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Preparing for your Performance Review


Preparing for your Performance Review By Michael Mina 1/11/07 IT Careers SIG meeting Scope of this presentation Limited to standard review: one employee being ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Preparing for your Performance Review

Preparing for your Performance Review
  • By Michael Mina
  • 1/11/07 IT Careers SIG meeting

Scope of this presentation
  • Limited to standard review one employee being
    reviewed by one or more reviewers (often
    including one's manager)
  • Note Not all employees are reviewed by their
  • Geared toward the reviewed party
  • Excludes 360 degree and related reviews
  • Not geared toward the reviewer

  • Performance review
  • Performance evaluation
  • Performance appraisal
  • Annual review
  • Annual evaluation
  • Annual appraisal
  • Salary review
  • Etc.

Why reviews are important
  • Some ways are more obvious, some are less so
  • They may impact your salary
  • Note There are employers that give you the same
    salary increase whether you have a good or bad
  • They constitute feedback regarding how your
    performance is perceived
  • Do you have a future in this department?
  • Are your accomplishments underrated?
  • Is the reviewer so off-track that you question
    his/her management skills?

Why reviews are important
  • They can serve as proxies for a reference from
    your manager
  • You may not your manager to know you're looking
    for a new job
  • However, your prospective employer may want a
    reference from someone who recently worked with
    you, or a prior manager
  • Consider addressing their concerns by leaving a
    copy of your review

Why reviews are important
  • They are official documentation about you
  • They can be used to
  • Prove claims that you make about your own
  • Justify your discipline or dismissal
  • Your reviews are a part of your professional
    reputation-treat them accordingly

When to prepare for your review
  • Always, always, always
  • Everything you do, day to day, is subject to
    review, so accurately and completely record what
    you do day by day
  • As you perform your tasks, always think of how
    they can be packaged for your review, whether
    that's one day or one year away

How to prepare for your review
  • Review your company's policies procedures for
    conducting reviews
  • Do what company policies procedures say (of
  • Use the appropriate forms
  • Set up the appropriate meetings
  • etc.

How to prepare for your review
  • If there are special reviewing instructions given
    to you by an authorized party (e.g., reviewer or
  • Be sure to follow them
  • Be sure to document the deviation in instructions
  • Understand what is expected of you when

How to prepare for your review
  • Create a list of your accomplishments
  • Major first, then minor
  • For each
  • Problems you solved
  • Impact to organization, customers, partners, etc.
  • Wrote queries against database - OR -
  • Developed procedures to update the managed care
    system and avert the incorrect billing of 10,000
  • Also, what were you asked to do that isn't in
    your job description?

How to prepare for your review
  • Send this list to the reviewer in advance of your
    review date. If possible, attach it to the
  • Always be able to document your claims
  • Personal log, emails, attachments, etc.
  • No one cares to remember your accomplishments as
    much as you do
  • Always keep this documentation separate from
    other files so that it's
  • Readily available
  • Easy to reproduce

How to prepare for your review
  • Consider separating electronic copies as well
  • Note Be careful not to violate any company
    policies in doing this.
  • List any other topics you may want to discuss at
    the review
  • Promotion opportunities
  • New responsibilities
  • Training
  • Other goals you have for the upcoming period

What constitutes a good review?
  • One with no surprises-you should have received
    performance feedback regularly
  • One which accurately evaluates your performance
  • One which constructively suggests areas in which
    you can improve
  • One in which your own career objectives are

What constitutes a bad review?
  • One where you receive negative feedback for the
    first time
  • One which does not accurately evaluate your
  • One which results in employee disengagement

What to do during the review
  • Listen carefully to what is said/not said
  • For what are you being praised?
  • For what are you being criticized?
  • Take good notes
  • Carefully consider your words
  • If appropriate, consider sharing credit for the
    praise you receive-you are a team player
  • Project an image of being open to improvement

What to do during the review
  • Consider negotiating for
  • A better increase
  • A better rating
  • But be prepared to justify them
  • Always act in a professional manner, regardless
    of what happens

Responding to a bad review
  • When possible, delay your response.
  • Take more time to study the review
  • Review what the reviewer wrote, together with
    your own notes
  • Make sure that your reviewer explains each
    critical comment. Example
  • If he/she claims something was late, determine
    the actual due date. Did the due date change?
    When did it change?
  • Beware of acting in the heat of the moment
  • Give your reviewer the opportunity to change
    his/her mind and decide in your favor without
    looking like a fool

Responding to a bad review
  • Alternative Express some concern immediately,
    and say you'll want time to read the review more
  • Does your company/department normally give tough
  • If you're convinced that there are untrue claims,
    schedule a meeting to discuss with them with the
  • Be prepared to substantiate your claims

Responding to a bad review
  • What if you can't get the review changed?
  • Is there an appeal process?
  • Should you discuss with your manager (if he/she
    is not the reviewer)? Your manager's manager?
  • If your reviewer wants to get rid of you, are you
    powerful enough to stay?
  • In a state with employment at will, like Ohio,
    your options are limited

Signing a bad review
  • Consider carefully the pros and cons of doing
  • Look for written policies that state your
    signature does not necessarily constitute
  • Regardless of official statements, non-signers
    may be blacklisted

Signing a bad review
  • Continued resistance to an unjust review can
    damage your career more than just accepting it
    and moving on
  • Possibilities to consider carefully
  • Write an addendum to the review to substantiate
    your disagreement
  • Send an email to the reviewer substantiating your

Consolation for a bad review
  • The salary increase difference between a good and
    a bad review may not be too great in one year
  • Future interviewers at other companies will
    probably never see it
  • Your references will probably never see it

  • Always prepare for your review using the steps
    listed here
  • Understand your employer's review policies
  • Be aware of the importance of your
    accomplishments, not just the accomplishments
  • Do not overreact to a bad review-plan your
    response carefully and rationally, not emotionally

Thank you
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