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The Science of Success


... formulations and established contractual relationships with major ... Custodio has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and nutritional ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Science of Success

The Science of Success
Confidential Investor Presentation Created by
Ardent Advisors
Safe Harbor
  • Statements in this presentation that are not
    descriptions of historical facts are
    forward-looking statements relating to future
    events, and as such all forward-looking
    statements are made pursuant to the Securities
    Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements may
    contain certain forward-looking statements
    pertaining to future anticipated or projected
    plans, performance and developments, as well as
    other statements relating to future operations
    and results. Any statements in this presentation
    that are not statements of historical fact may be
    considered to be forward-looking statements.
    Words such as "may," "will," "expect," "believe,"
    "anticipate," "estimate," "intends," "goal,"
    "objective," "seek," "attempt," or variations of
    these or similar words, identify forward-looking
    statements. These forward-looking statements by
    their nature are estimates of future results only
    and involve substantial risks and uncertainties,
    including but not limited to risks associated
    with the uncertainty of future financial results,
    additional financing requirements, development of
    new products, successful completion of the
    Companys proposed restructuring, the impact of
    competitive products or pricing, technological
    changes, the effect of economic conditions and
    other uncertainties detailed from time to time in
    our reports filed with the Securities and
    Exchange Commission. There can be no assurance
    that our actual results will not differ
    materially from expectations and other factors
    more fully described in our public filings with
    the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission,
    which can be reviewed at

Corporate Profile
  • Inergetics, Inc. (NRTI) is a leading developer
    of patented nutritional products comprised of
    high-quality ingredients and proprietary
    formulations. The Company is leading the way in
    nutritional excellence with targeted brands that
    independently serve the Clinical Oncology, Long
    Term Care (Senior Care), and Sports Nutrition
  • Financial Guidance (millions)
  • Next 12 Months (Assumes calendar year end changed
    to FYE June 30th)
  • Stock Symbol OTC NRTI
  • Shares Outstanding 31,092,796
  • Closing Stock Price as of 4/27/10 1.20
  • Average Volume (3 months) 19,086
  • Additional Paid in Capital 55,188,466
  • Net Operating Loss (carry forward)

Assumes 60 to 1 reverse split ( Date TBD)
Recapitalization Corporate Changes
  • Initial recapitalization in November 2009
  • Eliminated 13,500,000 of current liabilities
  • Converted 7,700,000 of unsecured debt into
    equity at 2.10 a share
  • Wrote off 3,000,000 of secured debt
  • Raised 1,382,050 of new capital in
    senior secured debenture
  • Secondary recapitalization in May 2010
  • Raised an additional 1,187,500 in extended
  • Changed name from Millennium Biotechnologies
    Group, Inc. to Inergetics, Inc.
  • Changed ticker from MBTG to NRTI
  • Announced 60 to 1 stock reverse (Date TBD)
  • Changing calendar year end to FYE June 30th
  • Converting newly issued senior secured debt to
    equity at 1.20 per share
  • Senior secured debt outstanding 3,134,510 as of
  • Converted 2,664,838 as of 6/8/10
  • Balance Sheet Comparative Analysis

NRTI Product Portfolio
Clinical Nutrition
Performance Nutrition
  • Sports Government
  • Powder and RTD (in dev)
  • RESURGEX Select
  • Oncology HIV
  • Easy to use powder
  • RESURGEX Essential
  • Long Term Care Home Care
  • Ready to Drink

Resurgex Oncology
  • Comprehensive nutritional support for actively
    treated cancer patients as well as those in
    post-treatment care
  • National Federal Medicare HCPCS Coding Medicaid
    Approval in various States
  • Over 4 million servings consumed over past decade
  • Powder formulations
  • Unique whole foods based quality ingredient
    formula to assist in weight maintenance, reduce
    fatigue and support immunity
  • Prescribed by leading Oncology Institutions such
    as Dana Farber MD Anderson
  • Clinical Trials
  • Center for Family Of Health , UMDNJ/ St Mary's
  • Columbia University Pediatric Oncology Clinical
  • Over 1.5mm new cancer cases annually and 13
    million survivors
  • Only options are unhealthy alternatives such as
    Ensure and Boost
  • 90 of cancer patients face fatigue
  • Over 60 cancer patients look to Complementary
    and Alternative Medicine (CAM) to complement
    their treatment

