in Britain In Britain
it is common to be invited to someones home
rather than to a restaurant. If you are invited
to a restaurant it is because your host is very
busy, cant cook very well, or wants to give you
the enjoyment of some special type of food, or
perhaps, has often invited you home and now wants
to give you a special treat.  Presents If you
are invited to someones home to have a meal it
is usual to take some flowers or a box of
chocolates. It is not usual to take a bottle of
wine unless you know your host well. Although
flowers and chocolates are quite acceptable it
would be very nice if you could take something
from your country. It is different if you are
invited to a party, and it also depends on what
kind of party it is. Many parties these days are
bring a bottleparties. Unless your host is very
rich then a bottle of wine is always welcome if
it is a big party of say 30 or more people. Ask
whether or not you should bring a bottle when you
are invited if you arent sure. Say something
like, Can I bring a bottle? And your host will
tell you what to do.
Dress If you arent sure what you should wear
then ask your host or your friends. Usually dress
is informal and individual in Britain for parties
and for invitations to dinner in peoples homes.
If you are going to an expensive restaurant the
men may have to wear a jacket and tie, jeans
wouldnt be allowed. Punctuality If you are
invited to dinner at someones home you shouldn't
arrive earlier than the time given and you
shouldn't arrive more than about 15 minutes late.
If you are going to be late telephone and let
your host know so that the meal can be delayed.
Dinner is usually served between 8 pm and 9 pm.
Very often guests are invited to arrive earlier
than this so that they can have a drink and be
introduced to the other guests. Introducing
yourself If you are at a party you can go to
another person and introduce your self. Hello,
my name is. . . Are you a friend of. . . ?You
dont have to wait to be introduced. And, by the
way, at
parties we assume that everyone will talk to a
lot of people. It is quite normal for someone to
have a short conversation with you and then go on
to talk to other people. Dont think they dislike
you or that they are impolite.It is the custom at
many parties in Britain, particularly where
people are standing up rather than sitting down.
Here are two ways of finishing a conversation at
a party Excuse me. I think Ill go and get
another drink. See you later, perhaps? Oh,
excuse me. Ive just seen Mary Jennings over
there. Ive got to discuss a meeting we are
having on Thursday. Would you excuse me for a
moment? How long should you stay? Watch other
guests. But if you are the only guest leave
before midnight if it is a weekday evening and if
you or your host must work the next day. If the
conversation is really full of life at midnight
and you would like to stay longer say, What time
do you usually go to bed? And then your host can
say whether they would like to finish the
evening. Bigger parties are usually held at
weekend and often go on until 2 am or even later.
In class Discussion Comparing Diets
Look at the diet on P177, It shows what a
10-year-old British boy eats on a typical
day. Work in pairs to decide whether this is a
healthy diet. What do you think a 10-year-old
boy in China would eat on a typical day? What is
the difference between the two diets.
  • This is not a healthy diet. First, he eats too
    much. Second, he has too much sugar, which may
    change into fat and accumulate in the body.
  • Diet of a 10-year-old Chinese boy on a typical
  • Breakfast an egg,
  • a piece of bread,
  • a cup of milk
  • Lunch rice, fish or meat,
  • vegetables
  • Supper rice, fish or meat,
  • vegetable , soup
  • 3. The British boys eats a wider variety of

