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Unit Eight Gambling Addiction


T tells Ss some related information: legalized gambling in the U.S.A.. 4. ... (Vegas is now, as it once was and as it should be, an adult city), ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Unit Eight Gambling Addiction

Unit Eight Gambling Addiction
  • Text A

Going for Broke
?. Objectives
  • Students will be able to
  • 1.grasp the main idea and structure of the text
  • 2. appreciate the use of cohesion, examples and
    cause-and-effect analysis in exposition
  • 3. appreciate the writing skills employed in the
  • 4. conduct a series of activities
  • skills focused reading and writing
  • skills integrated speaking and listening

II Time Allotment
periods content
1st 2nd Pre-reading While reading (Part1, Part3)
3rd 4th While reading (Parts 2) Post reading
5th Practical exercise book IV Theme-Related Language learning tasks

III. Pre-reading tasks
1. Ask students to answer some questions as
warm-up exercises
  • a. Have you any friends or relatives who have
    gambling problems?
  • b. What are the reasons for the explosive growth
    of the gambling industry?
  • c. What causes compulsive gambling?
  • d. How does gambling affect the gambler himself?
    How does gambling affect the family members of
    the gambler?

2. Discuss in class what are the negative
aspects of gambling ?
IV. While-reading tasks
  • 1. What does the title of the text mean? Ask some
    Ss to paraphrase it.
  • 2. Discuss in class going broke or going for
  • 3. T tells Ss some related information legalized
    gambling in the U.S.A..
  • 4. T helps Ss analyze the organization of the
  • 5. T explains some of the language points and
    has Ss to prepare for the others.
  • 6. T asks Ss to paraphrase some difficult
    language points.

Cultural Notes
1). Gambling
  • Gambling is becoming more and more popular
    throughout the world. Many people have friends or
    family members who have gambling problem. The
    reason for this increase can partly be attributed
    to the legalization of gambling in many countries
    and associated rapid increase in gambling
    facilities such as casinos and slot machines.
    Although gambling has brought income to some
    groups such as American Indians, it has brought
    very serious problems for both individuals and
    society as a whole. Increasing number of people
    are becoming addicted to gambling, bringing

  • a whole gamut of problems. Pathological gamblers
    may develop stress related medical conditions
    such as peptic ulcers, depression, and
    alcoholism. Pathological gamblers may also
    evidence anti-social behavior, leaving regular
    employment and even engaging in criminal
    activities to support their habit. And they often
    cause harm to their families and friends.

2). Las Vegas
  • Since Wynn opened the Mirage in 1989, heralding a
    revolution on the then-stagnating Strip, the city
    has moved at the speed of neon light. The 1990s
    saw a flurry of destruction and construction, as
    the classic old casinos were pulled down in order
    to make room for a new breed of resort, smart,
    shiny and painstakingly, often painfully themed.
    While their original family-friendliness hasnt
    lasted (Vegas is now, as it once was and as it
    should be, an adult city), the boost in
    popularity they gave the city hasnt faded. Over
    35 million

  • people head to Vegas each year, to work and play
    and goodness only knows what else. The majority
    of Las Vegass sights and attractions are, of
    course, its casinos, and the majority of these
    are on Las Vegas Boulevard, aka the Strip. This
    four-mile stretch takes in most (but not quite
    all) of the towns most spectacular casinos and
    therefore, by definition, its sights. Here, you
    can look at some arts. Before riding a roller
    coaster you can climb the Eiffel Tower to watch a
    water fountain erupt below you (outside the
    Bellagio hotel and casino) and you can see a
    stunning show after throwing the kids college
    fund into a gold-plated slot machine.

  • Before riding a roller coaster you can climb the
    Eiffel Tower to watch a water fountain erupt
    below you (outside the Bellagio hotel and
    casino) and you can see a stunning show after
    throwing the kids college fund into a
    gold-plated slot machine. Everyone should walk
    the length of the Strip at least once while
    theyre here, stopping to look around, have a
    drink or a bite to eat, and perhaps see a show or
    take a chance on a blackjack table. While the
    smaller, cheaper casinos downtown have their
    charms, the Strip is the Las Vegas of myth and

3). FBI
  • http//www.fbi/

2. The structure of the text
  • Part One Paras1-4
  • Main idea The authors give a brief account of
    the life experience of a hard-core gambler named
    Rex Coile. .
  • Part Two Paras5-15
  • Main ideaThe authors expound the problem of
    gambling addiction, its causes and its attendant
    steep social price.
  • Part Three Paras16-22
  • Main ideaThrough further discussion of the
    example of Rex, the authors reinforce the essays
    thesis that the life of compulsive gamblers is a
    narrow box. One trapped inside, they will never
    get out.

