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Small Group


p.10 Go one Million Magazine Small Group Evangelism Produced by: Battle Cry Ministry God s Plan for the Church The Nation of Israel During the Exodus Jethro ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Small Group

Small Group
p.10 Go one Million Magazine
  • Evangelism

Produced by Battle Cry Ministry
Gods Plan for the Church
  • The Nation of Israel
  • During the Exodus Jethro advised Moses to
    organize the people in small groups and place
    them to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of
    hundreds, rulers of fifties and rulers of tens.
  • (Exodus 1821)

The Early Church
  • In the first advent of Christ, Jesus organized a
    small group And when he had called unto him his
    twelve disciples, he gave them power (Matthew

  • The early church experienced the power of the
    small groups and daily in the temple, and in
    every house, they ceased not to teach and preach
    Jesus Christ. (Acts 542)

The Remnant Church
  • The small groups were established by God to have
    an important role in the lives of his people
    through the ages. The remnant church began in
    small groups and it will fulfill its mission in
    the same way it began In small groups!

The Spirit of Prophecy
  • Time is short, and our forces must be organized
    to do a large work.
  • CS p.92
  • The formation of small companies as a basis of
    Christian effort has been presented to me by One
    who cannot err. CS p.72

The Spirit of Prophecy
  • Hundreds and thousands were seen visiting
    families and opening before them the word of God.
    Hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy
    Spirit, and a spirit of genuine conversion was

The Spirit of Prophecy
  • When Ellen White describes Gods people she says
    that they are waiting for the return of Christ in
    small groups. The small groups, used by God,
    probably will do more than any other thing to
    prepare us for that experience and will keep us
    united until Gods day.

  • May God help us to see the small group the same
    way He sees them. NOW is the time to experience
    such a divine plan.

Small Groups They are now much simpler
  • Why should we organize small groups within our
  • 1. It is Gods will
  • In our churches let companies be formed for
    service. CS 72
  • 2. It is a Biblical principle
  • (a) Moses organized the people into groups
    (Exodus 1817 25)

  • (b) Jesus formed a small group with his disciples
  • (Mark 313-15)
  • ( c ) The early church began as a small group
  • (Acts 242-47 542)

  • 3. It is Gods plan for His people in the end of

It is for large churches
  • If there is a large number in the church, let
    the members be formed into small companies, to
    work not only for the church members, but for
    unbelievers. SC 72

It is for small churches
  • If in one place there are only two or three who
    know the truth, let them form themselves into a
    band of workers. CS 72

What are the objectives in the forming of small
  • To work not only for the church members, but for
    unbelievers also. Ev., 115
  • There are two main objectives of small groups
  • 1. Spiritual growth Prayer and Bible Study
  • 2. Evangelism Building relationships and
    friendships, in order to gain souls for Christ.

What are small groups?
  • 1. They are weekly meetings of 3-12 people who
    seek spiritual growth and are interested in

  • 2. Meetings last approximately one hour.

  • 3. Group membership can be based on geographical
    proximity, or personal affiliations with other

  • 4. Meetings can be conducted in houses or meeting

  • 5. Each group has a leader, an associate and a
    meeting host.

  • 6. The members decide the day, time and place of
    the meetings.

  • 7. Each group pledges to meet regularly for at
    least six months.

  • 8. After six months the group may recommit to
    another time period.

  • 9. Groups establish growth goals, with the hope
    of creating new groups.

Why small groups? (What are the advantages of
having small groups in the church?)
  • 1.Promotes growth in the relationship with God.
  • 2.Increases the study and understanding of the
  • 3.Develops mutual friendship and cooperation
    between members.
  • 4.Attends to the needs of individuals.

Why small groups? (contd.)
  • 5.It empowers members to work better in the
  • 6.It quickly identifies the various spiritual
    gifts and talents of members.
  • 7.Aids the pastor in his task of ministering to
    his church.

Why small groups?
  • 8.Reduces apostasy and increases retention of
  • 9.Contributes to the recruiting of new disciples.
  • 10.Mobilizes more church members into actively
    working for the conversion of others.