Imagine that you are going to invite
several classmates to celebrate your birthday at
the university dining hall. But something
happened to the food Work in groups
after class to make a group performance about
food and culture for next class.
Group Activities
????,    ?????,    ??????,    ?????,   
????    ?????    ??????????    ????   
?????    ??????????    ?????????   
???,???, ???????    ????? ??????   
???????, ??????? ????? ????????? ??   ???
1. W I wish we had more time for lunch. M
Me too. I get indigestion. Q What does the
man mean? 2. M I probably should have found out
if you like spicy food. W Oh, but I
appreciate all the trouble you went to.
I guess Im just not a very adventurous
eater. Q What can be inferred about
the woman?
3. M The berries on this bush look kind of
tasty. Do you think I should try one?
W I wouldnt. Even the birds stay away from
that bush. Q What does the woman
imply? 4. W Im going to the snack bar for a
cup of coffee. Would you like me to
bring you back something? M Not from the
snack bar. But could you pick up a
paper for me? Q What does the man
5. M That bread I bought yesterday isnt in the
kitchen. Someone must have eaten it. W Look
on top of the refrigerator. Q What does the
woman imply? 6. W Joan and her friend went to
new restaurant last night and said that it served
the best food they ever had. M Thats quite
a recommendation. Maybe we should see for
ourselves. Q What will the speakers probably
7. M Would you like to try the new seafood
restaurant tonight? I hear its very
good. W I had to give a presentation tomorrow
and I need to do a trial run. Q What does the
woman mean? 8. W Im getting hungry. I think we
should go to dinner soon. M Me too. All I
had for lunch was a chocolate bar. Q What
does the man mean?
9. M I bought this fish to cook for my dinner
tonight, but it doesnt look all that fresh to me
now. Would you say its still all right to eat?
W Lets take a look Oh, if I were you, I
wouldnt even think of it. Q What does
the woman mean? 10. W Im having trouble slicing
the bread with this knife. M Oh. Sorry
about that. I havent gotten around to sharpening
it yet. Q What can be inferred about the
Part 2 Listen and Answer
Directions Listen to the recording and
answer the following questions.
  • Whats the main feature of the new method of
    paying for meals?
  • Instead of paying one fee to cover all meals
    for the whole school year, students are now able
    to choose how many meals a week they want and can
    contract just for that amount.
  • 2. When do the students pay for the meals they
    contract for?
  • They have to pay the whole year at the

Part 2 Listen and Answer
3. How does the new plan benefit the students who
eat all their meals at the school
cafeteria? Its better for them too because
the more meals they contract for, the
cheaper each one is. 4. How can weekend guests
eat in the cafeteria? They can buy single
meals on a walk-in basis on Saturdays and

Part 2 Listen and Answer
M Hey Linda, did you get that letter about the
new options for food service next year? W Not
yet. Are there a lot of changes? M There sure
are. Instead of paying one fee to cover
all meals for the whole school year, we
are now be able to choose how many meals a
week we want and can contract just for
that amount. We still have to pay the whole
year at the beginning, but we can choose to
buy seven, ten, fourteen or twenty-one
meals per week. They give you a card with
the number of meals you get for a week
marked on it.

Part 2 Listen and Answer
W Thats a big change Tom. And a complicated
system. M Yeah. But it will be much better for
people who dont eat three meals a day,
seven days a week in the cafeteria because
they dont have to pay meals they dont
eat. W So whats the deal for those who do eat
at school all the time? M Its better for
them too. Because the more meals you
contract for, the cheaper each one is. W I
see. It still sounds rather complicated.

Part 2 Listen and Answer
M True. It took me several hours to figure it
out. I decided to go with the ten-meal
plan. W Why is that? M Well, I never eat
breakfast and I often go away on weekends.
So the ten-meal plan gives me lunch and
dinner every weekday at a fairly low price.
And I wont be paying for meals I dont
usually eat. W And what about the weekends
when you are on campus?.

Part 2 Listen and Answer
M Well, there are often guests on campus at
weekends. So they allow you to buy single
meals on a walk-in basis on Saturdays and
Sundays. The price per meal is much higher
that way. But I am away so much that it will
still be less money for me to pay single
prices on the weekends rather than sign up
for the fourteen-meal a week plan. W Oh, I guess
Ill have to sit down and figure out my
eating pattern so I can get the best deal.

Part 3 Bridge the Cultural Gap
Food is a basic (1) ________, so every
culture has important (2) _________ and customs
related to it. Since long ago, according to their
specialization and (3)_________, some members in
family units prepare the food, some (4) _________
the food, and all must eat. Table manners
differ considerably from culture to culture or
from household to household.
Formal meals may take hours in some cultures or
households, while in others people may eat (5)
_________. In most cultures the feeding of
friends, (6) _________, and others is a way of
meeting, socializing, (7)____________, and
showing respect.

