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SUDLERSVILLE ELEMENTARY A Title 1 School & Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2012 Upcoming Events SEPTEMBER 9/3 SCHOOLS CLOSED 9/4 Pre-K & K first day of school – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Responsibility

A Title 1 School Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER
Upcoming Events
K first day of school 9/5 Back to School
Night 600-730pm Volunteer
Orientation at 725pm in the
cafeteria 9/7 School Spirit Day/
Movie Night 715 pm 9/10 Summer Reading
Celebration during the school
day 9/10 Planning Meeting for Reading    
Night on Oct. 4th_at_ 130 Parents are
welcome to attend 9/12 School Pictures 9/13
Title I Dinner 600 pm 9/17 (week of) CogAt
testing for 3rd graders 9/17
Literacy Block Reading Logs Begin 9/17, 18 or
19 4th Grade Trips 9/20 Family Night Pre-K K
_at_ 530 pm 9/24 Partnering for Youth (PFY)
After School Program Fall session
begins 9/24 SIT Meeting _at_ 250 pm 9/25 Watch
D.O.G.S. Kickoff Party 600pm OCTOBER 10/1
10/5 Book Fair 10/4 Reading Night 600pm
Book Fair Open 10/9 Safety Tips/QAC
Sherriff Assembly 10/9 PTA Meeting 630pm 10/10
Weather Man Assembly 10/12 Hispanic Assembly
130pm 10/16 1st 2nd Grade Field Trips
(tentative) 10/17 School Closed ½ Day 10/18
10/19 SCHOOLS CLOSED 10/22 PNC Planetarium
Pre-K K 10/23 4th Grade Showcase 10/25
Make-up Day for School Pictures 10/25 Pre-K
Kindergarten Parent Reading
Workshop 600-700pm 10/31 Chester River Run Off
Our Mission The mission of Sudlersville
Elementary School is to educate and enlighten
each of our students through an engaging
curriculum and high expectations (for behavior
and achievement) by dedicated teachers and staff
with support of parents and the extended
Principals News
Responsibility By Michele Hampton We are
making every effort to promote the six pillars of
character, as well as, parental involvement. As
a result, we have purchased books for the SES
Eagles this year, and we need your help. The
theme of the book we would like for you to read
with your child involves responsibility.
Please read the book with your child and complete
the activity provided. Discuss what responsible
students do. You might want to include the
following in your discussion Do what you are
supposed to do Plan ahead Persevere keep on
trying! Always do your best Use self-control
Be self-disciplined Think before you act
consider the consequences Be accountable for
your words, actions, and attitudes Set a good
example for others Please return the activity to
your childs teacher! I know all of the SES
Eagles can be very responsible this year!! As
always, thank you for your help and support!!
Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2012
Grade 2 News
Pre-K News
Grade 1 News
Welcome to Pre-K! We would like to thank all the
parents for coming to our Parent/Teacher
Conferences. If you have any further questions
about your child's conference please contact your
child's teacher. We will start out our year with
the Theme "Welcome to School." We will be
reading a lot of books about starting school. We
will also be learning a lot about shapes, colors,
and numbers. Please remember to check your
child's folder each night, and talk to them about
their day at school. We are looking forward to a
fun school year! The Pre-K Team Kindergarten
is very happy to have another teacher, Ms.
Landgraf. She is looking forward to working with
our students and their families.   There will be
some changes this year in kindergarten. We will
be following the new Core Curriculum and using
the new Envision Math program.  We will be
sharing information about these programs at
conferences and by newsletters.   As we begin the
school year, we will be working on following the
rules of the school and learning to be a good
citizen at S.E.S. The SEFEL program (Social and
Emotional Foundations for Early Learning) will
provide strategies for adults and children to
encourage positive behaviors in children.  The
Judy Center  is leading the initiative to promote
this program.  Remember that the Judy Center, now
located near the kindergarten classes, is
wonderful asset to our school.  The Judy Center
enjoys having visitors! You will be hearing much
more about the Judy Center during the school
year.  The kindergarten team is looking forward
to a wonderful school year that is filled with
learning, exploration fun!
Second grade is going to be fun and challenging!
Be ready to enjoy learning! Everyone is welcome!
Please visit us anytime! Back to school night is
September 5th at 600. Prepare to learn new
things! In the first quarter we will become
scientists and learn about our communities and
maps in social studies! Time for change! We are
diving into the Common Core State Curriculum this
year! Stay tuned for more information! Each
student will be placed in a Literacy Block group
for directed reading instruction on their level!