What is the small group program like?
  • The time frame given for each stage of the
    program is flexible
  • Area / Item Time
  • Welcome and praise - 10 mins.
  • Socialization - 10 mins.
  • - presentation of visitors
  • - informal conversation

The Program (contd.)
  • The time frame given for each stage of the
    program is flexible
  • Area / Item Time
  • Testimony - 15 mins.
  • - evangelistic plans for the group
  • - spiritual missionary testimonies relating to
    the the work being performed
  • - evaluation of activities

The Program (contd.)
  • Area / Item Time
  • Prayer - 10 mins.
  • - acknowledgements and requests
  • - intercessory prayer
  • Bible Study 35 mins.
  • -participation of all (B.S. courses, etc.)
  • -life application of what was studied /
  • members live implement what is studied
  • Closing Prayer

How to establish small groups
1. Pray at every step of the establishing of the groups. 2. Do not impose the plan. Participation must be voluntary. 3. Help the church leadership understand the plan.
4. Provide everyone with good materials that are relevant. 5. Establish groups incrementally / not all at once. 6. The plan should be flexible / adapted to each church region.
How to establish small groups
7. Leaders must be well trained before the establishing of the groups. 8. Provide materials. 9. To transform units of action into small groups has not been very successful.
10. It is better to transform a small group into a unit of action. 11. The study of the Bible must be the central concern of the small group. 12. Bible studies for all interested persons must take part in their own homes.
How to establish small groups
13. During evangelistic campaigns if there are special weeks of emphasis the small group should implement the program of evangelism during that week. 14. Wherever there are children someone should be asked to provide the program for them.
Necessary steps for implementation
  • 1. Preparation
  • The Pastor
  • Study Bible S.O.P., etc.
  • Be convinced that SG are fundamental to spiritual
    growth evangelism
  • Present plan to elders get their support
  • (Choose) a general Coordinator
  • (Choose) all future leaders (of SG)
  • Be assured of success (We should never think of
    failure. We must cooperate with one who knows no
    failure. CS 323)

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 1. Preparation
  • The Pastor
  • Up to the Pastor use a retreat, a week, an
    entire weekend
  • Provide information to all group members
    regarding the responsibilities they are expected
    to bear
  • Coordinate with the leaders the date and time for
    the weekly meeting dealing with training,
    inspiration and evaluation (once the groups are
    actively working)

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 1. Preparation
  • The Church
  • Church Board study outline details of the plan
    and chooses a general coordinator and leaders for
    each small group
  • The church should pursue a revival a week, a
    weekend, etc. .. Spiritual preparation
  • Present the small groups plan to the church on a
    Sabbath morning.

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 1. Preparation
  • The Church (contd.)
  • Invite church members that are interested to sign
    up for a group
  • On Sabbath afternoons the leaders of S/G should
    be called to distribute materials and give
    everyone last minute directions.

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 2. Organization
  • a.Prepare a list with the names of all those who
    signed up for the group, so that the leaders may
    invite these members to form a group led by him /
  • b.Groups should organize themselves according to
    their different affiliations, or because of
    geographical considerations.
  • c.No one should be forced into membership. All
    should be free to choose which group they want to

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 2. Organization
  • d.Families should belong to the same group,
    unless the youth want to create a special group,
    only for themselves.
  • e.The church secretary must make a church roster
    list available to the leaders so that they might
    work to invite every member on the list to
    participate in small groups.
  • f.Another list of ex-members should be prepared
    so that the small groups can work to rescue these

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 2. Organization
  • g.Together with the general coordinator, the
    leader must choose the host that provides his or
    her house for the meetings.
  • h.Each leader works together with each member to
    set a mutually convenient day and time for the
    first meeting.

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 3.Execution
  • Initiate the meetings.
  • Each member should sign an agreement of
  • The agreement can be written or unwritten.
  • Each group can choose a name, a hymn, a Bible
    text and a banner.
  • There should be a period of training for the
    members (suggested duration 4-8 weeks)

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 3.Execution
  • It is only after this (training) period that the
    group should invite new prospects.
  • Those to be invited into the small group
  • Parents
  • Neighbours
  • Friends
  • Interested persons (found so, through church
    attendance, various programs and church

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 3.Execution
  • An important motivation for prospecting new
    members for the groups is maintaining an empty
    chair during every meeting, and praying and
    urging every member to bring a guest.
  • There should be an agenda for intercessory
    prayer, where the names and prayer requests of
    interested parties are recorded.

