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Governor's Employer Workforce Training Fund Promising Practices Session


Governor's Employer Workforce Training Fund Promising Practices Session Healthcare Career Pathways Summit April 10, 2008 Valley River Inn, Eugene, Oregon – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Governor's Employer Workforce Training Fund Promising Practices Session

Governor's Employer Workforce Training Fund
Promising Practices Session
  • Healthcare Career Pathways Summit
  • April 10, 2008
  • Valley River Inn, Eugene, Oregon

Employer Workforce Training Fund
  • Statewide Opportunity Fund
  • Governors' Strategic Training Fund
  • Workforce Response Team

EWTF Statewide Opportunity
  • Statewide Opportunity funds are for the purpose
    of solving challenges or engaging in
    opportunities in Oregon with regard to its
    workforce development needs.
  • a. To address skill gaps in occupations/industry
    across the state.
  • b. To build capacity statewide in a traded-sector
  • c. To implement statewide cross-industry training
  • d. To replicate or expand a previously funded
    successful project.
  • e. To develop alternative training delivery
    systems that provides to remote areas or the
    needs of businesses and workers.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareStatewide
Opportunity Fund Projects
  • Oregon Center for Nursing 100,000.
  • Critical Nursing Shortage Admissions Database
  • This initiative will develop and implement a
    web-based program to collect, track and
    accurately report admission statistics, applicant
    demographic information, and admission/enrollment
    trends for all schools of nursing offering
    associate and baccalaureate degrees in the state
    of Oregon.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareStatewide
Opportunity Fund Projects
  • Lane Workforce Partnership 100,000.
  • TANF Healthcare Cluster Training Pilot
  • The goal of the pilot project to provide
    Integrated Healthcare Cluster Training Services
    to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
    and Other Disadvantaged Populations is to
    concentrate efforts in a way that will meet the
    above objective.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareStatewide
Opportunity Fund Projects
  • Oregon Heath Career Center 139,400.
  • The N2K Model is a unique program of the Oregon
    Health Career Center, based on the concept of
    healthcare employer organizations actively
    participating in the design and supporting the
    training necessary to meet their professional
    nurse staffing needs. It enables employers to
    enter into contract education arrangements that
    will provide their own high-performing employees
    with an opportunity and support to receive an
    associate degree in nursing.
  • The purpose of the work performed under this
    grant is to build more capacity to deliver
    qualified workers in the workforce system.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareStatewide
Opportunity Fund Projects
  • Northwest Health Foundation 100,000.
  • Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute
  • This grant provided assistance to the
    establishment of the Oregon Healthcare Workforce
    Institute a (OHWI), a private-public nonprofit
    partnership. The strategic purpose of OHWI is to
    understand and facilitate a statewide coordinated
    response to the critical healthcare workforce
    needs facing Oregon.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareStatewide
Opportunity Fund Projects
  • Northwest Health Foundation 162,038.
  • Oregon Simulation Alliance
  • Oregon Simulation Alliance Goal is to increase
    the health system's simulation capacity, using
    high-fidelity simulators and virtual reality
    software, in all regions of the state for
    multi-sector, multidisciplinary and
    interdisciplinary use for healthcare workforce
    development, including both pre- and
    post-service, reentry and refresher, and career
    ladder programs.

EWTF Governors' Strategic Training Fund
  • The Governors' Strategic Training Fund (GSTF)
    supports the retention and growth of living wage
    jobs, a skilled workforce, and competitive
    businesses in Oregon. GSTF is a flexible,
    responsive, and time sensitive resource for
    training Oregons private sector workforce. The
    emphasis is to upgrade the skills of the
    workforce in order to increase productivity, keep
    Oregon businesses viable and competitive, and
    offer new skills and opportunities to Oregons