______________ A variety of these choices are
rapidly increasing today because of the fast pace
of modern life.
Eating away from home in restaurants, inns, or
hotels has long been an option in most cultures.
The biggest recent change in eating habits and
food-related lifestyles is the advent of fast
_______________________________This permits many
people to eat conveniently away from home, or to
bring food home to eat without having to prepare
it. But nutritionists have been warning that the
typical fast-food diet is unhealthy if eaten too
often. Now restaurants provide healthier options
for their customers along with the traditional
food. (10)_________________________
___________________ ___________________
Most people believe that this trend of
healthier eating will continue.
In-class Reading
Food and Culture
New Words
???????????????????? ????????,????????????
??, ?????????????,???????! ???????one man's
meat is another mans poison??????,????????? ????
?????????? One mans meat is another mans
poison??? ??????,?????????, ?????????????? ??????
??????,? ???,???,??????, ????,????, ????????
One man's meat is another man's
poison???????????????,???????????????? I don't
see why he enjoys swimming so much. Truly, one
man's meat is another man's poison. ??????????????
Pre-reading Questions
1.What do you eat and what dont you eat? 2. Why
do you eat certain foods and why dont you eat
certain foods? 3. Is there anything you find
strange about peoples eating habits? What is it
and why?
Structural Information .
Para.1 People from
different cultures have Para.2 7
The contributing to
different food preferences. A.
(Para.2) B. (Para.3) C. (Para.4
6) D. (Para.7)
different food preferences
Personal likes and dislikes
Food taboos
A result of ways of life of different people
Content Information
1. One mans meat is another mans poison.
Please give an example to show this view.
(Para.1) 2. Whats the relationship between
peoples food preferences and food nutrition?
(Para.3) 3. Why do Indians regard killing
and eating cows as taboo? (Para.4)
Someone in Africa eating a butterfly , Forty-two
cultures eat rats, Or Some African eat
termites, but many other people would be sick.
Food likes and dislikes do not always seem
related to nutrition.
First, cows are valuable. Second, cow manure is
used as a fertilizer. Third, the cow manure can
be burned to make fires.
4. People from some other cultures consider
dogs as good food, while Americans do not
eat them. Why? (Para.5) 5. According
to anthropologists, what will account for
most food likes and dislikes? Give some
examples. (Para.7)
The dogs place in society as a companion and
as protection against criminals makes the dog
taboo as food.
The ways of life of different people (Cultural
differences). For example, some people tend to
use insects as food because it is easy to catch
insects and requires less energy. Nomadic people
will not eat pigs because they have to move all
the time and it is impossible for them to raise
Sentence For Translation P.162(??)
1. ?????????,??????????,???????????,???100????
??????,??????????????? 2. ????,???????????????????
?????????? 3. ???????????,???????????????????? 4.
??????,?????????????????????? 5.
?????????,???? ?????????,????? ??????????????? ???
Structure Analysis
Food (Preferences) and Culture
Part One (para. 1) People from different
cultures _______________________________. Part
Two (para. 26) The ________contributing to
different food preferences. Para. 2
___________ Para. 3 ______________________
_______ Para. 46 ___________ Part Three
(para. 7) Food preferences are __________________
have different food preferences
personal like and dislike (taste)
a result of the ways of life of different people
Food and Culture
  • Para. 1
  • Q1. Why does the author mention eating rats and
  • A To show that people from different cultures
    have different food preferences.
  • L1 We all have ideas about what kinds of foods
    are good to eat. (L1)
  • have (some) ideas about know to some extent
  • eg. After the brief training, we all have ideas
    about how to protect ourselves against SARS.