Point of Difference
Market Opportunity
U.S. Complete Prevalence Counts, Invasive
Cancers Only, 1/1/2006 - U.S. 2006 cancer
prevalence counts are based on 2006 cancer
prevalence proportions from the SEER 9 registries
(San Francisco, Connecticut, Detroit, Hawaii,
Iowa, New Mexico, Seattle, Utah, and Atlanta) and
1/1/2006 U.S. population estimates based on the
average of 2005 and 2006 population estimates
from the U.S. Bureau of the Census. Estimated
new Cancer Cases and Deaths for 2009 Cancer
Facts Figures 2009, American Cancer Society
(ACS), Atlanta, Georgia, 2009.
Resurgex Essential LTC
  • Comprehensive, caloric dense formulations that
    exceed the nutritional requirements of the Long
    Term Care community
  • Natural extension of heritage in addressing the
    needs of the elderly
  • Ready-to-Drink (RTD) formulations in easy to
    administer Tetra Paks
  • Great tasting premium nutritional drink,
    fortified with high-quality ingredients
  • High Biological Whey Protein
  • No high fructose corn syrup, high MCTs, low
    Omega 6
  • Contains fruit vegetable powders, less sugar
  • Excellent for weight maintenance and wound
  • Helps maintain body weight, support a healthy
    G.I. tract and keeps bodies strong
  • According to the American Healthcare Association,
    as of December 2008
  • 1,410,900 residents lived in Skilled Nursing
  • 1,100,000 residents lived in Assisted Living
  • 7,600,000 individuals were receiving Home Care
    from gt 17,000 providers
  • Alternatives are unhealthy alternatives such as
    Ensure and Boost

Point of Difference
Market Opportunity
Resurgex Essential Comparative Composition
Surgex Sports
  • Comprehensive, caloric dense formulations that
    exceed the nutritional requirements of the
    athletic community
  • Natural extension of heritage in addressing the
    needs of the athletically inclined
  • Bulk and individual servings in powder format and
    TetraPak RTD format
  • Unique high performing formula with the only form
    of water soluble Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) which
    is clinically proven to help cells adapt to
  • Surgex is the only nutritional supplement
    clinically proven to to increase energy, build
    lean muscle mass, increase strength and power,
    increase endurance and boost recovery and
  • NCAA compliant approved by the Banned Substances
    Control Group
  • According to BCC Research, Sports Nutrition and
    High Energy Supplements The Global Market
    9/17/08, the Global Sports Nutrition Market is
    estimated 27 Billion
  • Industry segments
  • Sports Beverages 24.9 Billion
  • Sports Food 1.2 Billion
  • Sports Nutrition Supplements 1.1 Billion
  • Alternative products have no scientific evidence
    to support claims

Point of Difference
Market Opportunity
The Science of Success- Superoxide Dismutase
  • SOD is the bodys (cells) most important
    antioxidant and plays a major role in many
    pathological conditions  
  • Cardiovascular Issues, Exercise/Stress Response,
  • Pulmonary edema, rheumatoid arthritis,
    Alzheimer's, cancer, asthma
  • GliSODin, a patented, orally effective
    ingredient, clinically shown to
  • Promote the production of the bodys own natural
  • Help maintain cellular health and protect against
    oxidative stress damage
  • Reduce lactic acid buildup in humans under
    physical stress
  • Support healthy immune function
  • GliSODin) The First Orally Effective SOD
  • Pharmaceutical compositions comprising a
    superoxide dismutase 
  • (CEE. 96 901 386-1, USA. 6 04 5809 and Japan
    HEI.8 1996 520 6 16)
  • The patent describes the first oral composition
    of SOD using vegetal prolamines (gliadin) as
    natural support for oral delivery
  • New therapeutics use of heterologous SOD and
    their process of selection 
  • (CEE 99 901 386-1 USA 09/600 062 and Japan HEI
    2000. 527633)
  • The patent describes the mechanism of action of
    heterologous SODs and details new therapeutic