3. Have Ss paraphrase some difficult sentences
  • 1) Instead, Rex shares floor space in cheap
    motels with other compulsive gamblers, comforting
    himself with delusional dreams of jackpots that
    will magically wipe away three decades of
    wreckage. (Line 5)
  • 2). His plunge has been so dizzying that at one
    point he agreed to aid another desperate gambler
    in a run of bank robberies nine in all,
    throughout Los Angeles and Orange countries.
    (Line 91)

4. T explains some key and active language
1). go for broke (infml)risk everything in one
determined attempt at sh.
  • Examples He decided to go for broke and put all
    his money into stock market.
  • Why not go for broke and apply for Harvard

2). compulsive (of people)forced to do sth. by
an obsession (used only before noun)
  • Examples
  • His compulsive gambling led to heavy debt for the
  • The book is compulsive reading.
  • Cf. compulsory opp. optional

3). not least of all especially in particular
  • Examples Millions of flowers color the gardens,
    not least of all in Spring.
  • Inflation affected everyone, but not least of all
    those unemployed.

4). articulate (of a person) able to express
ones ideas clearly in words
  • Examples
  • Many people are opposed to the new law, but have
    had no opportunity to articulate their
  • When children first learn to talk, there are some
    sounds that they find it difficult to articulate.

5). cherish tend or protect lovingly keep (a
feeling or an idea) in ones mind or heart and
think of it with pleasure
  • Examples
  • Although I cherish my children, I do allow them
    their independence.
  • My grandfather cherished his memory of the years
    he spent in the army as a young man.

6). remnant small remaining quantity, part or
number of things or people
  • Example
  • remnants of a meal
  • remnants of the citys former glory
  • a carpet remnant

7). sanction v. give permission for sth.
authorize or approve
  • Examples
  • The government was reluctant to sanction
    intervene in the crisis.
  • Slavery was once sanctioned.

8). sanction n. permission or approve, esp.
formal or legal a strong action taken in order
to people or countries to obey(a law etc.) or
punishment given when they disobey
  • Examples
  • He tried to get official sanction for his scheme.
  • Without realistic sanctions, some teachers have
    difficulty keeping order in the classroom.
  • Many nations have imposed sanctions on that
    country because of its attacks on its own people.

9). revenue income, esp. the total annual income
of the state from taxes, etc.
  • Example
  • Taxes provide most of the governments revenue.
  • Government revenues have fallen dramatically with
    four million people out of work.

10).intoxicate excite (sb.) greatly, beyond
self-control cause (sb.) lose self-control as a
result of taking alcoholic drink
  • Example
  • He was understandably intoxicated by her success
    in the national competition.
  • The beauty of the West Lake intoxicated her.

11). addict person who is unable to stop taking
drugs, alcohol etc person who is strongly
interested in sth.n. addiction adj. addictive
  • Examples
  • a drug /heroin /nicotine/alcohol/gambling addict
  • Many heroin addicts have contracted Aids.
  • Im a television/ shopping addict. (humorous)

12). verge edge or border of a road, path, etc.
  • Examples
  • They set up camp on the verge of the desert
    before embarking upon their long trek the
    following day.
  • She was on the verge of tears at several points
    during the trial.

13).fraud (act of) deceitful behavior for the
purpose of making money or obtaining sth.
  • Examples
  • It is reported that credit card fraud is on the
  • He told people he was a serious and well-known
    musician, but he was a fraud really .

14). advent approach or arrival (an important
person or event, etc.)
  • Example
  • Life in Britain was transformed by the advent of
    the steam engine.

15). lure attract or attampt
  • Examples
  • She was attracted to Hollywood by the lure of the
    silver screen.
  • They said that it was the lure of easy money that
    led them to commit the fraud.

16). make/hit the headlines become important or
much-publicized news
  • Example
  • The death of Zhang Guorong made the headlines in
    April 1st, 2002.