EWTF - Successful HealthcareGovernors' Strategic
Training Fund Projects
  • Northwest Health Foundation 96,872.
  • GSTF Simulation Alliance Grant
  • The Oregon Simulation Alliance project was
    comprised of five distinct activities
  • 1) Develop Simulation Foundation Curriculum and
    develop and deliver a Train-the-trainer course.
  • 2) Provide two regional simulation foundations
  • 3) Provide participation in advanced training
    opportunities not offered in Oregon.
  • 4) Sponsor six end-user networking summits
  • 5) Develop an evaluation plan and instruments.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareGovernors' Strategic
Training Fund Projects
  • Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council 25,000.
  • Registered Nurse Training
  • Development of an innovative regionally-based
    pathway model in Central Oregon with 13 area
    Health Education entities that moves health care
    workers into high demand nursing occupations,
    providing most training via distance technology.
    The Registered Nurse Training Program identified
    current workers at four hospitals in Central
    Oregon that had completed their LPN education,
    and who were good candidates to achieve RN
    certification. The nurse training was monitored
    by the Oregon Board of Nursing and offered
    through accredited programs. CEAHEC contracted
    with Central Oregon Community College to offer
    the training through distance education.

EWTF Workforce Response Teams
  • Each of Oregons 15 workforce regions will form a
    WRT to respond to the needs of Oregon businesses
    and workers.
  • WRT funds may be used to finance incumbent worker
    training projects with existing Oregon
    businesses, industry or worker associations.
  • For the WRT funded projects, it is required that,
    at a minimum, every dollar awarded to eligible
    Oregon business must be matched dollar for dollar
    with non-federal contributions. The non-federal
    match may be either cash or non-cash.

EWTF Regional Guidelines
  • For healthcare projects, training must be
    focused on career development of workers that
    result in transferable skills or
    industry-recognized certificates, with a
    preference for training in shortage occupations,
    as identified in Oregon Employment Department
    Healthcare Workforce Needs Assessment, or report
    from the Oregon Healthcare Workforce Institute,
    or the Oregon Center for Nursing.
  • To access funds contact your local WRT. Each
    WRT has its own process. Funds are awarded at
    the local level using state and local priorities.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareWorkforce Response
Team Project Region 1 WRT
  • Tillamook County General Hospital 14,890 - 63
  • High-fidelity Simulation Education For Incumbent
    Nursing And Allied Health Staff
  • 1)To prepare a simulation specialist at TCGH,
    through advanced training and consultation, to
    develop advanced, multidisciplinary healthcare
    simulation scenarios and appropriately manage
    training sessions
  • 2) Develop at least six advanced level
    simulation scenarios along with curricula
    supporting competencies needed to increase and
    improve clinical skills of incumbent nursing and
    allied health staff (e.g., emergency medical
    technicians, cardiopulmonary therapists) in a
    rural hospital setting
  • 3) Implement simulation scenario training with
    incumbent nursing and allied health disciplines
  • 4) Evaluate effectiveness of the training project
  • disseminate scenarios and best practices
    through the
  • Oregon Simulation Alliance and other avenues
    as identified.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareWorkforce Response
Team Project Region 6 WRT
  • Oregon Surgery Center 25,375 - 7 Trained - 1
    job created
  • Operating Room and Endoscopy Technician training
  • With the shortage of registered nurses in our
    county, as well as nationwide, this will provide
    certified nursing assistants with the skills
    necessary to perform in the operating room and
    endoscopy suites. Currently there are not enough
    trained personnel available to meet the demands
    of our community.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareWorkforce Response
Team Project Region 15 WRT
  • Doctors Of Clackamas County 78,167 - 476
  • Doctors of Clackamas County (DOCC) a
    physician-owned and operated association that
    promotes quality care, collegiality among
    members, and offers contracting, practice
    management services and educational opportunities
    for its members and their office staff.
  • DOCC arranged various levels of educational
    workshops and training for physicians and staff
    to gain an understanding of disciplined
    systems-based methodology, which in turn would
    provide them tools to analyze and improve their
    practices. The providers and staff attended
    training, and then selected individual projects
    to apply their new skills.
  • Some of the projects included preparing a more
    successful implementation of electronic medical
    records, revamping referral steps to improve
    timeliness, reviewing patient flow which will
    make visits more streamlined, analyzing
    diagnostic reporting to improve accuracy in lab
    and imaging results, and many more. In addition,
    staff increased their skills, helping them to
    retain their positions and take on more
    responsibility for promotions in the future.