The Science of Success- Superior Ingredients
Whey Protein Fast acting, easy to digest protein with a superior biological value that helps preserve lean muscle mass and supports immunity
Vitamin D Twice the RDA recommended amount to support bone health, muscle strength and immunity
FOS High quality fiber that supports healthily GI tract and normalize bowel function to help with the most common conditions in elderly
Fruits Vegetables Juice powders from many healthy ingredients blended together to contribute whole food phytonutrients and antioxidants
Low Carbohydrates Resurgex products are lower in simple carbohydrates, which is important for good blood sugar control. In addition, they do not contain high fructose corn syrup which has been shown in studies to increase risk of insulin resistance.
No Trans Fats Not only are Resurgex products cholesterol free, but it also contains Monounsaturated Fatty Acids which has been proven in research studies to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. The Monounsaturated Fat in Resurgex is in the form of high oleic Safflower oil rather than corn oil. Other brands use corn oil, which is high in Omega-6 Fatty Acids.
Surgex Clinical Validation
  • Rutgers University conducted two single-blinded,
    controlled studies to establish the clinical
    efficacy of Surgex?
  • Clinical Study I Rutgers endurance athletes
    (Mens Division 1 Soccer Team) saw a dramatic
    improvement, compared to Boost, in recovery and
    performance parameters
  • Clinical Study II Rutgers strength athletes
    (Mens Division 1 Football Team) saw a dramatic
    improvements in recovery, strength and endurance
    when compared to Gatorade Sports Nutritional
  • Performance Results Validation
  • Improvements in Performance, Lactic Acid
    Response, Reduced Oxidative Stress
  • Significant changes in performance capacity and
    endurance markers
  • Less soreness and fatigue following intense
    training sessions
  • Significantly lower oxidative stress markers,
    isoprostanes and LPOs
  • Improvements in Power Body Composition Recovery
  • Significant increase in peak power as measured by
    Wingate Testing
  • Increased lean muscle mass and decreased in
    weight gain as body fat
  • Significantly improved testosterone cortisol
  • Significantly lower ILS, Creatine Kinase,

Surgex Comparative Composition
The Science of Success- Intellectual Property
  • Patents Trademarks
  • Resurgex was issued U.S. Patent 6,503,506 for
    nutrient therapy for immuno-compromised patients
    on January 7th, 2003.
  • Patents pending in 57 countries worldwide
  • 4 Registered trademarks filed with the U.S.
    Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  • Clinical Partners
  • Center for Family Of Health , UMDNJ/ St Mary's
  • Rutgers University
  • Division 1 Soccer Double Blind, Placebo
    Controlled Study on Universitys Soccer Team
  • Division 1 Football Double Blind, Placebo
    Controlled Study on Universitys Football Team
  • Columbia University Division of Pediatric
  • Scheduled to occur during the summer of 2010 and
    last for 12 weeks
  • Multi-site study at St. Jude Children's Research
    Hospital (SJCRH), Alberta Health Services, and
    the Regional Cancer Center (RCC) at Capital
  • Industry Journals
  • The Journal of Strength Conditioning Research
  • Published Rutgers Soccer Study
  • Comparative Exercise Physiology
  • Published the Rutgers Football Study

