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The Need of Data Science in Digital Marketing


This presentation is about The Need of Data Science in Digital Marketing and the Benefits Of Data Science In Digital Marketing by Digital Trainee. (Digital Trainee - Digital Marketing Courses in Pune and Online Digital Marketing Course in Pune) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Need of Data Science in Digital Marketing

The Need of Data Science in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Trainee

Data ScienceIntroduction
  • Data science is an field responsible for
    managing, manipulating, extracting, and
    interpreting information from massive amounts of
  • Data science (DS) is a multidisciplinary area of
    research aimed at addressing big data challenges.
  • In these modern times, the very existence of
    Digital Marketing strategies would be doubtful
    sans the presence of Data Science.

Role of Data Science in Digital Marketing
  • Data Science helps in removing guesswork in SEO.
  • Instead of assuming the results of your work,
    data science will help in finding out the results
    and success of work.
  • Data science will help in get entire information
    of customers like their choices and needs from
    which one can run campaign according to customer
  • Marketers may use Data Science to gain access to
    utility groups of data collected across a variety
    of platforms, including organic (SEO/website
    analytics), social media, and email marketing.

Benefits of Data Science for Digital Marketing
  • The following is a list of some of the advantages
    of using data science in digital marketing.
  • Campaign Strategizing
  • Optimization of channel and budget
  • Increase in the speed of planning
  • Customer aligned data that is real time

Campaign Strategizing
  • One of the main purposes of implementing data
    science is planning a campaign that performs
  • Data science facilitates marketers to segment
    customers according to their buying habits,
    demographics, and geo locations.
  • This also make other tasks like planning, SMO,
    budget allocation simple, allowing you to build a
    strategy that resonates with the needs of your
    consumers and produces better results.
  • Data science will also help you identify your
    most valuable customers and provide them with
    better benefits than the rest of your audience.

Optimization of channel and budget
  • Data Science helps the business that operates
    through channels like social media, sites, etc.
    by optimize those channels for getting the best
    return on investment (ROI).
  • Data science allows you to see and assess your
    campaign's success rate, as well as identify
    problems from past campaigns.
  • Via data science, you can get the percentage of
    people who are engaged and patterns in their
    actions on each of your platforms.
  • Though the results can differ across channels and
    platforms, the goal is to determine and test
    which performs better at any given time.
  • Traffic data analysis helps you in determining
    and allocating budget for channel differently.

Increase in the speed of planning
  • Marketers are able to do faster and easy planning
    of their campaigns with the aid of Data Science.
  • Businesses already has data on their website,
    social media channels and on the existing
    campaigns. Data Science helps in the gathering
    and analysis of data in a more precise and
    efficient manner. 
  • This allows businesses to design and execute
    campaigns more effectively, resulting in a higher
    return on investment.

Customer aligned data that is real time
  • With the help of Data Science current and future
    digital marketing campaigns can be designed as
    per real-time data by focusing on current market
    trends and consumer trends.
  • Data regarding market trends, execution time
    efficiency, customer behavior, and buying trends
    is retrieved using existing data science
  • This is especially critical when it comes to
    identifying new opportunities, forecasting
    patterns, and outsmarting competitors.
  • With cleverly designed marketing content, loyal
    customers can be efficiently targeted at the
    right moment.

Data Science in Marketing
  • Predicting the content would be well-received
  • Predict which social media platforms the
    prospects are most likely to use
  • Estimate which deals would appeal to which
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Optimization
  • Optimization of Retargeting Marketing Data
  • Prediction of churn
  • Optimization of email campaigns
  • Personalized messaging
  • Message timing optimization
  • Pattern recognition of clients and prospects

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