This will begin on Monday September 17th! Math
is important! We will be focusing on a few math
skills this year that we intend to master! Look
for lots of subtraction, time and money! Be
careful to follow the rules! When students are
SOARing, they will earn Eagle Eggs!   Each day it
is important to come to school! Please make every
effort to be here when you are healthy!   Remember
---- students who SOARread every day, do their
homework, come to school prepared and treat
others the way they want to be treated!
Welcome to First Grade! We will be working on
establishing routines in order to make the
transition into 1st grade smooth. Homework will
begin around mid-September. As the time
approaches we will send you more information. We
will be learning the following units Math-
addition and subtraction Language Arts
handwriting and sentence writing Science Life
Science Social Studies Going to School   Please
remember to label all of your childs belongings
and supplies. We are looking forward to a fun
and exciting year!   First Grade Team
Kindergarten News
Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2012
Grade 3 News
Grade 4 News
We set sail on our first field trip of the year
the week of September 17th. Mrs. Settelmaier's
class will sail board the Sultana on September
17th, Mrs. Comegys on September 18th, and Mrs.
Rosendale on September 19th.  Field trip forms
will be sent out soon. Every day- is
how often agendas should be signed and checked. 
Please keep our lines of communication open by
regularly signing your child's agenda. Students
forms are so important. Please make sure that you
have completed all the important forms needed for
your child. Only the best for our students!! 
Fourth grade is stocked full of awesome new
technologies that we will be incorporating in our
daily lessons. Feel free to stop in and join in
on the learning. Any questions???-  Please feel
free to contact us at anytime. Reading
Comprehension, Reading Log, and Math homework
will be assigned Monday-Thursday of each week.
The reading logs will begin on September 17th
when we start literacy block.
Good-bye Summer, Hello School! Spectacular
September Welcome third grade students and
parents! We were glad to meet you at the Back to
School Meet and Greet and are geared up for a
productive and positive academic year! We look
forward to working with our third grade parents
through the weekly homework for reading that is
distributed to our students every Monday. This
assignment is based on third grade skills, and
students are asked to return the completed
assignment on Friday. Below, you will find some
helpful hints and strategies that will help you
as a parent, halt the homework battle for the
2012- 2013 school year. Schedule it- Set a
homework time and stick to it. Erase it- Cut
back on after school/ evening activities that
interfere with homework. (just dropping one will
lighten the load and give less headaches) Dont
just do it- When you see mistakes in your
childs homework, provide coaching and guidance,
but dont simply give the answers. This will help
the teachers get a realistic picture of your
childs skills and how well he/she understands
the material. Break it- Break homework into
manageable chunks by building in breaks such as-
walking the dog, eating dinner, or playing
Get help with it- A quick call to another
classmate to discuss an assignment may be useful-
especially when you are confused. If your child
seems to need excessive help, talk with the
teacher about getting extra help in class.  
In math, a primary focus is on students knowing
their basic addition facts, and later their
multiplication facts, by heart so that they can
apply that knowledge to real life problem
solving. Students' foundation of basic facts
will help them in lifelong learning as they grow
in the years ahead. The Time for Kids
newspaper is a valuable tool that enhances our
classroom instruction for science and social
studies instruction. By reading this news
regularly, students are able to connect current
events and scientific information to their
classroom studies. Thank you for sending in the
5 subscription fee that covers the entire school
year for this publication. We look forward to
sharing more about our third grade instructional
program on Wednesday, September 5th, at 600 p.m.
at the Back to School Night. Please feel free
to contact the third grade teachers during school
hours if you have any questions or
concerns.   -Mrs. Bildstein, Mrs. Leventhal and
Mrs. Thren
Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2012
Health Room
Welcome back to another great year at SES! Start
the year off right with habits that make the
mornings problem free.  Pack lunches and choose
clothing the night before.  Don't forget the
saying "early to bed, early to rise".  It's
recommended that a child age 5-10 get 10-11 hours
of sleep a night.  A consistent bedtime routine
really helps to settle them in for the evening
(ex bath, book, bed). Don't forget our school
day begins at 745am.  If your child arrives
after that time you must sign them in and they
will be marked tardy. Instruction starts at
that time too so you don't want your child to
miss the beginning of the school day.  Help them
to get a great start every day. Welcome
back to SES for another fantastic school year! I
am very excited to be developing our students'
artistic skills this year. We are going to be
creating fantastic, bold, colorful art while
learning about new artists and cultures from
around the world. Just as a reminder, please send
your child to school with an art shirt (any old
shirt that can get messy) in a zip lock bag so
that we may protect his/her clothing. You can
leave it at school so we can use it throughout
the year. Also, the art room welcomes any
donations, such as tissues, table wipes, and zip
lock bags. I hope you had an incredible summer
and are ready for an excellent school year. I
look forward to your visit to the art room. Thank
you, Cassie Hosler, SES Art
Any medication brought to school must be in the
original container for nonprescriptions, or the
pharmacist bottle for prescription medication.