17). deceit act of deceiving
  • Examples
  • When the newspapers published the full story, all
    his earlier deceits were revealed.
  • The story is about theft, fraud and deceit on an
    incredible scale.

18). vanish disappear completely and suddenly
  • Examples
  • The child vanished while on her way home
  • after a game of tennis.
  • They expressed worry about the districts
  • current budget crisis and its vanishing middle-
  • class work force.

19). exasperate irritate or annoy (sb.) greatly
  • Example
  • The fans were really exasperated by/at their
    teams poor performance in the match.

20). overwhelm overpower overcome submerge
  • Examples
  • They were overwhelmed by / at grief when their
    baby died.
  • Since Ive been on a diet, Ive been overwhelmed
    by a desire to eat.

21). tear at pull violently at sb. /sth.
  • Examples
  • The two girls were screaming and tearing at each
    others hair.
  • The picture of hungry children tore at my heart.
    (made me very sad)

22). trigger n. a small tongue in a gun that,
when pressed by a finger, fires the gunv. cause
sth bad to start
  • Examples
  • Its not clear who actually pull the trigger.
  • The racial killings at the weekend triggered off
    a wave of protest throughout the country.

23). sober v. gradually become or make sb.
become less drunk (often followed by up)adj. not
under the influence of alcohol serious and calm
  • Examples
  • I went for a walk to try to sober up.
  • Id only had one glass of wine all evening so I
    was stone cold (completely) sober.
  • In fact the wedding was a sober affair no
    dancing, just people standing around in groups
    chatting politely.

24). in itself considered without other related
ideas or situation
  • Examples
  • Money is neither good nor bad in itself.
  • The match in not important in itself. What counts
    is our attitude towards it.

25). purge remove by cleansing make clean and
free from (sth.evil or impure) get rid of (an
unwanted person) in a political party, etc. by
forceful means
  • Examples
  • Party leaders have undertaken to purge the party
    of extremists.
  • The new state governor has promised to purge the
    police force of corruption.

26). dwindle (cause to) become gradual less or
  • Examples
  • The community has dwindled to a tenth of its
    former size in the last two years.
  • Her hope of success in the race dwindled last
    night as the weather became worse.

27). pile up increase in quantity accumulate
  • Examples
  • My work is really piling up.
  • They piled up such a huge debt that they soon
    went bankrupt.

28). fall/come ones way occur or present itself
to one
  • Example
  • Take advantage of the opportunity that comes your

5. Student Presentation prepare to demonstrate
the following words and expressions in class.
  • 1) grim
  • 2) wreckage
  • 3) philosophy
  • 4) legalize
  • 5) theme
  • 6) violence

  • 7) criminal
  • 8) chemical
  • 9) comprehension
  • 10) spouse
  • 11) bleed
  • 12) dizzy
  • 13) at one point
  • 14) cash

6. Practice
  • Vocabulary  
  • 1. The team lost the game and the coach had to
    admit the ______ truth, though he blamed the
    referee for the result.
  • A grim B grimace C grin D fraudulent
  • 2. The possessive _______ in Tiffany makes her
    unwelcome among her colleagues and circle of
  • A feature B characteristic C
    predisposition D streak
  • 3. She cant define or _______ her anger and
    disgust at her husbands pathological addiction
    to gambling.
  • A refine B confine C articulate D

  • 4. I usually have a cup of coffee to _______ me
    up when I feel drowsy at work. A sober B
    purge C surge D soar
  • 5. Richard has been ________ a grudge against his
    boss since his transfer was turned down.
  • A addressing B loitering C steeping D
  • 6. It was a(n) ________ error for a statesman to
    show such ignorance and arrogance.
  • A staggering B whopping C egregious D
  • 7. Researches have shown that up to one half of
    all children born of alcoholics are genetically
    _________ to alcoholism.
  • A imposed B composed C disposed D
  • 8. She _____ herself to a lonely old age after
    her husband died.
  • A assigned B resigned C designed D
  • 9.The new manager hoped to ______ the decline in
    the companys revenues.
  • A controvert B avert C reverse D