Strategic Distribution Partners
  • Windmill Health Products LLC, is a leading
    marketer and distributor of lifestyle nutritional
    products to all major classes of trade, including
    Food, Drug, Mass Market Retailers, Health Food
    Retailers and various distributors.
  • KTK Business Development Group, LLC, is a leading
    government contracting process consultant for
    small and medium businesses. KTK provides the
    business development, contract support, a
    proprietary partner community, grant writing
    services, and certification services to become
    GSA vendor
  • Ferring Inc. (Canada), a wholly owned subsidiary
    of Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is the
    Companys Canadian distributor and co-marketer of
    Resurgex products.  With corporate headquarters
    in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, operate from more
    than 45 countries and employ more than 3700
    people throughout the world, while treatments are
    available in more than 70 countries.
  • New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corp. (NMPC), a
    Filipino-owned and managed corporation, is
    engaged in importation, sales, promotion and
    distribution of a diverse specialty line of
    pharmaceutical and related products.  NMPC has
    strategic manpower of 151 sales personnel and
    managers covering more  than 15,000 physicians
  • Provider Services Inc. (PSI) is the second
    largest operator of LTC facilities in the state
    of Ohio. Inergetics is the exclusive provider of
    nutritional supplementation products to PSIs
    6,000 beds, per the 5 year Master Purchase
  • Ventiv Commercial Services, a wholly owned
    subsidiary of NASDQ-listed inVentiv Health Inc.
    (VTIV), provides two (2) full time personnel,
    with over 30 years experience, to market and sell
    Resurgex Essential and Resurgex Essential Plus
    into the Long Term Care Channel.

Manufacturing Partners
  • Isocell SA, a French Company owns the patented
    rights to the only oral form of superoxide
    dismutase (SOD). Inergetics has an exclusive
    sublicense for use of SOD as a dietary supplement
    or functional foods worldwide.
  • TetraPak USA, a leader in innovative packaging
    and state-of-the-art processing solutions, that
    provides the packaging for the Resurgex Select
    RTD product lines.
  • Kerry Food Beverage, Inc., a leader in the
    global food industry, developing, producing and
    marketing lifestyle and nutritional foods,
    flavors and ingredients, meeting todays consumer
    demands for healthy, convenient, tasteful food
    and beverages.
  • Garden State Nutritionals, Inc. (GSN) a division
    of Vitaquest International, Inc. the worlds
    leading manufacturer of lifestyle specific
    nutritional supplements, manufacturers the
    Inergetics Surgex product line.
  • Farmland Dairies, LLC recently purchased by
    Grupo LALA and is now part of LALA-National Dairy
    Group, is the Companys outsourced manufacturer
    and co-packager for the Companys RTD Essential
    product line in its kosher designated, aseptic
    facility in Grand Rapids, MI.

Pro Forma Capitalization Table
  • 60 to 1 Reverse Stock Split (Announcement Date
  • Pro Forma shares issued and outstanding
  • Float 20,195,339
  • Shares Outstanding 30,483,532
  • Fully Diluted Shares 31,078,561
  • Strong Management Alignment
  • Executive ownership 10.10
  • Ken Sadowsky (Board Member) 6.71
  • Strong Institutional Ownership
  • Triage Capital 16.94
  • Seahorse Enterprises, LLC 7.86
  • Charlie Lanktree 6.89
  • Ardent Advisors (Brian Corbman) 5.40