Food and Culture
He had no idea how hard the job would be. This
book will give you a rough idea of what the
everyday life of ordinary Americans is like. L2
As a result, people from one culture often think
the foods that people from another culture eat
are disgusting or nauseating. (L2-3) as a result
(of) He worked very hard and, as a result, he
succeeded. He succeeded as a result of his hard
Food and Culture
L3 when he saw someone pick up a butterfly and
eat it. (L5) L4 but there are forty-two
different cultures whose people regard rats as
appropriate food. (L6) Para. 2 Q2. Why do some
people in Africa think termites make a delicious
meal? A Because termites are nutritious. L5
Some people in Africa think African termites make
a delicious meal. make are good
enough(???,????) eg. Hell make a good
Food and Culture
L6 Many other people would probably be sick if
they had to eat termites, but one hundred grams
of termites contain more than twice as many
calories and almost twice as much protein as one
hundred grams of cooked hamburger. Eg. They have
to pay four or five times as much (money) as they
used to pay for dinner. ?????????????? Our
room is four times as big as theirs.(?? asas)
Our room is four times the size of theirs. (??
??) Our room is three times bigger than
theirs. (?? ???than)
Food and Culture
Para. 3 Q3. What is the most nutritious vegetable
and what is the most popular one? And why isnt
the most nutritious the most popular? A Broccoli
is the most nutritious and tomato is the most
popular. Nutrition is not the only factor which
contributes to peoples food preferences and
taste plays a part in it. Para. 4 Q4. What does
taboo mean? A Taboo means something that is
Food and Culture
Q5.What examples are given to show that certain
foods are taboos? A Cows in India, dogs in the
United States and pork in ancient Egypt and
Israel. L7 Some foods are taboo in certain
religions, but there are also other food taboos
that are not connected to a religion. (L19-20) be
connected to/with be related to, be associated
with eg. ??????????????????? His fear of people
is deeply related to his unhappy childhood.
Food and Culture
Q6. Why are cows a taboo in India? A With a
reference to Line 27-30 Para. 5 Q7. What makes
the dog taboo as food? A The dogs place in
society as a companion and as a protection
against criminals. L8 They are usually regarded
as part of the family, almost like a child in
some cases. In addition, dogs have value as
protection against criminals. (L34-35)
Food and Culture
Para. 6 L9 There is some evidence that some
ancient Egyptians did not eat pork. (L39) There
is (some / no) evidence that eg. There is some
evidence that he was there on the night of the
murder. There is no evidence that he is guilty.
(There is no evidence of his being guilty.)
Food and Culture
Para. 7 Q8. How do anthropologists think of the
food likes and dislikes? A They are a result of
the ways of life of different people.
Food Preferences A Reflection of Culture
  • Different people have different favorite food
    items, and the reasons are various.
  • For instance, the northerners enjoy noodles,
    steamed rolls, jiaozi, pancakes while the
    southerners prefer rice. People in the east
    prefer seafood while those in the west find beef
    and lamb a favorite. People in Sichuan, Hunan and
    Hubei provinces are fond of food that taste hot
    and spicy while people in Zhejiang and Guangdong
    provinces prefer food that taste a bit sweet. We
    may attribute these differences to peoples
    taste, the availability of food, cuisines /
    cooking skills, beliefs about food nutrition,
    economic conditions, weather, and geographical
    conditions of the regions, etc.