These medications must also be accompanied by a
Physician Medication Form. Some doctors
offices have copies of these forms, or you may
ask the nurse in the health room for this form at
any time. A responsible adult must bring in the
medicine. This is a policy of the School Board
and the Health Department.   Parents please place
a change of clothes (T-shirt, shorts, underwear
socks) in your childs back pack. These will
really come in handy if for some reason your
child has accidentally messed their pants,
vomits, or gets wet. We do not have a supply of
clothes in the health room, so an extra set
tucked in the bottom of the backpack can really
save the day.   Please be sure to keep current
phone numbers on file, in the event of an
emergency. It is also important to have a
back-up plan for students to be picked up due
to illness or injury. The health room is active,
and it does not have availability to keep
students for the day, nor should a sick child be
sent home on the bus.   Head lice happens. Make
it a habit this new school year to check your
childs hair at least 2 times a week for signs of
head lice. This preventive tip is so worth the
Attention All PK K grade Parents, Have you
sent in a filled out Maryland State Lead
certificate on your child to the school? The
state legislature enacted a law requiring all
children who currently live, or have ever lived
in an at risk area, and who are entering a public
school in Queen Annes county in grades PK K to
show evidence of blood lead tests and the dates
the tests were done. Each child is to have a
filled out MD Blood Lead test certificate on file
at school by the end of September. If you have
any questions regarding this matter please
contact the Queen Annes Co. Health Dept. at
410-758-0720. You may also call us here at
school. Thank you for your support. Healthy
school year blessings, Mrs. Reilly, R.N. Mrs.
Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2012
Math Matters
I hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and
enjoyable summer.  We are excited about the new
school year at SES.  The staff is pleased that we
will continue with our Literacy Block program
this year for grades 1 through 4.  Our MSA scores
and other testing results indicate that our
students are learning at SES and we are very
proud of them! We will continue to group
students according to their reading level,
monitor their progress every 8 weeks and switch
classes during our two reading blocks.  There
will be a literacy block for grades 1/2 from
8-9am daily and for grades 3/4 from 930-1030am
daily.  Based on various testing results and
professional teacher observations your child will
be placed in the appropriate Literacy Block for
Quarter 1.  We will begin on Monday, September
17th. As part of our Literacy Block, students
will be expected to read 20 minutes-4 nights per
week.  A "Reading Log" sheet will be sent home
with your child beginning Sept. 17th.  You will
receive a separate letter explaining our "Reading
Log" program.  If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact me at 410-438-3164. 
Thanks for all of your support in helping your
child to become a lifelong READER! Barbara
Thurber Reading Specialist
Queen Annes County has adopted the new math
standards called the Common Core State Standards.
These standards will serve as important
benchmarks to ensure that your child(ren)
receives high quality education and will be
well-prepared for college or a career. In order
to better meet these standards, we have a new
math series called enVision Math for grade K
through 5. This series emphasizes the new
content standards and the math standards of
practice. In the classroom, all students will
begin with a hands-on problem based learning
activity that introduces the skill and vocabulary
for the day. Next, there is a visual learning
bridge that helps students see a connection
between what they did with manipulatives to a
representation in pictures, numbers or words.
Then there are practice problems and word
problems daily. Finally, there is a check for
understanding and a follow up activity or center
to ensure mastery day by day of math topics.
Look for nightly math homework in all grades.
In K-2, you may receive a daily magazine that
your child completed in class. These colorful
sheets will explain the skill and show you how
students worked with numbers or concepts.
Homework will be directly related to the days
instruction. Additional parent support will be
available online soon! We are hoping to make math
exciting and relevant to your child. Each
grade level will emphasize several math skills
for mastery. You can help by making sure your
child talks about their math work each night,
does their homework and practices the facts that
their grade is responsible to learn. In
kindergarten, the focus is on recognizing numbers
and counting. In grade 1, students will learn to
add fluently. In grade 2, students focus on
subtracting and place value. Additionally they
will master time and money skills. In grade 3,
multiplication and beginning division are key
skills. In 4th grade, students will learn to
multiply multi-digit numbers and divide. In
addition, they will learn about fractions. By
grade 5, students will focus on fractional
operations, division and the areas of decimals
and fractions. Each month I will explain a
content domain through the grades (the WHAT of
Math) and a standard of mathematical practice
(the HOW of Math) for you. Look for parent
nights coming soon to SES! Also, feel free to
contact me with any questions that you have. Mrs.