  • 10. Our bones become increasingly ___ as we get
  • A brisk B bristle C brink D
  • 11.   The news of our team winning the match was
    really ______, and millions of people came out to
    celebrate the victory.
  • A overwhelming B accelerating C prompting
    D preceding
  • 12.   What the government should do urgently is
    to take actions to ____ the economy. A brook B
    boot C boost D brood
  • 13.The explosion in the mine was ___ by a
    careless miner who lit a match. A triggered B
    initiated C hampered D programmed
  • 14.The library published a collection of books
    recently made ____ to the public.
  • A accessory B accessible C reversible D
  • 15.The author of the report is well ___ with the
    living conditions in the poverty-stricken region
    because he has been there for several times.
  • A informed B acquainted C enlightened D

  • 16.The mass newspaper depended significantly on
    advertising ____ than did their predecessors.
  • A revenues B assets C avenues D proceeds
  • 17.   The way other people behave towards us
    influences how we _______ourselves.
  • A conceive of B conform to C confront with
    D intoxicate with
  • 18. The accused was ____ to have been the leader
    of the plot to overthrow the government. A
    allured B lured C alleged D busted
  • 19.To her great joy she discovered that his ear
    was becoming ____ . A sensational B sensitive
    C sentimental D nonsensical
  • 20. A great deal of ___ for our success should go
    to Michael Lee, head of our team. A merit B
    credit C favor D reward
  • 21.   They question whether a fair way can be
    ______ to tell which employees really perform
    better than their fellow employees. A depicted
    B devised C fabricated D designated

  • 22.   The report indicates that it is financially
    ________ to build a water power station in the
  • A adaptable B available C feasible D
  • 23.   Somehow she felt that she herself had to
    some extent been the cause of all this trouble,
    and suffered ________.
  • A accordingly B respectively C consequently
    D subsequently
  • 24.The gas company _____ a leak in the main line
    and evacuated all the tenants of the building.
  • A detected B inspected C discerned D
  • 25.   At the 28th Olympic Games she ______ two
    gold and one silver medals in the track and field
  • A carried away B carried off C carried over
    D carry through
  • 26.More than 810,000 youths were reported to have
    ___the National Masters Entrance Examination
    last year.
  • A sat on B sat up C sat in D sat for

  • 27.   As a general rule, people with a great deal
    of ______ often have admiring friends and bitter
  • A personality B temperament C disposition D
  • 28.   She was ______ to go back to work in order
    to make the ends meet as a result of economic
    recession and her husbands reduced salary.
  • A compelled B enforced C imposed D
  • 29.   The strange phenomenon has ________ and
    puzzled many scientists for more than a century.
  • A annoyed B exasperated C fascinated
    D frustrated
  • 30.   As we all know, the same gestures may have
    different _______ which vary from one culture to
  • A implications B presumptions C expressions
    D assumptions
  • 31.   With the advent of PC and home-information
    systems, well one day be able to ________ most
    business dealings from home.
  • A implement B execute C conduct D

  • 32.This difficult problem we face in the project
    has to be tackled before we can __to others.A.
    pursue B.dispose C.precede D.proceed
  • 33.We cant choose whether we will pay income tax
    or not, for payment of income tax is ___ .
  • A compulsory B compulsive C compelling D
  • 34. Its generally agreed that fluctuations in
    birth rate are _________ to a number of economic
  • A entitled B contributed C confined
    D confounded
  • 35. Its always better to ________ a problem
    before it arises than to search for a solution to
    it afterwards.
  • A evaluate B predict C anticipate D
  • 36. It takes tremendous courage to ____ a belief
    that is not shared by many others. A persist in
    B abide by C hold on D adhere to
  • 37. As a good employer, he knows how to make full
    use of the ______ of his employees talents and
  • A reversibility B integrity C
    diversity D versatility

  • 38. Over the years jazz has changed and developed
    but it has essentially ________ its fundamental
  • A conserved B retained C reserved
    D sustained
  • 39.  Economics is a subject that ________ all
    peoples lives whether they are conscious of it
  • A draws on B catches on C touches on
    D embarks on
  • 40. As he was blamed for damage he hadnt caused,
    indignation _____ up in him. A purged B surged
    C burgeoned D nurtured
  • 41. To sound more persuasive, salespersons
    usually make great efforts to learn about the
    needs of the _______ customers.
  • A. prospective B. appropriate C. respective
    D. approximate
  • 42. Perhaps the most important ____ of good web
    design is a clearly organized structure or
    Information Architecture (IA).
  • A element B component C ingredient D
  • 43. Few buildings in the bombed city remained
    _______ .
  • A intact B integral C intrinsic D