1.a. have ideas about what kind of food are good
to eat (L1) b. After the brief
training, we all have ideas about how to protect
ourselves against flu. 2. a. as a result (L2)
b. We follow up the suggestions, and
have had satisfying experiences as a
3. a. pick up a butterfly (L5) b. He picked
himself up, and walked on with weak knees. 4. a.
regard rats as appropriate food (L7) b.
Parents are regarded as being responsible for
the control of their children.
5. a. make a delicious meal (L8)
b. Their breakthrough made the
headlines of several
6. a. seem related to nutrition (L12) b. The
theme of the dialogue should be related to the
theme of the reading passage. 7. a. be not
connected to a religion (L20-21) b. He was
connected to black market operators. 8. a.
cannot afford to spend money on fertilizer
(L35-36) b. I cant afford this outrageous
9. a. protection against criminals (L42-43)
b. We have prepared various protections against
fire. 10. a. There is some evidence that some
ancient Egyptians did not eat pork. (L4748)
b. There were evidences of glacial action on the
Ex.2 1. protectively 2. fertilizes 3.
criminal 4. delicacies 5. Regarding 6.
insufficient 7. addition 8. apparently
9. nutritious 10. disgusted Ex.3 1.
appropriated 2. protein 3. apparently 4.
disgusting 5. companions 6. forbidden 7.
sacred 8. taboo 9. nutritious 10.
criminal Ex.4 1. had idea about/of 2. as a
result 3. spent on 4. be sick of 5. picked up
6. in some cases 7. In addition 8. connect
with 9. no longer 10. regarded as
Ex.5 Translation 1. More than 20,000
demonstrators crowded into the
square (???????????)to ask for pay increase. 2.
I dont understand the details but Ive got
a rough idea about what you want
(????????????). 3. These bombs have a guidance
system which can pick up signals from targets
on the ground (????????????).
4. Man had tamed the jungle but, as a
result, many kinds of birds and animals have
become extinct (???????????). 5. The
scientist proves that there is growing
evidence that a persons character is
reflected in his handwriting
(??????????,????????). 6. The theme of the
paragraph should be related to the theme of
the passage (????????????). 7. I dont now
how he can afford a new car on his salary
(?????????????????????) in the period of
economic depression.
8. Im not supposed to let anyone in, but
Ill make an exception in your case
(????????,???????). 9. The bridge connects the
island with the mainland (???????????????),
which is convenient to the inhabitants of
both areas. 10. When the daughter wants to go
out, the mother told her that her
thin coat gave little protection against the cold
Food and Culture
People with different cultural background have
different food (1) __________. One mans meat may
be another mans (2) _______. Some people eat
butterflies, rats or (3) _______ which (4)
_______ other people. There are many factors (5)
____________ the differences culture, nutrition,
and religion. In some cultures, certain foods are
taboo. Indians dont kill or eat cows. In
America, the dogs place in society as a (6)
_________ and as (7) ________ against criminals
makes the dog taboo as food. People from certain
cultures regard pork as taboo. (8) _____________
believe that most food likes and dislikes are a
result of the ways of life of different people.

contributing to
After-class reading passage 1
New Words
1. ????????????????,??????????????????????,?????
????,???????????? 2. ?????????????????,???????????
??? 3. ??????????????????????????????????????????,
??????????????? 4. ????????????,????????,??20?????
???????????????????? 5. ????,??????
???????????? ?????
1. a. be given credit for introducing
the first printed menu b. He was given credit
for his work only after he died. 2. a. give way
to modern art (L15) b. When she saw the
clowns, the little girls tears gave
way to laughter.
3. a. in spite of the Depression of the
1930s (L37-38) b. In spite of all his efforts
he failed. 4. a. open up more opportunities for
creative expression (L45-46) b. The
casual/chance meeting opened up new
possibilities for my development. 5. a. serve a
new, but also important function (L62)
b. Every component of an aircraft has a
specifiable function to serve.
  • Ex.2
  • legible 2. originate 3. preserve
  • 4. publicity 5. considerable
  • Ex.3
  • version 2. featured 3. unique
  • 4. prelude 5. casually
  • Ex.4
  • giving way to 2. lead to
  • 3. been given credit for
  • 4. In spite of 5. Above all