Pro Forma Guidance
Executive Officers
  • Mark C. Mirken, CEO Chairman has been
    Inergetics President Chief Executive Officer
    since August 2008. He has transitioned the
    companys major revenue sources from a powdered
    formulation to Ready-to-Drink (RTD) formulations
    and established contractual relationships with
    major pharmaceutical and international
    distributors. Additionally, Mark has increased
    shareholder value via overseeing the
    restructuring of the Companys financial
    position. Previously, Mr. Mirken was affiliated
    with Vista Research Inc., a Standard Poors
    business unit, where he consulted The Middleby
    Corp. (NASDAQ MIDD), Pequot Capital, Fidelity
    Family of Funds, and KKR on various acquisitions
    Prior, he was President COO, of TurboChef
    Technologies, Inc. (OVEN) a world leader in
    technology, equipment services, for high-speed
    food preparation (2000-2005). Mr. Mirken was
    credited creating the strategic alliance with
    Coke and engineering the Coke, Subway agreement
    and enhanced shareholder value by over 1,000.
  • Carl Germano, RD, CNS, CDN is a registered,
    certified clinical nutritionist appointed as
    Chief Science Officer/Research Product
    Development for Inergetics, Inc. and a frequent
    radio guest and lecturer. He holds a masters
    degree in clinical nutrition from New York
    University and has over 30 years experience using
    innovative, complementary nutritional therapies
    in private practice and in product development. 
    For the past 25 years, he has dedicated his
    efforts to research and product development for
    the nutritional supplement industry (medical
    foods, functional beverages and dietary
    supplements), where he has been instrumental in
    bringing cutting-edge nutritional substances and
    formulations to market.  He is the author of the
    following books
  • SOD/Gliadin - The Ultimate Cellular Defense
    Against Ageing and Disease,
  • Nucleotides - The Buliding Blocks To Optimal
  • Rhodiola rosea - Natures Answer To Stress,  
  • The Osteoporosis Solution,  
  • The Brain Wellness Plan,
  • Natures Pain Killers

Executive Officers Board of Directors
  • Frank Guarino III, CFO is the Chief Financial
    Officer and is responsible for corporate
    budgeting, SEC compliance, and corporate
    operations. He maintains institutional
    relationships with the Companys investor base
    and actively participates in all funding. Mr.
    Guarino earned a Bachelor of Science in
    Accounting from St. Peters College in 1997.
  • Benjamin R Custodio, Executive Vice President and
    Board Member, As Executive Vice President of
    International Sales, Mr. Custodio is responsible
    for expanding the Companys product line
    globally. Mr. Custodio has over 30 years of
    experience in the pharmaceutical and nutritional
    supplement industries, specializing in launching
    new products into international markets.
  • Ken Sadowsky, Board Member, Mr. Sadowsky was a
    principal of Atlas Distributing Inc., overseeing
    the non-alcoholic beverage division which he
    created. The division was founded in 1988 and
    sales were 50,000 that year. In 2007 sales were
    over 16,000,000 and the total company sales were
    in excess of 75 million. He was a director of
    Energy Brands, Inc. (Glaceau) makers of Glaceau
    vitaminwater, smartwater, and fruitwater from
    2000 to 2006 when the company sold a minority
    interest to The Tata Group. The company
    eventually sold to Coca Cola for over 4.1
    Billion. Ken is the Senior Beverages Advisor for
    Verlinvest, a Brussels based investment holding
    company founded by family tied to Interbrew now
    ABI (Anheuser Busch InBev). Ken is the Executive
    Director of NIDA, a group of independent beverage
    distributors in the Northeast of the USA who are
    members of a trade association. Mr. Sadowsky is
    a member of the Board of Directors for All Market
    Inc., makers of Vita Coco coconut water and Hint
    Inc., makers of Hint Water.
  • Michael C. James, Board Member is the Managing
    Partner of Kuekenhof Capital Management.
    Previously he served as CEO of Nestor, Inc., and
    is a director of Guided Therapeutics, Inc. Mr.
    James has accepted the nomination to the
    Companys board of directors which is subject to
    shareholder approval

Investment Summary
  • Superior Products
  • Resurgex? is clinically validated to improve
    Quality of Life indicators for HIV/AIDS
  • Surgex? is clinically validated to improve
    athletic performance through optimized recovery
  • Favorable Macro Industry Trends
  • Growth in aging population
  • Trend toward healthy living
  • Science-based products supported by healthcare
  • Management team led by CEO Mark Mirken
  • Proven track record of creating shareholder value
  • Public market experience
  • Minimal corporate capital needs
  • Additional working capital required 2.5mm
  • Pro Forma Financials (Fiscal Year ends June 30th)
  • FY10A revenue of 2.05M and EBITDA of (1.32M)
  • FY11E revenue of 23.5M and EBITDA of 4.06M

Inergetics NRTI