  • 44. The findings show a ____ difference between
    the opinions of men and women. A. substantial
    B. chronic C. bogus D studious
  • 45. We live in a ______ society in which
    different ethnic groups and cultural traditions
    exist side by side.
  • A. plural B. stagnant C. constructive D.
  • 46. Bill is adroit at handling people. He is a(n)
    _______ man who is able to express his thoughts
    and desires very precisely.
  • A reserved B articulate C exasperated
    D sober
  • 47. It is clear that lack of education will
    greatly _______ the laid-off workers from getting
    a job again.
  • A dwindle B incriminate C hamper D
  • 48. Almost everyone in the auditorium was weeping
    by the time he finished telling the _______ tale.
  • A pathetic B sympathetic C panic D

  • 49.With the popularity of the Internet, both
    commercial computers and personal ones are more
    ___to computer viruses than ever before. A
    brittle B vulnerable C liable D subordinate
  • 50. The team will have to do well to win a medal
    at the Olympic Games, where they will face
    ________ competition from several countries. A
    harsh B rigid C grim D stiff
  • 51. Mrs. May was awakened by the sudden ringing
    of the bedside phone several hours after her
    husbands boat had been _______.
  • A wrecked B broke C vanished D
  • 52. You should try to ________ your ambition and
    be more realistic.
  • A train B strain C constrain D
  • 53. With the ________ of Internet wagering sites,
    quite a number of people have been allured to
    this business because of easy access, easy
    credit, and most importantly, privacy.
  • A penetration B dominance C
    pervasiveness D proliferation

  • 54. Inspired by their French neighbors who
    originally introduced the idea of displaying a
    countrys latest goods with the Industrial
    Exposition of 1844, it was the British who ___ on
    this idea and held the first World Expo in London
    in 1851.
  • A expounded B expanded C speculated
    D counted
  • 55. Cyber purchase allows the use of all credit
    cards, electronic fund ________ , or any other
    bank instruments to pay for online shopping.
  • A transitions B transactions C
    transmissions D transfers
  • 56. This suburb has been the accidental _______
    of a large restoration program.
  • A beneficiary B beneficial C benediction
    D benevolence
  • 57. Richard had to bear the _______ of the blame
    when the business failed for his arbitrary
  • A brunette B blunt C blunder D brunt

  • 58. The prosecutors charged the government
    official with _______ 2 million US dollars from
    the urban development fund and other malpractices
    when he was in office.
  • A converting B averting C perverting
    D diverting
  • 59. Public ______ such as water, gas, electricity
    and phones are indispensable to modern life.
  • A facilities B utilities C
    infrastructures D mains
  • 60. Relations with the neighboring countries took
    a steep _______ during the crisis.
  • A plunge B plunder C plumb D plume
  • Key

  • 1-5 A D C A D 6-10 C D B C D 11-15 A
    C A B B
  • 16-20 A A C B B 21-25 B C C A B 26-30 D A
    A C A
  • 31-35 C D A C C 36-40 D D B C B 41-45 C A
    A A D
  • 46-50 B C A B A 51-55 A D D B D 56-60 A D
    D B A

4. Essay Writing How to write letters of
sympathy or condolence
  • Here are some tips for writing letters of
  • or condolence
  • 1. Do write as promptly as possible, while your
  • feelings are fresh, and while the recipient can
  • most benefit from reading kind words.
  • 2. Do feel free to be brief. In many situations,
  • recipient will not have the time or energy to
    give due
  • attention to a lengthy letter.
  • 3. Do feel free to express your affection and
    compassion for the recipient.

  • 4. Dont compare the recipients misfortunate
    experience to someone elses, even to your own.
    Everybodys experience is unique and deserves
    individual attention.
  • 5. Dont offer any specific advice or service.
    Your recipient may or may not be able or
    willing to accept your well-intentioned
    gesture. When expressing your sympathy for a loss
    of poverty, it is a good idea not to offer help
    unless you know the recipient very well.
    Otherwise, your offer of help may be misconstrued
    as a tactless offer of charity or as an empty

Post-reading Tasks
  • 1. Have Ss do some after-text exercises
  • 2. Check on Ss home reading of Text B
  • 3. Guide Ss through Reading Strategy
  • 4. Let students do some additional exercise
  • 5. Assign Ss to write a letter of sympathy or
  • 6.  Have Ss to prepare for the final exam.

The End
  • Thank you !
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