Necessary steps for implementation
  • 3.Execution
  • Growth should be the goal of all small groups.
    When this occurs then the group should split into
    two small groups.
  • Each group should have its own missionary goals
  • Interested parties
  • Bible studies
  • Visitation of members, interested prospects and
  • Baptisms
  • (How do we secure baptisms?)

Soul Winning Jesus Way (by Mark Finley)
  • Follow these principles
  • Pursue a spiritual revival (church, individual)
  • Be equipped (education, study, training)
  • Pursue committed service (for prospects)
  • Have a reaping campaign (baptisms result)
  • Ensure nurture and follow-up (soul-keeping)

Activities for first small group meetings
  • Reception
  • Worship and Praise
  • Socialization and presentation of visitors
  • Define the date, time and place of meetings
  • Provide all necessary instructions to the group
  • Sign the personal commitment cards (see card)

My Commitment
  • I will arrive on time at the meetings
  • If I cant attend I will let someone know
  • I will help the group have a positive experience
  • I will participate in evangelism
  • I will help the group to grow and form another
  • Our meeting day shall be ______________
  • Hours will be from _______ to _______
  • The period of group meetings will last for _____
  • Name__________________________________

Activities for first small group meetings
  • Provide names and addresses of church members
    that should be visited or invited.
  • Bible Study.
  • Closing Prayer.

Weekly Meeting of Leaders
  • 1.
  • The life and longevity of a small group depends
    on the inspiration and instruction given to the
    leaders during their weekly or quarterly meeting,
    directed by the Pastor or by the General

Weekly Meeting of Leaders
  • 2.
  • These meetings are for the purpose of
    orientation, training, evaluation and inspiration.

Weekly Meeting of Leaders
  • 3.
  • In the monthly missionary Sabbath some of the
    small groups may present a brief report of their
    activities, or give a specific testimony with
    respect to their group.

Weekly Meeting of Leaders
  • 4.
  • Each Sabbath the church should be motivated to
    invite those that have not yet participated to
    integrate themselves into a small group.

Duties of the Small Groups Leaders
  • 1. General Coordinator
  • Support the work of the small groups
  • Provide materials to all leaders
  • Assist in the organization of leadership meetings
  • In the absence of the pastor the GC is to lead
    the weekly leadership meetings

Duties of the Small Groups Leaders
  • 1. General Coordinator (contd.)
  • Work in harmony with the pastor, the elder or the
    missionary director
  • Promote general meetings for testimonies,
    motivational and social purposes
  • Lead in pursuing the mission of the small groups

Duties of the Small Groups Leaders
  • 2. Leader
  • Conduct the weekly group meeting
  • Assist the group in evangelistic work
  • Visit the absent and provide any needed help
  • Pray daily on behalf of the small group
  • Keep in touch with the associate leader and the
  • Attend the weekly (or quarterly) meeting of

Duties of the Small Groups Leaders
  • 3. Associate Leader
  • Support the leader with prayer
  • Conduct the meetings when the leader is absent
  • Invite new members to the small group
  • Help in visiting the absent
  • Assist in the meeting of leaders
  • Provide a list with the names and addresses of
  • Fill out reports

Duties of the Small Groups Leaders
  • 4. Host
  • Provide his / her house for meeting
  • Provide adequate room for all members
  • Welcome and greet all members and visitors when
    they arrive
  • Assist the leader or associate leader whenever
    they need (your) help

General Meetings or Small Group Festivals
  • 1. What are they?
  • They are meetings designed to inspire, motivate,
    praise, give testimony, and baptize.
  • 2. When do they occur?
  • Every quarter, on Sabbaths, or when the church
    deems them appropriate.

General Meetings or Small Group Festivals
  • 3. Who Participates?
  • All church members. Small groups can make short
    presentations to the church dealing with their
    progress and their continuing work.
  • 4. Who leads the group?
  • The Pastor and the General Coordinator lead the
    group with the support and assistance of the
    churchs small group commission.