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More Forestry 101 Foresters and forestry: Who are these people and what do they do? FREMO Workshop Annapolis, MD September 19, 2007 Forester Where to foresters come ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: More Forestry 101

More Forestry 101
  • Foresters and forestry
  • Who are these people and what do they do?

FREMO Workshop Annapolis, MD September 19, 2007
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  • Forestry
  • the profession embracing the science, art, and
    practice of creating, managing, using, and
    conserving forests and associated resources for
    human benefit and in a sustainable manner to meet
    desired goals, needs and values 
  • the broad field of forestry consists of those
    biological, quantitative, managerial, and social
    sciences that are applied to forest management
    and conservation
  • it includes specialized fields such as
    agroforestry, urban forestry, industrial
    forestry, non-industrial forestry, and wilderness
    and recreation forestry
  • (Source The Dictionary of Forestry, 1998, John
    Helms, ed.)

A professional engaged in the science and
profession of forestry
Where to foresters come from?
  • 4-year programs at colleges and universities
  • Approximately 65
  • 50 are accredited by the Society of American
    Foresters as professional forestry degree
  • 2-year technician programs
  • 21 programs in the U.S. and 2 programs in Canada
    are SAF-accredited forestry technology programs

Where to foresters come from?
  • Graduate degree programs too numerous to count!
  • PhD programs yield scientists and academicians
  • Masters programs
  • M.S. in Forest Resource Management
  • M.S. in Forestry
  • M.F. Masters of Forestry (non-thesis)
  • M.S. in Natural Resources
  • Etc.

Where to do foresters work?
  • Private sector foresters
  • Consulting foresters individuals and firms
  • Resource inventories
  • Management plans
  • Plan and conduct timber sales
  • Timber trespass and damage appraisal
  • Forest taxation
  • Environmental NGOs
  • Technical work
  • Education
  • Advocacy and policy

Where to do foresters work?
  • Forest industry
  • Procurement foresters at mills, with private
  • Land managers a TE species!
  • TIMOs and REITs
  • (Timber investment management organizations)
  • (Real estate investment trusts)

  • Professional organizations
  • Society of American Foresters (SAF)
  • Association of Consulting Foresters (ACF)
  • National Association of State Foresters (NASF)
  • National Association of University Forest
    Resource Programs (NAUFRP)
  • Association of Natural Resources Extension
    Professionals (ANREP)
  • Ecological Society of America (ESA)
  • International Union of Forest Research
    Organizations (IUFRO)
  • Many others!

  • Trade organizations
  • American Forest and Paper Association (AFPA)
  • Forest Resource Association
  • National Hardwood Lumber Association
  • Individual state Forestry Associations
  • Many others!

Forestry organizations
  • National, state, regional, and county
  • Examples
  • National Woodland Owners Association
  • American Forest Foundation/Tree Farm System
  • Forest Landowner Association
  • Forest Landowners of California
  • New Hampshire Timber Land Associations
  • Ohio Forestry Association

Where to do foresters work?
  • Public agencies
  • State forestry agencies
  • Soil Water Conservation Districts
  • Forest Service
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Department of Defense
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service

Where to do foresters work?
  • Cooperative Extension System
  • State Extension Specialists
  • District Extension Specialists
  • County-based Extension Agents/Extension Educators
  • Multi-state, regional committees
  • Western Extension Forestry Coordinating Committee
  • Northeast Forest Resources Extension Committee
  • Southern Region Extension Forestry (SREF)
  • Regional Extension Forester co-funded by 18
    Extension Directors travel and project funding
    provided by USDA Forest Service
  • 350 forestry/wood products extension educators in
    current directory

Extension Forestry Audiences
  • Traditional audiences
  • Private forest landowners
  • Non-industrial private forestland owners
    (NIPFs) yuck!
  • Family forestland owners not much better!
  • 11 million of them!!! (1-1000 acres)
  • 4 million own 10-1000 acres
  • Old, white, and male
  • Many studies of these folks have been done
  • Very heterogeneous group

Extension Forestry Audiences
  • Loggers

Extension Forestry Audiences
  • Small- and medium scale forest products companies
  • Sawmills
  • Dry kilns
  • Portable sawmill owners
  • Furniture and other wood products
  • Retail and marketing companies

What are the issues?
  • Forest fragmentation, parcelization and
  • Invasive species
  • Wildland fire
  • Climate change
  • Global markets for wood and paper products
  • Inter-generational transfer of private lands
  • Forest policies local, state, national
  • Forest taxation
  • Forest health
  • Forest management intensity
  • Endangered species
  • Landscape-scale resource management
  • Biodiversity
  • Water quality and quantity
  • Ecosystem services
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Wildlife-urban interface
  • Sustainability

And many more
When you consider the range and complexity of
forest resource issues, there are many other very
important audiences who affect, and are affected
by forests
  • State and local elected and appointed officials
    who are responsible for planning
  • Land developers
  • Policy makers
  • Urban forest stakeholders
  • Accountants
  • Realtors

  • Complex and complicated natural resource issues
    require the involvement of everyone ---
    professional, volunteer, and public --- who can
  • Foresters and the practice of forestry are an
    important component of the natural resource
    professional community that is comprised of every
    natural resource and environmental profession.

and some favorite forestry quotes
Every day is Earth Day for a forester
Forestry isnt rocket science --- its much
May the forest be with you!
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