Ex.5 Translation 1. It is announced that
the research opens up the possibility of
being able to find a cure for the disease
(???????????????????? ??). 2. A deadlock was
reached in the discussions, as neither
side would give way to the other (?????????).
3. Many people cited him for having saved
the company from bankruptcy (?????????????),
but it was not the case. 4. There were many
qualities that made him a great leader.
Above all, he had a keen insight into the
situation (?????,???????????). 5. The
raincoat isnt very smart, but it serves the
function of keeping me dry
The Menu
Written menus were developed to help guide
diners in their eating choice when the (1)
__________of the available food dishes became an
increasingly (2) _____________ chore. The first
printed menu in the United States was (3)
___________ in 1834. Special occasions (4)
________a call for (5) _______ designs and (6)
__________ led to more highly decorated menus.
Menu design has (7) ________ the American public
with a pleasing (8) ________ to the dinning
led to
After class reading passage II
New Words
1. ?????????????,???????????????????????,????????
?,??????,??????????? 2. ??,????????????????,??????
????????? 3. ?????????????,??????????????? 4.
???,??????????????? 5. ???????,??????????? ???????
??????????? ????????,????????? ??????
1. a. appeal to our senses of taste and smell
(L4) b. The sight appeals irresistibly to the
eye. 2. a. progress beyond simple survival
(L6) b. After two decades the town centre had
changed beyond recognition.
3. a. be generally acknowledged to be supreme
(L1011) b. He was acknowledged as Americas
finest writer. 4. a. distinguish
themselves each by one major
characteristic (L2122) b. She distinguished
herself by her coolness and bravery. 5.
a. bring to perfection the art of swift cooking
at very high temperature (L40) b.
The dress fitted her to perfection.
  • Ex.2
  • instinct 2. specialized 3.persistence
  • 4. preferable 5. definition
  • Ex.3
  • Enhanced 2. reinforce 3. retain
  • 4. acknowledged 5. distinct
  • Ex.4
  • were central to 2. has taken up
  • 3. are typical of
  • 4. appeal to
  • 5. incorporated into

Ex.5 Translation 1. The manager was angry
because too much of this report is taken up
with out-of-date figures
(?????????????). 2. She played the part of an
upper-class Englishwoman to perfection
(??????????? ?????????) in the opera.
3. The tour guide introduced to the tourists
that this sort of spicy food is very typical
of the food in the south of the country
(??????????????????). 4. After the survey
the suggestion from it have been
incorporated into the final design
(??????????????????). 5. The boss tried to appeal
to his employees sense of loyalty
(?????????????)by asking them to stay with
the company in these difficult times.
Cooking and Cuisines
One thing that (1) ___________ us from
animals is that we like cooked food. We also want
our food to (2) _______ our senses of taste and
smell. There are three great national
cuisines in the world French, Indian and
Chinese. French cooking is (3) ____________ to be
the best in Europe. It uses butter, cheese, and
cream. Indian cooking is famous for its use of
spices while the Chinese have brought to (4)
________ the art of swift cooking at very high
temperature. These three major cuisines have (5)
________ for a long time.
However, there are (6) ______ to the national
cuisines. Firstly, with the development of
transportation and communication, people on the
move might prefer the food they are used to at
home. Secondly, (7) ___________ food with its
technology has become more popular than before,
leading to the destruction of the charm of
Finally, when more and more women work outside
their homes, they have less time for cooking,
which will influence the kind of food they serve
to their families. In spite of these threats,
good food, well-cooked and attractively (8)
________, is one of the pleasures of life the
national cuisines of India, France and China have
given to us.
Key to Unit 6
  • Ex.1
  • C 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. C 7.
  • 8. D 9. A 10. B 11. C 12. D 13. A 14.
  • 15. C 16. A 17. B 18. A 19. D 20. B
  • 21. A 22. A 23. B 24. D 25. B 26. B
  • 27. D 28. C 29. D 30. B
  • Ex.2
  • A 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. C
  • 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. D 10. D
  • Ex.3
  • D 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. D
  • 6. B 7. D 8. C 9. A 10. B

Key to Unit 6
Ex.4 1. That some animals can reason. 2. To see
whether the monkey could get it and how. 3. By
piling up the objects and standing on the top. 4.
think about a new situation and find out the
solution (or think out how to perform purposeful
actions) 5. An experiment on a dog to see whether
it can reason. Ex.5 1-5. ACBBA 6-10.
DACBC 11-15. CDCCA 16-20. BADCA
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