Gloyd, your Math specialist
Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2012
Back To School Night
Parent Involvement
Media Center
  • by Michele Hampton
  • We hope to see all of our parents at our "Back to
    School Night" scheduled for Wednesday, September
    5th starting at 600 pm. Parents/guardians will
    report directly to their child's homeroom
    teacher.  For parents who have more than one
    child attending SES, we will have two sessions
    each lasting approximately 25 minutes. When you
    report to your child's homeroom at 600, you will
    view the general presentation from me and the PTA
    on the classroom TV.  The following agenda has
    been planned for the evening.
  • Back to School Night on September 5th
  • Report to your child's classroom.
  • 600-630...Welcome and
  • Introduction...Mrs. Hampton
  • PTA Updates
  • 630-655...Presentation by classroom teacher for
    first child
  • 700-725...Presentation by classroom teacher for
    second child
  • 730.....Volunteer training in the cafeteria by
    Mrs. Elaine Butler

I look forward to another successful partnership
this school year! Please note that my office has
been relocated to the basement - room B3. Please
stop by if I can be of help or if you would like
to borrow something from the Parent Resource
Center. I will be conducting a Volunteer
Orientation again this year on the Back to
School Night on September 5th immediately
following the classroom visitations at 725 p.m.
in the cafeteria. It is mandatory that all
volunteers and field trip chaperones attend an
orientation and complete the necessary forms
(Volunteer Application and Volunteer Information)
each year they plan to volunteer and/or chaperone
a field trip. Also, mark your calendar for the
Title I Information Dinner to be held at the
Sudlersville Fire Hall on September 13th and the
Watch D.O.G.S. kick- off party on September 25th.
The program was such a success last year I am
looking forward to continuing it again this
year. Elaine Butler, Parent Coordinator Room
B3, x248
Welcome Back to the Media Center. I hope everyone
had an enjoyable summer. I am so excited to have
a "remodeled" media center. If you have not
stopped by to check it out, please do so at Back
to School night. The Summer Reading logs were
due Friday, August 31, 2012. A lot of students
participated in this summer challenge. Stop by
the bulletin board across from the CCC lab to
find your child's name on a bookworm. Thank you
parents for encouraging your child to read during
the summer. The students that participated and
returned their form will be celebrating their
accomplishment during their media time during the
week of September 10th. Your child will be
checking out books from our library during the
second full week of September. Please help your
child remember to return their book in one week.
Have a great school year and remember, "The One
Who Reads More, Is The One Who Learns More".
Mrs. Embert
Sudlersville Elementary School students enjoy
their first day of school, and are excited to
reunite with their friends! Pictured left to
right  Kailyn Bozarth and Emily Crossley

Judy Center Partner SEPTEMBER 2012
The newsletter contains information and
activities you can do with your child to
encourage learning at home. Lets Find Out will
be read in school yet provides a wonderful
opportunity to bridge school to home. Re-read it
at home with your child look for colors, shapes,
and the letters in their names. Remember, YOU are
your childs first and most important
teacher! The Family Center News School Readiness
begins before birth. We provide a variety of
school readiness activities for young children.
Serving young children and their parents, the
Family Center is the first step in the school
system Continuum of Learning! The Family Center
is open to all children 3 years of age or
younger. It is located behind Phillips Garage in
Sudlersville. Please stop by to see what we are
all about or call us at
School Day Schedule 730-745am Arrival of
Students Breakfast provided in
all classrooms 740am Morning
Announcements 745am Instruction
Begins 1055-1235pm Lunches Served 227pm
Dismissal of walkers pickups 230pm
Buses called 250pm End of teacher
day Special Note Please refrain from sending
food products in on your childs birthday.
Please feel free to send in other items to
celebrate such as pencils, goody bags, stickers
or a class book.
 Judy Center Partnership News! Summer is coming
to an end and we are Ready for School! The Judy
Center has moved into the building! We are
located in room 7 and the Directors Office is
in room 9. Please come visit us in our new
space. We have a classroom ready for our
playgroup. Please contact the Judy Center office
if you know of a child who may want to
participate in playgroup. We are looking at
beginning playgroup on Thursday, September 13th,
2012 from 830 a.m. - 1000 a.m. in the Judy
Center Classroom (Support Office). Storytime at
the Sudlersville Memorial Library will continue
on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Tuesday of each
month. The Judy Center has purchased lots of new
equipment and learning materials for the Pre-K
and Kindergarten classrooms. Please look for our
monthly newsletter Helping Children Learn and the
weekly scholastic Lets Find Out.
2012-2013 Officers President...Annette
DiMaggio Vice President.Cara
Turner Secretary.April Hammer Treasurer.
Lollie Dixon