EWTF - Successful HealthcareWorkforce Response
Team Project Region 14 WRT
  • Harney District Hospital 34,596 16 trained
  • Rural Nurse Internship - A rural internship
    program offers distance programs for small
    hospitals. The focus of the educational offerings
    is to teach staff to manage the broad cross
    section of care required of nurses in a rural
    setting. RN's cannot specialize in very small
    facilities, all staff are required to fill
    several roles in the department, meaning they may
    assist in a delivery one day and help stabilize a
    cardiac patient for transport the next.
  • OB Training - The ideal situation would be to
    train all staff to participate in OB training,
    but this will take time as well. We have a finite
    number of staff, and can only spare 3-4 at a time
    to participate in the 2 week process. If we are
    able to train 9 nurses in the next year, our full
    time staff would virtually all be trained. As
    nurses return to the OB department, they are able
    to network with others who have attended and
    share experiences both at the larger hospital in
    Boise, and here at HDH.

Employer Workforce Training Fund Update December 2007 Workforce Response Team Summary Report Totals By Year 2003 2006 Employer Workforce Training Fund Update December 2007 Workforce Response Team Summary Report Totals By Year 2003 2006
Closed WRT ProjectsGrant Years 2003 2005 In Progress/Planned WRT ProjectsGrant Year 2006
392 Total WRT Projects Funded from all 15 Regions 134 Total WRT In Progress Projects funded from all 15 Regions
8,974,975 Total Funded Amount 3,828,787 Total Funded Amount
16,421,145 Total Match Amount 12,805,297 Total Match Amount
19,256 Number of individuals trained 7,739 Number of individuals to be trained

The WRT Update Handout
Each Region has local priorities in CLUSTERS /
  • Region 4 WRT (Linn, Benton, and Lincoln
  • Whats Happening with the Region 4 Workforce
    Response Team The Region 4 Workforce Response
    Team serves Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties.
    Region 4 has a significantly larger proportion of
    people employed in the metals industry as
    compared to Oregon. Companies in Region 4s
    metals cluster export many of their products
    internationally a textbook definition of a
    traded sector cluster. The metals industry in
    Region 4 is unique to the region, the state, and
    the nation. The work of a professor at Oregon
    State University (and the location of a national
    research laboratory in Albany) contributed to the
    origins of this industry in the early 1940s.
    After the basic research was completed on making
    titanium metals and other non-ferrous metals, the
    national lab transferred the technology to the
    private sector in the mid 1950s for commercial
    manufacturing. With a solid manufacturing base,
    companies that could make use of this resource
    moved into the area and many of their suppliers
    moved into the area as well, creating Region 4s
    metals cluster.
  • Whats Happening with a Region 4 Workforce
    Response Team Project The EWTF grant for Lean
    training was one of the most significant projects
    our Company has undertaken. We have embraced the
    Lean philosophy of continuous improvement and are
    committed to staying the course with these
    practices. Jared Hyde, manager, SAM Medical,
    Newport Oregon
  • CLUSTERS / INDUSTRIES ? Aviation ?
    Forest/Wood/Paper Products ? Health Care ?
    Tourism ? High-Tech ? Food Processing ?
    Nursery/Agriculture ? Manufacturing (Chemicals,
    Computers, Machinery, Metals, Transportation,
    i.e. Boats, RVs,) ? Warehouse Distribution

Employer Workforce Training FundWorkforce
Response Team Contact List
  • Region 1 WRT
  • Julie Gassner, Director
  • MTC Works450 Marine Drive, Suite 140
  • Astoria, OR 97103
  • 503. 325.1156
  • Email
  • Website http//
  • Region 9 WRT
  • Robin Cope Workforce Response Team Coordinator
  • C/O Mid Columbia Council of Governments
  • 1113 Kelly Avenue The Dalles, OR 97058
  • 541.296.8080
  • Email

Thank you!
  • Claire Berger, Workforce Policy Advisor
  • Office of the Governor
  • 255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 126 Salem, Oregon 
  • (503) 986-6542
  • Kathy G WilcoxEmployer Workforce Training Fund
    Project Coordinator
  • Oregon Department of Community Colleges
    Workforce Development 255 Capitol Street NE, 3rd
    Floor Salem, OR  97310 (503) 378-8648
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